All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 611


Chapter 611


While Peyton and his team of cultivators converged.

In the other direction, another group of more than 600 Divine Emperor Perfection-level Demon Hunters also rushed over.

“It’s all here.” The tall man who had been in the back in no hurry to take action nodded slightly, “As long as you get rid of the one who is good at Soul Willpower, the other cultivators will die.”



The tall man walked, stepping on the void, at a very fast speed, surrounded by a large number of demon hunters.

At this moment, about 1,200 Divine Emperor Perfection-level demon hunters were frantically besieging Peyton and the others. Although they were all weak, their bodies were violent and unafraid of death.

“Meet the enemy.” Peyton stared at the tall man in the distance, the tall man came with an incomparably heavy pressure, as if he was carrying a world forward, always enduring with endless pain and oppression.

And this tall man’s face is very calm, his dark red eyes are just staring at Peyton!

Obviously in the eyes of this Chaotic Source prisoner, this white clothed youth cultivator is his opponent.

All the cultivators felt nervous, ‘Higher Chaotic Origin Beings’ is the real Chaotic Source Powerhouse, and the ultimate awakening of cultivators like Bloodline is the higher Chaotic Origin Beings!

Although they were punished and oppressed, even if a trace of strength remained, each of them still felt oppressed.

It looks like a giant dragon bound by chains, overlooking some ants.

The tall man stepped on the void, and his voice boomed through Heaven and Earth: “Boy white clothed, your Soul Willpower tricks are quite powerful. I was imprisoned in this world, but didn’t expect in this world. If I meet a cultivator like you, if I can kill you, it will be a big gain.”

tone barely fell.

His silhouette was suddenly disappeared, but the shackles and chains were clearly visible. The shackles and chains had golden secret patterns circulating, and the chains extended into the void.

“Even if the strength is suppressed to a very low level, the use of tricks is far superior to me.” Payton understands this, “Even if he is hidden, it is difficult to see, but the shackles and chains expose him.”


Shackles and chains, can only be said to reveal the other party’s whereabouts.

How is the tall man attacking at this moment? What kind of weapon did you use? But they don’t know everything.

If a sword is stabbed, I’m afraid I don’t even know.

“Protect Brother Peyton!” Daoist You Ya said solemnly in sound transmission.

“Do your best to protect Brother Peyton.”

“If Brother Peyton dies, we will all die!”

Not one cultivator Dare to neglect.

The Taoist You Ya released the black and white realm even more, and saw that the black and white ribbons surrounded the surroundings and sheltered Peyton. Under the black and white ribbons, the tall man who had hidden the silhouette also appeared!

“Another suppression?”

The tall man frowned and glanced at Youya Daoist, Youya Daoist belonged to the cultivation Bloodline Power, whose strength could reach the cream of the crop in Scarlet Cloud City At the powerhouse level, his tricks in this field are not so easy to break, and he can only resist with his body. If the strength is intact, naturally do not care about these suppression. But now the pressure that he is already enduring is extremely great, and the strength of the tall man has been reduced a bit in this field.

“My Crimson Moon World also has weaknesses.” Peyton secretly said, “Faced with such high-level Chaotic Source beings, the Soul Willpower level is too high, and my Crimson Moon World cannot shake him at all. ”

Even if it is suppressed by punishment, the essence of Soul Willpower will not change.

Red Moon World, to Chaotic Source Prisoners… just like a breeze blowing in the face, it has no effect on strength.

“On the contrary, Brother Youya’s domain is still useful.” Peyton muttered to himself.

His Crimson Moon World Domain has made the greatest contribution in dealing with Chaotic Origin prisoners, because each Chaotic Origin prisoner is the most troublesome for cultivators because they have a large number of guards, like At this moment, if 1,200 Divine Emperor Perfection rank demon hunters can fully exert their strength, the threat is much more difficult than the Chaotic Origin Prisoners themselves.

Under the tricks of Peyton Soul Willpower, the strength of the demon hunters has dropped greatly, only the battle strength of the Divine Emperor in the later stage! You must know that Peyton and his group of cultivators combined, can completely compete with two hundred Divine Emperor Perfection level demon hunters. At this moment, although there are 1,200 heads, their strength is greatly reduced…

Peton and the others are completely dominant, and the Demon Hunters can only entangle themselves with their extremely strong life force.


“Die.” The tall man was suppressed by the black and white domain, and he spoke softly, and then his speed suddenly skyrocketed.


He turned into a blurred black light, terrifyingly fast, and headed straight for Peyton.

“Protect Brother Peyton.” A metal giant rushed out to block the black light.

The black light flashed, very strangely flexible, so it bypassed the metal giant and still went straight to Peyton.


Peyton’s body soared to ten meters high, his skin was covered with a gray halo, and his breath became violent and chaotic. Layers of space pervaded the surroundings, but black light did not avoid Peyton. After all, its target was Peyton! The black light forcibly penetrated the layers of space, and finally collided with the long spear. The black light flew upside down and twisted into the tall man.


Peton’s body was still standing in place, and he could feel a trace of incomparably sharp power transmitted into his body through the long spear, destroying it in his body. Fortunately, after being blocked by weapons, the residual power could be resisted by his body.

“Alas.” The tall man sighed, “It’s ridiculous that even a little fellow can’t be killed, it’s ridiculous.”

Peyton darkened.

The strength of the Peak powerhouse in Scarlet Cloud City broke out by himself, and there was a help field like Youya Daoren with the same strength of the Peak powerhouse, but he had no advantage at all.

“en?” The tall man looked at Peyton, and suddenly a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “It seems that you haven’t reached the level of a semi-chaotic source life form? Your body is very unstable, I feel Your life force is constantly declining.”

“Protect Daoist Brother Peyton.” Daoist You Ya is the order, “According to the first plan to deal with Chaotic Source Prisoners, fight together and fight Chaotic Source Prisoners. “




Some of the cultivators originally under the command of Taoist Youya, Although some were very dissatisfied that Daoist You Ya had abandoned them before, but at the moment to protect Peyton, they still obeyed all orders.

Immediately whiz whiz whiz…

Eight cultivators all attacked the tall man, although each of them is a normal Divine Emperor Perfection series, which can perform Combined Assault Technique, But it is able to entangle one or two

“Prisoner of Chaotic Origin, let me die!”


The breath of everyone broke out completely , All of them and Peyton’s fields seem to be integrated, as if five stars revolve around Peyton, and waves of attacks continue to fall on the tall man.

The time and space around him are distorted, and in the terrifying realm, even tall men are not affected by gravity.


“die for me.”


The tall man sighed softly.

The dual influence of the black and white realm and the gravitational realm made it difficult for him to get rid of these people for a while.


“It seems that they can handle it.”

Peyton also returned to normal shape, there is no way, before relying on Chaotic Origin Crystal Jade to fully recover , life force has just recovered from 20% to 30%, and in just a few breaths, life force has dropped to 20%.

Except for besieging Chaotic Source prisoners.

More than 30 other cultivators are also dealing with the surrounding demon hunters, which is still very easy for the cultivators, and even has the upper hand.


The golden light of the shackles and chains of the tall man suddenly increased, and the tall man could not help but let out a cry of pain, and even the battle paused for a moment. weak spot, was stabbed in the chest of the tall man by Peyton fiercely, pierced his robe, and pierced into the flesh of the tall man’s chest, but the clothes were torn, but it was possible to see the tall man’s skin with countless The golden secret pattern is circulating.

These golden secret patterns are like brand marks, causing the skin and muscles of the tall man to wither and even have many wounds. The golden secret patterns can be seen in the skeleton inside the wound, and there are also one after another cracks on the skeleton.

The branded skin, the countless wounds staggered, the internal withered muscles, the countless cracks in the skeleton…

The body of this tall man seems to be disintegrating at any time.

It was this terrifying torture and oppression that made a powerful high-level Chaotic Origin being fight for so long with some little fellows who had not jumped out of the cage. Even if these little fellows who did not jump out of the cage…most of them have reached the level of semi-chaotic source beings, they are still ridiculous for high-level Chaotic source beings.

“Here again.” The tall man growled angrily.

The torture and oppression are maintained all the time. And occasionally it will explode! Every time he broke out, it would make him unbearable in pain.

β€œpuff puff puff.”

The cultivators in charge of the combined attack also tore open their robes one by one, striking on the tall man’s body, making the tall man’s already fragile body Get hurt again! Even though they were ‘very fragile’, but Peyton and his group of cultivators attacked with all their strength… It still only caused the tall man to be slightly injured.

“Withdraw!!!” The tall man roared suddenly.


He stopped fighting, turned into a black light and quickly flew into the distance, and the black light even crossed one after another ghost arc, trying to avoid Peyton and the others.

“Chase, don’t let him escape,” Peyton roared.

Although he pursued with all his strength…

But the Hunyuan prisoner ‘tall man’ did his best to get injured, and he just rushed out of the combined attack circle.

As soon as they got out of their encirclement, the Hunyuan Prisoner’s terrifying speed naturally left far and quickly. The Hunyuan Prisoner ‘tall man’ didn’t even bother to care about the demon hunters under his command. To lose a little, to Chaotic Origin prisoners, they still don’t care!


“Hold them.”

“Hold them, don’t let them escape.”

“This is a Divine Emperor Perfection-level demon hunter. One is blocked by the other.”

All the demon hunters were ordered by the Chaotic Source Prisoner ‘Tall Man’ and immediately began to flee quickly. Because there are 1,200, which is too many! Peyton and the others wanted to intercept them, but the overwhelming majority couldn’t stop them either. They could only watch these demon hunters escape. They barely intercepted nineteen demon hunters.

No way, easy to beat! It’s hard to get completely stuck.


“Nineteen heads!”

Every cultivator was overjoyed.

“Everyone, hurry up.”

Peyton urged, he cast Luna World, so he stood aside and stopped mixing, because he cast Luna The world is already the biggest credit.

The other cultivators immediately scrambled to besiege one by one frantically, and when they could not escape, they were besieged by the cultivators such as Youya Daoist, and the ‘magic hunters’ were killed one after another!

These nineteen Divine Emperor Perfection-level demon hunters became Peyton’s spoΓ­ls of war.

“Hahaha, nineteen Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin beings, you can harvest so much in one battle, I didn’t even think about it before! Only the team established by the City Lord can do this. Let’s go.”

“What level is the team established by City Lord? There are several Peak powerhouses, and the overall strength is much stronger! Our team can achieve this step, relying on Peyton. Daoist brother.”

β€œYes, there is Daoist brother Peyton! Divine Emperor Perfection level Chaotic Source beings can only exert the strength of the late Divine Emperor.”

One by one cultivator was excited excited again.

Because of these gifts, when the time comes everyone can share! Although the Artifact Spirit of Chiyundian will be distributed according to the contribution of the members, Brother Peyton will definitely take the lead! But because the harvest is too great, even if it is a little bit… it is much greater than the harvest they usually get from participating in the hunting team, I am afraid it is more than ten times more.

“Everyone, hurry up and don’t stay here.” Peyton said with a slight smile.

“Go, let’s go.”

“Let’s go quickly.”

The team set off again in a good mood.

The journey back to Scarlet Cloud City was easy. After all, even the Chaotic Origin Prisoners led 1,200 Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin beings, and they were able to resist and win! As long as you are careful on your way home, it will be very easy. Even they were eager to encounter some small attacks, because with each wave of attacks, they could kill ten and eight Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin beings by the way.

“There are too many, this means of killing Divine Emperor Level Chaotic Origin beings, the entire Scarlet Cloud City, this Daoist Brother Peyton is the first.” Peyton couldn’t help but be shocked.

On the one-on-one fight with the Hunyuan prisoners.

At least ten more than Brother Peyton!

In terms of group attack, especially the Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin Beings, Peyton’s Crimson Moon world is obviously very formidable power.

“Haha, I’m back.”

“Finally arrived at Scarlet Cloud City.”

“I’m a little reluctant to come back, I want to spend more on the road Kill some Chaotic Origin beings, and accumulate more food.”

These cultivators were happy and reluctant to see the Scarlet Cloud City in the distance.

Because of this time, they have gained so much!

Even the eyes looking towards Peyton are very fiery, how eager they are to join the team established by Peyton!

“Come on.” The two powerhouses on guard on the city wall were shocked when they saw a team of cultivators appearing from the void in the distance.

“It’s the team of Daoist You Ya and Dao Brother Peyton.”

Both of these two powerhouse heartbeats accelerated slightly.

It is true that the entire Scarlet Cloud City is in a commotion right now, from the three City Lords down to the weakest cultivators who only have the battle strength of the late Divine Emperor. For the past half-day, they have all been talking about a name – ‘Brother Payton’.

Brother Peyton’s method is Scarlet Cloud City! No, it is more accurate to say that it has never been seen in the entire history of the ‘Holy Realm’. Strength of oneself can make 1,200 Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin beings lose their strength greatly, and all of them decay to ‘ Divine Emperor late ‘battle strength level! This method is simply unimaginable.

In front of this Daoist Brother Peyton, the most terrifying ‘number advantage’ of Chaotic Origin Life was wiped out at once!

“Brother Peyton, let’s go directly to the Scarlet Cloud Palace.”

“Now that there are too many people in the city who know your name, it is better to go directly to the Scarlet Cloud Palace. Divide those corpses of Chaotic Origin beings!”

The team roared and approached the city wall of Scarlet Cloud City.

A group of cultivators surrounded Payton, and Payton became the undisputed leader of the entire team! Even Daoist You Ya sighed with emotion in their hearts… It was really much easier to get ‘food’ with Peyton.

(End of this chapter)

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