All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 612


Chapter 612


Payton glanced at the city wall The two powerhouses in charge of the alert immediately connected, and immediately swooped over, landing directly on the city wall.

He landed, and all of the cultivators immediately followed them onto the city wall.

“Brother Peyton.” The two powerhouses who were in charge of guarding even said, and they were much more polite and humble.

“Brother Jun Gan, Brother Fu Shan.” Peyton said with a smile, “When I first came to Scarlet Cloud City, I was besieged by a large group of shadow Death Gods, because of the two, there were only eagle and snake gods. They went to save me.”

These two powerhouses are Jun Qian and Fu Shan.

Jun Qian and Fu Shan saw that Peyton was so polite, and they all smiled suddenly, and they were very proud, because they knew very well that Peyton’s status is now as high as the three City Lord is here!

“With Brother Peyton’s strength, even if there is no rescue, he must be able to easily resist the shadow Death God.” Fu Shan said with a smile.

Jun Qian grinned: “I’ve already heard about it, Brother Peyton easily reduced the strength of 1,200 Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin beings. We were dumbfounded.”

Peton smiled.

Everyone in the team has a telegram treasure, their own means, too terrifying! Of course, the cultivator in the team will be passed back, and the whole Scarlet Cloud City will soon spread.

“I’ll go first, and I have to go down to the Scarlet Cloud Palace.” Peyton said, “When the two guardianship periods are over, you have to go to my Cave Mansion.”

“It must be certain.”

Jun Qian and Fu Shan replied.

They are willing to take the boring job of ‘guardian’ in exchange for food because it is so risky for them to go out hunting! If you can get closer to Payton, it would be easy to recruit the two of them in Payton’s team. Everyone knows how amazing the team set up by ‘Dao Brother Peyton’ is to go out to hunt and harvest! A harvest, even if they are divided into little bits, is amazing.

“Go.” Payton immediately flew across the sky.

Following the other cultivators, they flew directly to the Scarlet Cloud Palace, and many of them were looking forward to it.

Every time they hunt, the ‘Red Cloud Palace Food’ is what they look forward to the most! And this time, I was even more looking forward to it, because this time they hunted a total of eighty-two Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin beings.


With the return of Peyton and his team, the entire Scarlet Cloud City received news one after another.

The Cave Mansion of Vice-City Lord ‘Wu Xiao’, in the underground hall.



A humanoid being three thousand meters long was lying in the hall, in the hu hu When it sleeps, its whole body is silver white, exuding white light, and every pore of its skin is a deep void channel, and countless machines fly out and surround it. There are also countless machines flying into his body along the pores all the time.

One of his hairs, magnified billions of times, actually contains a huge universe within a single hair. There are even countless battleships in the universe, and countless mechas are fighting across the universe.


Suddenly he took a breath, and the countless machines that originally surrounded the surface of the body immediately flew into the body along the pores of the skin.

He sat up directly and touched his head.

“You’re back?” Wu Xiao whispered softly.

In the entire Scarlet Cloud City, and even the entire holy world, Wu Xiao’s background is the biggest.

His Old Ancestor…is one of the most terrifying lords in the Hunyuan powerhouse who jumped out of the cage! And he, Wu Xiao, is the strongest of the descendants of the Old Ancestor, and he is also the closest to ‘jumping out of the cage to achieve Chaotic Origin’!

The bloodline descendant of the lord is equally difficult to achieve Chaotic Source.

The terrifying bloodline, with her own efforts, Wu Xiao’s strength is of course extremely strong! If Xie Fan is the one with the heaviest body in Scarlet Cloud City. That Wu Xiao is the strongest and the strongest in Chiyun City! He was even the best at probing methods. With Bloodline Power alone, relying on the terrifying bloodline, his strength could rival the other two City Lords ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’ and ‘Fengyun Yiye’.

“Little little.” Wu Xiao said softly.

The body suddenly began to shrink sharply, it seemed that there was forcible oppression everywhere, all kinds of terrifying fluctuations appeared on the surface of the skin, and Wu Xiao’s body was like a terrifyingly huge celestial body! For him, shrinking will cause many changes in the body.

“Ai, everyone in Scarlet Cloud City can easily maintain a normal height, but I have to suppress myself.”

Wu Xiao is helpless, his bloodline is very special, after Cultivation His body is also extremely huge, his Old Ancestor’s body is so huge that it is only a circle smaller than a ‘source world’. Although he is far inferior to Old Ancestor, he is not suppressed in the outside world, and he is still much larger.

In this holy world, he was suppressed, and his height remained at three thousand meters, which was a normal height. If he was suppressed again, it would cause many changes in the body.

No way.

The Cave Mansion in Scarlet Cloud City is all standard, and many halls are over a thousand meters high. If he doesn’t reduce his height, he can’t enter the Cave Mansion’s hall! And when talking with other cultivators, you can’t maintain a height of 3,000 meters by yourself, can you talk with other cultivators of normal height?

“The one called Peyton, I’ve never heard of such a terrifying trick, I have to meet him.” Wu Xiao left the underground hall.


The fragrance is permeating, and there is a handsome bald-headed youth sitting cross-legged on the grass. This bald-headed youth has a gentle smile and great compassion in his eyes.

He is the ‘nine-headed snake ancestor’.

Wu Xiao is one of the three most powerful people in Scarlet Cloud City! However, the ancestor of the nine-headed snake has grown up step by step from the weakest mortal world. He has gone through countless hardships and setbacks, and has reached the level of unimaginable on this path of ‘Witch’. Be aware that other cultivation path lines are generally weaker than ‘Wu Daoist’!

To comprehend Daoist is to grasp the essence of the rules, and even the semi-chaotic source life forms are comprehended and created by oneself. For other routes, it is generally possible to fight by leaps and bounds.

Wu Xiao is an exception.

But the ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’ was able to defeat the normal ‘Half Chaotic Origin Life Daoist’ on the Wu route! ‘, Wu Daoist not only can’t go beyond the order, but even can’t match the ancestor of the nine-headed snake.

The strength of the Nine-headed Snake Ancestor…is comparable to that of Fengyun Yiye. The wind and clouds are a leaf, but the terrifying Daoist who has cultivated both the Taos to the half-chaotic source level! But the Nine-headed Snake Ancestor can be comparable to Fengyun Yiye. It can be seen how shocking and stunning the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor has climbed step by step from the mundane to the present.

His shocking and stunning even caught the attention of some Hunyuan powerhouses!

“In the previous ‘Chaoyuan Chaos Corridor’, at least I was invincible in the corridor I walked. But I came to this legendary survival world! The source powerhouse will help, but Fengyun Yiye has climbed up from the mundane step by step like me, and the strength is no less than mine.” The gentle within both eyes of the ancestor of the nine-headed snake had expectations.

“The present Daoist Brother Peyton, at least he has surpassed me in dealing with a large number of Chaotic Origin beings. What kind of tricks does he have? Is it some kind of domain? Or is it a soul trick? “

At this moment, the ancestor of the nine-headed snake is really curious about Peyton.

He also got up and left the underground hall.


In the Scarlet Cloud Palace.

A total of 47 cultivators of Peyton and the others are gathered here, and in the hall in the midair is showing a scene, which is all the battle scenes they experienced on the way back and forth in this hunt! Obviously, the ‘Red Cloud Palace Artifact Spirit’ is able to easily detect all the battle scenes that took place in the Holy Realm in the past.

According to the contribution of each cultivator, Artifact Spirit will make a reasonable distribution.

“Daoist Peyton can get 50% of spoíls of war.”

“Daoist Youya can get 5% spoíls of war.”

“Xie Fan Demon God, you can get four percent of the spoíls of war.”


The voice of Artifact Spirit echoed in the Scarlet Cloud Hall.

Everyone was convinced, and Peyton split half the spoíls of war! In fact, this is still less. In terms of Peyton’s contribution this time, it is normal to score 80% or even 90% of the spoíls of war. The reason why Scarlet Cloud Palace only gave 50% to Peyton is because according to the rules of Scarlet Cloud Palace, no matter how big the contribution is… at most half!

Let the ‘Red Cloud Palace Artifact Spirit’ distribute it, that’s how it is divided!

If you feel unfair?

Between cultivators, you can agree on a distribution plan! As long as everyone agrees, of course.

For example, the next time Peyton sets up a team to go hunting, he publicly said in advance that he would take 80% of the spoíls of war! The remaining 20% is distributed by other cultivators. Then everyone agrees, and it will naturally follow this implementation.

Actually… if Peyton builds a team, let alone 80%, it’s 90%! I’m afraid there will be a group of cultivators who want to join in!

“Brother Peyton, I really admire him. Brother Peyton didn’t show his strength on the way to this hunt. He still encountered great danger on the way back, and he did his best. Brother Dun can easily get the ‘Fifty-Three Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin Life’.” Daoist You Ya stood aside and said with admiration.

In this spoíls of war, the most important is the eighty-two Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin beings, but these Chaotic Origin beings are also divided into high and low, such as the ‘Mowu Chaos Snake’, One head is worth the three heads of the Demon Hunters of the Divine Emperor Perfection level. Another example is the ‘Baishi God’, one end is worth the two ends of the same level of Demon Hunter.

Because the values are different.

The eighty-two Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin Beings, plus some hunted Divine Emperor late-stage and mid-stage, plus the food left by the fallen four cultivators, all counted, equivalent to The most common Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Source beings are one hundred and six!

Payton splits in half!

“It’s agreed, I owe it to you.” The Taoist You Ya threw a storage treasure.

Peyton took it, and when he checked it, there was a Divine Emperor Perfection-level Demon Hunter.

“This hunt, in order to get the Mowu Chaos Snake, I thought I would have to take out some of my accumulated food to make up for many cultivators.” Taoist Youya sighed, “didn’t expect not only I don’t need to make up for it, I got a little more.”

He divided 5% of the spoíls of war, and the five Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin Life was slightly more, getting rid of the Mowu Chaos Snake , he can get some extra.


Payton watched his harvest.

spoíls of war Fifty-three heads, one head was given by Taoist Youya, and three heads were given by Xie Fan as an apology. A total of fifty-seven Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin Beings.

So rewarding…

No cultivator can get so much easily except Payton.

“Like the three City Lords, although they are strong, they are limited by their strength compared to the Peak powerhouse.” Peyton secretly said, “Their ability to acquire spoíls of war is also stronger than Daoist Youya and the others. It’s only a few times.”

The strength is a few percent stronger.

The ability to obtain food is much higher because Fengyun Yiye, Nine-headed Snake Bead, and Wu Xiao all have some extremely anti-sky means.

“Let’s not talk about positive strength, just in terms of getting food, I should be the number one in Scarlet Cloud City, maybe even the number one in the Holy Realm.” Peyton secretly said.


Peyton suddenly saw a message, “Is it them?”

In the past half day, there have been too many messages for myself! The cultivators in the team, as well as the many cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City…

But at this moment, the three people who have been summoned make Peyton take it seriously.

“The three City Lords invite me at the same time?” Peyton nodded slightly.

It’s in the Cave Mansion of City Lord!

Fengyun Yiye, Nine-headed Snake Ancestor, and Wu Xiao held a banquet and invited all the cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City. Of course, the most important thing was to invite ‘Peton’, and Peyton was the most important part of this banquet. guest!

“As expected of Brother Peyton, as soon as you come back, the three City Lords will hold a banquet for you.”

“We can all get our hands on it.”

“Last time there was such a big movement, it was Fengyun Yiye and Wu Xiao City Lord to entertain the ancestors of the nine-headed snake.”

Everyone in the Chiyun Hall connected.

“The three City Lords are invited.” The Taoist You Ya also said, “Let’s go there quickly.”

“Well, let’s go.” go outside.

Xie Fan continued, “Let’s go together, let’s go together.”


Soon, Peyton and the others arrived. The Cave Mansion of City Lord ‘Fengyun Yiye’, some cultivators have already arrived at the entrance of Cave Mansion, they are not in a hurry to enter, but chat in small groups.

“Brother Peyton.”

“I have seen Brother Peyton.”

All of a sudden, the cultivators said enthusiastically, they looked towards Peyton. His eyes were a bit fiery, after all, for the overwhelming majority cultivator, it is too difficult to ‘survive’ in this holy world!

For example, ‘trillion years’, a Divine Emperor Perfection level Chaotic Source life equivalent to food that can support 30 billion years.

For trillions of years, more than 30 Divine Emperor Perfection grade food is needed!

Divine Emperor Perfection level is difficult to kill, they are generally hunting in the middle Divine Emperor and late Divine Emperor, they all need to go out to hunt again and again, and make up for it by the number of times! The more times, the greater the risk.

If you go out with Peyton, it’s safe and easy, maybe you can get enough food for tens of billions of years at a time.


Surrounded by a group of cultivators, Peyton came to a very elegant garden with many seats and a large number of maids and puppets serving.


Payton saw three cultivators in the distance, talking and chatting.

The three auras are the most dazzling and unique, and the other cultivators present are scattered around.

“Three City Lords?” Peyton glanced at him and first noticed City Lord ‘One Leaf’.

It will be very difficult to reach the semi-chaotic source level on the road of the rule-profound mystery. This is much more powerful than the ‘Holy Lord’ of his hometown world.

In the end, both paths have reached the semi-chaotic source level, and they are both unique and unmatched in this holy world!

“I don’t know how many source worlds and how many special worlds, and finally a cultivator like Fengyun Yiye was born.” Peyton admired in his heart.

“Brother Peyton.”

The handsome bald youth ‘Nine-headed Snake Ancestor’ shouted, Fengyun Yiye and Wu Xiao also looked towards Peyton.

Peyton watched the three carefully, even as he walked over.

This was the first time he had seen the three City Lords.

“Wu Xiao.”

At first glance, it was Wu Xiao who caught Payton’s attention the most!

Wu Xiao, it feels very strange to Peyton, as if he saw a world! Wu Xiao is more like a huge celestial body, not like a normal life.

“He cultivated the Bloodline Power, but it is said that he is a descendant of a very powerful Chaotic Source powerhouse, and the bloodline is extraordinary.” Peyton secretly said, “Seeing him is like seeing a celestial body! It is said that his body is the strongest in the entire Scarlet Cloud City, and the strength is also the strongest. I don’t know what level it has reached.”

But immediately after, Peyton felt the wind and clouds, The charm of the nine-headed snake ancestor.

Fengyunyiye stood there, he seemed to be detached from this world, there was a faint sense of Chaotic Origin opening up around him, and the world was born.

The Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor was the opposite. He stood there, as if accommodating everything, with a gentle smile on his face, but everything around him was controlled by him.

“Wu Xiao’s strength comes from his body. His body is so strong, and bloodline has great credit.” The upper are extremely high, and I am afraid that the Daoist who normally reaches the semi-chaotic source life body is not as good as the Daoist.”

Peyton walked over and observed the three.

The three City Lords were also observing Peyton, and they felt the unique aura of this ‘Brother Peyton’, which made each of them couldn’t help but have a good impression.

“Just my breath can affect me?” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor and the other three were secretly shocked.

“Payton, I have seen three City Lords.” Payton said.

“I just heard about Daoist Brother Peyton today, and I still startled, I can’t believe it. When I see it now, I am no longer confused.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor said with a slight smile, “Brother Peyton The accomplishments of Soul Willpower have far surpassed me, so it’s no wonder that the strength of 1,200 Divine Emperor Perfection-level demon hunters has been greatly reduced.”

“Admired.” City Lord Yi Ye is cherish words like gold, but it is rare for him to say the word ‘admiration’.

“Can the soul path be so strong?” Wu Xiao couldn’t help but said, “Brother Peyton, can you show me the feeling?”

“Brother Wu Xiao, All the cultivators are coming, and it will not be too late for you to feel the feelings when the banquet is over,” said Nine-headed Snake Ancestor.

Wu Xiao suddenly, nodded with a smile: “No hurry.”

(End of this chapter)

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