All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 613


Chapter 613


The banquet will begin soon.

Peyton and the three City Lords were sitting nearby, and the four of them were discussing the road. Although they all went in different directions, according to each other’s growth path, there would still be some gains.

“Ah, Brother Peyton, you also grew up from the mortal world step by step?” Wu Xiao was surprised, “You are the same as Brother Jiu Shou and Brother Fengyun, both grew up from the weakest mortal world, I was born with Brother Peyton. You said that the strength of Lord of Universe is probably the strength of the Lord of Universe. Some clansmen in my clan are generally similar to me at birth, and some are weaker than me. But many of them can’t perfectly grasp their own strength. Is there a great advantage to growing up from the mundane? Speaking of which, I, Old Ancestor, also grew up from the mundane step by step!”

Peton sighed.

The aborigines of the Primitive Universe, some of the top race bloodlines can grow into domain owners and world owners.

This clansman from Xiaoxiao is even more terrifying. Usually, he is born with the strength of Lord of Universe! For the little baby born in this class, it has already jumped out of the long river of time, and there is no way to be jealous, because the gap is too outrageous.

The Lord of Universe is already at the top, even the top, of Human Race.

But in Wu Xiao clansman, this is the level just born!

“Compared to Brother Peyton, I grew up in a much harsher environment.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake said with a smile, “Witch, in my hometown is the strongest Cultivation system, Wu, In order to extract a powerful bloodline, it may even slaughter a country. The slaughter between witches and witches is also very brutal. For their own growth, the entire civilization will be destroyed, and even a new civilization will be secretly deliberately introduced. It’s common…”

Payton listened and gradually understood.


By the end of the feast.

“Brother Peyton, you and I have a try, okay?” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake got up.


Now all the cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City are gathered in this garden, even some of the powerhouses responsible for guarding them are sent incarnations.

A public competition?

“Relax, although there are rules in Scarlet Cloud City, which prohibit cannibalism, competitions are also common.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake smiled, “As for the means of Brother Peyton’s Soul Willpower, I really want to feel it.”

“I haven’t shot yet, but you shot Jiuju first.” Wu Xiao on the side picked up the glass and drank it all in one gulp, quite helpless.

Peyton looked towards the ancestor of the nine-headed snake, smiled, and nodded: “Okay, the ancestor of the nine-headed snake is compared, I will naturally accompany you.”

The two of them took a step and arrived. On a lake in the middle of the garden.

The two stood on the lake, facing each other far away.

“Want to start?”

“Want to try?”

There was an uproar among the many powerhouses in Scarlet Cloud City in the garden, and many even showed their expectations. After all, the ancestor of the nine-headed snake is one of the three powerhouses standing on the pinnacle, and Peyton’s tricks are also unfathomable.

“You shoot first.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor said, “Let me feel the tricks of your Soul Willpower.”

“Be careful.”

Peyton opened the mouth and said, and then directly used Soul Willpower’s strongest ultimate move.


A huge red moon world came, and the red moon lifted into the sky, like a Demon God, and began to drag Soul Willpower, the ancestor of the nine-headed snake, together.

Peton only felt that this was a ‘powerhouse with the most powerful Soul Willpower’ he had ever encountered! It is extremely difficult to drag him. The so-called most powerful Soul Willpower here… refers to the strongest one among his opponents below the Great Firmament.

If you count yourself or the deity, the ancestor of the nine-headed snake is still inferior to Soul Willpower.

“The impact on him shouldn’t be too great.” Peyton estimated.


The ancestor of the nine-headed snake is slightly frowned, β€œa terrifying mystery of the will.”

He thought that he had grown from the mundane step by step to the present , his Soul Willpower is not affected by everything, but it is still strongly affected at this moment.

“Accept the move!” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor said.


Behind the handsome bald-headed youth ‘Nine-headed Snake Ancestor’ suddenly appeared a surging Heavenly Void shadow, this is the illusory shadow of nine big snakes, each big snake Exudes a completely different power. I saw the power of eight serpents suddenly cut across the sky. These eight powers include water flow, flame, thunder, life force, and destructive power…

Eight kinds of power.

A misty colored light shrouded the surrounding lake, and also shrouded Peyton, who only felt a heavy oppression shrouded himself.

“As expected of Brother Peyton, I can’t even use the Nine Realms field.” Nine-headed snake ancestor shook his head and sighed. At the same time as he spoke, the world of colorful light suddenly closed quickly, as if a sharply shrinking The cage, Peyton is in the center of this cage.

Peyton felt the crisis, without the slightest hesitation, his body suddenly swelled, reaching ten meters high, the skin on the surface of the body was covered with a halo of gray, and with a long spear in his hand, he immediately spun the gun barrel, and the body surface was swept away. Immediately, layers of space formed around, layer upon layer resisting the crazily shrinking eight-color light cage.

peng! !

The rapidly shrinking eight-color light cage suddenly exploded. At the same time as the explosion, some forces immediately mixed, such as the mixing of water and water, and turned into a giant of water and fire! Combine the power of thunder and fire to become a Thunder Fire giant! There are thunder and destruction forces gathered together, turning into giants of destruction…

One giant appeared, and a total of nine giants appeared.

These nine giants, each with normal Divine Emperor Perfection level battle strength, cooperated with an excellent siege to kill Peyton.


Payton maintains a Peak fleshy body, a long spear spare no effort to deal with, and is still slightly at a disadvantage. Spear Art is also brilliant.

Peyton skipped Origin Continent. In terms of the background, it is not as good as the top powerhouses of these other source worlds, and there are many flaws in some aspects.

“The willpower secret technique of Soul Willpower has a great influence indeed, and they can’t make them form a nine-headed combat body.”

The ancestor of the nine-headed snake shook his head gently, this huge The Red Moon World had affected him with only 20% of his effort, but only these 2% of his effort made him unable to perform his tricks perfectly.

He is different from Wu Xiao, who fights tyrannically with his body.

The ancestor of the nine-headed snake is very complicated to manipulate his own power, and consumes a lot of mental energy.

Manipulating nine kinds of Divine Emperor Perfection-level bloodline powers at the same time, and coordinating them perfectly, how heavy is the mental burden?

“Change.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor’s mind moved.


I saw one of the nine giants dissipate, and the other eight giants immediately merged, turning into a giant with eight snake heads! The giant was violent and terrifying, and directly attacked Peyton.

Peyton was a little confused by the successive tricks of the ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’, so he turned his long spear and dealt with these eight giants.

“Fortunately, his mental strength was affected and he was unable to use the ‘Nine Colors Domain’ and ‘Nine Heads Battle Body’.”

Peyton nodded, he already had information on the ancestors of the nine-headed snakes , However, even if the strength of the Nine-headed Snake Ancestor was greatly reduced, it was already difficult for him to deal with it.


The vicious and vicious eight-snake-headed giant suddenly disappeared.

The ancestor of the nine-headed snake said with a smile: “Brother Peyton, the loss of your fleshy body life force is too great, you need a lot of cultivation to reach the semi-chaotic source life form as soon as possible. “

“It’s still a lot worse.” Peyton sighed. After fighting for a while, his life force dropped to only 60%.

Even on combat prowess.

Although the fleshy body burst into a semi-chaotic source life body level, but he didn’t reach his realm, and the tricks he used were lacking. Compared with the real ‘Half Chaotic Origin Life Comprehension Daoist’, I am afraid that only the opponent’s strength is 70% to 80%.

Like Daoist Youyun, who is qualified to rank in the top ten of Scarlet Cloud City, then Peyton, if he doesn’t count Soul Willpower’s tricks, can only be at the bottom of dozens of Peak powerhouses.

Of course, if you count Soul Willpower’s tricks, the strongest battle strength that erupts in a short period of time can also be ranked in the top few.

After all, even with his full strength, he can still hold him down, probably at the City Lord level.

“I’m still weak, so I won’t be able to support it for long.” Peyton secretly said, “We must complete the genetic system quickly and reach the semi-chaotic source level.”



“Brother Peyton, you are so powerful without becoming a half-chaotic life form? If you become a semi-chaotic life form, I am afraid that you will be ranked among the three major City Lord Level 1 immediately.”

The other cultivators were a little surprised. They could all see that Peyton’s Destruction Dao was stronger than him by dozens in Scarlet Cloud City! But his Soul Willpower tricks just reduced the strength of the ancestor of the nine-headed snake to a level comparable to that of Peyton.


Peyton and the ancestor of the nine-headed snake flew back to their positions.

“The trick of Soul Willpower is really extraordinary.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake sighed with emotion.

“Brother Peyton, I won’t let you compare with me. Your body is too fragile. Just use the tricks of Soul Willpower, and do it on me. Come on.” Xiaolian urged.

“Let me feel it too.” Fengyun Yiye also said.


Payton without the slightest hesitation.

The illusory Great World has come again, dragging Fengyun Yiye and Wu Xiao’s Soul Willpower together.

With this drag, Peyton could feel that Soul Willpower of ‘Fengyun Yiye’ was almost the same as the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor, but was slightly stronger. However, the strength is very limited, that is, Peyton’s induction is extremely sensitive, and he has just noticed the slightest difference in the strength of the two Soul Willpower. As for ‘Wu Xiao’, although Wu Xiao’s body is tyrannical and terrifying, Soul Willpower itself is only about 60% of Fengyun Yiye and Nine-headed Snake Ancestor!

Under his Soul Willpower, Wu Xiao needs to devote a lot of mental effort to resist, but his fleshy body is too strong, just manipulating the fleshy body does not require much mental effort.

“It affects me a lot, and the strongest tricks can’t be used.” Fengyun Yiye nodded.

“I’m afraid I’m weaker than you, Jiu Shou.” Wu Xiao sensed it, and then continued, “The trick of Soul Willpower is too uncomfortable.”

Payton immediately withdrew his tricks.

“It’s no wonder that the strength of the Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin beings can be greatly reduced. Even if I am, I can only exert 60-70% of my strength.” Wu Xiao said, “The most unbelievable thing is, You, Soul Willpower, have a trick against all enemies, so are 1,200 demon hunters, so are three thousand, and so are 10,000.”

“Well, just enter me The range of the occult field of will, that is.” Peyton nodded.

As soon as the red moon world comes.

All enemies in the range, Soul Willpower, are all dragged by the red moon world, unless they actively avoid the influence of some enemies.

“Amazing.” Fengyun Yiye said something rare again, he drank lightly with his glass in hand, thinking silently.

The Nine-headed Snake Ancestor was also silent, with a lot of brilliance in his eyes.


A banquet is finally over.

The three City Lords mainly talked with Peyton, and even competed with each other, and didn’t pay much attention to other cultivators.

When the stay is over, everyone starts one after another when they leave.

“Brother Peyton.” Fengyun Yiye and Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor spoke almost simultaneously.

“en?” Peyton stared at the two.

Fengyun Yiye and Nine Head Snake Ancestor looked at each other and laughed.

“Please go first.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor said, “After you finish here, I’ll talk about it.”

“Okay.” Fengyunyiye nodded, “Brother Peyton. , please come with me and we will talk in private.”

Peton looked at the two City Lords: “What’s the matter with the two of you?”

“I’m waiting for you here. , we’ll talk about it later.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake sat there leisurely.

Peyton nodded.

Get up and leave with Fengyun Yiye and enter a side hall in the Cave Mansion.

The two sat down.

Fengyun Yiye was silent for a while before saying: “I always wanted to kill that Chaotic Origin prisoner in the ‘Wind Demon Valley’, but that Chaotic Origin prisoner was very cautious, since he was attacked by me. After one attack, now as long as I leave the lair, I bring a full three thousand guards every time, all of them are at the Divine Emperor Perfection level. Although I can invite some experts in Scarlet Cloud City to help, only his three thousand guards… I can’t do anything at all! Now that you have appeared, Brother Peyton, I have also seen a chance to succeed again. Brother Peyton, I ask you to help me and go with my team to kill the idiot who killed the wind demon valley. Source Prisoner. Whatever conditions you want, just speak up!”

Peyton sat aside and thought for a while before he said, “It is very difficult and dangerous to kill the Chaotic Source Prisoner! You will be punished and oppressed all the time, and you will control it during battle to prevent your already fragile body from being seriously injured again. But once you encounter a death crisis, you will definitely fight back frantically and fight at all costs! As far as I know, in Scarlet Cloud City In history, it is not uncommon for people who want to kill Chaotic Origin prisoners to fail and suffer heavy casualties.”

I met the demon hunter group before, and the one from the demon hunter group. The Hunyuan prisoners exchanged hands.

Peyton also saw the broken body of the other party, with numerous wounds on the skin of the body, withered muscles, and countless cracks in the bones. The body is obviously seriously injured under the punishment and oppression. Chaotic source prisoners generally do not want to aggravate their physical injuries when they are fighting.

“Yes, it’s dangerous. But with Brother Peyton joining us, we’ll be more confident.” Fengyun Yiye said.

“City Lord, what can you give me?” said Peyton.

Fengyun Yiye hesitated.

For what?

Food? When it comes to obtaining food, this Daoist Brother Peyton is second, and no cultivator in the entire holy world dares to say first!

Soul Willpower’s ultimate move, alone in the Holy Realm, Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin beings can easily hunt and kill.

“You just got the corpses of the six Chaotic Origin beings from the destruction lineage just now.” Fengyun Yiye said, “I will help you get the other fifteen corpses of the chaotic source beings from the destruction lineage, and I guarantee that all of them are corpses. Divine Emperor Perfection level, you know, some of them are very far away from my Scarlet Cloud City, and some are closer to other gathering places.”

“I can exchange it for food, and I can also exchange it.” Peyton shook his head.

“But some who live near the other four cities are difficult to exchange.” Fengyun Yiye said.

“Then pay for more food,” said Peyton.

The situation is helpless.

Encountered rich and imposing such as Brother Peyton, he, the City Lord, can’t do anything.

β€œI practice Destruction Dao, Creation Dao, Soul Willpower,” Peyton said. β€œIf City Lord can be found, it will be of great help to me in these three ways. Maybe I will help.”

As for Soul Willpower, Peyton just thought that although his deity is in the realm of Great Firmament, he is not alone in this way. Maybe there is a chance…

As for the other two, It is also the reproduction and main vein of the Way of Spreading Heaven. He cultivates far more than these two ways…

“Okay.” Fengyun Yiye was nominated slightly, and some treasures flashed in his mind in an instant. He also had some connections with the other four cities. The cultivators of the entire Holy Realm came from many worlds, and some were even descendants of the Chaotic Source powerhouse!

He also knows some Supreme Treasure on Cultivation, just need to prepare well.

“That’s it, I’ll take my leave.” Payton smiled and got up.

Fengyun Ye nodded slightly, and he couldn’t do anything.

In terms of influence in Scarlet Cloud City, this Daoist Brother Peyton is probably no less than his City Lord!

I am afraid that many cultivators are more willing to follow this Daoist Peyton. If they don’t pay enough, they want this Daoist Payton to work hard? how is this possible!

“My Soul Willpower has miraculous effects on ordinary Chaotic Origin beings, but it is completely useless for Chaotic Origin prisoners. Facing Chaotic Origin prisoners, I am in danger of death. Naturally, I can’t easily agree.”

The Chaotic Origin Prisoner is a high-level Chaotic Origin being, Soul Willpower is too strong, and Soul Willpower’s tricks are completely useless.

And his strongest fleshy body broke out, his strength was at the bottom of the dozens Peak powerhouse in Scarlet Cloud City, and the maintenance time was only tea time, it was too dangerous!


(End of this chapter)

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