All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 614


Chapter 614

Out of the side hall and into the garden outside.

Almost all the cultivators in the garden were gone, and the huge garden was empty, only the Vice-City Lord ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’ was drinking alone. Even Wu Xiao has left.

“Brother Peyton.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor pointed to his side, said with a smile, “Sit.”

“Let Nine-headed City Lord wait for a long time.” Pei Dun said.

“Lifespan is unlimited, wait a little longer not worth mentioning.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor looked at Peyton, “Fengyun Yiye is the Chaotic Source prisoner who wants to kill the ‘Feng Demon Valley’, right?”

“Yes.” Peyton nodded, “But I didn’t agree.”

Nine-headed snake ancestor moved in his heart.

No answer?

It seems that it is not easy to ask this Brother Peyton for help.

“I invite Brother Peyton, and Brother Peyton should agree,” said the ancestor of the nine-headed snake.

“Oh, please elaborate,” Peyton said.

“I also want to kill a Chaotic Origin prisoner. There are twenty-one types of Chaotic Origin beings in the entire Holy Realm, but there are only three ethnic groups that have Chaotic Origin Prisoners. A Chaotic Origin prisoner, although they are different types of high-level Chaotic Origin beings, they can all be attributed to the lineage of destruction. The one I want to kill is the ‘Silent Iceberg Master’ among these three Chaotic Origin prisoners.” Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor said. .

Payton’s heart skipped a beat.

The master of the silent iceberg?

The three Chaotic Source prisoners who destroyed the lineage, of course he knew this one!

For Peyton, destroying a complete high-level Chaotic Origin life corpse in the lineage is much more valuable than those Chaotic Origin life corpses at the Divine Emperor Perfection level.

That’s a qualitative change! Those who can destroy the lineage are better at life-saving, and beheading is extremely difficult.

This ‘silent iceberg master’, although living in the silent iceberg, is a real lineage of destruction.

“After the beheading, the heart and blood of the corpse of the owner of the silent iceberg belong to me. The rest of the corpse belongs to you.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake looked at Peyton, “How about you?”

“oh?” Payton thought.

Through these years of communication, Peyton has learned about the Wuzhi Cultivation system and the source of their power, which has a lot of reference for his genetic system.

This nine-headed snake ancestor is a ‘Wizard’, who is taking it into one’s body Cultivation, and what he cares most about is the heart and blood.

But Peyton actually needs to comprehend the rules of the corpse, such as scales, bones, teeth, and many other parts of the body.

The genetic system requires less in this regard.

The main requirement is the direction of the law.

“Just heart and blood?” Payton asked again.

“Yes, I can even keep 10% of the blood for you.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor said.

β€œWhat about the rest of the team?” Peyton asked. β€œWe split up, they don’t need it?”

β€œI asked them for help, and of course I satisfied them.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake said that other cultivators have such high conditions as ‘Peton’, but there is no way, the most precious ‘food’ in the holy world, Brother Peyton can easily obtain. And his Soul Willpower trick… is the biggest help in killing Chaotic Origin prisoners, and the effect is too great.

“Don’t worry, I promise you, it can be announced publicly when the team is established.” Nine-headed snake ancestor persuaded.

“What do you mean…” Peyton said with a smile, “Let me go on an adventure with the treasure I haven’t got yet?”

The ancestor of the nine-headed snake waved his hand, He threw out a golden bracelet: “There are nine Divine Emperor Perfection level beings that destroy the lineage lineage, and there are 13 Divine Emperor Perfection level beings from the book of life lineage, which should be of great help to the Daoist brother. All I can collect for the time being. The rest are living around other gathering places, and it is very difficult to collect. These… I will give them to Brother Peyton.”

Peyton took it, and as soon as he checked it, he found the corpses of Chaotic Origin beings inside, all of them at the Divine Emperor Perfection level, which saved him the trouble.

tsk tsk!

Nine-headed snake ancestors are generous in their shots, City Lord ‘Fengyun Yiye’ is still not enough bold!

Peton muttered to himself.

“I need 300 billion years.” Peyton said, “I just came to the Holy Realm not too long, and I still need a good Cultivation, at most 300 billion years, when the time comes, I will be with Jiu Song. City Lord, you set out together to deal with the master of the silent iceberg! If it is successful, the body of the master of the silent iceberg will be distributed according to what you said before, 300 billion years… Nine City Lords, can you wait patiently?”

“Okay, it’s a deal!” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor said immediately.

If outside.

It’s only 300 billion years, not worth mentioning! For the terrifying existences of them all approaching the Chaotic Source Life Level, it is really short-lived. It is only in the Holy Realm that it is difficult to obtain food, and 300 billion years seems a bit long.

But for the ancestors of the nine-headed snake, 300 billion years was very easy.

“It’s a deal.” Payton smiled.

He agreed that the most important thing was the corpse of the ‘Silent Iceberg Master’ that attracted him very much. Even if he didn’t have the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor and his strength was strong enough in the future, he would probably have to build a team to kill and destroy the lineage Chaotic Origin prisoners. .

The two agreed.

Payton left immediately.

Fengyun Yiye also walked out from the side and walked to Nine Head Snake Ancestor.

“It’s done?” Fengyun Yiye said.

“Send twenty-two Chaotic Origin life corpses as gifts, it’s done.” The corners of Nine-headed Snake Ancestor’s mouth were slightly raised, and he glanced at Fengyun Yiye, “Did you not give any gifts? ?”

Fengyun Yiye was still calm: “It’s easy for him to get food, and he can easily exchange for a lot of corpses that destroy the lineage of Chaotic Origin beings. The reason why he promised you is because the ‘Silent Iceberg’ The same is what he wants to get! Otherwise, with this little gift, do you think he will follow you desperately?”

“I know, you are jealous.” Nine-headed snake ancestor said.

The two of them have a very delicate relationship.

They all climbed up from the mundane step by step. In terms of the height of the realm, they are the two highest realm in Scarlet Cloud City.

“It’s decided?” Fengyun Yiye asked, “Relying on bloodline’s ultimate awakening to achieve Chaotic Origin?”

“Well, it’s decided.” Nine-headed snake ancestor nodded.

“Are you willing?” Fengyun Yiye asked again, “With your accumulation of strength, you may be able to sudden enlightenment breakthrough in the future, break the law with strength, and become the strongest in Hunyuan powerhouse” The lord’s class… Even if you can’t do it with force, if you get a different look from a lord, you may be sent to a source world to help you reincarnate into the source world, although the source world’s will is still the same It will suppress you, but there is hope for you to finally master a source world and become a world-level Chaotic Origin being.”

The lord-level Chaotic Origin being is the highest.

The world-level Chaotic Source beings are not bad, at least in the source world under their control, they are invincible!

And the higher Chaotic Source beings… are relatively weak!

“Cultivation has come to me this step, sending me reincarnated into a source world, the price is too high! It is much more difficult than sending some weak cultivators reincarnated into the source world.” Nine-headed snake ancestor Shaking his head, “I’ve been in the Holy Realm for a long time, and no lord has conveyed such intentions.”

He was already disappointed.

He also knows.

The source world…Even for the powerhouse inside the world, there will be repression, and if you survive the catastrophe and enter a new era, you will be forced to fall into a deep sleep!

This is the repression of the super-powerful life by the will of the source world, so that the life of the new era has enough time to grow.

The best example is the mountain guest in the Primitive Universe. This is the Primitive Universe, and it is even more different if the Origin Continent source world on it is changed.

And the level of the nine-headed snake ancestor is too strong, too terrifying! In reincarnation, the will of the source world is inherently large, and the price of successful reincarnation is extremely terrifying.

It’s a success!

Also forced to fall asleep! Or is it suppressed in the source World Source… In short, there are various constraints, the stronger the strength, the more terrifying the constraints. How strong is the source world? Pressing a half-chaotic source life body is naturally easy.

“Even if the bloodline awakens and achieves Chaotic Source, even though it is a high-level Chaotic Source being, I believe that with my accumulation… I can still cultivate to a ‘world-level Chaotic Source Being’, and even hope to reach it in the future.’

Lord-level Chaotic Origin Life’.” The Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor said to himself.

Fengyunyiye said nothing.

In fact, the awakening of bloodline is the incarnation of the natural Chaotic Origin beings! The growth route is also the natural Chaotic Source life growth route, and the potential of this route is relatively low.

For example, the innate Chaotic Origin beings that also reached the level of cream of the crop, such existences can even hurt the lord, but they still fall.

And the lords…

Although the number is very small, none of them have fallen!

The two roads, which are higher and which are lower, can be seen.

It’s just the achievement ‘Lord’, and the difficulty is too high.

“The way is to come out.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake said, “I am not like you after all, I have received the attention of many Hunyuan powerhouses, and even some lords have promised you that they are willing to help you reincarnate. Reincarnated into a source world.”

Fengyun Yiye shook his head: “Breaking the law with force, this is my path.”

Take both paths to the half-chaotic source Life Level, how terrifying, there is only one in the holy world.

“Your road is even harder to walk.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake turned his head and left, and his heart was a little sad. With his strength, he did not have the powerhouse to cultivate him vigorously. He could only rely on Do it yourself.


Peyton returned to his Cave Mansion and looked at the fifteen Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin life corpses that had been collected, and he couldn’t help feeling very good.

“There are still six.”

“These six are very rare. However, the nine City Lord songs have not been collected publicly, they should have just gathered with some of his friends. Right.” Peyton muttered secretly, because historically, Scarlet Cloud City and the other four cities would also have some connections, and even sent teams to other cities in exchange for treasure.

The rare Chaotic Origin beings on my side are found in another city.

This is also why Fengyun Yiye dares to say that it can help collect them all.

“I, Peyton, want to collect six types of Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin life corpses that destroy the lineage. These six types are each, and only one of each is purchased! One corpse can be exchanged for three times the food.”

The six types are also clearly described, and Peyton passed the news to all the cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City directly through the communication treasure.

Three times the food!

Generally, these are relatively rare, and it is good to exchange twice the food.

Peyton is rich and imposing, naturally he doesn’t care.

“Brother Peyton.”

“Mr. Peyton.”


One message after another come.

It’s all for food!

After all, there are more than 3,000 powerhouses in Scarlet Cloud City, and there are more than 100 of these six.

Payton immediately contacted each cultivator individually in order to determine the exchange of food.

“The acquisition is over.” Payton then subpoenaed all the cultivators.


Three times in exchange for this kind of thing may come by with luck, but not by searching for it.

Once it appears, all parties will be eager to take the initiative to change it, but unfortunately, Peyton only needs one of each! Three times the food, these six kinds, some Chaotic Origin beings are stronger, and one end is worth the ordinary two. Therefore, Peyton paid a total of twenty-five Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin life corpses, and exchanged all the six he needed.

“The lineage of the destruction of the holy world, the twenty-one kinds of Chaotic Origin beings, and the Divine Emperor Perfection level are all gathered together.”

Peton was in a very good mood, in the underground hall , looking at the corpses of the destruction lineage Chaotic Origin beings that were taken out with fiery eyes.

He couldn’t help but start comprehend carefully.



Time flies.

The newly obtained corpse of the lineage Divine Emperor Perfection level Chaotic Origin life, which Peyton spent nearly 10 billion years comprehend!

These ruined lineage Chaotic Origin life corpses, Peyton followed and comprehend meticulously over and over again, and even verified each other, deduced Chaotic Origin body refinement one by one new cultivation method, try again and again!

During these days of cultivation…

Peton would occasionally set up a ‘kill team’, once he established a hunt team, even if it was agreed that he would take 90% The spoΓ­ls of war can still make many cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City go crazy.

Peak powerhouses is just that, even if you take the initiative to participate, it is to make friends. But the general Divine Emperor Perfection level strength, especially the late Divine Emperor strength, that is really desperate to join.

However, Peyton established a team, limited, the maximum number of people is fifty!

After all, it’s just hunting near the city, there’s no need for too many cultivators.

During this period, Peyton took the initiative to build a team, and during the first hunt, he harvested seventy-five Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin life corpses! There are more in the late Divine Emperor and the middle Divine Emperor. Even if 10% is left, other members will generally get enough food for billions of years! It’s safe, easy, and short enough to have enough food for billions of years, and cultivators are naturally desperate to participate.

Build a team several times.

One is to help some friends, such as the eagle snake god and the red devil. The second is to sharpen yourself in battle! Peyton will usually keep some Chaotic Source life, without suppressing the illusion of the virtual world, to fight head-on and verify the tricks.

Time flies…

In the first hall.

Peton sat opposite a man with dark blue hair. The man had messy hair and a thick beard on his face, but his eyes seemed to contain endless wisdom. third eye.

“It is rare for Brother Peyton to come to see me.” The dark blue-haired man said with a slight smile.

“The Emperor Liexi.” Peyton said, “I’m here today because I want to see the classics of the Cultivation of the Emperor Liexi.”

More than 3,000 people in Chiyun City powerhouse.

It is rare to truly understand Daoist! The overwhelming majority contains Chaotic Origin bloodline in their bodies, which is how they achieved this realm. And Wu Daoist who is good at ‘destruction one’ is even less pitiful.

In the dozens Peak powerhouse of Scarlet Cloud City, only one of the ‘Divine Emperor Perfection Daoist’ has destroyed the lineage – Emperor Liexi!

Among the late Divine Emperor enlightenment Daoists, there are only eight people who take the lineage of destruction!

“”Eighth Revolution of Quiet” is indeed the highest achievement of my Cultivation. Based on this, I have become a semi-chaotic source life form.” Emperor Liexi nodded, “I don’t know about such Cultivation books. It will be easy to spread.”

“What conditions are needed, Emperor Liexi, please tell me.” Peyton said.

“I don’t care if others come to beg, but Emperor Peyton’s face is still to be given.” Emperor Liexi waved his hand and threw a wooden token. After Peyton took it, he immediately sensed the message contained in the wooden token.


A lot of information flooded into my head.

“Eighth-turn Quietness” is the only complete method that Peyton has obtained that reaches the level of a semi-chaotic source life form.

On the road to the Chaotic Origin Life, we must open up ourselves! Open it up by yourself, then you will absolutely master it. Like those born with Chaotic Origin beings, although they are born with Chaotic Origin Rules, they cannot exert much of their own strength at all.

Semi-chaotic source life forms, can’t learn from others!

If you learn it, you are wrong!

“Eighth Revolution” is also a direction, completely different from Peyton.

The Eighth Revolution is dead…

The first is Formation!

Emperor Liexi is the best at Formation, he uses Formation to evolve and destroy! Later, his Formation turned into annihilation, and he was the complete Cosmic God Research Extreme Realm! Every turn of annihilation is like an improvement in the level of the world.

“Eighth-turn Quietness” even touched some mysterious structures in Chaotic Origin space.

“The eight-turn annihilation, with its many structures, feels similar to that of a source world. It’s just a bit rougher.” Peyton secretly said that the source world’s composition is not complicated, but The more you experience it, the more you will feel that the composition of the source world is very meticulous. Although its composition is not complicated, it is extremely complete, and even the weakest beings can survive in it.

“Emperor Xie Liexi, if the emperor needs my help, please let me know.”

Peyton said, because everyone has different routes, at least he can comprehend it and learn from it. First, integrate into your own path.

“It’s all a road to destruction. Let’s support each other. If Emperor Peyton also reaches the semi-chaotic source life form, I would also ask Emperor Peyton to also teach me a lesson or two about the Cultivation method he created. .” Emperor Liexi said.

“It should be,” Paton continued.

“There is one more request, and I hope Emperor Peyton can agree.” Emperor Liexi said.

“Please speak,” Paton continued.

“I know that the ancestor of the nine-headed snake asked Peyton Emperor to join his team to hunt down the Chaotic source prisoner ‘the master of the silent iceberg’.” Emperor Liexi said, “Probably apart from the heart and blood, The body ultimately belongs to Emperor Peyton, am I right?”

Peyton’s heart moved slightly, no denial.

Emperor Liexi said: “I hope I can comprehend the corpse of the prisoner of Chaotic Source together with Emperor Peyton, and the time limit is limited to 100 million years. Can you?”

“Comprehend together? One hundred million years?” Peyton hesitated slightly, but Emperor Liexi was a little nervous.

To them, Daoist, comprehend the corpse of the prisoner of Chaotic Origin is a great temptation.

“Okay, when the time comes you and I will comprehend together, and we can also confirm each other.” Peyton nodded, only 100 million years ago, he can promise.

(End of this chapter)

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