All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 615


Chapter 615

Also, Emperor Liexi put forward some more requirements, Chiyun The other eight people in the city who destroyed the lineage Divine Emperor realized Daoist in the late stage, and Peyton offered to exchange two Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin life corpses. Payton easily gets another Eight Sects tome.

These Eight Sects books, although they are all at the late Divine Emperor level and in other directions, can also be used for reference.

Learn from Destruction Dao’s nine-door classics…comprehend it, learn it.

Peton collected the rest of the Cultivation books on the creation and soul side, and comprehend different Chaotic Origin beings…

Moreover, in the following days, he often went to chat with one person cultivator Take the test! The powerhouses of Scarlet Cloud City are still very willing to give Peyton face, and they will be tested in battles. Although it is not like a real life-and-death struggle with Chaotic Origin beings, it can be compared with the cultivators. The methods of the cultivators are even more bizarre and unpredictable.

They come from different worlds and are good at tricks, and some of them really let Peyton know


Nine books, comprehend corpses , test and learn from each other.

Peyton’s accumulation has become more and more vigorous, and his Hunyuan body refinement has been continuously improved.


The wind was howling and the snow was flying.

Peton sat alone under the pavilion, watching the snowflakes.

“How difficult is it to become a semi-chaotic source life form?” Peyton shook his head. Although the accumulation was more substantial, Destruction Dao, Creation Dao and Soul Willpower Dao did not achieve what he wanted, and he was far from his dream. The half-chaotic source life body is inferior, and it is still difficult for the body to be completely stable!

Although the gene has progressed, perfection will be rare…

“Unconsciously, 300 billion years have passed, and I’m going out.”

Pei After smiling slightly, he turned his head and looked towards the far corner of the corridor.

From the corner of the corridor, a handsome bald young man came! It is the ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’, one of the three City Lords of Scarlet Cloud City.

“Nine City Lords.” Payton stood up.

“How is the cultivation of Peyton?” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake said with a smile, “Is it suitable to go out to hunt the prisoners of Chaotic Origin?”

“Cong and Nine-headed City It has been 300 billion years since the Lord’s agreement.” Peyton said, “Nine City Lords have given me a lot of cultivation until now, no matter what, I have to set off immediately when the Nine City Lords are summoned.”

“Since the 300 billion year period expired, I have been sending people to investigate, and until today, I found out that the master of the silent iceberg is on tour again.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor said, “As soon as I found out that he was on tour, I immediately I’m here to find Brother Peyton.”

Hunyuan prisoners are punished and tortured all the time, and occasionally the punishment will increase. If you don’t go on tour, the pain will be more terrifying.

The cultivators have a chance to kill only when they go out on tour.

In the old nest, the prisoners of Chaotic Origin are too strong to be killed. They leave the nest when they go out on patrol. The farther they leave, the more severe their strength declines.

“Today, Master Silent Iceberg is on tour?” Peyton’s eyes shined, and continued, “It’s not too late, hurry up.”

“Brother Peyton, how strong are you now? How long do you maintain the pinnacle state?” Zulian asked, “Although you don’t need to fight to the death, when the time comes you can easily deal with a large number of guards, and the Chaotic Source Prisoner ‘Silent Iceberg Master’ is the first to kill. The target is probably you. I need to know your strength, Brother Peyton, so that I can make arrangements.”

“It’s almost one hour to maintain the Peak state.” Peyton said.

The Nine-headed Snake Ancestor sighed in relief.

It’s nearly one hour, which is a long time!

Because according to what he knew before, Peyton maintained his Peak fleshy body for a short period of time, so the task of ‘protecting the Peyton Emperor’ would be heavy.

It’s much easier now. Nearly one hour is enough to do too much.

“I admire, in just 300 billion years, Brother Peyton has made such great progress.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor said.

“Unfortunately, it has not yet become a semi-chaotic source life form.” Peyton said.

“If you say this, it will make many Daoists of late Divine Emperor envy and jealous.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor said with a laugh.

Peyton himself knows that his cultivation speed is indeed extremely fast. Chaotic Source is already a kind of detachment perfection, which is naturally difficult to complete. If he can push forward slowly, his soul is strong enough. The comprehend is also much faster than in the past. On the other hand, after the soul reaches such a realm, it nourishes the fleshy body in turn, so that Peyton can determine the direction of the ascension of the fleshy body.

I know the direction to improve so fast.

Looking at the rest of the cultivators, which one is not absolutely comprehend for billions of years, just looking to move forward?



The Cave Mansion of the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor.

“Everyone.” Wu Xiao and Peyton stood beside the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor, and the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor glanced at the other cultivators in the hall.

Can stand here.

Small half are Peak powerhouses! The remaining Divine Emperor Perfection-level battle strengths are also very good at certain aspects!

“Our team has a total of fifty-six people, and we have gathered the best powerhouses in many aspects in Scarlet Cloud City.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake said, “If you can promise to help me with the nine pieces, I will naturally remember the nine pieces. In the bottom of my heart, as long as I succeed this time, what I promise to you will come true. Even if I succeed in my ultimate awakening, I will achieve Chaotic Source! I will not treat you badly.”

“Big Brother Nine Heads, You help us, this time we will naturally do our best.”

β€œBrother Jiushou, we have so many powerhouses, and even Emperor Peyton and Wuxiao City Lord, those Chaotic Origin beings can’t stop them at all. Stay with us, the master of the silent iceberg is dead.”

Several Divine Emperor Perfection-level powerhouses immediately connected.

Peak powerhouses are relatively reserved.

The ancestor of the nine-headed snake is obviously very appealing. He smiled nodded: “Yes, with Brother Peyton and Wu Xiao, I am more confident.”

Pei Dayton and Wu Xiao were both laughed.

Both of them understand that the ancestor of the nine-headed snake seems humble, but in terms of fighting methods, he and Fengyun Yiye are the most terrifying! Although Wu Xiao’s strength is comparable to them, he has relatively few means, mainly relying on fleshy body battle strength.

“Are you all ready?” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor swept his gaze, but no one objected, “Then now, I’ll set off and go!”

Five of them Sixteen cultivators immediately flew out of the nine City Lord’s Cave Mansion.

Peyton also noticed the ‘Emperor Liexi’ in this team, and couldn’t help sound transmission: “didn’t expect Emperor Liexi to join this time, the nine songs City Lord gave to me first There is no Emperor Liexi on the list.”

“At first, Nine Songs invited me, so I didn’t rush to join. It’s just that since I made an agreement with Emperor Peyton, I naturally have to do more.” Emperor Liexi sound transmission said that although his strength is strong, he can only be regarded as a normal level in Peak powerhouse, and he is not qualified to ask for the corpses of Chaotic Source prisoners! So he was too lazy to participate before.

But now, he does!

Because Peyton will eventually get the corpse of the Hunyuan prisoner, of course Emperor Liexi has to do his best to help.

whiz whiz whiz  …

It quickly crossed the city wall and flew to the vast wasteland.


“They set off.”

“Hunting the prisoners of Chaotic Origin, and the owner of the quiet iceberg that is quite difficult to deal with.”

In Scarlet Cloud City, many powerhouses stand in their Cave Mansion and can see the team in midair flying away in the distance.

This team, after all, includes two Vice-City Lords and Emperor Peyton! Gathering too many elites is a rare big action in the entire Scarlet Cloud City.

“Do you think it can be done?”

“If there is no Emperor Peyton, I hope there will be only one or two percent. With Emperor Peyton, I hope there will be at least fifty percent. “

“Well, it’s been a long time since I successfully hunted the prisoner of Chaotic Source.”

Many cultivators in the city were discussing this matter.

And now.

Fengyun Yiye was also sitting in the Cave Mansion garden, watching from a distance, watching that team leave Scarlet Cloud City.

“Nine, go hunting Chaotic Source Prisoners.” Fengyun Yiye shook his head gently, “It’s a pity that I have a rare friend and chose the path of ultimate awakening.”

He Understand the plight of a friend.

Break the law with force?

This road is too difficult! almost impossible.

Controlling a source world? No one helped the Nine-headed Snake Ancestor be reincarnated!

Even the simplest path, the ultimate awakening, has left too many Divine Emperor Perfection levels trapped in front of the bottleneck.

“I hope he succeeds.” Fengyun Yiye said silently, “At least he is lucky, with the help of Emperor Peyton, he is expected to hunt and kill the owner of the silent iceberg.”


Outside the city.


On the surface of Wu Xiao’s skin, countless machines that were invisible to naked eyes flew out immediately. The machines were so small that they were smaller than the particles in an ordinary cultivator! Countless machines densely packed, flying in different directions. Although these machines are extremely small, there are countless numbers. But it is extremely tenacious, even if the Divine Emperor Perfection level wants to destroy one, it will take a lot of effort.

These tiny machines are divided into many types, and they are detected in different ways. Different methods corroborate each other, and it is almost impossible to escape their detection.

On large-scale exploration.

Wu Xiao is the undisputed number one in Scarlet Cloud City!

“chi chi chi.” There is also a cultivator, his huge one-eyed, contains many mysterious, easy to explore all directions, look at each direction to explore.


Including Wu Xiao, the three powerhouses in charge of the investigation, each using their own means.

The realm is coming again.

The entire team disappeared completely, quietly marching in wasteland.

“This is the current location of the owner of the silent iceberg, as well as the approximate distribution of some surrounding Chaotic Origin life groups. We have already checked.” To each team member, “Our route forward is initially determined to follow this first route.”

“en. ”

“It is estimated that it will take two days to arrive.”

Peyton and the others all agreed with the arrangement of the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor, and the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor was fully prepared.

Peyton can feel that this team is obviously much more powerful than the team established by Daoist Youya last time. They traveled all the way, and after a full day, this team was discovered by a group of Chaotic Origin beings. , ushered in the First Stage battle after leaving Scarlet Cloud City.

In fact, in this battle, it was the Nine-headed Snake Ancestor and the others who thought that the ‘detour’ was not suitable, so they simply rolled over it head-on!


This team collided with a large group of black-pressed birds. The ancestor of the nine-headed snake roared coldly, and the illusory shadow of nine large snakes appeared behind him. , Nine big snakes swayed, each big snake exudes a different power, and the nine powers turned into a huge nine-color field in an instant, suppressing all directions.

“Hahaha, kill it happily.” Wu Xiao laughed, his body swayed, and he turned into a silver-white giant with a height of 3,000 meters. A Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin Life Bird. The black bird was struggling to escape, but as Wu Xiao’s palm came down, strange layers of power kept restraining the black bird, unable to escape at all, and the huge palm grabbed the black bird. .

Grab it!

The center of the palm is sunken, like a black hole, swallowing all the birds.

The dignified Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin being was captured alive with just one move! This strength makes Peyton a little sideways.

The Peak powerhouses in Scarlet Cloud City, some one-on-one, can kill a Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin being! The three City Lords are much simpler. Among them, ‘Wu Xiao’, who has the most terrifying body, has much less means than the other two City Lords, ‘Fengyunyiye’ and ‘Nine-headed Snake Ancestor’, but his methods are purer. .

The main thing is the fleshy body! With the horror of fleshy body alone, it can be tied with the other two.

At this moment, it is easy to capture a Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Source being alive, which is evident.

“Tianhe.” Emperor Liexi also made a move, and saw a strange river appearing around, this river has layers of illusory shadows, watch carefully, this terrible river has a total of 8th layers illusory shadow seems to appear in different levels of space. When those Chaotic Origin beings entered the range of this river, they all seemed lost, they couldn’t find their companions, and they couldn’t find any enemies!

The cultivators can be easily defeated one by one.


Let’s not talk about the ancestors of the nine-headed snake and Wu Xiao.

The other Peak powerhouses present each have their own unique skills. The Divine Emperor Perfection-level Chaotic Origin beings are ten or twenty, and they can all handle it. Not to mention collaborating with each other at the moment! Even those powerhouses with Divine Emperor Perfection level battle strength in the team, they were selected, they are shocking and stunning enough in some respects, and the effect is amazing!

It’s a one-sided brutality.

“Brother Peyton, on this journey, you must not use Soul Willpower ultimate move.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor sound transmission, “Once your Soul Willpower ultimate move is known by the master of Silent Iceberg, he will I’m afraid I’ll choose to run away immediately, I’ll let you know when it’s time to cast.”

“Nine City Lords, don’t worry.” Peyton said with a slight smile, “By the way, I’ll go up. I used Soul Willpower ultimate move when I went out with Dao Ren You Ya, and I also used it when I hunted outside the city several times. Will the Master of Silent Iceberg get news?”

“Don’t worry.”

Nine City Lords confidently sounded transmission, “In the Holy Realm, there are countless innate Chaotic Origin beings, and they are divided into numerous groups. Different groups are hardly related to each other! At least from our observation, they are all of the same group. Action. There is almost no communication between different ethnic groups. There are some small twists and turns on the road, not worth mentioning for us, so I let you hide the Soul Willpower ultimate move.”

“But remember, if you encounter When it comes to the Chaotic Origin Life Group ‘Jiemiejian’ under the Master of Silent Iceberg, you have to be even more cautious, because once it is exposed this time, it will frighten the Master of Silent Iceberg, and I am afraid that he will not give us another chance.”



All the way.

The journey is very easy, and the strength of this team, as long as you are careful not to provoke the enemy, there is no danger at all.

The torrential rain poured down, and over the lake, big fish flew out of the lake, killing Peyton and the others.


Another battle.

Peton is holding a long spear, just use it a little bit. The ancestor of the nine-headed snake has always protected Peyton closely! No danger to Peyton at all.

“Emperor Peyton?” Suddenly there was a message from the treasure.

Payton looked at it for a moment.

“I am the Vice-City Lord ‘Xun Yi’ of Tianwu City. I contacted you through the Artifact Spirit of Tianwu Temple and the Artifact Spirit of Chiyun Temple.”

“Xun Yi” Easy City Lord?” Peyton was surprised, “I don’t know what to do with me?”

Xun Yi.

Among the five gathering places in the Holy Realm, Destruction Dao Daoist is the only one that ranks in the ranks of City Lord and Vice-City Lord.

“I heard that you are now acting with the Nine-headed Snake Ancestor and the others to deal with the master of the silent iceberg?” Xun Yi said with a smile.

“The news of Xun Yi’s City Lord is really well-informed.” Peyton responded that the five cities are all connected, and it is normal for Xun Yi to know about this.

“Don’t blame me for speaking badly. Nine City Lords want the heart and blood cultivation of the master of the silent iceberg, and want to finally awaken in one fell swoop! He has planned many times, and the master of the silent iceberg has long been frightened, He is always cautious and destroys the three Chaotic Source prisoners of lineage. In terms of strength, the highest is the master of the silent iceberg.”

“He is too cautious and strong, you have to kill his probability. Too low.” Xun Yi City Lord sound transmission said, “Even if you have your heaven-defying Soul Willpower ultimate move, Emperor Peyton, to easily solve the troubles of countless guards, the probability of this success, in my opinion, is less than half.”

Payton admits that there is some truth to what Xun Yi said.

The master of the silent iceberg is indeed the most difficult one of the three Chaotic Origin prisoners that destroy the lineage.

“Emperor Peyton, you are a Daoist, and you just need the corpse to comprehend. Destroy the three prisoners of Chaotic Origin of lineage, any one of them will not make much difference to you.” Xun Yi City Lord sound transmission said “I invite you, after this incident, come to my Tianwu City, and I will build a team to deal with the ‘Master Jinhe’ who destroyed one of the prisoners of the three Chaotic Origins of the lineage. Master Jinhe is stronger than Master Silent Iceberg. Easy to deal with. Once successful, I only need to comprehend this corpse for a billion years, and you can comprehend with me. After a billion years, you can take the whole corpse with you. OK?”

Like Peyton, he has not yet become a semi-chaotic source life form and still needs a lot of accumulation.

And Xun Yi City Lord…has already become a semi-chaotic source life form, with extremely strong strength, what he needs is ‘touch’, maybe a touch will let him break through! If he failed to break through for tens of billions of years, the corpse of a Chaotic Source prisoner would be useless to him.

“Let’s talk about it later,” Peyton subpoenaed.

“Also, Emperor Peyton, I have to remind you that you are in the most dangerous situation in the team. Once the master of the silent iceberg is in a desperate situation, he will definitely kill you first when he is crazy! Just kill You, he can easily escape with many guards. It may even form a counterattack. So you should be careful, if you die under the counterattack of the silent iceberg master, it will not be worth it.”

“Xie Xunyi City Lord reminded. “Peton is also more cautious in his heart, no one in the holy world can underestimate, these are the powerhouses from the world’s cream of the crop, and they are here only for the last 1-Step Transcendent.

Let’s not mention anything else, just the red devil, the red Divine King of Origin Continent, does not show his prestige in this world, but in the source world, it can cover the existence of hundreds of epochs. Such a low-level Divine King could not see his face.

(End of this chapter)

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