All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 616


Chapter 616

Because the master of the silent iceberg is on tour, the location is also moving.

The route of Peyton and the others also changed accordingly. It took two and a half days, and they finally arrived at their destination smoothlyβ€”a place where the master of the silent iceberg was on his way home.

“We are now stuck on the way back to the master of the silent iceberg. He wants to return to his lair? He must not be able to avoid us.” Once again, please help me.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Nine City Lords, since we have agreed, we will naturally do our best.”

Each answer.

The Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor nodded: “Okay, now, let’s gradually approach this Chaotic Source Prisoner.”


The team advances again.

Because they made a big circle, they were already on their way home ahead of time. In addition, Peyton’s team exploded at the fastest speed, which was faster than the silent iceberg master who was severely punished and oppressed! I don’t have to worry about the other party being able to escape.


We have been cautiously moving forward.

The distance between the two sides continues to shrink.

It’s just that the Hunyuan prisoner ‘Silent Iceberg Master’ has been attacked several times, and he is already very cautious.

“It’s a cultivator.”

“Kill them.”

Finally, the team of Peyton and the others was still defeated by a Chaotic Origin Life’ The Silent Killer team has been discovered.

No way, too dense!


“I can’t care about it.”

“Rush as fast as you can now.”

Nine The ancestors of the first snake did not hold back one by one, regardless of all obstacles, they killed them at the fastest speed.


The Hunyuan Prisoner ‘Silent Iceberg Master’ wears dark golden robes, with loose hair and an extraordinary bearing.

It’s just that his wrists and ankles also have shackles and chains, and the chains even extend into destruction! The golden secret pattern on the chains and shackles continued to light up, and all kinds of torture continued to fall on every part of the body.

“One day, one day, the enslavement and torture of our born Chaotic Origin beings will be returned to those lords thousands of times!” The master of Silent Iceberg had a killing intent and hatred boiling in his heart, Any high-level Chaotic Origin being imprisoned in the Sacred Realm suffers a lot, and even treats these weak cultivators as a ‘whetstone’.

These days are desperate, painful, and humiliating.


Although resentful and angry.

One can think of those lords who started out as spirit cultivators from weak students and finally stood at the highest level of Chaotic Origin space and became the most terrifying life forms. The master of Silent Iceberg couldn’t help but feel terrified, the lord is really too powerful! The lord shelters a large area and shelters many source worlds.

“They will die. Those weak creatures, those origin worlds, should be the food for our innate Chaotic Origin life.” The owner of Silent Iceberg resented.


“King, found the cultivator team.”

“King, there is a cultivator team, and found the cultivator ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’. “

“King, found the ancestor of the nine-headed snake.”

one after another sound transmission rang in the mind of the silent iceberg master.

Silence Iceberg master complexion changed.

The ancestor of the nine-headed snake?

Because of several attacks, the owner of Silent Iceberg has long regarded the ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’ as a thorn in his side, and even passed on detailed information about the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor. , are to be reported immediately.

“Here again?” The eyes of the silent iceberg master flashed fiercely.

Because Peyton and his team have stopped hiding since they were exposed this time, but killed them at the fastest speed. Fiction

The master of the silent iceberg also got news one after another.

β€œThere are Vice-City Lord ‘Wu Xiao’, ‘Heaven Smiting Great Emperor’, and ‘Liexi Emperor’…”

“cultivator The team is flying about three times faster than us! It’s too fast, it’s killing people.”

The information kept coming.

The owner of the silent iceberg has a grim face.

“chi chi chi~~~” Suddenly the golden secret pattern rays of light on the shackles and chains rose sharply, and the Chaotic Source Prisoner ‘Silent Iceberg Master’ couldn’t help but scream in pain, this kind of pain is Going deep into every part of the body, but also deep into the soul, is the torture that the lord specially arranged for them.

“It was quietly intercepted on my way back, and a lot of powerful cultivators gathered.” The master of the silent iceberg gritted his teeth and thought.

He has two options.

One, sent all the guards to intercept it actively. There are 3,000 guards around him, and there are 2,000 people in charge of exploration around him! With an order, a large number of guards went to intercept it, presumably it could be entangled for some time. And he acted alone, detouring back to the nest at the fastest speed! The speed of his spare no effort burst is not as fast as the speed of Number One Person in the cultivator of Scarlet Cloud City, but the difference is not too big.

If the guards under his command have been entangled for a longer time, he will detour, and there is hope to escape back!

After all, the closer he is to his nest, the stronger he is!

But when the torture broke out…the closer he got, the stronger the torture, and he was forced to ‘go out’.

“It’s too dangerous.”

“Send all the guards to get in the way, if the delay is not enough, they will catch up! If I face a group of them besieged, it will be dangerous. If you are closer to the old nest, you may still be able to survive. If you are farther away, you may lose your life.” The owner of Silent Iceberg said secretly. Although he suffered countless pains, he was still unwilling to die like this.

He’s still waiting.

Wait for the powerhouse in their natural Chaotic Source life to come to this world and save them!

“The other way is to escape with bodyguards! Although there is no way to escape, we have to fight. But it’s safer.” The silent iceberg master secretly said.

Let’s escape together.

He has three thousand guards by his side! The 2,000 guards around will also quickly come to meet.

In the process of escaping, he can also order his subordinates to keep coming together.

When he fights against the cultivator team, his team may climb to six thousand or even seven thousand… With a huge subordinate, although that team is very difficult to deal with, it is safe to protect itself.

“Let’s run away together.”

The Master of Silent Iceberg makes a decision.


If he knows Peyton’s soul tricks and can easily deal with many guards, I am afraid he will choose the first way!

The first way, so many guards to delay and block, he escaped alone! There is hope to escape. After all, the closer he is to his old nest, the stronger his strength and the faster his flight speed.

It’s just that he doesn’t know Payton’s soul tricks.

He chose the second route, which he considered more certain.


The guards under the command of Hunyuan Prisoner ‘Silent Iceberg Master’ continued to gather, and soon five thousand guards gathered together, and they still fled around the road. When they escaped, they ordered Some subordinates from farther come to gather.

And all of this is under the investigation of Peyton and his team.

“That Chaotic Source prisoner really chose to escape with many guards.” Wu Xiao sneered.

“With many guards, he feels more at ease.” Nine Heads City Lord sneered, “He doesn’t dare to gamble, and he doesn’t want to gamble. He is afraid of dying in our hands! After all, it is a high-level Chaotic Origin being. , if we die in the hands of us who are not even Hunyuan cultivators, it would be a great shame for them. Unfortunately, this time he was wrong, we have Emperor Peyton.”

β€œ With Emperor Peyton, he is dead this time.”

“Yes, he is dead.”

Many spiritual practitioners in the team came to deal with the silent iceberg several times. master.


The entire team was wrapped in a huge golden bird.

The big golden bird is dazzling and bright. With a wave of its wings, it can easily cross the sky. The speed is so fast that Peyton is amazed. It is the undisputed first speed in Scarlet Cloud City.


Since the owner of the silent iceberg chose to flee, Peyton and his team encountered no major obstacles, and the way was unimpeded.

“I saw it.”

“He’s over there.”

Peyton and the others all saw from a distance that there was an incomparably huge giant in the distance. A group of Chaotic Origin beings.

The owner of the silent iceberg is still in human form, but around him are more than 6,000 ‘Silence Mine’, all of them are all black, their bodies are faintly translucent, and they are nearly 6,000 heads All are Divine Emperor Perfection grade! There are also hundreds of heads that are late Divine Emperor.



The two teams, however, no longer fled, but moved toward each other.

The team was huge. After all, each Jixie was huge, and more than 6,000 were destroyed. There are only fifty-six people on the cultivator side, which is relatively few.

But the master of the silent iceberg didn’t dare to be careless, because he knew very well that this cultivator team was very difficult to deal with! Although he has a large number of subordinates, the number is too large, and more than 6,000 heads cannot attack fifty-six of them in melee combat at the same time. The ‘cultivator team’ teamed up and could run amok in this group of guards! Of course, once the cultivator team is attacked with problems, it will be in big trouble.

“Nine-headed snake ancestor, you really don’t give up.” The voice of the owner of the silent iceberg resounded through destruction.

“Yeah, I’m not giving up, I’m here again. I advise you to die obediently, so that you don’t suffer anymore, and I don’t need to toss you again.” also speak.

“It’s not even a Chaotic Origin being, and it’s still arrogant in front of me.” The master of the silent iceberg shook his head.

“You are suppressed by heavy punishments, and your strength is not much higher than mine, so don’t be complacent, you are just imprisoned here by the great lords, and your final result is a death! In this case, It would be better to die earlier.” Nine-headed snake ancestor said.

While talking to each other, the distance between the two teams kept getting closer.

“hmph, you have attacked several times before, but all failed, and even cultivators were eaten by me.” The owner of Silent Iceberg licked his tongue, “The taste of cultivators is really wonderful.”

Before being imprisoned.

Eating cultivator, he didn’t care.

But now…the lord imprisoned them and arranged heavy punishment and torture. When eating ‘cultivator’, the pain will be lessened, and there will even be a short period of extreme comfort.

I’m used to the torture day and night. Suddenly felt extremely comfortable… Even high-level Chaotic Source beings are looking forward to it.

“Kill.” Nine-headed snake ancestor face turned cold, shouted.

“Children, kill them.” The eyes of the silent iceberg master were also full of killing intent.


The two teams finally collided.

The cultivator team is like a blade, easily breaking the block and killing them all the way.

Although the Nirvanas were thrown away and even injured, their life force was extremely tenacious. Only ‘Wu Xiao’ was able to kill in one move, and even the ancestor of the nine-headed snake wanted to kill a Divine.

Emperor Perfection-level annihilation has a few tricks. In addition, they also help each other, the life force of the annihilations is extremely good, and they are also crazy to pester Peyton and their team for a while.

One thousand, two thousand…

The huge number advantage, without Peyton’s soul trick, the rest of the cultivator team also tried their best to advance all the way. .

“As long as their cooperation is broken, they will be damaged.” The master of Silent Iceberg watched the cultivator team come towards him, but he was very confident. The past experience made him understand, don’t look at this. The cultivator team’s defense is not one drop of water can leak out, but that’s a good enough cooperation! After all, thousands of Divine Emperor Perfection grade annihilations were besieging too terrifying.

Once there is a problem with the match.

Going solo! Then it is very easy to fall, especially those with only Divine Emperor Perfection level battle strength, without the cooperation of their companions, under the siege of ten and twenty annihilation, I am afraid they will be destroyed in an instant.

“Look for an opportunity and break their cooperation in one fell swoop.” The master of Silent Iceberg observed carefully, and stepped back slightly, keeping a distance from this cultivator team, looking for a chance to get out.

“It’s time to do it?”

“Nine, it’s time to do it now!”

“Can’t drag it.”

There are sound transmissions one after another, and each cultivator pays attention to the ancestors of the nine-headed snake.

“The distance is very close.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake observed carefully, “This distance is over, well, Brother Peyton, you can do it.”

” Haha, just wait for the words of Nine City Lord.” Peyton, who has been protected in the team, thoughts move.


A huge red moon world came, the red moon lifted into the sky, and the moonlight enveloped the surrounding area of silence. At this moment, there were about five close Thousands of annihilations are all within the scope of the world!

These Divine Emperor Perfection-level ‘Still Death’s are also extremely intelligent. At this moment, all of them are terrified to find that their souls are being terribly ‘drag’, moving towards a consciousness. The huge red moon world that can be sensed is falling! They all felt in their hearts that the huge Red Moon World was terrifying.

All of them naturally tried their best to resist, but most of them resisted this illusion. The fighting tactics were naturally much rough and clumsy, and their power was greatly reduced.

“Haha, their strength is greatly reduced.”

“Only the Divine Emperor’s late battle strength is left, and it can be easily swept away. It’s not a concern at all!” The cultivator side was Overjoyed, like Vice-City Lord ‘Wu Xiao’, who is 3000 meters tall, the huge silver white body is extremely powerful, and a pair of big hands swept all around at will, peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ … more than 300 The head was swept away by the palm of the hand, and the blood was thrown away.

After all.

The late Divine Emperor was one level worse than the Divine Emperor Perfection level. The gap with Peak powerhouses is even bigger! All of them can be crushed with one move, which means that the ability to save lives is extremely strong, so it is not so easy to die. When encountering ‘Wu Xiao’ and ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’, which is a few percent stronger than Peak powerhouse, those annihilations are simply swept away.

“Happy and happy.” The Heaven Smiting Great Emperor laughed loudly. His strength was close to that of the three City Lords.

“Although the strength of these nirvanas has been greatly reduced, their bodies are still as strong, and it is easy to repel them. It is a little troublesome to kill them.”

“These nirvanas are still so powerful. No need to worry too much, as long as the Chaotic Source prisoner is beheaded, we will be successfully accomplished. As for Nirvana? Am I still short of food?”

“The soul tricks of Emperor Peyton are really amazing. If it doesn’t go out, it’s already, once it comes out, I will immediately have the absolute upper hand.”

The cultivators were all confident after seeing the effect of Payton’s move, and many cultivators had smiles on their faces.

Although the Nirvanas are teaming up, the cultivator is also cooperating, and the cooperation is better, and naturally they will be crushed on a large scale!

“Block them.”

“Block these cultivators.”

The Chaotic Source Prisoner ‘Silent Iceberg Master’ standing behind the Quiet Group has an ugly face , his eyes were full of anger, and he even sent sound transmission to every guard under his command!

This moment.

The master of the silent iceberg felt an unprecedented crisis. He stared at the white clothed youth ‘Peton’ in the middle of a group of cultivators in the distance. When Peyton used the world trick, he used the master of the silent iceberg’ Gao Hun. The source of life’s Life Level, can easily sense that this huge illusion is manipulated by this white clothed youth.

“Unexpectedly, it can greatly reduce the strength of all the guards within the range.” The master of Silent Iceberg watched the maddening siege of the Silent Icebergs who were not afraid of death, but was easily blasted away, and couldn’t help but be anxious, “bodyguards I can’t stop them, what should I do now?”


It’s too late!

I won’t be able to stop him for a long time. The cultivator team believes that they will catch up with me. When the time comes to besiege me, I am afraid that they will fall.

“There is only one way.” The vicious light flashed in the eyes of the silent iceberg master, “that is to do everything to kill this white clothed youth. As long as he dies, all the guards’ strength will no longer be affected, and the crisis will resolve itself. Maybe the cultivator team can be wiped out.”


The silent iceberg master made a decision in his heart.

Although he has been attacked many times before, he has never really tried it all! And this time, at first he will clear comprehension, he has to work hard and fight hard to have a glimmer of survival!


The Master of Silent Iceberg immediately turned into a streamer and took the initiative to meet the cultivator team.

The cultivator team also came at him.

(End of this chapter)

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