All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 617


Chapter 617 604


Payton was fully protected in the team, Even the true body of Vice-City Lord ‘Nine-Headed Snake’ is always standing beside Peyton to protect himself! He is only controlling the ‘Nine-Headed Battle Body’ to fight from a distance, but Peyton knows that this is the killer move of the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor under normal circumstances, and it is not really desperate!

“Boom boom boom.”

Vice-City Lord ‘Wu Xiao’, with a three-kilometer silver-white body, rushed in front, sweeping away the many entangled silencers, resisting Silent Iceberg Master. Many other Peak powerhouses and the ‘Nine Heads’ are also fiercely fierce, and they are also besieging the silent iceberg master.


The area in front of the battle is sometimes squashed, like a picture scroll.

A group of powerhouses seem to have become people in the picture, all fighting in the picture.

Sometimes the space is like a Rubik’s cube, divided into different space grids, and Wu Xiao and the others are also wanton destroying the space grids, quickly besieging the ‘Silent Iceberg Master’, not letting the Silent Iceberg Master have any. No chance of getting away.

“get out of my sight.” The master of the silent iceberg looked like a madman, he wanted to kill Peyton, but this group of semi-chaotic source lifeforms were madly dealing with him.


The master of Silent Iceberg is ferocious, and a random punch can blow up a space. With a punch, only Wu Xiao, the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’s ‘Nine-Headed Battle Body’ and the Heaven Smiting Great Emperor could resist that fist head-on and not fall behind.

“When he fights, he will involve many injuries in his body.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake next to Peyton smiled and said leisurely, “The stronger the outbreak, the heavier the body will suffer. Injury. The more time passes, the heavier he gets. It’s good for us. He won’t drag on like that, look, he’ll be desperate soon!”

“Nine City Lords, it seems Confidence is high.” Payton sound transmission said.

“I can’t say I’m completely sure, but in history, the Holy Realm has also killed other Chaotic Origin prisoners. There are some speculations about the tactics of Chaotic Origin prisoners when they are desperate.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor said, “Before we We have never forced the master of this quiet iceberg to the most desperate stage, so we are not very clear about his desperate tactics. But our overall strength has an advantage, and I think there is still great hope for killing him. The only key is… You must be protected! If you die, we have no choice but to run for your life.”

During the conversation.

The owner of the silent iceberg in the distance suddenly roared in pain.

He has changed.

He was still a humanoid before, and with the pained roar, his body twisted and wriggled and turned into a black, translucent ‘Silence K’. It’s just that there are countless golden secret marks on his body. There are wounds everywhere on the surface of the body and sharp claw. The golden secret marks can be seen in the muscles. The muscles are withered, and the inner skeleton has a lot of golden secret marks. Flowing, with staggered cracks on the skeleton.

This is a ‘miserable’ looking, deadly mutilated head.

But his breath is terrifying! Even though he was oppressed a lot, his black skin revealed a profound mystery about the rules of destroying the lineage.

“It has become the real body.” Nine-headed Snake Zulian sound transmission, “Everyone be careful, he is desperate.”

“This is the first time I see the master of the silent iceberg. Become a real body.”

“He’s going crazy.”

“Crazy, he’s going to die soon.”

Every cultivator present Extremely cautious.

Peyton also wields a long spear, guarding the silent iceberg master in the distance, because of the chains and shackles, and the many restraints that go deep into the skeleton muscles. It is very difficult for Chaotic Origin prisoners to change their bodies, because changing their bodies will involve many restraints and suppressions in their bodies, the injuries will be aggravated sharply, and the pain will reach a terrifying level.


They are born with Chaotic Origin beings after all, and they can only display pinnacle battle strength when they transform into their true bodies.

“die for me.” The eyes of the owner of the silent iceberg were full of killing intent, trampled by four hooves, the silhouette became blurred, and wherever he passed, one after another destruction blade appeared directly , cutting to destruction, cutting to every cultivator around.

His movement speed at the moment, even Wu Xiao couldn’t stop it.

A large number of destroying blades… unexpectedly caused many cultivators to be in a hurry for a while.


The Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor complexion changed, β€œHow might it be so powerful?”

β€œBattle body, unite!”

The fierce light flashed in the eyes of the ancestor of the nine-headed snake.

The power of the huge nine-headed snake illusory shadow behind him surged suddenly, the nine-headed battle body in the distance dissipated directly, and the body of the ‘Nine-headed Snake Ancestor’ himself skyrocketed, and at the same time, the nine-headed battle body condensed on the body surface. , and he is completely one with his real body! You must know that as the highest achiever in the history of the ‘Wizard’, he has carefully selected nine types from the Chaotic Source bloodline, and has already raised his fleshy body to a level beyond the ordinary Divine Emperor Perfection level. He is already powerful. , once it is integrated with the nine battle bodies, it is the strongest ultimate move.

“die for me.” The master of the silent iceberg, who has broken through the obstacles, completely broke out his strongest means.

He is very clear.

When he turned into his real body, his injuries were already aggravated, and he was not qualified to continue fighting.


When the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor intercepted the master of the silent iceberg, the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor suddenly felt that the surroundings suddenly became silent.

Extremely quiet.

The sound disappeared completely. Under this absolute silence, the ancestors of the nine-headed snake couldn’t help but feel ‘so cold’ in their hearts. It was so cold that even the conscious thinking seemed to be ‘frozen’. It has become very slow…

“Not good.” Peyton found that the ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’, who was no less powerful than Wu Xiao, suddenly moved a little slower. It seemed that he could not stop it. Live the fast terrifying silent iceberg master.


The master of the silent iceberg gritted his teeth, and a strange layer of water droplets appeared on the surface of his body, and even a layer of water droplets appeared on his hooves and claws.

When the water droplet layer appeared, his speed increased by 60% again! His body hit and destroyed, causing the destruction to naturally split and cut, and the power obviously rose again.


In order to kill Peyton in one fell swoop, the master of Silent Iceberg did everything he could.

“It’s enough to kill a Divine Emperor Perfection level battle strength.” The master of Silent Iceberg secretly said, the three City Lords generally need a lot of tricks to kill a Divine Emperor Perfection level! If the owner of Silent Iceberg wants to make a move, he will naturally have to do everything he can.


But Peyton’s body suddenly swelled in a circle. From the elegant Young Master before, he became burly, about two meters tall, and his skin surface was deep. of gray halos flow.

“I am also a Peak powerhouse.” Peyton took a long spear and went straight around, the front then is layered space to resist the master of the silent iceberg, whose surface is covered with a layer of water droplets , easily hit the layer of space, and finally collided with the long spear, and Peyton flew away directly. After the strange force was weakened by the long spear, it still entered the body a little, but at this moment, the half-chaotic source life body was enough. Strong, Payton just had a sweet throat, and blood spurted out of his mouth.

“What!” The master of Silent Iceberg was instantly cold in his heart, “Is this white clothed youth so strong?” , and only a few points weaker, the difference is limited. How could it be killed instantly?

“It’s over!” The owner of the silent iceberg realized that the ancestor of the nine-headed snake was really shocked, the surroundings became silent, and his body felt cold, and his thinking slowed down, although he was trying his best to intercept. But the master of Silent Iceberg was already terrifying fast, and after the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor was a beat slower at this moment… The Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor also clear comprehension, and he couldn’t stop it at all.

With his strength, he can protect himself, but he can’t protect Peyton.

“I should have arranged two more Peak powerhouses to protect Emperor Peyton.” At this moment, the ancestor of the nine-headed snake had a trace of regret in his heart. He is so confident in himself! Of course, it’s also because Peyton’s Destruction Dao also has the strength of Peak powerhouse. If Peyton… only has Divine Emperor Perfection level battle strength, Nine Head Snake Ancestor will definitely not dare to do this, and will definitely arrange two or three more Peak powerhouses for protection.

“I can only watch Emperor Peyton.”

Nine-headed Snake Ancestor can only watch everything happen. The feeling made the Nine-headed Snake Ancestor feel flustered.

A layer of water droplets appeared on the body of the host of Silent Iceberg, and even the hoofs and claws had a layer of water droplets. That weird layer of water droplets… Nine-headed snake ancestors can see that it is the Chaotic Source layer of Destruction Dao Some kind of use of , so that the master of Silent Iceberg’s strength increased by several ten percent.


The two sides collide.

The spit blood flying upside down by Peyton Emperor with a long spear was blasted, but Life Aura did not change much.

“Very good, just let Emperor Peyton be slightly injured!” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake was overjoyed. After all, many cultivators around him have joined forces, and some field tricks have been deployed long ago, which also suppressed the master of the silent iceberg. . Being able to injure the Peak powerhouse with one move… is already the Chaotic Source Prisoner ‘Silent Iceberg Master’ desperately trying his best.

“Prisoner of Chaotic Origin, die!” The Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor regained his mind at this moment, and immediately turned his hand, and nine large tentacles stretched out on his palm, directly grabbing the master of the silent iceberg.


The Master of Silent Iceberg saw that Peyton just spit blood flying upside down, knowing that this white clothed youth was also a Peak powerhouse, he fled quickly without the slightest hesitation !

“Tangle them for me.”

“Do whatever it takes to entangle them.”

Master Silent Iceberg gives orders to all his guards.

He himself, on the other hand, maintained his true form and fled frantically at the fastest speed…

“Stop him.”

“Stop.” Although the ancestors of the nine-headed snake did their best, the master of the silent iceberg went crazy and rushed out of the obstacles despite being injured.


The cultivators were all anxious.

But the annihilations surrounding the sky and covering the earth are constantly entangled in madness. They are all fierce and unafraid of death, and their bodies are extremely strong and difficult to kill.



The cultivators joined forces to charge at the forefront with Vice-City Lord Wu Xiao as the ‘arrow’, One by one, the others work together perfectly.

Furiously heading forward! Although hindered by these silences, the speed is still very fast.

After a little one hour.

They finally got rid of the more than 6,000 Nirvanas completely!

“Finally got rid of it.”

“It’s not easy.”

Peyton also felt relieved. Entangled, one after another! There are even a large number of Nirvana in the periphery constantly rushing to the front to block it, and it is very difficult to deal with after a small one hour.


“Chase him!”

The cultivator team is wrapped by the giant golden bird , The golden bird spreads its wings, and when the wings are shaken, it easily crosses the sky, and the speed is extremely fast.

Although naked eye has long been unable to see the location of the ‘Silent Iceberg Master’, the cultivator has dispatched countless ‘spies’, and the whereabouts of the silent Iceberg Master have been under investigation, even if he is a muddler. The Prisoner of the Source can completely hide the restraining aura, but the shackles cannot be hidden.


The owner of the silent iceberg is running away in a hurry, rushing towards the old nest at the fastest speed.

However, he is too far from his nest!

There is no way to do this, because every time I’m on a ‘tour’, I have to stay farther away, because the pain is unbearable if I’m not far enough away.

“King, we couldn’t stop them.”

“We couldn’t stop them.”

One by one, the subordinates sound transmission.

The owner of Silent Iceberg said with grief and indignation: “What a bunch of trash, more than 6,000 interceptors, and they were thrown away so quickly?”

He was running away with all his strength.

Maintaining his real body, his injuries are getting worse all the time, and the golden secret pattern rays of light on the surface of his body are constantly flickering, becoming more and more dazzling, because now is the period of the outbreak of punishment! During an outbreak, it is time to leave the nest to ease the pain. But now he is rushing towards the old nest, and the pain is constantly increasing.

“Here it is.”

Master Silent Iceberg saw it.

After he had only escaped for more than an hour, he finally saw a big golden bird chasing after him across the sky, much faster than him.

In the golden bird, it is the group of cultivators, including the ancestor of the nine-headed snake that he hates, and the white clothed youth who is good at soul tricks.

“Prisoner of Chaotic Origin, you can’t escape!” The voice of the ancestors of the nine-headed snake resounded through Heaven and Earth.


The nine-color domain shrouded, frantically suppressing the silent iceberg master who was running away, causing the silent iceberg master to slow down a lot immediately.

“Boom boom boom…” A group of cultivators immediately began to besiege frantically, this time is more enjoyable than before, because there are no bodyguards to entangle and hinder, they can besiege with all their strength! Some form a combined attack, some cooperate with each other, and all of them are besieging the silent iceberg master.

Although the master of Silent Iceberg is closer to the nest, his strength has increased by 30%.

But the situation is even worse.

Because there are no obstacles, the cultivator’s siege power is more than doubled.


The Master of Silent Iceberg fought back frantically.

However, there were layers of obstacles, Vice-City Lord Wu Xiao and Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor were at the forefront, and the Heaven Smiting Great Emperor and other Peak powerhouses were around in turn, forming one attack after another, Divine Emperor Perfection The highest level of battle strength is in the outermost periphery, and many methods of combined attack are carried out.

This Chaotic Source Prisoner has reached a dead end, and now he can’t even kill a cultivator with all his might.

“He’s dead.” Peyton sighed inwardly.

Alone, against a group of cultivators.

When all the tricks are known to the cultivators, with the methods of the cultivators, how can they give the Hunyuan prisoners a chance?

“Don’t worry, we are all careful and patient.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor also sound transmission to everyone, “He is maintaining his real body now, and his injuries are getting worse, we only need to delay, he will die. There is no need for us to take risks.”


“Haha, this Chaotic Source prisoner is a little crazy.” The cultivators cooperated perfectly, looking at the The Chaotic Source prisoner struggled.

A dignified and high-level Chaotic Source being!

Being bound by punishment.

Besieged by a group of semi-chaotic lifeform powerhouses, at the last moment of his life.

“I will die at the hands of a group of beings who are not even little fellows from Chaotic Origin.” The master of Chaotic Origin Prisoner Silent Iceberg felt that his injuries were getting worse and closer, and the final moment was approaching. The layers of chains are bound deep into every part of the body. If he can fully explode his strength, he will wipe out all these ants with one move.

It’s useless.

“One day, one day, a powerhouse will come to this world for my innate Chaotic Origin beings, save the imprisoned companions, and kill all these cultivators. There are also those who shelter countless spaces. Several of the strongest lords… will eventually fall, and this endless Chaotic Origin space belongs to us after all!” Silent Iceberg roared in his heart.



Under the siege of a group of cultivators, Life Aura, the owner of the silent iceberg, was finally completely annihilated. He fell directly on the icefield, lying motionless, and the wounds on his body, muscles, and bones were still intact. Change.

“He’s dead.”

The cultivators were silent for a while, all looking at the corpse of the high-level Chaotic Origin being in front of them.

They also understand that if the punishment is not suppressed, even if they are besieged, how can they kill a high-level Chaotic Source being.


There was a commotion, all discussed spiritedly.

“Finally done.”

“haha, Master Silent Iceberg, we’ve finally killed him.”

“It’s done!”

“None of us died.”

The cultivators were in a good mood.

“Nine-headed brother, congratulations.”

“Nine-headed City Lord, congratulations on getting what you want.” One by one, the cultivators came to congratulate the nine-headed snake ancestor, while the nine-headed snake ancestors The first snake ancestor was also very excited and walked to the corpse of the silent iceberg master, looked at it carefully, and immediately waved it away. As soon as he put it away, with a bang, one of his storage Celestial Grotto treasure shattered directly, causing many items to be scattered, and the corpse of the silent iceberg owner reappeared again.

All of them laughed at the scene.

“Haha, this is the corpse of a high-level Chaotic Origin being, and ordinary storage treasure can’t handle it.”

“Nine heads, you don’t even have a storage treasure ready?”

All of them jokedly said.

The ancestor of the nine-headed snake also showed a helpless look, a powerful being is very oppressive to a space! Like Peyton’s home universe, a Primal Chaos Realm will form a strong oppression on a universe, like a storage treasure… The more powerful the storage treasure, the higher the powerhouse can withstand. And although the master of this silent iceberg has fallen, the oppression brought by the corpses of the high-level Chaotic Origin beings… is still much stronger than the oppression brought by their Divine Emperor Perfection-level powerhouses.

“Whoosh.” The Nine-headed Snake Ancestor still took out a huge strange cloth bag before putting the complete corpse of the high-level Chaotic Origin being in it.

“Everyone.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake looked towards everyone with a smile on his face, “Thanks to you all to successfully kill a prisoner of Chaotic Origin! I will follow the promise of the corpse of the master of the silent iceberg. After returning, I will take the heart and blood, and I will give the rest to Brother Peyton. Brother Peyton has made a great contribution to the success this time.”

The cultivators present also looked towards Peyton.


Thanks to Emperor Peyton, without Emperor Peyton, under the protection of more than 6,000 annihilations, they would have no choice but to keep the iceberg master silent.

Peyton continued: “It is the joint efforts of all of you. Only with the joint efforts of everyone can we kill the Chaotic Origin prisoners.” “I will do what I promise you, and now we, it’s time to go back!”

“Let’s go.”

“Go back.”

“Happy and happy, we cultivators can also surround and kill high-level Chaotic Origin beings. It’s really fun.”

“What are you proud of? This is a high-level Chaotic Origin life that has been greatly weakened by the suppression strength.”


“But that’s also a high-level Chaotic Origin being!”

The cultivators were all in a good mood, chatting one by one, the team was immediately shrouded in misty rays of light, and soon disappeared and disappeared. On the return journey.

(End of this chapter)

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