All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 618


Chapter 618

In this holy world, there is a forbidden place ‘Abyss Sea’.

The Abyss Sea occupies about one-tenth of the entire Sacred Realm. However, the Chaotic Source Prisoner imprisoned in the entire Abyss Sea is the most terrifying one in the Sacred Realm. Abyss Sea! The rule suppression in the holy world is extremely powerful, and he can maintain a body shape equivalent to most of the abyss sea in the holy world… It also shows his strength.


In the center of the abyss sea, there is a huge dark airflow vortex, and the vortex stirs the entire abyss sea all the time.

Below this vortex, deep in the sea.

There is a huge humanoid creature sitting cross-legged in the seabed. Even if he sits cross-legged in the seabed, the top of his head is only ten thousand miles away from the sea. If both of his hands are unfolded, it can be completely Touch the shores of the Abyssal Sea. For cultivators, this is the abyss. But for this imprisoned Chaotic Origin prisoner, this is a very small cage! Cage is at worst than his size.

His breath evoked terror vortex all the time.

He is the strongest Chaotic Source prisoner in the Holy Realm! Even if he walked out of the abyss, the punishment and suppression continued to strengthen, his strength continued to decline, and his size continued to shrink. When he reached the bottom of the five gathering dungeons, all the cultivators in one city could only barely fight together.


The ‘Abyss Sea Master’ sitting cross-legged had messy hair like seaweed, and he opened a pair of dark eyes.

“The kid from the silent iceberg, is dead?” The owner of the abyss sea, eyebrows slightly frowned, is usually sit cross-legged and seabed in the abyss, and can sense the breath of every part of the entire holy world. And the number of Chaotic Origin prisoners in the entire Holy Realm is not large. Although they have just reached the level of ‘Higher Chaotic Origin Life’, they are not as strong as him, but they are also regarded as companions by him!

He is the master of the abyss sea, and he is also a Peak powerhouse in the high-level Chaotic Origin life. With the noble bloodline, his strength is naturally extremely terrifying.

“With his strength, plus thousands of guards, it shouldn’t be.” The owner of Abyss Sea was puzzled, and then a sound transmission instructed his subordinates.

hua hua wow.

There is a humanoid creature with tentacles in the abyss. These humanoid creatures have two legs, but no normal arms, but sixteen tentacles! They are called by the cultivators as the ‘Abyss Attendant’, the subordinates of the abyssal sea master.

“The King.”

There are five abyss attendants bowing their heads respectfully, waiting for the king’s order.

“Take your subordinates to the Silent Iceberg and check it out. How did the owner of the Silent Iceberg die?” The owner of the Sea of Abyss turned his head slightly, causing the sound of many chains hitting, and he indifferently commanded, The sound boomed.

“Yes, King.”

The five abyss attendants responded immediately.


The five abyss attendants led their five hundred men to quickly leave the abyss and head towards the silent iceberg.

“Another comrade died.” There was a faint anger in the cold eyes of the owner of Abyss Sea, and then he closed his eyes and continued to endure, enduring endless torture.


The abyss waiter team was rushing towards the silent iceberg, and Peyton and the cultivator team spent more than two days, and finally returned to the red. Cloud City.

On the way back, the cultivators were more relaxed, and Peyton also used the Evil God illusion tricks many times, causing the team to hunt some Chaotic Origin life prey.

The crowd firstly distributed food in the Scarlet Cloud Hall.

“Haha, please forgive me for not entertaining you. I have waited too long for today, and I can’t bear it anymore. Today, I will immediately retreat.” Nine-headed snake ancestor said loudly, “Please also please. I’m sorry everyone.”

“Brother Jiu Shou, I’ll understand! Just go to retreat and fight hard. It’s been a long time since the five gathering places in our holy world have been able to achieve Chaotic Origin. I’m done.”

“Yes! We are still waiting for the nine City Lords to achieve Chaotic Source, and get some benefits.”

All the cultivators present said with a laugh.


Those who come to this world are all in pursuit of jumping out of the cage and reaching a higher Life Level – Chaotic Origin Life! They are very aware of the psychology of the nine City Lords at the moment.

“Thank you brothers, Brother Peyton, you follow me back to Cave Mansion, and you and I will also divide the corpse of the master of the silent iceberg.” Nine-headed snake ancestor said.

“Okay.” Peyton was also hot in his heart.


After saying goodbye to the other cultivators, the ancestors of the nine-headed snake and Peyton quickly left, and soon arrived at the Cave Mansion of the Nine-headed City Lord and entered the underground hall inside the Cave Mansion.

“Brother Peyton, wait a moment,” said the ancestor of the nine-headed snake, and waved his hand at the same time, and immediately appeared next to the huge corpse of the owner of the silent iceberg. This corpse was about six kilometers long. There is more than enough, lying there, the cracks and wounds on the body surface and the cracks on the skeleton are as always. It’s just that the original shackles and chains are weirdly disappeared.

“I’ll go in first and take its heart.” After the Nine-headed Snake Ancestor finished speaking, he turned into a streamer, flew in from the mouth of the silent iceberg master’s corpse, and got into its interior.

Payton waited patiently.

A full hour.


A stream of light flew out of the silent iceberg master’s mouth and turned into a nine-headed snake ancestor, he said with a smile to Peyton: “The heart has been taken, and the next step is blood, and this blood is Simple.” With a wave of his hand, invisible power immediately penetrated into the huge corpse, and blood flew out from many wounds on the huge corpse’s body, and blood flew out from the mouth, nostrils and many other parts.

A lot of blood gathered and flew towards the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor.

These blood, the whole body is blue, and every drop of blood seems to contain countless destructions.

“As expected of a high-level Chaotic Origin being.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor’s eyes lit up, and finally he stopped collecting, “Brother Peyton, there is still about 10% blood left in this corpse, and now this corpse is still alive. The corpse is yours.”

“Brother Nine Heads, then I wish you success in this retreat.” Peyton smiled, and at the same time waved away the corpse of the owner of this silent iceberg , but his expression changed as soon as he put it away, Peng – the Celestial Grotto treasure he used to store exploded directly. Fortunately, there was nothing else in this Celestial Grotto treasure, and not too many items were exploded.

“Hahaha…” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor suddenly laughed, “I couldn’t put it away before, and you made such a mistake?”

“It’s not that you didn’t charge a high-level scumbag. The corpse of the original life?” Peyton was helpless.

“I have a Chaotic Origin bag, and I’ll give it to you.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake threw the strange cloth bag he used to hold the corpse of the silent iceberg master to Peyton.


Payton continued.

Although he has a lot of stored treasures, but because he has no experience, he really dare not say that there is anything that can withstand the corpse of a high-level Chaotic Source life.

Looking at the strange yellowed cloth bag in his hand, he immediately unfolded the cloth bag, and with a slight manipulation, swish, invisible waves enveloped the corpse, directly put it in the cloth bag, and then fastened it tightly.

“Brother Jiu Shou, farewell.” Peyton said.

“I’m going to retreat too, and I wish you, Brother Peyton, to reach the semi-chaotic source life form as soon as possible,” said the ancestor of the nine-headed snake.

Payton left immediately.

The Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor closed the door of the underground hall after Peyton left, and no one saw him again. He began to retreat. He wanted to attack Chaotic Origin life again. At his level, he can’t see a shadow at all by breaking the law with force, but in the ultimate awakening, he understands it very deeply. He can actively collect Chaotic Source bloodline and integrate it into his body, and he can also achieve half Chaotic Source life. body.

All in one, can accommodate nine kinds of Chaotic Source bloodline, and can be perfectly combined.

The control over the bloodline is unimaginable. The bloodline of the ‘Silent Iceberg Master’ is what he thinks is the key to his breakthrough.


“Nine heads are closed.”

Fengyun Yiye is also in the underground hall, meditating alone.

He got the news more than two days ago that nine City Lords and a group of cultivators had successfully killed the silent iceberg master.

“With Emperor Peyton’s help, the influence of thousands of guards has been greatly reduced. Jiu Shou tried several times before and even invited me to help, but they all failed. But this time it was so easy.” Feng Yun Yi Ye secretly sighed, “Nine pieces… I hope you can finally awaken successfully this time.”

If it fails.

The Nine-headed Snake Ancestor really doesn’t know when he wants to achieve Chaotic Source.

After all, this time is the moment when the ancestor of the nine-headed snake was closest to success.


As soon as Peyton returned to the door of his Cave Mansion, he saw Emperor Liexi.

“Emperor Peyton.” Emperor Liexi said with a slight smile, “You and I agreed before that we will comprehend together for 100 million years.”

“Haha, since I promised , of course I won’t go back. And with Emperor Liexi and I comprehend together, we can prove to each other that I may be able to achieve a semi-chaotic source life form earlier.” Peyton smiled.

“I’m also here for Cultivation, so I have the cheek to disturb.” Emperor Liexi continued, although he had made an agreement, he still felt a little ashamed.

Because the real Cultivation is closed alone.

“Brother Liexi, I can comprehend hundreds of billions of years and trillions of years, but you have only 100 million years, so hurry up and cultivate.” Peyton said.

“Yes yes yes.” Emperor Liexi smiled and entered Cave Mansion with him.


Peyton closed doors and politely declined visitors. Together with Emperor Liexi, he comprehend the corpse of the master of the silent iceberg. Comprehend has something to gain. Occasionally, the two of them communicate and argue.

The abyss sea, seabed.

“King, the master of the silent iceberg was besieged by a team of cultivators headed by the Vice-City Lord ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’ of Scarlet Cloud City.” The five abyss attendants bowed their heads respectfully, and one of them It is reported, “The cultivator team was able to besiege successfully because they had a very terrifying cultivator, that cultivator is good at soul tricks, once it is used, the range is a million li, within the scope of this soul trick, everything is Affected… the strength of ordinary Chaotic Origin beings has been greatly damaged, the guard team failed to protect their king well, and the master of the silent iceberg finally died.”

“Soul trick?” sit cross -legged in the seabed’s endless towering ‘abyss sea master’ opened his eyes, there was some surprise in his cold eyes.


The soul is the foundation of life, and the one who can use the soul’s tricks to exert such formidable power, he was imprisoned in the holy world for a long time, but he didn’t listen to it before. Pass.

This abyss sea master has a lower status after all. If his status is high enough, he will know. Among the cultivators of ‘Below Chaotic Source Life’, such terrifying soul tricks have never been born.

“What is the formidable power of his soul tricks, so that the Divine Emperor Perfection level guards can’t protect the silent iceberg master?” the abyss sea master asked.

“According to our investigation, I wait for ordinary Chaotic Source beings, once the Divine Emperor mid-stage strength falls into the soul domain, there is no doubt that they will die! A small number of Divine Emperor late-stage strength will also die. Most of them are Only one or two percent of their strength is left. And the bodyguards of Divine Emperor Perfection level battle strength are generally only half of their strength!” An abyss waiter respectfully said.

Abyssal Sea Master heart startled.


“What’s his name?” asked the owner of Abyss Sea.

“We asked about those who died, but we didn’t ask, because this cultivator who used soul tricks is a newcomer, and later we asked many other Chaotic Origin beings along the way, and finally asked. Now, those cultivators call the expert who performed the soul trick ‘Monarch Peyton’.” The abyss waiter respectfully said, “This Emperor Peyton is also in Scarlet Cloud City, and his status seems to be very high.”

“Emperor Peyton?” The Sea of Abyss Master silently wrote down, “When I go out on patrol and kill those cultivators, I must find an opportunity to deal with this Emperor Peyton first.”


The one he most wanted to kill among the cultivators in this holy world was the ‘Fengyun Yiye’, but now in his heart, he wanted to kill Emperor Peyton first!

Because the two Taos reached the level of ‘half Chaotic Source Life’, he had heard of them before he was imprisoned. But the soul trick is so terrifying, but I have never heard of it before! Such a terrifying cultivator, if you step out of the ultimate shackles, you will achieve Chaotic Origin Life. A Chaotic Origin being who is good at soul tricks, the threat is too great and must be eliminated first.

“Not in a hurry, not in a hurry.”

“The next time I go on patrol, it’s when I act.” The owner of the Abyss Sea silently closed his eyes, and the five abyss waiters beside him Immediately leave quietly and respectfully.


Time passes slowly, with the comprehend of higher Chaotic Source beings, the gene system is gradually perfected…

A brand new Chaotic Source body The refinement method came to mind. Although too many versions have been deduced before, this time, Peyton was blessed, and he had a feeling.

Maybe it will.

The method he realized at this time, he naturally felt a sense of Perfection in his heart.

Peton gently took a deep breath, looking forward to it.


As soon as he thought about it, he immediately manipulated the fleshy body to change. Usually, only the fleshy body of the late Divine Emperor level breaks through again at this moment. According to the latest update of the Chaotic Source level gene system The method changed, his body didn’t change much at first glance, only the skin trembled slightly, the skin itself was reconstituting, and the surface of the skin even had a layer of rays of light, his body seemed to be the most perfect treasure.

Under the skin…the inside of the body is undergoing drastic changes.

This is the most subtle composition, countless secret patterns spread over every tiny particle, the body is undergoing changes of shedding body, exchanging bones, skeleton, muscles, internal organs, bloodline, blood, eyes, etc. In metamorphosis, this metamorphosis is perfect, everything is like where water flows, a canal is formed, and it seems to draw the most beautiful picture in this life.


The membrane wall of the world was directly shattered, and the power of Chaotic Source poured into Peyton’s body and was absorbed.

This transformation is very fast, only more than ten breathing time.

It all settles down.

“Breakthrough.” The corners of Peyton’s mouth were slightly upturned, and there was no big movement. Where water flows, a canal is formed, he broke through.

The body is transparent inside and out, and the body structure is so perfect that Peyton can’t even think of how to improve it further.

This is the perfect body.


(end of this chapter)

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