All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 620


Chapter 620

β€œCongratulations to the ancestor of the nine-headed snake, for achieving Chaotic Source.”

β€œI will wait for Cultivation For thousands of years, they have all pursued jumping out of the cage to reach a higher Life Level, wanting to take a look and see the new Heaven and Earth. They even came to this holy world to fight, but this road is too difficult, many companions are one After another failure, today I can see the ancestors of the nine-headed snake achieve Chaotic Source, and let me see the hope of the future.”

The cultivators present spoke one after another, and their moods were very complicated. .

Although they were called brothers in the past, but now everyone understands that the ancestor of the nine-headed snake has become another Life Level!

“I can have today, and I have you all to help me.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake swept his eyes and paused slightly on Peyton, “If you don’t work together, you can’t kill the master of the silent iceberg, I said at the beginning that if I can achieve Chaotic Source, I will definitely not treat you badly. The accumulation of my long years in the Holy Realm is now useless to me, so I will give it all to you.”

, that is, the storage treasures flew to the surrounding cultivators, all of whom were members of the cultivator team who participated in the killing of the silent iceberg master before they were gifted.

Peyton also took it, and when he checked it, there were some priceless and unique rare treasures, and there was also a book, and Peyton showed surprise as soon as his consciousness penetrated – “Brother Peyton, I use The bloodline of the master of the silent iceberg leads nine kinds of bloodlines, breaking through in one fell swoop, I also have my own understanding of destruction, and I record it now, I hope it can help you a little.”

Payton thanked him, although he knew He had exchanged the shaman system with the ancestor of the nine-headed snake, but it still existed on the surface, and it was difficult to penetrate into the depths and essence.

Isn’t bloodline the outward expression of genes?

Peyton delved into more specifics, but this insight still served him well.


Everyone in the original cultivator team looked at the gifts given by the ancestor of the nine-headed snake, and many of them showed joy.

The Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor is researching ten kinds of bloodlines after all, and some bloodlines that he gave up have also been deeply studied. In terms of bloodline, the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor is absolutely amazing! Those born with Chaotic Origin beings, even if they are world-class Chaotic Origin beings, may not have the same knowledge of bloodline as this ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’. He created a brand new race by himself, and it is a fusion of ten bloodlines. The new bloodline formed after.

He is truly a genius.

An ordinary person can achieve Chaotic Source! It’s amazing.

Before Peyton came, the most dazzling thing in the holy world was Fengyunyiye.

The ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’ didn’t take Hunyuan powerhouse too seriously, because he had nine bloodlines in his body before, so no Hunyuan powerhouse was optimistic about him. But he has carved out his own path in the impossible! Created a new race of innate Chaotic Origin beings, and now his dazzling level… even surpasses Peyton at the moment.

After all, Peyton’s soul path is terrifying, but it didn’t become a Chaotic Source after all!

In the eyes of many Chaotic Origin powerhouses, the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor is feared to have reached the world-level Chaotic Origin beings with great probability, and may even have a higher impact.

At this moment.

He gifted some cultivators with books that recorded their insights, which also made many cultivators happy.

“Thank you, Jiushou Snake Ancestor.”

“Thank you, Jiushou Brother.”

“I’m just giving everyone a little help. It’s so easy to become a Chaotic Source. After all, it’s up to you all.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor said.

Wu Xiao listened to nodded. With his background, he was not stuck in this step of the semi-chaotic source life form.

“Everyone, I won’t stay in this world for long, and when the Welcoming Envoy arrives, I have to leave.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake looked towards the surroundings, “I used to be in this holy world with you all. Zhongtong is fighting for the achievement of Chaotic Source, and now, if you have anything to ask me, you can say anything, and I will answer one after another.”

Many of the cultivators present were excited when they heard it. stand up.

“The ancestor of the nine-headed snake, the bloodline’s ultimate awakening, what can you tell us? How can the awakening be successful?” Suddenly a cultivator asked, everyone quieted down, because in Scarlet Cloud City, overwhelming Most of them have Hunyuan bloodline! Like Wu Daoist, after all, is a minority.

“Awakened successfully?” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake hesitated for a moment before saying, “Achieving Chaotic Source, there is no way to point it out. If you insist…that is the simplest truth-have accumulated knowledge and Deliver it slowly! Like me, I have researched many Chaotic Origin bloodlines, and the accumulation has become deeper and deeper. Even the blood of high-level Chaotic Origin beings, I have collected and researched, and I have enough accumulation to gradually recognize the way forward. Like you, many Born with Chaotic Source bloodline, but some are only Divine Emperor Perfection level strength, but some can exert the strength of Peak powerhouse. This is the difference of accumulation.”

“Accumulation, maybe one day it will be It’s a breakthrough of enlightenment directly.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake said with a smile.

The presence of all nodded.

have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly ……

It is simple, but it is the truth!

“Nine-headed Snake Ancestor.”

“What’s the difference between this high-level Chaotic Source being and our semi-chaotic source beings? We also killed too many in the Holy Realm. Ordinary Chaotic Origin beings, I don’t feel that there is anything special about those ordinary Chaotic Origin beings.”

“Yes, Brother Nine Heads, what’s the difference?”

“And us Talk about it.”

After asking one by one, many cultivators were curious and looking forward to it.

Peton also listened carefully. He was also very curious about this, so he happened to ask this Fellow Daoist who took the Hunyuan path.

“Don’t think of those ordinary Chaotic Origin beings as Chaotic Origin powerhouses.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor shook his head, “You should also know that starting from the high-level Chaotic Origin Beings… only qualified as Chaotic Origin Powerhouses. Because this is a qualitative change. Those ordinary Chaotic Origin beings are the ants in the ‘chaotic source beings’! I can kill hundreds of millions with a wave of my hand, and can kill countless people with one foot. They are too weak and too weak, they are just good luck, You are born with a Chaotic Source life. You can’t dig out the bloodline’s power at all. If you dig deep enough, bloodline evolution will be eligible to reach the high Chaotic Source Life Level.”

“For those ordinary Chaotic Source beings, In other words, to be able to make a bloodline evolution transition and become a high-level Chaotic Source being is one step heavenly ascension.”

The Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor looked at everyone present, “As for the semi-chaotic source lifeform, and the high-level Chaotic Source being The difference…”

“en. ”

The ancestor of the nine-headed snake pondered.

Listen carefully to everyone present.

“The cultivators are all born out of the world.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake said, “Some were born in the source world, and some were born in other worlds.”

Everyone Nominate.

The world evolves, giving birth to all living creatures, and they are one of countless.

“The cultivator is born from the World Source.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake said, “The power of the cultivator also comes from the World Source.”

Its own power comes from at World Source?

Growing up…

Comprehend rules…

It’s all from World Source.

“A cultivator can continuously absorb energy in the world.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake said, “These energies are provided to us by the World Source.”

“And if it becomes an advanced Chaotic source life.”

The ancestor of the nine-headed snake said softly, “Then the feeling is different, as if, I am a world, a small source world. Although my strength is far less than a huge one. The source world has a deep heritage, but at Life Level, I and a source world are equal!”

“Is a world?” Peyton and the others all looked thoughtful.

“It’s like Avatar Technique. Before becoming Chaotic Source, you can use World Source to form many Avatars at the same time, and each Avatar maintains Peak strength. One more Avatar? Can you have one more Peak strength? So much strength, where did it come from? World Rule helped to form it.” Nine-headed snake ancestor said, “And now, if I want to perform Avatar Technique, it is dividing myself.”

” I am a whole! I am a world.”

“I am divided into two Avatars of equal strength, then, my own strength is divided into two, and each of them is weakened.”

“Every time you get an extra Avatar, you will naturally have to share some of your strength.”

The Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor looked at the cultivators present, “Do you understand? When you are a cultivator, you can still have the world to rely on. High-level Chaotic Origin beings can only rely on themselves! Of course, Life Level is different. For example, in my eyes, looking at this holy world is like watching another Chaotic Origin being. I can see its surface clearly at a glance. I can ‘see’ all things in the holy world, the prisoners of Chaotic Origin hidden everywhere.”

“Can I see it?”

Peyton and the others also know ‘breaking the world’ Using methods such as teleportation and peeping, it actually has the perspective of some Chaotic Source beings.

And the real high-level Chaotic Source beings, looking at a world, is like looking at a huge picture scroll, everything is clearly on the picture scroll.


This chat lasted for more than an hour, and even after the other four cities learned that the ‘Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor’ had achieved Chaotic Source, they were equally excited, and they all used the help of Subpoena treasure, ask some questions.

The Nine-headed Snake Ancestor can only answer part of it.

Because he also just became Chaotic Source!

Everyone’s chat is more about Cultivation.

“Come.” Nine-headed Snake Ancestor looked up.

I saw a ray of light flashing high in the sky, and a red-nosed old man appeared above Scarlet Cloud City.

This red-nosed old man has a bottle gourd on his waist, walking down the road of destruction, his eyes swept away, and all the cultivators below felt that their consciousness was slowing down, and their ears could not hear any sound .

“Nine heads.” The red-nosed old man walked to the Nine Head Snake Ancestor, and all the cultivators around could only see them, but couldn’t hear their voices.

“I’m the ‘Chifeng Daoist’ who inspects the seventh domain under the lord’s command.” The red-nosed old man said softly with a smile, “You can fuse ten kinds of bloodlines into your body, and you can even fuse them together to form a brand new one. The bloodline has become a new race of Chaotic Origin beings. The Chaotic Origin powerhouses who know about this now admire you quite a bit. Your understanding of this bloodline must be very deep, and you are also expected to reach world-level Chaotic Origin beings in the future.”

“I just broke through, and I’m still far from the world level.” Nine-headed snake ancestor said.

“Our lord’s strength is unparalleled, and he can shake countless territories. The lord is very optimistic about you now. Let me take you there to see him.” The red-nosed old man said.

“Please check.” Nine-headed snake ancestor said.

“Just call me Chifeng.” The red-nosed old man said, in his capacity as an inspector, ordinary high-level Chaotic Origin beings are not considered highly, but the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor is different and has great potential. Great, he was so polite just now.

“Chifeng Old Brother.” The ancestor of the nine-headed snake is quite humble.

“Let’s go.” The red-nosed old man waved his hand and took the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor, and quickly broke through the air, leaving the holy world in a flash.


After the red-nosed old man and the ancestor of the nine-headed snake left together, Peyton and the others heard the surrounding voices again, and their slowed consciousness recovered. normal.

Everyone looked up, looking at the direction where the old man with the red nose and the ancestor of the nine-headed snake left.

Everyone understands that when the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor is gone, he has entered another new vast Heaven and Earth, which is Heaven and Earth of the Hunyuan powerhouse.

“I finally see with my own eyes the achievement of Chaotic Source by jumping out of the cage.”

“As long as I reach the level of strength before Brother Jiu Shou, there should be hope for the ultimate awakening.”

In the Peak powerhouse, a group of cultivation Bloodline Power saw the ‘target’. Before that, they were not far from the strength of the Nine City Lords, and they only needed to increase their strength by a few percent.

Although it is still difficult, at least there is hope.

“Brother Nine Heads, with the silent iceberg master bloodline leading the ultimate awakening of the other nine bloodlines, and creating a brand new Chaotic Origin race.” Fengyun Yiye’s eyes also burst into amazing rays of light, “He can Open up a new path, I will be a leaf, and one day I will be able to break the law with my strength!”

“His nine songs, step by step, have no Chaotic Origin bloodline, and actively collect Chaotic Origin bloodline. When integrated into the body, ten bloodlines can be finally awakened. I am the strongest of the descendants of Old Ancestor and have received many cultivations. I am only one type of Chaotic source bloodline. Cultivation resources are much better than nine songs. I don’t believe it, I am awakened. No!” Wu Xiao also turned around and left alone.

For a while.

Many cultivators, all of them compared with ‘Nine Songs City Lord’, feel that they have at least seen the ‘target’! Each fighting intent is unprecedentedly fiery.

It’s really been a long time before, many of them are timid in their hearts, and they have no confidence in whether they can become Chaotic Source! Because I have seen too many peerless geniuses, and none of the geniuses who are more defiant than myself have succeeded, I am naturally less confident. Seeing a success now, the psychology is different.


The next day.

Not only Scarlet Cloud City, but the cultivators in the other four gathering places are also very excited.

“Emperor Peyton, I want to set up a team to kill the Chaotic Source Prisoner ‘Master of the Floating Light River’, I sincerely ask for your help and join my team! With you here, we can be sure of it.

It’s more than that, you can say what conditions are needed. It is very important to my ultimate awakening, and I also ask Emperor Peyton to help me. If I can achieve Chaotic Source, I will definitely repay you, Emperor Peyton.”

“There is no special reason, I will not go to other gathering places for the time being.” Peyton responded.

“We can come and pick you up.”

“No need.”

“I am finally awakened, and I urgently need this Chaotic Source prisoner bloodline.”

Payton simply ignored it.

No way.

Too many people invited him to kill Chaotic Origin prisoners! The success of the nine City Lords made many bloodline lineage cultivators think that the bloodlines of high-level Chaotic Origin beings similar to their bloodlines should be of great help to their ultimate awakening.

(End of this chapter)

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