All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 621


Chapter 621


Everything in the world is about fairness.

Shouting ‘that’s what I desperately need to achieve Chaotic Source’, shouting ‘I will repay you’, but Peyton ignored it at all. Because the overwhelming majority cultivator is eager to get the corpse of the Chaotic Source prisoner, even the Daoist comprehension can be used for comprehend Cultivation!

However, as long as there are enough tempting conditions, Payton is still willing to shoot.

For the next 50 billion plus years.

He accepted six invitations in a row, and even three times were from other gathering places! These six times, they all went out to deal with the Chaotic Source prisoners.

Six actions, two successes!

The fall of the master of Silent Iceberg seems to have caused a commotion among the ‘prisoners’ in the entire Holy Realm. One fell, and the others were surprised, and they all tried their best to investigate and understand, knowing the terrifying Soul Willpower tricks of ‘Emperor Peyton’. Under certain precautions, these Chaotic Source prisoners were very cautious. Six actions, four of them failed. It was because the chase failed, the prisoners of Chaotic Origin fled close enough to their old nest, and their strength reached a level strong enough that the cultivator team couldn’t kill them, so they were forced to give up.

It doesn’t matter.

Counting the master of Silent Iceberg, he also killed three Chaotic Origin prisoners! The success rate is still very high, and there are still many people who invite Payton.


Scarlet Cloud City, inside Cave Mansion.

In the underground hall, Peyton’s body was faintly translucent, and a layer of water droplets appeared on the surface of the body. This protective layer on the surface of the body… Everything was a drop of water, and the water droplets kept rolling. , perfectly guarding every part of the body. If it is magnified hundreds of millions of times, it can be found that this drop of water is actually a ‘space’ that is constantly flowing and changing.


Payton moved, and his body crossed the sky instantly.


This layer of water droplets covering the body surface flows, extremely sharp, and it can cut everything from nowhere! The fast terrifying speed of Peyton flying through the air was more than twice as fast as the previous Demon Insect movement method.

Wow, Peyton stopped at the other end of the crypt.

xiΕ« xiΕ« xiΕ«  …

He kept moving in the underground hall, from one place to another, the water drop layer on the body cut all obstacles.

“The speed is indeed much faster.” Peyton nodded, “In terms of speed, I can rank around ten in the entire Scarlet Cloud City.”

Scarlet Cloud City, Some cultivator’s bloodline is especially skilled in speed! Even faster than Fengyun Yiye, Wu Xiao and the original Nine-headed Snake Ancestor.

Now that Peyton can rank around ten in the powerhouse as clouds’ Scarlet Cloud City, it’s already terrifying.

“This is the trick of the master of the silent iceberg when he was desperate.” Peyton nodded, “I have studied his corpse for so long, and finally deduced this secret technique.”

Born Chaotic source life, they excavate bloodline power, and their bodies will become stronger, such as larger bodies, and even body changes, showing more rules. Profound mystery! Some of the ‘secret arts’ they excavated can be observed from some of the structures of their bodies, because after all, they do not want to understand Daoist, they are completely mastering the rules and profound mystery, but excavating bloodline to exert their power.

Can cast, but don’t know the essence.

Peyton and the others studied the internal structure of the corpse, but they created a similar simplified mystery with the rules they mastered.

Secret art…

A secret art is actually a process of improving strength and accumulating information.

“This ‘water drop technique’ is considered a success. Let’s study the ‘Destruction and Freeze Technique’.” Among the many secret techniques, in Peyton’s view, the most terrifying are ‘Water Drop’ and ‘Destruction Freeze’.

The technique of water droplets, on the one hand, can protect the body! Let the life-saving ability increase sharply, on the one hand, the flight speed increases sharply.

Peton naturally comprehend this secret technique with all his strength.

The other secret technique, ‘Destruction and Freezing Secret Technique’, originally made the ancestors of the nine-headed snake feel that their voice disappeared, and they all felt cold, and even their thinking became a beat slower! Relatively speaking, this move is more bizarre and unpredictable.

It’s just that the original silent iceberg master only cast it once under spare no effort, and then he couldn’t continue to cast it for a while.

This secret technique is very difficult for the silent iceberg master who is restrained and oppressed.

To master…and more difficult.

“Destroyed, frozen?” Payton was immersed in it.


In the entire holy world, the cultivators in the five gathering places were all enthusiastic about Cultivation, and they all wanted to become the second nine-headed snake ancestor to achieve Chaotic Source.

The abyss sea, seabed.

That majestic silhouette sit cross-legged on the seabed. He is so huge that he can stretch out his hands enough to cover the entire abyss sea. The abyss sea is too small for him as a bathtub.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!~~~” The golden light of the shackles and chains on his body suddenly rose sharply. There were countless golden patterns on the chains, and some of the chains that were originally firmly connected to the seabed also loosened. Open, they float, but the rays of light skyrocket.


A painful low hum.

The owner of Abyss Sea suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were dark and cold.

“Finally, is it time to go out on tour?” There was a trace of suppressed excitement deep in the eyes of the owner of Abyss Sea.

As the whole holy world, the most terrifying prisoner.

The various punishment restraints on him are also much stronger. Like other Chaotic Origin prisoners who want to ‘go out’, they can go out at any time! But only the ‘Abyss Sea Master’ is bound, and usually he can’t stand up! He can only sit cross-legged all the time, and only when the chain and seabed are connected separately can he leave the abyss.

“It really hurts.” The owner of the Abyss Sea was shaking, and the pain was increasing sharply, forcing him to leave the Abyss Sea.

Only on tour.

Only the farther away from the nest, the pain will be less severe.

“Damn lords, they are forcing me, they are forcing me! You will regret it, you will regret it!” The master of the Abyss Sea suddenly stood up.

This standing up caused the entire Abyss Sea to sway, causing countless huge waves.


After the incomparably majestic and huge Abyss Sea Master stood up, the sea level of the entire vast ocean ‘Abyss Sea’ dropped sharply!

He had his feet on the seabed.

Standing there, the position of the sea level is only just to the waist of the owner of the abyss sea.

He raised his head and let out an angry roar, and the terrifying sound waves made the abyss sea and the sky tremble violently, and the membrane wall shattered, revealing a fine chain-like secret pattern.

Red Cloud City.

“The Master of the Abyss Sea is on a tour! The Master of the Abyss Sea is on a tour!”

Peyton rushed out of the underground hall and rushed towards the Chiyun Hall.

whiz whiz whiz  …

For a time, the lights flashed everywhere in Scarlet Cloud City, and none of the more than 3,000 cultivators were absent, including those who were originally called ‘secluded cultivation’, and received news Also broke out.

“Whoosh.” Peyton entered the Scarlet Cloud Hall, and now the Scarlet Cloud Hall has been densely packed with a large number of cultivators, some with solemn expressions, and some with fanatical expectations.

“Everyone, please take a look.”

An old man with a golden robe holding a wooden staff held a mirror in one hand, and the scene of the abyss sea was showing in the mirror, a towering giant. Standing in the abyss, the sea only waits until his waist! His size is so large that the entire abyss sea is like a small mud pond. The chains exuding golden light penetrate directly into the body of this majestic giant, and they can’t escape from the skin.

“He’s out.” The cultivators present couldn’t help but stir.

Five gathering places, each gathering place will have arrangements, responsible for staring at the abyss sea for a long time! The cultivators have different methods. For example, Scarlet Cloud City has a peculiar ‘magic mirror’ that can easily observe the abyss sea from a long distance! This magic mirror has always been placed in the Scarlet Cloud Palace, and let the puppets in the Scarlet Cloud Palace help to keep an eye on it.

The majestic giant ‘Master of the Abyss Sea’ took a step forward, and in just two steps, one of his big feet stepped on the land, and the chain lines on his body circulated, causing his body to be swept away. Forced to start shrinking, walking from the sea to the land, his body shrunk to the original one third.

He walked step by step.

The pace at the beginning was amazing. After all, the abyss sea occupied one-tenth of the holy world, and his largest size could cross the abyss sea in just two or three steps.

Even if the body size is reduced to one third, the distance of each step is still terrifying. One step, it crosses the mountains wasteland, which is farther than the cultivators have to travel for a few hours.

This step comes at the same time.

The body shrank sharply, one tenth, one percent, one thousandth…

“Hu, hu, hu.” He strode forward, his body keep shrinking.

It’s only gradually, but the reduction is getting smaller and smaller.


In the Scarlet Cloud Hall, all the practitioners stared at the scene shown on the magic mirror, which was always observing the abyss sea master.

The abyss sea master traveled too fast, simply did not bring any subordinates, and was traveling alone. But at this time, no cultivator dared to provoke! You must know that even if he comes to the outside of Scarlet Cloud City and his strength drops to a very low level, he can fight against all the cultivators in the entire city by the strength of oneself. It’s hard to even say victory or defeat.

“Finally out, he’s finally out again.”

“This is our biggest crisis, but also our biggest opportunity!”

” I couldn’t kill him last time, this time, I must kill him.”

Many of the cultivators present had fanaticism in their eyes.

Because the greatest opportunity of the holy world is to kill the master of the sea of the abyss, as long as the master of the sea of the abyss dies, the one with the greatest credit among all the cultivators will be bestowed by the great lord!

If it is a cultivator of Hunyuan bloodline, almost ten out of ten can finally awaken!

Even the Daoist can get amazing rewards, such as the help of the lord, so that Daoist has the opportunity to preach and master a source world?


That’s enough to drive every cultivator crazy.

“My bloodline, derived from Old Ancestor, is the most perfect bloodline.” Wu Xiao secretly said, “The lords can’t help me directly to the ultimate awakening, but, other bloodline cultivators, bloodline is not like me. As strong as it is, almost all of them can finally awaken. Even if I… um, when the time comes, I can ask the ‘lord’ to help, and finally give it.”

Wu Xiao is looking forward to it.

At this moment, the other cultivators in the hall are also discussing spiritedly, and those with weak strength hope to save their lives and not fall in this catastrophe. The strong are full of desire, they are not afraid of danger, they want to seize this big opportunity.

In the history of the holy world, the master of the sea of the abyss was also beheaded.

Of course kill one!

There will also be new abyss sea masters. This holy world was created to sharpen cultivators, so that batches of cream of the crop cultivators can break through in the sharpening, although they may die. Lost a lot, but as long as a Hunyuan powerhouse is born, it will be worth it. Anyone who voluntarily came to this holy world was already mentally prepared.

“It’s really fast.”

“He’s too big.”

One by one, he looked at everything that appeared on the magic mirror.

The abyss sea master fluttered with messy hair, and he galloped with great strides, hundreds of times faster than the fastest cultivator, but as he galloped, his size gradually increased in a very small amount. becomes smaller, and the speed is also slightly reduced.


In a vast expanse of snow.

A team of cultivators streak across the sky at a frantic speed, not even caring about secrecy, and trying their best to escape.

“The Master of Abyss Sea is coming towards us, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up and escape.” The cultivator team looked anxious, they were a team of cultivators in Tianwu City, and Tianwu City Wucheng is the closest one to the Abyss Sea among the five cities.

“Too soon.”

“We can’t escape.”

These cultivators are anxious.

It is not the first time that the cultivators have fought against the current abyss sea master, and they also know some of the methods of the abyss sea master and know that he can easily perceive the position of any cultivator! At this moment, the owner of Abyss Sea is rushing towards this place, I am afraid that it is to deal with this team of cultivators.

“Everyone, we are too late, there is only one way to survive now, we are all dispersed, completely dispersed! One by one, we all act alone, so maybe some of them can return to Tianwu City alive. “


“All dispersed and act individually.”

“Everyone, I hope we will meet again in Tianwu City.”

“Okay.” p>

“Haha, if we can meet again, we must have a good drink together again.”

These cultivators are neat, quickly and completely dispersed, and each act alone.

Because according to experience, even if it is divided into five or six Squads, although five or six Squads travel through wasteland and return to Tianwu City, they are much more confident, and they can easily divide five or six Squads at the speed of the abyss sea master. The squads chased and killed them one by one! And a cultivator team is all scattered, and it is difficult for the masters of the abyss to find them one by one.

“I hope I can return to Tianwu City alive this time.” A black clothed woman quietly crossed the sky and escaped with extreme speed.

“Not good.” The black clothed woman turned her head and saw a towering and huge illusory shadow in the distance.

Too fast.

The speed is fast, and the silhouette becomes blurry and illusory.


Even if it shrinks by a million times, the big feet are still like a big mountain. Stepping on it with one foot, the black clothed woman has no time to dodge. directly turned into powder! The strength gap is too big, and stepping on this foot seems to crush the ants.

After all, the strength of the master of the Abyss Sea is too terrifying, even if he reaches the ‘Tianwu City’ and his strength drops sharply to a lower level, he can easily pair thousands of cultivators. Not to mention now! Killing a Divine Emperor Perfection level is so easy.



The cold eyes of the abyss sea master were full of killing intent, he strode forward, chasing and killing One by one cultivator.

“I have been in the Holy Realm for so long, and finally encountered such a mortal crisis?” A white-haired old man looked up at the towering silhouette descending sharply in the distance, “breakthrough Let’s break through, either die or break.” In the face of death, all kinds of profound mysteries are indeed colliding in my mind, and I want to break through.



With one step, another cultivator falls.

When faced with death, these cultivators can face it calmly, and even want to take advantage of such crisis oppression, want to fight between life and death, and hope to achieve Chaotic Source!

However, becoming a Chaotic Source is not so easy!

The cultivators were running away from each other and were far away from each other, causing the owner of the sea of the abyss to change direction constantly, delaying a lot of time, but it was only a small one hour , then trampled more than 20 cultivators to death one after another. After one hour, the remaining cultivators were farther away from each other. If they had to chase them separately, the time consumption would increase sharply.

“humph.” Abyss Sea Master immediately gave up and rushed in the other direction. He sensed that there was also a cultivator team in that direction.

After all, the abyss sea master can sense every creature in the entire holy world.

“He gave up.”

“Give up chasing us.”

Those cultivators who were scattered and fled also got news from Tianwu City that they knew the Abyss Sea The master stopped chasing them, and they breathed a sigh of relief, and their escape strategies began to change, and they were more careful.

Although the abyss sea master doesn’t hunt them down, they are still facing another big crisis – that is, they will travel a long distance and return to the city alone!

Too hard.

Among them, only very few are destined to go back alive!


(end of this chapter)

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