All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 622


Chapter 622

Red Cloud Palace.

More than 3,000 cultivators looked at everything that appeared in the magic mirror, and watched each cultivator stop escaping to face the master of the abyss, and they all understood that the cultivator’s choice. If they were in another place, they would probably do the same, fighting one last time in the face of death. It is a pity that it is difficult to become Chaotic Source after all.

The scene in which the master of the Abyss Sea stepped on the blasting cultivator with one foot, made them all silent, but the eyes flashed with killing intent.

“Looking at the direction he is chasing and killing, it is estimated that the first person to deal with the Abyss Sea Master this time is Tianwu City.” Fengyun Yiye opened the mouth and said, “If it is the same as last time. , then the second thing he has to deal with is our Scarlet Cloud City.”

“I’m afraid he won’t come!”

“He seems to be powerful now, but when he arrives in the sky Wucheng, too far from the Abyss Sea, his strength will be suppressed to a lower level. Even if the cultivators of Tianwu City can’t help the Abyss Sea Master, they can stick to the city but easily. When the time comes the Abyss Sea Master Will change the target, come to my Scarlet Cloud City, he is even weaker in Scarlet Cloud City! We can easily resist, maybe we can kill him!”

“Yes! Last time we fought , although we were at a disadvantage and the sneak attack also failed, but that was because there was no Emperor Peyton! The master of the Abyss Sea led a large number of Chaotic Origin beings to help, and it was difficult for us to surround him without being affected.”

“With Emperor Peyton here, a large number of Chaotic Origin beings are not worth mentioning. We can do our best to deal with the master of the Abyss Sea. With the cooperation of many cultivators in the city, we are fully expected to kill him!”

“This Next is our chance.”

“Seize the chance and kill him!”

In the Scarlet Cloud Hall, a group of cultivators discussed spiritedly.

If twenty or thirty cultivators encounter the abyss sea master, they will die! But the cultivators in the whole city are qualified to fight together, and the ‘abyss sea master’ observed in the magic mirror is still outrageously strong. When it comes to Scarlet Cloud City, there is only one or two percent of the strength left!

While talking with the cultivators next to him, Peyton mainly asked about the last time he fought with the master of the Abyss Sea, and at the same time carefully observed everything in the magic mirror.

“If you are overtaken by the master of the sea of the abyss, you will surely die.” Peyton shook his head secretly.

No matter what kind of fighting spirit you have.

How determined to have, they were directly trampled to death by the owner of the abyss sea!


The abyss sea master ran for two full days before he came to Tianwu City. At this time, his strength had dropped significantly, and even his size was only one size. Thousands of miles high. Compared with the incomparably terrifying body shape when he just left the abyss, it has shrunk many times.

However, at a height of 1,800 miles, it is still the most terrifying of all Chaotic Origin prisoners in the entire Holy Realm.

“He’s here.”

“Arrived at Tianwu City.”

“I hope that the master of the Abyss Sea will not improve in strength.”

All the cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City watched everything that appeared in the magic mirror suspended in mid-air. This battle, although it was the battle of Tianwu City! It can also be used to glimpse the strength of the ‘Abyss Sea Master’.

Although they fought last time…

But it was the last time the Master of the Abyssal Sea went on a tour! Unlike other Chaotic Origin Prisoners who often go out on patrol, the Master of Abyss Sea will only go out on patrol once after a long, long time. Once they go out on patrol, the entire Holy Realm Heaven and Earth will turn upside down! Because of the long time interval, the owner of the Abyss Sea might dig the bloodline and master a stronger and weirder secret technique.

His strength increases every point! It was naturally a bit more difficult to kill him.

“A lot of Chaotic Origin beings.” Peyton looked at everything in the magic mirror and couldn’t help holding his breath.

Densely packed Chaotic Origin beings completely surround the entire Tianwu City. Not only are there countless numbers on the surface, but even in the sky, many Chaotic Origin beings surround Tianwu City.

The Master of the Abyss Sea can order all Chaotic Origin beings in the entire Holy Realm, including other Chaotic Origin prisoners, to obey his orders.



In Tianwu City, the cultivators stand in the sky in an orderly manner. Countless secret patterns light up on the city wall of the entire Tianwu City, all kinds of arrays are excited, and even hundreds of layers of hoods appear in the sky, making the many layers of hoods in the sky show gorgeous colors. It is really a mask of various colors. many.


“The Master of Abyss Sea is here.”

The many cultivators in Tianwu City watched from afar, and they didn’t Take the surrounding Chaotic Origin beings in your eyes, although the number is outrageous! But Tianwu City was already well-defended, and under the urging of many cultivators, the attacks launched by those ordinary Chaotic Origin beings were simply impossible to break through.

Although Tianwu City is the closest to the abyss among the five cities, it is the most dangerous, but it is also the easiest to seize the opportunity!

Because of beheading the master of the Abyss Sea and making the greatest contribution, he can be bestowed by the lord.

The powerhouses in Tianwu City certainly hope to be bigger! There are even powerhouses who have learned about the differences between the five cities, and some are strong enough, and some even go to Tianwu City to live in Tianwu City for a long time.


In the vast wilderness in the distance, the majestic giant 1800 miles high galloped with great strides. The chains were rooted in his body, causing him to make a sound of the chains hitting each step. Even if he stood still, he felt ‘pain’.

This made him even more angry.

“Didn’t you let me sharpen these weak ants? Humph, I will kill all these little ants as you wish.” The owner of Abyss Sea is too huge, and the city wall of Tianwu City is high Also just equivalent to his big feet! The master of the sea of abyss is looking down at this moment, looking through the clouds, looking at the cultivators in the city.

The cultivators stared at him, not only unafraid, but furious.

“hmph hum.” The killing intent of the abyss sea master is more intense.

And the many Chaotic Origin beings who have already arrived around Tianwu City bowed their heads, expressing their acknowledgement allegiance to the owner of the Abyss Sea! And at this moment, in all directions around, there are more Chaotic Origin beings rushing here.

“Cultivators, suffer!” The owner of the Abyss Sea angrily shouted, the sound was like the rolling thunder between Heaven and Earth, and the roar continued, causing the clouds in the sky to vibrate.

At the same time, a pair of big hands slammed down in anger.

Huge hands, through the clouds!

Slap to Tianwu City.

When his hands crossed the sky, there was a Dark-red Flame burning in his hands. The flames were terrifying, and the surrounding destruction was directly burned and destroyed, revealing countless densely packed chain-like secret patterns outside! This holy world is completely banned, and these Chaotic Origin prisoners who are on tour are simply impossible to leave this world.

When it was photographed, the fingertips of his hands became sharp, and there were countless secret patterns flowing on the fingertips, and each finger was like a giant meteorite sword.

chi chi chi chi  …

All fingers are inserted into the layers of masks of Tianwu City! And the countless Chaotic Origin beings around also launched an attack at the same time, all roaring and using their own means, wishing the Master of Abyss Sea a hand.

“pu pu… ”

The reticle is pierced one after the other.

In an instant, most of the layers were pierced, causing the faces of the cultivators in Tianwu City to change immediately.

“Not good, this abyss sea master’s strength has improved!” Everyone knew that it was not good.


The other four city cultivators are observing everything that happens in Tianwu City with their own means.

From the first strike of the abyss sea master struggling to attack the mask in Tianwu City, many of the cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City’s ‘Scarlet Cloud Palace’ were shocked.

“This city-breaking trick is even more powerful.” Fengyun Yiye said solemnly.

“He has improved a bit.” Wu Xiao also solemnly.

High-level Chaotic Origin beings, the strength will gradually increase gradually from the ‘first entry into high-level’, until the high-level Chaotic Origin Beings Perfection! Followed by another breakthrough, this breakthrough is also very difficult.

From ‘Higher Chaotic Source Beings’ to ‘World Level Chaotic Source Beings’, the difficulty is no lower than that of ordinary Chaotic Source Beings entering high-level Chaotic Source Beings!

Because, high-level Chaotic Source beings belong to the vast Chaotic Source space, the most common level in Chaotic Source powerhouses, and there are a lot of them.

And the world-level Chaotic Source beings are immediately Peak level! Like a cultivator mastering a source world, he dares to be called ‘invincible’ in his own source world, even the lord is not afraid! It can be seen that the identity of the world class is different.

Although the ‘Abyss Sea Master’ is powerful, the bloodline is noble, and it is considered to be the most powerful strength among the high-level Chaotic Origin beings, and it is not far behind the ‘Perfection’. Naturally, over time, bloodline will be gradually excavated to master new secret techniques. It is relatively easy to progress until ‘reaching Perfection’.

“Not good.”

“Tianwu City looks like it can’t hold it anymore.”

Inside the Scarlet Cloud Palace, everyone was shocked.

Peyton was also nervous, staring at the magic mirror! What appeared in the magic mirror was that the master of the Abyss Sea led many Chaotic Origin beings to launch an attack frantically, and he was about to break through the array of Tianwu City.

“They chose to run away.”

“That’s the only choice.”

“Hopefully they all survive.”

The cultivators in the Scarlet Cloud Palace watched everything happen. That day, after the cultivators in Wucheng noticed that the ‘Master of the Abyss’ had improved a bit, they did not choose to attack, but retreated without the slightest hesitation! And it was divided into three teams and started to escape! After all, there are too many cultivators, and there are more than 3,000 cultivators in Tianwu City. Even if they cooperate with each other, they overlap in many aspects.

Carefully selected and divided into three teams, perfectly matched.

Each team, compared with the battallion team formed by more than 3,000 cultivators, is not much different in strength.

“Let’s go.”

“Let’s go to Scarlet Cloud City and join forces with the cultivators of Scarlet Cloud City! When we get there, the power of the master of the Abyss Sea will decline. When the time comes, we will Joining forces with Scarlet Cloud City and the Emperor Peyton, we have a great hope of killing the Master of the Abyss Sea.”

“Good luck to everyone.”

“Good. Good luck.”

The three teams immediately scrambled, abandoned the city and started to flee.

The three teams of them, as if three sharp swords broke through the obstacles of the Chaotic Origin Life Group, quickly escaped! Although the number of these Chaotic Origin beings is large, because the cultivator team is relatively dense, the ‘chaotic source life’ that can besiege the cultivator team at the same time can only exceed 10,000! The cultivator team doesn’t care at all.

The Master of Abyss Sea is only 1,800 miles high at the moment, and the speed is much slower. These three teams form battle formations with each other in the ‘escape’, and the most terrifying speed erupts, Abyss Sea. The master is chasing wildly, and the speed must be full.

“Stop them, stop.” The owner of the Abyss Sea ordered sound transmission.

“Quick, quick.” The cultivators are desperately trying. Once they are caught up, there is no city or geographical location. There are so many Chaotic Origin beings to help the master of the Abyss Sea. A team of more than a thousand cultivators is afraid that it will take all of them. The army is annihilated! After all, there is only one ‘Emperor Peyton’. If Emperor Peyton is there, the owner of the Abyss Sea will have no help, and the threat will be reduced by most, and even a team will dare to fight against the Master of the Abyss Sea.

Unfortunately, Emperor Peyton is far away in Scarlet Cloud City!

The vast holy world.

The Master of Abyss Sea is 1,800 miles tall, and his body is above the clouds. He gallops with great strides, although it is slightly less than the battle formation of the three teams of Tianwu City that escaped. Slower, but still surprisingly fast.

“I can’t catch up.”

The owner of Abyss Sea stared at a team and chased the tea time.

He just turned the direction slightly, and continued to run, killing all the way towards ‘Scarlet Cloud City’ in a straight line!

“He’s not chasing.”

“Abandoning us.”

The chased squad of thousands of cultivators was also relaxed.

“We also use a lot of detection methods to check all directions. Even if a large number of Chaotic Origin beings come to block us, we will bypass it early! Even if we can’t bypass it, we will choose to block the weak points and break through quickly. And the master of the sea of the abyss is slower than us, so if you keep chasing like this, you may never be able to catch up.” These cultivators also began to communicate with each other.

“He chases down, although the probability of catching up with us is very low, but once we catch up, we are finished.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about that. Everyone, now Looking at the direction of the Master of Abyss Sea, he should be heading to the nearest Scarlet Cloud City.” The strongest Vice-City Lord in the team, ‘Xun Yi’ sound transmission, “Although he is slightly slower than us, but He is unimpeded along the straight line. However, we need to avoid the lair of the Chaotic Origin prisoners! And being affected by the large group of Chaotic Origin beings, it is estimated that when the Master of the Abyss Sea arrives at Scarlet Cloud City, we are probably not there yet. ”

β€œen. ”

β€œYes, just to circumvent some Hunyuan prisoners’ nests, we need to detour at least 50% more.”

Without the death threat, they also wanted to participate in the battle of ‘killing the Master of the Abyss Sea’, but now it seems that the Master of the Abyss Sea will arrive at Scarlet Cloud City before them.

“Scarlet Cloud City has Emperor Peyton, and he must be very confident. I’m afraid they will deal with the Master of the Abyss Sea before we arrive.”

“Master of the Abyss Sea, it’s not that easy. Kill!”

“Judging from the fight just now, the master of the Abyss Sea is much stronger than the last patrol.”

“We just need to hurry! If they can kill it in advance. Abyss Sea Master, even if they are Scarlet Cloud City powerful!”

This team of thousands of cultivators continued on their way.

At the same timeβ€”β€”

A towering silhouette standing on the galloping golden river looked towards the direction of Chiyun City, and indifferently ordered: “Children, all set off, go to Chiyun City. .”

In a deep gorge within the valley, black fog filled the air, and a vague silhouette in the black fog also ordered: “Everyone set out, go to Scarlet Cloud City.”

under the command.

In the entire Holy Realm, all the huge Chaotic Origin beings with ‘chaotic source prisoners’ are rushing towards Scarlet Cloud City, and even the Chaotic Origin beings that originally besieged ‘Tianwu City’ are heading towards Scarlet Cloud City. Yuncheng rushed over.


More Chaotic Origin life races that do not have Chaotic Origin prisoners need one by one ‘Abyss Attendant’ to send orders.

The abyss waiter represents the master of the abyss sea! They can easily order a group of Chaotic Origin beings.

“By the king’s order, you are ready to go to Scarlet Cloud City.”

The abyss attendants are hard at work, carrying out orders.

The holy world is too big, and the abyss servants are too slow. Fortunately, there are enough of them, and they are all spread out. They go to every area to send orders. I am afraid that it will be enough to spread within a month. Holy realm.


(end of this chapter)

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