All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 623


Chapter 623

Countless Chaotic Origin beings are coming towards Scarlet Cloud City, and the master of the Abyss Sea is also coming.

“It’s really killing us in Scarlet Cloud City.” In Scarlet Cloud Hall, Peyton and other more than 3,000 cultivators stared at the magic mirror. Sea Master’, and from time to time look at many other places.

“Attack Tianwu City because the distance is close.” Wu Xiao said solemnly, “In addition, at the beginning, the master of the Abyss Sea was very strong, and it would take hundreds of millions of miles to cross it in one step. He started to run too fast, and he ran for most of the distance. Although his strength continued to decline, it took him two days to travel from the Abyss to the ‘Tianwu City’.”

“From Tianwu City. It will take him about six days to get to Scarlet Cloud City.” Wu Xiao speculated, “This long time is enough for more Chaotic Origin beings to besiege!”

“Not only that.” The Heaven Smiting Great Emperor said solemnly, “The owner of the Abyss Sea must also know that Brother Peyton’s Soul Willpower tricks are amazing! So he is likely to regard Scarlet Cloud City as the most important battle ground this time, and he will dispatch enough scoundrels. The source of life is attacking, and we are not quite clear until now, how far the master of the sea of the abyss has improved, Tianwu City was attacked, the moat array soon began to be broken, and Tianwu City cultivator immediately fled Now, simply didn’t do a big fight, didn’t see the master of the sea of abyss more means, only found that his attack on the moat array was stronger.”



All are solemn.

They really want to kill the master of the abyss sea, but now, some of them can’t figure out the strength of the master of the abyss sea.

“What are you thinking about?” Mo Shu said with a sneer, “So what if he improves a little, I’m afraid he won’t even reach the perfection level of the high Chaotic Origin life, with Emperor Peyton around, we can surround and kill with all our strength. , anyway, you have to try, maybe you can make it?”

“Well, when the time comes, let’s fight with all our strength.” Fengyun Yiye also said nodded, “Everyone, we will fight together. Let’s practice and practice again. After all, the nine pieces have already become Chaotic Origin, and the three battle formations… one of the battle formations requires major changes.”


“Familiar with Let’s go to the battle formation.”

It is very easy to get familiar with the battle formation, because the cultivators who have experienced the last abyss sea master attack have already mastered it, and during this period, new cultivators need to be familiar with , such as Peyton, Beihe Great Emperor, etc. one by one.


In the Scarlet Cloud Palace, the power of terror is accumulating, and the power of the battle formation is not being released.

Fengyun Yiye asked Peyton: “Brother Peyton, does your participation in the battle have any impact on your Soul Willpower tricks? Anyway, the use of Soul Willpower tricks is the most important thing. Atworst, you can stay within the team and not participate in the manipulation of the battle formation.”

“It’s fine, it doesn’t matter.” Peyton replied with a smile.

His mind is already strong, far surpasses the same level of powerhouse.

One of the small joints he is responsible for the manipulation of the battle array has less than 10% impact on his mental strength! It can only be considered half-percent, of course, his half-percentage of effort is 30-40% of the average Peak powerhouse. Although other Peak powerhouses are extraordinary and have many opportunities, Peyton’s soul itself is different.

Time is passing…

Familiar with battle formations.

Although because of their strength, the three divisions that the cultivator in Scarlet Cloud City is divided into, Fengyun Yiye, Wu Xiao and Heaven Smiting Great Emperor, are the core of the three major Avatars respectively! Their fighting strength is extremely strong, and as the core of the entire combined battle formation, they can also maximize the strength of the three teams.

And Payton performs the Soul Willpower trick.

“Ice Star City cultivators, all leave, are coming towards our Scarlet Cloud City!” Vice-City Lord ‘Wu Xiao’ suddenly said.


“Ice Star City?”

The cultivators in the Scarlet Cloud Hall were startled, and the mirror suspended in midair immediately looked towards Ice Star City, an ancient city that also covers an area of more than 100,000 miles appears on the mirror. At this moment, three teams of cultivators have just left the Ice Star City and are flying into the sky.

“It seems that they don’t want to miss this opportunity. They want to join in and kill the abyss sea master in one fell swoop.” All the cultivators sighed.

Payton is also nodded.

They all understand.

In fact, those who come to this Cultivation Holy Land have lived for a long, long time! Lifespan has long been eternal, even the youngest such as Peyton, Cultivation’s years are in trillions of years! For such a long time, if the mood is weak, it will go crazy for a long time! Souls will collapse.

Of course, Peyton and his Dao Heart have long been honed, not afraid of the influence of time.

It’s just that…after living for a long time, there is always something to pursue.

For the sake of grievances and hatreds, that’s just a moment! For many powerful cultivators, their relatives have long since passed away, and they are lonely and lonely.

Although lifespan is eternal, Cultivation has no end in sight!

With the advancement of strength, the understanding of the world is more thorough, and even with the means of creating things and creating a world, it becomes more and more powerful, which is enough to make people obsessed.

“Most of the cultivators in this holy world have lived for too long, many times longer than me.” Peyton secretly said that he was very young, “With endless years, many of them only have Under the pursuit of Dao’, for the road of Cultivation, they are even willing to moth flies into the flame to fight the master of the abyss sea, just for that little chance.”

Before the nine-headed snake ancestor succeeded, Cultivation The cultivators in the holy realm feel hopeless and are still insisting. They are obviously different from Dao Heart.

But the success of nine songs has made many cultivators more and more fanatical.

“Scarlet Cloud City, I’m here! For example, the cultivators from Wucheng are also here today. I’m afraid other city cultivators also feel that there is a great hope of killing the master of the Abyss Sea, so let’s get involved.” Dayton secretly.


After getting news one after another, the cultivators in Guangguang City and Coldmoon City also gave up their cities and came to Chiyun City.


That’s it.

The cultivators in the four cities of Tianwu City, Bingxing City, Changguang City, and Coldmoon City are all heading towards ‘Red Cloud City’. It is very rare that the five city cultivators will converge soon.

“There are cultivators from several cities working together, and Emperor Peyton, who has Soul Willpower against the sky! This is the greatest hope for killing the master of the sea of the abyss. If it fails this time, I am afraid there will be no hope in the future. I’m done.”

“This time has the greatest hope, and must join.”

“I missed this time, I don’t know how long I have to wait.”

One by one cultivator The squad is moving forward, and many powerhouses are full of desire.

They all have their own experiences. To achieve such strength, they naturally all have the pursuit of the ‘Dao’, the eternal pursuit of the Tao, and the pursuit of jumping out of the cage. Unwilling to be just the little ants in the cage!


Cultivators naturally have to fight for the opportunity.

The cultivators of Scarlet Cloud City didn’t plan to wait until the other four city cultivators arrived. Of course, they had to seize the opportunity and act as soon as possible. Perhaps the strength of one city alone would be enough to kill them. Even if you can’t kill it, you can protect yourself.

“Coming soon.”

“The Master of Abyss Sea is one hour away from here.”

More than 3,000 cultivators are standing in the buildings At the top, waiting silently, a magic mirror is also suspended in the air, always observing the position of the owner of the Abyss Sea.

The abyss sea master flew for six days, and his height also decreased again, from 1,800 miles to 1,200 miles high! The running speed has also been significantly reduced.

“His strength should have dropped by 30%.” Fengyun Yiye, Wu Xiao and others looked at the magic mirror from a distance and made judgments.


The five gathering places are all around the Abyss Sea. Tianwu City is the closest, and the other four cities are not much different from the Abyss Sea.

It’s just that ‘Tianwu City’ and ‘Scarlet Cloud City’ are closer, so in general attacks, the owners of the Abyss Sea will attack Tianwu City first, and then attack Scarlet Cloud City.

“His strength is declining. I can make it difficult for those Chaotic Origin beings to help him. It is indeed hopeful to besiege him.” Peyton stood on the roof of his Cave Mansion, also opened the mouth and said.



“Kill these cultivators!”

At this moment, Outside Scarlet Cloud City, countless Chaotic Origin beings have long gathered, covering Heaven and Earth. These Chaotic Origin beings have different looks and come from different ethnic groups. They have already begun to attack the city, but the Scarlet Cloud City array is fully operational, and the layers of masks are activated, blocking all attacks. Payton didn’t need to use the Soul Willpower trick.

Only relying on Chaotic Source life? It is simply impossible to break down a city.

Time is passing.

More than 3,000 cultivators stood on the roof, waiting calmly, waiting for the upcoming battle.

Fengyun Yiye, Wu Xiao, Heaven Smiting Great Emperor, Mo Shu, Liexi Emperor and others are all preparing! They will spare no effort later!

“It’s here.” All the cultivators looked over, no need to look at the magic mirror anymore, because a towering giant flew from a distance, and the height of 1,200 miles was suppressing the extremely terrifying. The Cultivation Holy Realm is still too exaggerated! Those Chaotic Origin beings with a height of several hundred meters and a thousand meters at most are like little ants compared to the ‘Abyss Sea Master’.

Of course, the number of these ‘ants’ is outrageous.


Running generated a terrifying gust of wind, after all, a majestic giant was running.

He stopped outside the city, overlooking the many cultivators in the city, those huge cold eyes saw a white clothed youth among the many cultivators in an instant, he had already obtained it. Peyton’s intelligence, know Peyton’s appearance and breath and so on.

“You are Emperor Peyton?” The rays of light burst out from the eyes of the owner of the Abyss Sea, forming a substance, shining downward, staring at Peyton.

“didn’t expect, my name has been passed on to the abyss.” Peyton opened the mouth and said.

“Be careful.”

“Brother Peyton, he seems to be eyeing you! I’m afraid you know that you are the biggest threat to him, wait… or else Are you staying in the city?”

Several cultivators sent sound transmissions to Peyton.

“No, I’m in the battle formation. If the battle formation is breached, the entire battle formation will be wiped out.” Peyton sound transmission said, “If we lose so badly, we will save our lives. If you can’t do it, you’ll have to die if you stay in the city.”

“Okay.” Fengyun Yiye replied.

There are some who persuade Peyton to stay in the city. On the one hand, he is indeed afraid that Peyton will die at the hands of the master of the Abyss Sea at close range. On the other hand, they also want Payton to stay in town! In this way, Payton’s credit is even more limited, only the credit for Soul Willpower’s tricks.

At this moment.

The voice of the owner of Abyss Sea boomed: “I have three companions who died in your hands.”

“I will definitely break Scarlet Cloud City this time, you Emperor Peyton, I I will definitely crush myself to death.” The cold eyes of the owner of Abyss Sea were full of killing intent.

“Oh? Maybe, like your comrades, you will die at the hands of our cultivators.” Peyton said, he didn’t worry about himself at all, if he didn’t become enlightened, what if he died?

It’s just a return to his body. He is looking forward to this killing. Maybe this is the opportunity for his breakthrough.

“hmph huh, huh?”

The humming sound, like rolling thunder, echoed between Heaven and Earth.

Followed by a pair of big hands falling from the sky! There is a Dark-red Flame burning in the big hand, and the burning and destruction reveals the chain-like secret patterns on the outside, which are densely interlaced and block the entire world.

Those big hands are hundreds of miles long… Every finger is like a giant sword, inserted into the layers of masks in the city.

“puff puff puff…”

The mask was pierced about twenty layers.

The cultivators breathed a sigh of relief. The power of the abyss sea master dropped by 30%, but the threat to the entire moat array was more than doubled, because the higher the level, the more The destructive power of city array has increased dramatically. Now the full attack only pierces about twenty layers of array? I’m afraid it will be repaired in an instant!

“His strength is greatly reduced, we will be able to kill him.” Fengyun Yiye sound transmission to the cultivators, “According to the plan, kill.”





The cultivators were densely packed and quickly divided into three teams. Of course, there were more than 200 cultivators left. With their respective Cave Mansion roofs, they stay behind the city to maintain the entire city array! Although the array itself can absorb the coming of the world, it is still up to the manipulator to make the array work to the extreme.

These two hundred or so people are almost all of the late Divine Emperor’s strength, and they don’t help the battle formation.

Peyton is in the same team as Fengyun Yiye, because ‘Fengyun Yiye’ is the core of this team, and it also makes this team play a higher strength than Wu Xiao and Jietian Great. The teams under the Emperor’s command should be a little stronger.

“Red Moon World, come.” Peyton also cast it immediately.


The huge red moon world with a range of millions li descends directly.

In fact, the scope of million li is really small, even in the original universe, it belongs to a very small scope, and it is suppressing the extremely terrifying ‘Cultivation Holy Realm’. The field that can cover the scope of million li is really It’s terrifying, you know, the entire Scarlet Cloud City is more than 100,000 miles away.

This area covers the entire city, including the surrounding hundreds of thousands of li.

Although the abyss sea master is majestic and tall, it is 1,200 miles high. Compared with the field of million li, it is still too small! A large number of Chaotic Origin beings around him were all affected, dragged by the huge Red Moon World, and their strength decreased sharply. This large number of Chaotic Origin beings whose strength has declined, faced with the thousands of cultivators forming a battle formation, there is no obstacle at all.

“This is Emperor Peyton’s Soul Willpower trick?” The owner of the Abyss Sea also felt it. His soul was very strong and naturally he didn’t care, but he saw the surrounding Chaotic Origin beings with all their strength greatly reduced, “Indeed. Terrific.”

The eyes of the master of the Abyss Sea flashed a little strangely.

“Emperor Peyton! He has to be killed. Kill him. Presumably some of the Chaotic Source powerhouses in the dark will be very angry.” The owner of Abyss Sea can guess that the soul is so defiant, It must have attracted the attention of many Hunyuan powerhouses.

What if you can follow?

As long as you move fast enough, kill them instantly! Protection is too late!

The three teams formed by the cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City flew into the sky, and they all attacked the master of the sea of the abyss!

Although a large number of Chaotic Origin beings on the side frantically moved forward and blocked, they were affected by the dragging soul of the Red Moon World, and in this stage of the battle, it didn’t play a big role at all. Every cultivator’s eyes are full of anticipation and desire, and some Peak powerhouses like Feng Yun Ye, Wu Xiao, Peyton are even more enthusiastic in their hearts, and they want to take this opportunity to get out of the cage and achieve Chaotic Origin.

“Haha, die for me.” The owner of Abyss Sea roared, his voice was like a thunderbolt, and he waved his big hands wantonly.

Battle, broke out!


(end of this chapter)

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