All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 624


Chapter 624


At the same moment.

The cultivators of the other four cities are all on their way to Scarlet Cloud City. The cultivator of ‘Tianwu City’ is the closest, and the cultivator of ‘Coldmoon City’ is the farthest. They all form battle formations and break out. Get the fastest speed in the spare no effort rush! After all, thousands of cultivators form a ‘battle formation’, as long as they avoid the lair of Chaotic Source prisoners, they are not afraid of danger.

Ordinary Chaotic Origin beings were ordered to rush towards Scarlet Cloud City on a large scale, and would not pose much threat to the cultivators of the four cities.

When they arrive at ‘Scarlet Cloud City’, facing the countless Chaotic Origin beings outside Scarlet Cloud City, there will be some big trouble.

“They started.”

“The cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City are really quick enough.”

The cultivators of the four cities, a lot of Divine At the Emperor Perfection level, there are those who are good at peeping! Just like Scarlet Cloud City has a ‘magic mirror’, the other four cities also have their own means.

They are all watching the battle in Scarlet Cloud City from a distance.

“With Emperor Peyton here, those ordinary Chaotic Origin beings are really no threat. The three teams of their Scarlet Cloud City are frantically besieging the Abyss Sea Master.”

“They If it really succeeds and kills the master of the Abyss Sea, then the war is over, and we will go on an errand for nothing!” The cultivators in the four cities watched the battle from a distance, and they were also discussing quietly with each other.

They don’t want Scarlet Cloud City to be defeated!

I don’t want Chiyun City to kill the owner of the Abyss Sea! In the battle of the Great Dao, they naturally strive to be the first, wanting to fight for a first-line opportunity!

Scarlet Cloud City has an advantage and can’t be killed, that’s the best! When they arrive, get involved.


“This abyss sea master’s defensive moves are so powerful?”

“This, this…”

“It’s much stronger than the last time he was on patrol. The attack on the Scarlet Cloud City side barely broke the skin?”

The cultivators in the four cities were all started.


Scarlet Cloud City.

The surrounding Chaotic Origin beings are like a sea, and they are rushing to kill.

The three teams of Peyton and the others are like three wandering dragons, each of which is thousands of miles long, and is frantically besieging the abyss sea master.

“Xiefan.” Fengyun Yiye is the core of one of the teams. He controls the entire Youlong and sends sound transmission to Xiefan.

“I know.”

Xie Fan Demon God stretched out his right paw, and a lot of power in the entire battle formation began to gather on him, and there were Divine Emperor Perfection beside him. High-level cultivators also used the same tricks, and some of their power was concentrated on these cultivators. For a time, more than a hundred cultivators attacked at the same time! About 20% of the power of the battle formation is on Xie Fan, and the rest of the power is scattered on hundreds of other cultivators.

It’s not that you don’t want to gather all the powers into one person, it’s just that thousands of cultivators combine the powers to terrifying, and one person simply can’t bear it!

Boom boom boom…

Many attacks fell on the abyss sea master, among which Xie Fan’s claws fiercely tore a wound.

“Peton.” Fengyun Yiye sounded transmission immediately.

“Come on.” Payton held a long spear, and with a wave of his long spear, his whole body was covered with a strange layer of water droplets! It is the water drop secret technique comprehend from the corpse of the silent iceberg master. This secret technique is extremely powerful and unparalleled. And Peyton’s soul is strong enough, and his realm is still high, and he also forcibly mobilized more than 20% of the power of the battle array and displayed it through the long spear.

No way.

Only 20% of the power of the battle formation was the limit of what he could mobilize. The power was so great that it made him feel extremely heavy.

The Divine Emperor Perfection tiers under his command also borrowed their powers and attacked.

“chi chi chi β€”β€”” The sharp long spear is cut on the waist of the abyss sea master. The skin is very tenacious, and the surface has a membrane wall formed by the superposition of billions of streamers, which can still be covered by the surface. A long spear with a layer of water droplets cut a wound, the wound is about ten li or so long, and more than a mile deep, but this injury can only be regarded as a reluctance to the master of the abyss sea, who is 1,200 miles tall. Broken skin.

This injury, the owner of Abyss Sea is disdainful to resist.

Three battles!

Only when Fengyun Yiye, Wu Xiao, and the Heaven Smiting Great Emperor gathered together the attack of the battle formation, the Abyss Sea Master would deliberately resist it. At other times, the Abyss Sea Master would instead attack with all his might.

“It’s useless.”

“He has learned a more powerful defensive trick. The protective film on the surface of his skin is much more powerful than in the last battle.”

“City Lord, what should I do?”

One by one was a little anxious.

Although their three teams had the upper hand in the siege, they didn’t see any hope of beheading.

“Roar~~~~die for me!” The owner of Abyss Sea was angry roar. He used to have two hands, but now he has turned into a real body. His two arms disappeared, but his body Sixteen tentacles have grown! His real body is not much different from what he looks like now, but his face has become slightly ugly, and his two arms have become sixteen tentacles.

Because there are chains infiltrating all over the body, this change in the body, the pain suddenly increases sharply, and some of the cracks and wounds in the body that are forcibly closed have bloodstains infiltrating.

Up to now, he can recover from the broken skin in an instant. On the contrary, the damage caused by the recovery of his true body at this moment made him not lightly injured.

The ‘real body’ can be restored, but it can greatly increase his strength. The owner of the Abyss Sea is obviously not willing to let go of these cultivators in front of him.

“Be careful.” Fengyun Yiye sound transmission to everyone.

“Boom~~~” The sixteen tentacles waved, and the power was violent and ferocious, which was shocking.

The three dragons fight with all their might.

Originally had the upper hand, but now it is faintly at the disadvantage. It’s just that the three teams of the cultivators cooperated delicately. With their realm, even if they cooperated for tens of thousands of years, there would be no mistakes.

“Damn.” The owner of the Abyss Sea was a little annoyed.

After fighting for a while.

Maintaining one’s true body is always aggravating, and the cultivators are willing to fight for a long time! But the master of the sea of abyss saw that he couldn’t kill him for a while, and his body returned to its original shape again, still with two arms. At least in this form, his body could be maintained without any loss.

“City Lord, what to do? We can’t kill him.”


“He hasn’t revealed his true form yet, even if No matter how long they fight, it won’t affect him.”

Every cultivator is very unwilling.

Fengyun Yiye, Wu Xiao, and Peyton looked at the towering abyss sea master in front of them and felt very unwilling.

“It’s strength has been improved in an all-round way compared to the last time. Not only has its attacking formidable power improved, but it has even realized stronger defenses.” Fengyun Yiye sound transmission said, “Retreat first.”



Although they were not reconciled, the three teams quickly began to retreat.

At this moment, the owner of Abyss Sea is still slightly disadvantaged. It is easy for the three teams of Scarlet Cloud City to retreat. They quickly flew down and passed through the mask of Scarlet Cloud City. Although the Scarlet Cloud City mask blocked foreign enemies, Peyton and the other cultivators could easily pass through them without any hindrance.


Return to Scarlet Cloud City.

All the cultivators are safe, but everyone is in a bad mood.

Because they originally wanted to kill the master of the sea of the abyss in one fell swoop, they also hoped that, compared with the last tour, the master of the sea of abyss might be able to comprehend more powerful attack tactics, defense and life-saving aspects. Not necessarily an improvement. In that case, according to the previous experience, it should be able to kill successfully this time. But the fact is… the master of the abyss sea has made progress in an all-round way.

“It seems that we have to wait for other city cultivators to come and do it together.” Xie Fan raised his head and looked at the majestic Abyss Sea Master, opened the mouth and said, “Only by our Scarlet Cloud City, we will kill you at all. It can’t be him.”

“Our three teams didn’t succeed, even if six teams, nine teams came… I’m afraid they will fail.” Wu Xiao said indifferently, “The master of the sea of abyss is Wu. A new defensive move was introduced. This defensive move is extremely powerful. Just now, it was just me, Fengyun, and Jietian. When the three of us attacked with the power of the battle formation, he only waved his palms to hinder the attack. Resist! Others’ attacks are barely broken, and his own resilience can easily offset it, even if there is another cultivator in three or four cities, want to kill him? It’s still very difficult.”


The presence of all nodded.

Peyton also admits, is there a big difference between three teams and nine, twelve, and fifteen teams? Perhaps the threat is several times greater, but there is no qualitative change! With the opponent’s protection measures, the probability of killing the opponent is still very low.

“There are two ways to kill the master of the Abyss Sea.” Fengyun Yiye said, “The first is to wait, wait for other city cultivators to come, and the number of detachments will increase… We will deal with the Abyss Sea. Master, the advantage will get bigger and bigger! Maybe it reaches a certain level, just breaking through his limit and beheading him.” .

“The second method is to figure out a larger battle formation.” Fengyun Yiye said, “I heard that long ago, the Cultivation Holy Land cultivators of that era created the ‘Five Elements’ “Life and Destruction Array” was the result of the joint efforts of the cultivators of the five gathering places at that time, and it was finally able to display it. You can also try it.”

“Five Elements are born and destroyed, I know.” The Heaven Smiting Great Emperor said, “But these were the five most powerful formations at that time as the core, and they barely formed a battle. Array. Now of those five… only two of them are still in the Cultivation Holy Realm. It is extremely difficult to perform and requires a lot of cultivators. Peak powerhouse needs 150 people!”

“At least this second method, I hope it’s bigger.” Wu Xiao said.

“The problem with the second method is that it requires extremely high requirements for the manipulator of the battle formation. If I am not proficient in Formation, I cannot make the battle formation run.” Fengyun Yiye said, “and because the original Three of the five Formation experts are already not in, and the Five Elements birth and death array may not be able to be used again, and may need to be modified.”

“Anyway, you have to do your best.”

“I really didn’t expect that the master of the Abyss Sea has reached such a level that it would be so difficult to kill him with Emperor Peyton.” Everyone sighed.

Wu Xiaoze seriously said: “It is not too late, contact the other four city cultivators, and immediately study the matter of the battle formation, and when the five city cultivators arrive, it is best to be able to cast it immediately. Because… once the cultivators of our five cities have all gathered, the master of the sea of the abyss will probably choose to flee.”


“He knows that he can’t kill us. , still staying here, I am afraid it is to intercept the cultivators of the other four cities. If we all gather together, he will fail to intercept and will naturally leave.”

They all understood this truth.

Now the cultivators from the four cities are coming. With the means by which the Master of the Abyss Sea can sense the whole Cultivation Holy Realm living things aura, it is naturally clear that his speed is slower than the speed of the battle formation. , even if you go after them, you can’t kill them. The best way… is to stay outside Scarlet Cloud City and wait for the arrival of the cultivators in that city.

Because, the surroundings of Scarlet Cloud City at this moment can be called inescapable net!

The Chaotic Origin beings from the entire Cultivation Sacred Realm are rushing here, and the number of Chaotic Origin beings gathered now far exceeds the number of Chaotic Origin beings who besieged ‘Tianwu City’ before! If there were so many Chaotic Source beings in Tianwu City at that time, the Wucheng cultivator simply couldn’t escape!


There are too many Chaotic Origin beings besieging Scarlet Cloud City, and they are still growing. When other city cultivators came to enter the city, the biggest difficulty was the countless Chaotic Origin beings!

There is hope that the master of the abyss sea will be successful in intercepting.

“We have to do our best to protect the cultivators in other cities.” Everyone understands this.



The Chiyun City side has communicated with the cultivators of the other four cities to communicate with the treasure. All parties communicated, and they all agreed with the proposal of Chiyun City Lord ‘Fengyun Yiye’.

Two methods.

The first is the old method. The more teams there are, the more natural they are, the more likely they will be successful! Kind of try one’s luck.

The other is to immediately start researching new large-scale battle formations.

“At that time, the five people I waited for happened to be one of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth Five Elements, and they were all Divine Emperor Perfection Daoists. The two of them were not very good at Formation at first, but one pass, Baidao pass, after spending enough time and energy, Tianchun old man and the two of them also improved in Formation… I waited for the five to gather in a city to discuss together, Thinking about the means of combining Five Elements, I want to achieve Chaotic Source. It is too difficult and too difficult to break the law into Chaotic Source. Instead, we created the Five Elements Life and Destruction Formation. Alas, until now, two have fallen, and one has fallen. Leaving the Cultivation Holy Realm, Tianchun and I have lived to this day.” The Great Emperor of the main channel said.

“Five Elements Birth and Destruction Array, can’t be arranged now! But we don’t need such a complicated Five Elements Birth and Destruction Array. The reason why we wanted such an array at the beginning was because we were dealing with the master of the Abyss Sea. At the same time, there are countless Chaotic Origin beings that need to be dealt with. Even countless Chaotic Origin beings are a bigger threat. Now, with Emperor Peyton, the threat of Chaotic Origin beings can be ignored! We can simplify the original battle formation.” Another The ‘Tianchun Emperor’ responded.

“Yes, it can be simplified completely.” The Great Emperor of the main channel also immediately agreed, “The countless Chaotic Source life threats can be ignored, and the requirements for Formation are also reduced.”

“We must hurry up. Time… We must create a large battle formation before the Coldmoon City team arrives.” Wu Xiao is the message, “Otherwise, all the teams will gather, and the owner of Abyss Sea will escape without any hope of interception! There is no way to delay for too long, deliberately delaying, how wise is the master of the sea of the abyss? He must find something wrong, and he will flee, ten days! We must succeed in ten days.”

” en. ”

β€œOkay, we also need a lot of cultivators who are good at Formation to deduce together.”

Immediately, the five cities that were good at Formation began to communicate through the communication treasure, and began to continuously communicate with each other. Simplify the game.

Thankfully it can be simplified.

Otherwise, it would be too difficult to create something similar to the ‘Five Elements Array’. At the beginning, there were exactly five Peak powerhouses who were good at each aspect of Five Elements, and they were also good at Formation. Only the five of them can be arranged into a large battle formation.

And now that there is Emperor Peyton, the original biggest threat ‘innumerable Chaotic Source beings’ can be ignored. This is also a rare opportunity.


The master of the sea of abyss occasionally attacks Scarlet Cloud City, and Scarlet Cloud City is arrayed in layers. The hood recovers quickly, and the unit immediately returns.

Everyone is slowly procrastinating.

Three days later.

Tianwu City and Bingxing City, a total of six teams of cultivators are about to arrive at Scarlet Cloud City together. In fact, according to extreme speed, even if the three teams of Tianwu City want to converge, the most You can arrive at Scarlet Cloud City more than half a day slower than the Master of Abyss Sea. It’s just that they only have three teams, and they don’t have the confidence to join the cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City, so they deliberately wait and delay!

The Master of Abyss Sea also dispatched a large number of Chaotic Origin beings to intercept and kill them, and finally did not dare to drag it any further. He forced the six teams from the two cities to converge and set off together!

“We’re almost there.”

“City Lord, it’s up to you, we can’t kill it.”

“Emperor Peyton, need Come and save me and wait.”

The cultivators in Tianwu City and Bingxing City felt a chill in their hearts when they looked at the innumerable number of Chaotic Origin beings densely packed in the distance.

Too many!

There are a large number of Chaotic Origin beings coming from all directions at every moment. They are also very intelligent, and they also start to cooperate under the orders of the Abyss Sea Master. Don’t talk about anything else, just the Chaotic Origin beings gather together. The ‘wall’ formed was enough to stop the cultivator team.

“Come, Emperor Peyton and the others are here.”

“The team from Scarlet Cloud City.”

The six teams from Tianwu City and Bingxing City The team saw from afar that there were two dragon-like teams, rushing out like a hot knife through butter! Although the Chaotic Origin beings are densely packed and endless, they are still being broken through by the two teams of Scarlet Cloud City.

“Stop them, stop.” The owner of the sea of abyss strode forward, roaring and ordering at the same time.

He himself, along with a large number of other Chaotic Origin beings, killed the six teams.

“I can’t stop it.”

The two teams of Scarlet Cloud City also rushed to kill with all their might!

The strength of all the Chaotic Source beings in the millions around them has dropped by a level! Because each one descends one level, the threat of obstruction is sharply reduced. If they are all Divine Emperor Perfection level battle strength… Hiding the sky and covering the earth blocking, it still has some impact on Peyton and the others’ speed, and Now all of them are Divine Emperor’s late battle strength, and the impact on Peyton’s speed is barely 10%! Or is it because the Chaotic Origin beings are all fierce and unafraid of death, and they all use their bodies to hinder them.


The speed is slightly affected, but the speed of Peyton’s team is still faster than the master of the Abyss Sea.

The six teams in the distance have already started fighting with some Chaotic Origin beings. They were also stalling so they could join Payton and the others.

“Hold on.”

“We’re here.”

The two cultivator teams in Scarlet Cloud City fought desperately and finally broke through many Obstacles, and all six teams from Tianwu City and Bingxing City have all converged.

“Hahaha…” Many of the cultivators in Tianwu City and Bingxing City laughed, because after the distance from Peyton was reduced to within a million li, they felt the surrounding Chaotic Origin beings. The strength has dropped sharply, and it is no longer a threat to their team.

Teams meet.

“Mr. Peyton, thanks to you.”

“City Lord, long time no see, this time we have to deal with the abyss sea master together again.”

All the cultivators are in a good mood.

A total of eight teams of them joined together, grandiose killed them back, and the obstacle to Chaotic Origin life was very low. They easily arrived at Scarlet Cloud City and joined another team in the city! The reason for leaving one is to prevent the owner of Abyss Sea from breaking Scarlet Cloud City.

Nine teams converge!

Immediately, he began to attack the master of the abyss sea again, starting a great battle.



As everyone expected, the nine teams united to besiege the Master of the Abyss Sea, although the power was stronger! But the master of the sea of abyss often uses his body to resist, even if some City Lord-level powerhouses such as Fengyun Yiye, Wu Xiao, Xun Yi, etc. rely on the attack of the battle formation, there is a certain threat to the master of the sea of the sea. The master can barely recover.

Nine teams still couldn’t kill the master of the Abyss Sea.

The injury from the attack… The Master of the Abyss Sea can completely recover. Obviously, no matter how long you fight, it will be useless.

The nine teams could only temporarily withdraw to Scarlet Cloud City.

“It still won’t work.”

“Although the teams of the three cities have combined their strengths, the Master of Abyss Sea is also clumsy, but his life-saving tactics are still too strong. .”

“Well, wait, in a few days, the five city cultivators will gather! When the time comes when a large battle formation is successfully created, it will cast a large battle formation. If not, fifteen detachments will be formed. Heli is also somewhat allowed to kill the master of the Abyss Sea.”

More than 10,000 cultivators gathered in Scarlet Cloud City, and it was very lively.

Among them, those who are good at Formation are all studying together, and now face-to-face discussions are much more convenient than ‘communication treasure’.

Time has passed…

In the blink of an eye, another seven days have passed, and the six teams from the two cities, Changguang City and Coldmoon City, have already converged, and they are also facing red. Cloud City is here.


Outside the city.

The abyss sea master had a tall body, silently sit cross-legged and closed his eyes to rest, obviously attacking the city was useless, so he stopped and rested. Even though he was sitting cross-legged, his body was still hundreds of miles tall, and his head was almost close to the clouds.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

He sensed that the six teams from the last two cities were very close.

“It’s here, it’s finally here, the last two city cultivators have finally come to their last moment, I’ve been covering up for so long, and it’s enough.” The owner of Abyss Sea had a monstrous murderous intention in his heart, ” The lord of aloof and remote, imprison me here and torture me, and let me be a sharpening stone for these weak ants. However, you will regret it soon.”

“The five city’s Cultivator! All have to die, not one will be left.”

“I, Chenghao! It is destined to be famous in the endless Chaotic Origin space.” A trace of cold murderous intention flashed across the eyes of the owner of Abyss Sea.

(End of this chapter)

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