All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 625


Chapter 625

Peton and the others only flew out of Scarlet Cloud City with three teams to rescue.

Because Peyton used his soul tricks to permeate the surroundings, the Chaotic Origin beings are not a threat. It is enough for only three teams to rescue them. Their speed soared to the extreme. On the other hand, the owner of the Abyss Sea also ordered a large number of Chaotic Origin. Life, he himself is also striding forward, wanting to kill with all his strength.

“The Master of Abyss Sea is crazy, and he has shown his true body.”

“Of course he is crazy. If the interception fails this time, he will not intercept the murderous intention. It will be easy to deal with him when our five city cultivators meet.”

Peton and the others are all in a good mood.

Because they have created a simplified large-scale battle formation, there are two of the five who created the original ‘Five Elements Life and Destruction Formation’, the Great Emperor of Ganqu and Emperor Tianchun, There are also many Formation experts working together, and finally simplifying the success. The simplified large-scale battle formation gave up many means of dealing with group attacks, mainly for the purpose of attacking.

“Quick, quick, this abyss sea master is crazy.”


Peyton and the others finally had some thrills We have joined the six teams of Shinko City and Coldmoon City! The main reason is that there are too many Chaotic Origin beings surrounding Scarlet Cloud City. In the entire Cultivation Holy Realm, I am afraid that 30% of the Chaotic Origin beings are here! Coupled with the madness of the abyss sea owner, this time the teams of Guangguang City and Coldmoon City are even more difficult and dangerous.

Fortunately, the rendezvous was successful.

“I will wait for the successful rendezvous, the owner of Abyss Sea is dead.”

“Quickly return to Scarlet Cloud City to form a large battle formation.”

“Quick , I can’t wait.”

“Waiting for this day, it’s been too long.”

The cultivators were all excited.

The combined nine teams returned quickly, but the master of the sea of abyss walked towards Scarlet Cloud City with both eyes full of anger.

“You haven’t escaped yet?” When Peyton and the others returned to Scarlet Cloud City, they also paid attention to the master of the sea of the abyss. But they are very confident and have been prepared for a long time. They believe that the five city powerhouses will work together to form a large battle formation… With a faster flight speed, they will definitely catch up with the master of the Abyss Sea and kill him in one fell swoop.

“It’s better if we don’t run away.”

“He’s too confident.”

A lot of cultivator sound transmission discussions.

But some cultivators are vaguely uneasy! It’s just that now the arrow is on the line, the five city cultivators have gathered, and a large battle formation has been created, so there is no reason for everyone to hesitate.


Nine teams landed in Scarlet Cloud City, and the other six teams were all very excited.

The cultivators immediately began to meet, and began to set up large battle formations.


Suddenly, a thunderous laughter resounded through Heaven and Earth, “Very well, all five of your cultivators have gathered together!”

The cultivators who were arranging large battle formations in the city were all stunned, and Peyton was also heart trembled. Many of them were not in a hurry to escape from the abyss and felt a little uneasy, but they didn’t think much about it, feeling that everything was under control. middle. But now the wild laughter of the owner of the sea of the abyss… makes every cultivator present shocked!

“Not good.”

“He, what does he mean?”

“Could it be that he was outside Scarlet Cloud City for so long, not to kill him, Instead, he has to wait for us to gather together?”

“Why? There is no reason. If he has enough strength, he will simply kill me and wait for it?”

” Impossible! He is restrained by punishment, and Emperor Peyton has made ordinary Chaotic Source life no longer a threat, his strength of oneself… How can he threaten so many cultivators of us, then this is not a test.”

All of a sudden, many thoughts came into their minds.


“Very good, your five city cultivators are all gathered together!” The voice of the master of the sea of the abyss is still echoing between Heaven and Earth, and his body is also happening Change, the body size is getting bigger! One thousand two hundred li high, ten thousand li high, hundreds of thousands li high… The body is rapidly expanding and getting bigger, some wounds on the skin of his whole body disappear quickly, and strange blue water runes in the shape of ‘Well’ appear on the skin. Heaven and Earth are shaking, and the World Strength of the Cultivation Holy Realm is frantically pouring into the body of the abyss sea master.

Strictly speaking of which.

The body of the abyss sea master is madly swallowing the surrounding World Strength. Even if this Cultivation Holy World is suppressed, he can forcibly swallow it!

And the surrounding rules have begun to change, the owner of the Abyss Sea… His existence is at the same level as a world, and he is the source of the world! But now the abyss sea master has become more terrifying, and his body even forced back the Rule suppression of the Cultivation Holy Realm, and began to change the surrounding rules.

“This, what’s wrong with this?”


Nearly 20,000 cultivators all looked up in stunned eyes and felt chills in their hearts.

The body of the master of the Abyss Sea is growing rapidly, and his existence has even begun to affect the surrounding rules. The entire Scarlet Cloud City is within the scope of these rules. Peyton and the others can’t help but have a sense of acknowledgement allegiance… …Too strong! The strength of both sides is so great that it makes people desperate.

The surroundings of “chi chi chi~~~” were destroyed and shattered, revealing the countless secret pattern-like chains behind the membrane wall.

Countless secret pattern chains firmly seal the entire Cultivation Holy Realm!

The rule change caused by the master of the abyss sea is in conflict with the rules of the Cultivation Holy Realm.

“This, this is definitely not a high-level Chaotic Origin being. High-level Chaotic Origin beings are absolutely impossible in the Cultivation Holy Realm.” Wu Xiao looked at the abyss sea master who had grown rapidly, and couldn’t help but tremble.

“Not good, there is big trouble, hurry up.” The Northern River Great Emperor was very straightforward, and immediately wanted to activate the mark on his wrist, and wanted to leave this world.


He had just excited, but the surrounding rules were forcibly suppressed, causing the Northern River Great Emperor to fail.

The abyss sea master who was transforming also glanced in the direction of the ‘North River Great Emperor’, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth: “Oh? The escape technique that is very difficult to deal with? It’s a pity it’s useless.”


This is a means left by ‘Yuan’, but it is what Yuan left in the forbidden area of the Broken Tooth Mountain Range ‘Snake Tooth Corridor’ The means contained in the big stone, every cultivator who can enter the big stone, will get this kind of means. This escape technique can be activated three times! Such a large-scale gift, how precious can’t be considered, and can’t break the rules of a world-level Chaotic Origin being.

“Impudent!” An angry shout resounded throughout the Cultivation Holy Realm.

An incomparably majestic black robe tall and thin man illusory shadow appeared in mid-air, he glared at the master of the abyss sea, only to see the densely packed chains permeating the body of the master of the abyss sea all started. The explosion, countless golden light rises, the power completely soared to the extreme, and the chains were suppressed crazily, causing the soaring body of the abyss sea master, not only unable to soar, but also forced to start to decline.

Peyton and the others all recognized that the black robe tall and thin man was the Artifact Spirit of the Hall of Reception. One by one, watching the body of the master of the sea of abyss shrinking, they couldn’t help but look forward to it.

“An Artifact Spirit is also yelling in front of me.” The owner of the Abyss Sea was gritting his teeth and roaring. He tried his best to resist, but his body was still forced to lower and shrink.

These are some of the arrays that the lord arranged to suppress the Chaotic Source prisoners, and now they are all excited.

Although the great lords originally targeted Chaotic Origin prisoners at the ‘higher Chaotic Origin Life’ level, as a precaution, the power of the array has reached the world level! This also took a lot of thought for a lord.


The countless secret pattern chains outside the entire Cultivation Sacred Membrane wall are bursting with rays of light, and they are also swallowing the surrounding frantically. The amount of muddy source power, the power exploded to the extreme, all this huge array erupted, suppressing the abyss sea master.

This is the ultimate power of array.

The body of the abyss sea master was forced to shrink, and finally, it stopped when it shrunk to a height of eight thousand miles.

“What?” black robe tall and thin man startled, he is just an Artifact Spirit after all, he has mobilized the power of the array to the limit at this moment, and only suppresses the opponent to a height of eight thousand miles! You must know… against the ultimate strength of the array, it can still maintain a height of 8,000 miles. This 8,000-mile-high body has endless power in every move, and it is many times stronger than just now.

“hehehe … what else is there to do?” The owner of the sea of abyss looked at the black robe tall and thin man illusory shadow and grinned, “A small world for ants to sharpen, always There won’t be a world-class Hunyuan powerhouse guarding you for a long time, haha! You are a little Artifact Spirit, you can’t do anything.”

black robe tall and thin man couldn’t help but feel bitter in his heart.

A world-class Hunyuan powerhouse guards? how is this possible!

Hunyuan powerhouse itself is equivalent to a world! Divide an Avatar, and the strength will be weakened. Therefore, in external battles, there is generally only one strongest Lord Avatar! Leave a weaker source world in itself! Just one master Avatar…all guarding important places. How is it possible to grind a little fellow in this Cultivation sanctuary.

After all, the number of world-class Hunyuan powerhouses is also very limited.

“How is it possible, how could it be possible! High-level Chaotic Origin beings, breaking through to world-level Chaotic Origin beings, are already extremely difficult and extremely difficult. Chaotic Origin prisoners are constantly being suppressed and restrained! His body has no Reaching the perfection level of high Chaotic Source life, once he reaches Perfection, he will be sent away and executed long ago. It is impossible to stay here.” The black robe tall and thin man was surprised.

He knows.

This abyss sea master should have mastered the perfection level realm of high-level Chaotic Source life, but he did not break through! Without breaking through, he forcibly realized the method of breaking through to the world level.

This is terrifying!


Because choosing a non-Perfection level in the higher Chaotic Source life, but also putting enough pressure on the cultivator, the general choice is bloodline noble. The abyss sea master bloodline in front of him is quite noble.

“The bloodline is noble, and under the influence of the Cultivation Sacred Realm, it can reach the world-level Chaotic Origin life?” The black robe tall and thin man felt a chill in his heart. Since the birth of the Cultivation Sacred Realm, this kind of thing has Never been! Because high-level Chaotic Origin beings reach the world level, there is not even one in a million! In the Holy Realm of Cultivation, the difficulty is also increased by a hundred and a thousand times.

This probability is too low. So far, the Cultivation Holy Realm has only changed six abyss sea masters.

But one emerges, forcibly breaking through to the world-level Chaotic Origin being?

“It’s over.”

“The cultivator little fellows in this world are over.” The black robe tall and thin man knew something was wrong, and there was nothing he could do.

Although he wants to save these cultivator little fellows, the black robe tall and thin man is only an Artifact Spirit after all, and he can’t do anything about it, even at this moment, what he cares more about is: “I have already filed an inspection, I hope the inspection can arrive in time to kill this newly promoted world-class Chaotic Origin being, or let him escape, it will be another disaster.”

Can be killed in the Cultivation Holy Realm. Under such a predicament of imprisonment and torture, there is still a breakthrough, and the bloodline is noble. Once he escapes, everything will be unclear in the future. With the potential shown by the other party, it is possible to reach the ‘world-level Chaotic Source Life Peak’.

“Hoho~~” Eight thousand miles tall, with densely packed tic-tac-toe patterns on his skin, the tentacles of the master of the Abyss Sea softly wrapped around the chains that penetrated his body , desperately trying to pull it out.

“Come out, come out!”

The sixteen tentacles of the owner of Abyss Sea were pulling out with all their strength, his face was distorted, and his eyes were full of madness.

But no matter how he pulls it out, none of these chains can be pulled out!

“If I don’t destroy this repression array, I can’t escape.” The owner of the sea of abyss began to struggle, his body wanted to get higher, and his tentacles were still wrapped around the chain, but he used force in the opposite direction. , to tear apart the huge array connected to the chain.

Buzz!Buzz!Buzz! β€”β€”

These chains, each one is very tight! Forcibly suppress a world-class Chaotic Origin being from the Master of Abyss Sea at a height of eight thousand miles. When Master of Abyss Sea frantically pulled the chain out, the entire Cultivation Holy Realm trembled faintly, and the destruction began to shatter everywhere. In the blink of an eye, every inch of destruction in the entire Cultivation Sacred World was continuously shattered and healed, healed and shattered, revealing the countless secret pattern-like chains behind the membrane wall.

Countless secret pattern chains, like a huge cage, envelop the entire Cultivation Holy Realm, and also seal the entire Cultivation Holy Realm.

Om~~Cultivation The holy world is shaking, and the countless secret pattern chains like a cage burst out with dazzling rays of light.

The owner of Abyss Sea is not reconciled: “I can’t even struggle, I have reached the world-level Chaotic Origin life, and I still can’t destroy this array, and I can’t escape!”

This result , is neither good nor bad.

This plan…

In his original plan, the worst case scenario is that once he breaks through to a world-level Chaotic Origin life, the disciplinary ban array will burst out with all its strength. Next, if you kill him directly! That’s sad, and it’s the worst-case scenario. But he had no choice, he had to break through, otherwise there would be no hope.

In the best case, he can destroy the ban array in one fell swoop! Destroy the entire Cultivation Holy Realm, kill all cultivators, and escape easily! By the time some terrifying Chaotic Source powerhouses arrived, he had already fled somewhere.

The current situation.

It’s neither good nor bad! Banning the array is not so unbelievable, killing him directly! But it’s not that fragile, and was destroyed by him.

“Big Brother!” The owner of the Abyss Sea stopped struggling, but with the help of the bloodline’s induction, he teleported to another powerful Chaotic Origin being far away from the endless time and space. Another world-class Chaotic Origin being from the closest family. Because in the infinite Chaotic Source space, the distance is far away, and induction can still be formed.

One is the same bloodline! Second, it must be strong enough, at least a world-level Chaotic Origin life.

The owner of Abyss Sea has a noble bloodline. In his bloodline, there are three who achieved world-level Chaotic Origin life before him!

“en? Chenghao?” In the endless distance, there was a majestic giant who was sleeping, and the time and space around him were banned. Even if other Chaotic Origin powerhouses passed by, it would be difficult to find him.

He opened his eyes now.

His eyes are much larger than the Supreme Sun Star of the primordial Ancient Saint Sector. There are countless water lights flowing on the surface of his body, and there are faint worlds born in the water light. Those water light worlds In the middle, there are even more weak ordinary Chaotic Origin beings living.

“Haha, Chenghao, my brother, have you broken through to the world level?” This towering giant showed joy. Under the same bloodline, the number of high-level Chaotic Origin beings is outrageous, but they must reach the world level. level, will be regarded as a brother by him.

“Yes, I just broke through, but I was imprisoned in a world, I can’t struggle, I need rescue, I have to be fast! The world-level powerhouse under the cultivator lord should have also received the news, too. will come as soon as possible.” The abyss sea master mind sound transmission said.

“Your area is the territory controlled by cultivators.” The towering giant was a little troubled.

“Brother, please save me.” The owner of Abyss Sea said eagerly.

He also knows that this is the territory of the cultivator, and Chaotic Origin beings that are truly terrifying will not easily set foot in it.

“Okay! Don’t worry, I’m here, there will definitely be the nearest world-class Chaotic Origin being to save you, the fourth world-class Chaotic Origin being born in my family, I will definitely We will be rescued! In terms of accumulation, after all, we are much stronger than cultivators.” The towering giant said immediately, sensing through the bloodline that he had already locked the position of the master of the sea of the abyss, when even Shang began to rescue!

The owner of Abyss Sea is heart relaxed.

He couldn’t escape by himself, he could only ask for his fellow clan. Although the world-level Chaotic Source powerhouse in the cultivator is very difficult to deal with, it can only be called invincible by hiding in its own source world! You can only stick to it. In terms of active attack, it is not much more powerful than the world-class Chaotic Origin Life. The most terrifying is the lord! The great lord, whose strength is profound mystery, has truly sheltered a large area of territory.

There are only eight lords in total, and the number is very small.

(End of this chapter)

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