All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 626


Chapter 626

The owner of the Abyss Sea has arranged everything for himself, so he can focus on The large group of cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City, to him, these weak cultivators who are not even Chaotic Origin beings are ants, and they simply cannot compare with his own life! I have arranged my own affairs properly, so I came to trample all these weak ants to death!

“Escape, hurry, hurry, separate.”

“Spread them all, in different directions, escape quickly! It can be delayed for a while, as long as it can be delayed until muddy. The source powerhouse has come to kill the master of the Abyss Sea, and you will be saved!” The black robe tall and thin man illusory shadow hovered in the air, sound transmission to every cultivator, urging.

The cultivators have long since fled, almost all alone.

Each of their bodies is protected by array power, which is a little array power mobilized by black robe tall and thin man.

“Destroy.” The owner of Abyss Sea thought.

Within the scope of the rules that spread around him, invisible power descended, and every cultivator felt his body sink, and his speed suddenly decreased, but he still resisted.

“Little Artifact Spirit, can you mobilize a little power to protect these little fellows? Is it useful?” The owner of the Abyss Sea sneered. These power protections allow cultivators to ignore those ordinary Chaotic Source beings, but Facing the world-class Chaotic Origin being ‘Abyss Sea Master’ is still ridiculous! The Master of Abyss Sea is resisting the entire banned array. How terrifying is his own power?


As soon as he took a step, the speed was too fast, and he stepped on the nearest cultivator. fall! In an instant, the cultivator was trampled to dust.

Although the master of the sea of abyss was struggling before, resisting the banned array, and sending a spiritual sound transmission with his eldest brother… Those cultivators have already started to flee, and now the slowest ones are in the hundreds of millions Outside, the owner of the Abyss Sea took only one step before arriving there and trampled the cultivator to death.

The speed is much faster than the cultivators.


In just one breath, the master of the sea of abyss trampled over a thousand cultivators to death. He clearly watched him walk leisurely, but the cultivators fell too much. Well, in this way, nearly 20,000 cultivators can’t last for too long.

In the direction of Peyton, the ordinary Divine Emperor Perfection series was almost dead, leaving only a dozen extremely fast ones and some Peak powerhouses running away.

“Is it coming to me?” The Great Emperor of the main channel turned his head to look, and even stopped.

“If I can break the law with my strength, then I will directly reach the level of the lord. A world-level Chaotic Source life that is suppressed in strength is not a threat at all.” The Great Emperor of the main channel said silently, his eyes The terrifying rays of light are burning in the middle, and the cultivation path has come to this day, and the obsessional pursuit of the long years is burning. In the face of death, the Great Emperor of the main channel is trying his best.

Breakthrough or die!

Perhaps the breakthrough hope is less than one in a billion, but we still have to fight.

Big feet fell.

The Great Emperor of the main channel is staring, staring.


The Great Emperor of the main channel, fall!

“Brother Ganqu.” Emperor Tianchun, who fled in the other direction, looked in pain.

“Brother Ganqu is gone too.”

“Another one.”

The Great Emperor of Ganqu is stronger than the Great Emperor of Beihe in terms of influence and reputation There are too many, his fall has indeed caused a lot of sadness in the hearts of the cultivators, and they sighed for the death of the Great Emperor of the main channel, but they also understand that it will be their turn soon.


peng peng peng ……

The direction in which Peyton escaped, the one who was trampled to death today was not the extremely fast Divine Emperor Perfection class , is Peak powerhouses, all of them are quite famous.

But no one can resist, and a miracle can happen.

A miracle, why a miracle? It’s so hard to come by!

Cultivation ……after all, it depends on accumulation! If the accumulation itself is not enough, even if death comes, do you want to break through? Actually delusional! Many people who can break through in the face of death have already accumulated enough, only the last step is left.

“Cultivation so far, no regrets, no regrets!” Vice-City Lord Xun Yi laughed, watching the majestic Abyss Sea Master step on it with one foot.

Xun Yi is the Vice-City Lord of Tianwu City.

It is also the Daoist who destroys the lineage! In terms of Destruction Dao’s accumulation, it is deeper than that of Payton, but in terms of speed, although he is fast, he is slower than Payton. Peyton also realized the secret technique of water drop from the ‘silent iceberg master’s corpse’, and the speed skyrocketed.

In terms of speed, like the three City Lords in Scarlet Cloud City at the beginning, there are also some who are faster than City Lords in Scarlet Cloud City.

everyone has their own field of specialisation!


Step down with one foot.

Xun Yi laughed loudly, even with layers of destruction appearing around him, he was still trying to use his tricks, but all of them were still annihilated.

This is the first Vice-City Lord of the five cities to fall.


peng peng peng ……

After the fall of Xun Yi Vice-City Lord, the other powerhouses also fell one after another, letting those who fled in other directions The cultivators are getting more and more miserable.

“It’s Monarch Peyton.”

“Is Monarch Peyton dying too?”

Although many cultivators fleeing in different directions, all of them can They were all paying attention to the abyss sea master, and also saw that on that route, the abyss sea master was already going to Peyton, and Peyton was also the second fastest flying escape on that route.

Emperor Peyton, the influence of fame is even greater!

His accomplishments in the soul are admired by the cultivators in the five cities of the Cultivation Holy Realm. The soul is the foundation of life. To have such attainments in the soul is simply amazing! It can be said that… in the recent half a month, Emperor Peyton is definitely the most dazzling and most beautiful one in the entire Cultivation Holy Realm.

Have been cultivators in other four cities, because Scarlet Cloud City has Emperor Peyton, and I envy the cultivators of Scarlet Cloud City.

“He’s going to be trampled to death?”

“Ai, even if innate talent is great, he will eventually fall when he falls. In the face of absolute power, all resistance will be defeated. It’s a joke.”

Following one by one.

Fengyun Yiye, Xiefan, Wu Xiao, Heaven Smiting Great Emperor, etc., as well as many powerhouses in the other four cities, also watched that scene.

Peyton also stopped, not escaping.

He turned to face the rear, and looked at the towering abyss sea master, peng peng peng, whose ankles reached the height of the clouds, and the Peak powerhouse in the distance fell three in a row, and then, the big one. The foot was in Peyton’s field of vision for a moment, covering the sky, the sky seemed to become dark, and the big foot fellβ€”β€”

At this moment, Peyton did not feel sad for himself, after all, he was just An Avatar that’s all.

Just standing here at the moment, in the direction of their escape, more than a thousand cultivators were all trampled to death, ordinary like the Great Emperor of Beihe, and Peak powerhouse like the Great Emperor of the trunk canal Wait, it’s another example of City Lord, Xun Yi, who is a Level 1 figure! Their strength may be somewhat different, but all of them are shocking and stunning.

They come from different worlds and have different experiences, but they also have a heart for Taoism.

They are eager, they are pursuing, and they are pursuing to jump out of the cage and achieve Chaotic Source.

On this road…

They were all ready to die.

If you hear the word in the morning, you can die in the evening.

When they die, they can die calmly and die with a smile.

“Born and dead, but they are all willing to embark on this road, no regrets!”

There is an unprecedented look in Peyton’s eyes.


Big feet fell.

Payton turned into a jerk!

At this moment, many cultivators who paid attention to the owner of the sea of the abyss sighed, shocking and stunning, such as ‘Emperor Peyton’, has also fallen!


At this time, the Great Firmament spirit began to beat, and it was in the dark.

Destruction, Creation, Soul, Evil God, Gene.

The Great Firmament True Spirit…

Derives Heavenly Dao five meridians, at this moment with ‘soul lineage’ as a reference.

It had already reached the ultimate accumulation, and suddenly it became a perfect Dao’ of Perfection, just like the finishing touch! At this moment, all accumulated Perfection becomes one.

When the accumulation reaches the extreme.

What I need, maybe just a little heart touch.

After all clear comprehension.

Peton’s soul ‘Boom’ has undergone a final transformation.

The World Source, which was originally very clear, felt like the mother’s embrace at this moment, everything was within reach, and Peyton’s soul was naturally integrated into this World Source, soul! It is the most mysterious power. It is the condensed essence of the World Source, so the ‘Blood Spirit Essence’ extracted from countless creatures is better than the source stone.

And the soul that reaches the ultimate Perfection state, World Source has no obstacles in front of it, and it penetrates easily, everywhere.

Because sudden enlightenment breakthrough!

Because the soul is integrated into World Source! Endless joy inside!

Peton’s eyes lit up like never before.


With one foot, Peyton’s body was annihilated.

The fleshy body perishes, but the soul does not perish.

The World Source is immortal…and the soul is immortal!


Fengyun Yiye fled in the other direction, and one of his left and right arms, ‘Xie Fan’, was also escaping behind Xie Fan. In, they’re all paying attention to Payton here.

I watched that big foot fall from the clouds and trampled Emperor Peyton to death.

“No matter how dazzling the innate talent is, no matter how powerful the strength is, it will die the same.” Xie Fan gritted his teeth, with madness in his eyes, “Emperor Peyton is dead, and soon everyone else will die, when the time comes It will be my turn, it will be my turn…”


“Unless someone can break through to Chaotic Origin Life, and maybe a glimmer of survival. “Xie Fan secretly said, even if the awakening of bloodline is a breakthrough, it is only just stepping into the ranks of high-level Chaotic Source beings! Like the current abyss sea master, although his strength is suppressed by the entire banned array, he is still a world-level Chaotic Origin being after all. Under the suppression, he may still be able to kill a new high-level Chaotic Origin being.

Of course, high-level Chaotic Source beings may also survive! At least running away seems more convenient? And the abyss sea master has chains all over his body, which greatly affects the speed. It is much faster than the cultivators, but it can be compared with the high-level Chaotic Source beings, and the speed may not be as fast.

“It is so easy to achieve Chaotic Source.” Xie Fan secretly said.

He doesn’t have a Chaotic Origin bloodline. If he breaks through, he has to use force to break the law, and the hope is even slimmer.

“Maybe?” Xie Fan still held a trace of desire.

Any cultivator who has reached the half-chaotic source life form realm has expectations for his own achievement of Chaotic Source.


“Brother Peyton.” Fengyun Yiye sighed.

He is very proud.

In Scarlet Cloud City, he also has a good enough relationship with the ancestor of the nine-headed snake, and they both have a deep enough realm accumulation. As for Wu Xiao? The strength is comparable to them, but that is because the bloodline is too bad, and the realm accumulation is not as good as these two.

The ancestor of the nine-headed snake finally led the nine bloodlines with the bloodline of the silent iceberg master, finally awakening in one fell swoop, achieving Chaotic Source, and even a brand-new Chaotic Source life race.

Fengyun Yiye admires the ancestor of the nine-headed snake, but he also admires Peyton, who is the one he admires the most in the entire Cultivation Holy Realm.

“The path of the soul is so accomplished, alas, I’m almost there.” Fengyun Yiye said silently.

Follow him and continue to run away desperately.

The abyss sea master is killing in one direction. As long as he escapes further and delays longer, maybe there will be a glimmer of survival? No matter what, never give up.

“Emperor Peyton has also fallen.” Wu Xiao watched silently, “Forget it, let’s go, let’s go.”

The entire Cultivation sanctuary.

There is only one person who is sure to escape – Wu Xiao!

Wu Xiao, he is the best among the descendants of a great lord, the bloodline descendant of the lord, it is equally difficult to achieve Chaotic Source. He came out on his own to go through all kinds of experiences, and he Old Ancestor, the great lord, had already set his means in his soul. As long as a thought is stimulated, you can quickly escape with your soul wrapped in it.

According to Old Ancestor, as long as they do not encounter lord-level Chaotic Origin beings, they can escape.

Although there is the last way to survive, Wu Xiao is reluctant to use it until the desperate situation. Once used, the soul will be wrapped and sent to Old Ancestor! This is also a shame for Wu Xiao.

“No way.”


a single thought.

is directly activated.

His body disintegrated directly, and his soul turned into a dazzling white light with a ‘swish’, and disappeared directly into this world in a flash.


The Master of the Abyss Sea, who was slaughtering cultivators one after another, sensed that within the scope of his own rules, there was a cultivator’s soul forcibly left, that white edge , so that the owner of the Abyss Sea also shudders. Of course, that little power will at most give him a slight injury, but what makes the Master of Abyss Sea awe-inspiring is the nature of this power.

It was comparable to the power of the most terrifying ‘Lord-level Chaotic Origin Being’ among the natural Chaotic Origin beings, and it made him feel even more shocked.

He knew.

In the infinite Chaotic Origin space, the inborn Chaotic Origin beings excavate the bloodline to the extreme, and they are the lord-level Chaotic Origin beings. They are all tyrannical and possess unimaginable means. There was even a lord-level Chaotic Origin being in the bloodline of time and space, who was once killed by a cultivator lord, but was resurrected after a long period of time.

That great being, whose battle strength is at the bottom of the lord level, can be constantly resurrected from time and space and will never be killed.

Each ‘Lord-level’ great existence has its own way of defying the sky, and the cultivator lords they can beat are seriously injured.


The eight lords of the cultivator are stronger than the level existence of the lords in the born Chaotic Source life. All of them have understood the essence of the highest level of power and Dao’, they may be injured, but should they kill them? It’s almost impossible to kill their ‘main battle Avatar’, let alone that they all have Avatars in their source world. With the help of his own source world, the world-level Chaotic Source beings are almost invincible, not to mention the lords.

“That’s the power of a lord! That cultivator, is under the protection of a lord?” Abyss Sea Master secretly said.


The abyss sea master no longer thought about it. He is now suppressed by the banned array. Although he barely maintains a little strength, he can’t get rid of this chain at all. Open this forbidden ‘cage world’, yes, this Cultivation holy world is a big cage for him.

He continued to directly kill these cultivators step by step.


The World Source is immortal, and the soul is immortal.


Peyton felt amazing. The World Source of the Cultivation Holy Realm was like a huge light group, and his soul was integrated into it.

Even the damage to the soul caused by Avatar’s fall is restored in an instant.

“Yearn Heavenly Dao, the ultimate…”

Peyton was getting familiar.



Feng Yun Yi Ye was escaping quickly, but his heart was getting colder.

Because the towering giant behind the abyss sea master still strolled leisurely, seemingly casual, but in an instant, more than a hundred cultivators were trampled to death.

“Master of the Abyss Sea, can you spare me? I am willing to obey you completely!” Xie Fan, who was not far from Fengyunyiye, looked at the Master of Abyss Sea behind and tried his best to sound transmission past. The short old man ‘Xie Fan’ looked towards the master of the Abyss Sea at this time, with a hint of humility in his eyes, he didn’t care about his face at all.

Among the many cultivators who were trampled to death, there were very few who actively asked for mercy and were willing to acknowledge allegiance.

Because in the eyes of some cultivators…as long as you live! Then everything is hopeful.


A big foot fell, reflecting Xie Fan’s wide eyes, and following Xie Fan, he turned into a powder.

In the eyes of the abyss sea master, it was a little colder.

Begging for mercy?

I’ve been tortured and punished for so long, and I’ve suffered countless pains, and all these weak cultivators must die! Not a single one is spared!

“Peng, Peng, Peng…” The abyss sea master stepped on one after another, and he was furious at the moment. On the one hand, he had suppressed the anger for a long time in the past, and wanted to retaliate and vent. On the other hand, because he can’t get rid of the chains, can’t leave this world, he is still in fear… Once the cultivator’s Hunyuan powerhouse arrives first, and his strength is greatly reduced due to the influence of the banned array, I am afraid he will lose it. life.

The death threat hasn’t gone away.

How could the abyss sea master let go of these weak cultivators in a good mood?

All trampled to death! All trampled to death! Not one left!

“Fengyun Yiye.” The owner of Abyss Sea saw Fengyun Yiye fleeing, and his face became more and more hideous. Among this group of weak ants, he most wanted to kill the one named Emperor Peyton. The second one is this one, and Emperor Peyton is dead, and it’s this one’s turn.

“Fengyun City Lord.”

“Brother Fengyun is going to fall too?”

Many other cultivators fleeing if the rabbit dies , the fox grieves, they foresaw the same ending as Feng Yun Ye soon.

“I can’t escape.”

“I am a leaf, and both paths have reached the semi-chaotic source level. With my accumulation, there is a possibility of breaking through in the face of death. Yes.”

Wind Cloud Yi Ye no longer escaped, and turned to face it.

He stared at the tall and tall giant silhouette, Fengyunyiye’s sharp and crazy eyes, there was no fear at all, some were just crazy.

Fight it.

Breakthrough or die!

“Haha…” The abyss sea master stepped on it with one foot, and let out a wanton laughter like running thunder. Among these weak cultivators, only a few of these weak cultivators made him excited enough when they stepped on it. powerful.


Dropped from the clouds with one foot.

The eyes of many cultivators twitched. This is the most innate talent recognized by the Cultivation Holy Realm before Peyton’s arrival. He is about to perish here?

Fengyunyiye looked up and did not blink.


An equally huge palm, the palm is also about a thousand miles long, the skin is fair and lustrous, and the surface of the skin is covered with a layer of gentle power. The huge palm seems to appear slowly, gently fish! Then he took the ‘Fengyun Yiye’ in the palm of his hand, and followed the palm of his hand and simply took it back.


The big foot stepped down and stepped on the snow, making the snow-covered ground tremble and shatter.

Thumbs up!

I didn’t step on Fengyun Yiye!

The Master of the Abyss Sea instantly widened his eyes, looking at a majestic silhouette in front of him, a white clothed youth standing in front of him, also eight thousand miles tall! The eyes of the two collided, and there was even a smile on the corner of the white clothed youth’s mouth.

“You, you…” The owner of Abyss Sea couldn’t believe it, “Monarch Peyton?”

He recognized at a glance that this person in front of him was his among all the weak cultivators. The first goal! But it must have been trampled to death before.

The Emperor Peyton in front of him is eight thousand miles tall, and Life Aura is not that strong, and is still only a half-chaotic life form.

How is that possible?

The surrounding area is within the scope of his rule field, and even the rules of the Cultivation Holy Realm are forced to retreat. In his rule field, even world-level Chaotic Origin beings cannot teleport. right! How could this Emperor Peyton appear out of thin air? Moreover, a Chaotic Origin Lifeform is not a weak ant… How could it be possible to maintain a height of 8,000 miles under his rule domain?

“You’re not dead?” The Abyss Sea Master couldn’t help but say, “How come you’re not dead?”

“You can’t kill me.” Peyton said.

(End of this chapter)

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