All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 627


Chapter 627

“This, this…”

“Is this Emperor Peyton?”


“Isn’t he dead? How can he appear out of thin air, and the fleshy body can still maintain such a huge size?”

At this moment, the cultivators fleeing in many other directions were stunned, unable for a while. understand.

Has breakthrough become a source of chaos?

Obviously not! Emperor Peyton’s breath is still a semi-chaotic source life form, but why can he maintain such a shape?

“Me, I was rescued?” Fengyunyiye in Peyton’s palm was also a little confused. This palm was nearly a thousand miles long. In Peyton’s palm, Fengyunyi looked up at the towering Emperor Peyton, who was at the same height next to him was the owner of the Abyss Sea, and couldn’t help but feel confused, “He didn’t become a Chaotic Source, but why…”

He didn’t become a Chaotic Source, and he dared to be confused with the world level. Source life challenge?

This is totally unreasonable!

“I don’t know how you survived, I don’t know how you can maintain such a huge fleshy body under my rule domain, but you, after all, are not even Chaotic Origin beings, or go Die for me!” The sixteen tentacles of the master of the sea of abyss waved, causing the surrounding destruction to be completely shattered, shrouded in the power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.


Payton moved.

He moved, leaving countless afterimages on his body.

An afterimage, grab a cultivator. An afterimage picked up another cultivator…

The owner of the sea of abyss wanted to attack, but Peyton rescued all the cultivators in this direction in an instant, and exchanged one direction to save other cultivators.

“It’s so fast.”

“His speed…”

The owner of the Abyss Sea was furious and wanted to kill Peyton, admirable The speed is too fast, and it is easy to get rid of him and save the next cultivator.

On speed.

The abyss sea master is fully pulled by the chains of the entire banned array, and the speed is actually very slow, so he has an absolute advantage in dealing with weak cultivators. For Peyton, who is blessed with World Strength and whose speed is no less than that of high-level Chaotic Origin beings, the owner of Abyss Sea is a little dumbfounded.

“Let’s all go.” Peyton went to rescue each cultivator while manipulating World Strength. The surging World Strength swept over tens of thousands of cultivators scattered all over the place, causing these cultivators to escape. Speeds have increased.

“Save? Can you save it?” The owner of Abyss Sea is not stupid. If he follows Peyton’s ass, he will never be able to catch up.

However, the cultivator is around a few directions.

It’s easy for him to chase cultivators!


The abyss sea master strode forward, bursting with all his strength, and quickly caught up with the cultivator in one direction.

“die for me!” The owner of the sea of abyss waved sixteen tentacles recklessly, and the tentacles swept like a pillar. step by step to death. Now, under the full power attack, although the cultivators are far away from each other, the full power attack can spread to many areas, and it is still possible to kill the dozens cultivator at one time.


Peyton naturally chased after him, whiz whiz whiz … He was several times faster than the master of the sea of the abyss, just when the master of the sea of abyss waved his tentacles It was intercepted in front. The right hand held a long spear that was thousands of miles long, and when the long spear turned, it would block all the tentacles.

“Block me? You are not even an ant from a Chaotic Origin life, you dare to block me head-on?” The owner of the Abyss Sea became more and more crazy, “die.”

peng peng peng peng peng peng! ! ! ! !

Under the anger of the sixteen tentacles, even with the full force of the chains, they are still terrifying.


But Peyton couldn’t help but flew backwards, flying backwards hundreds of thousands of li, and staggered back three steps. Just stand.

“Cultivation Holy Realm, although the world is very stable, there are a large number of ordinary Chaotic Source beings living, and even more Chaotic Source prisoners are imprisoned. But in terms of origin, in terms of World Strength… Compared with the source world, it is not as good as Thousands of times. I was able to mobilize so much World Strength, yet I was crushed by a world-class Chaotic Origin being whose strength was greatly reduced.” Peyton muttered secretly.

This is the moment.

All creatures except Peyton were stunned.

“He, he… he blocked the world-class Chaotic Origin beings?”

“Emperor Peyton, his breath is not even Chaotic Origin beings, right?”


“Even if the power of the abyss sea master is greatly reduced, it is still a high Chaotic Source Life Level, how is it possible! How is this possible?”

The cultivators were confused.

Before, I saw that Peyton was quick to hide and save people, and I thought it was some evasion technique. But the head-on resistance, only to be repelled, this is too terrifying, indicating that the power level of the two sides is already the same as Level 1. Even if the power of the abyss sea master is greatly reduced, then Peyton’s current strength is also a high-level Chaotic Source. Life, I am afraid that it is considered to be Peak level in the higher Chaotic Source beings.

How is that possible?

“Emperor Peyton, how is this possible?” The black robe tall and thin man who was in the midair in the distance looked at him from a distance, and was also confused. He was an Artifact Spirit and couldn’t understand it at the moment.

“You did it on purpose, you have become a Chaotic Origin being, right? You are already a high-level Chaotic Origin being! Deliberately disguising the aura of a weak cultivator? Isn’t it?” Although he roars, there are still many confusions. For example, he is a dignified world-level Chaotic Origin being. If Peyton really is a bloodline awakening and breaking through to a high-level Chaotic Origin being, it stands to reason that it is impossible to hide in front of him. He can see through it at a glance. right.


When he stepped on Peyton to death before, he had already discovered that Peyton did not have a Chaotic Origin bloodline.

It stands to reason that an instant breakthrough can only be achieved by force! But that is the lord of aloof and remote, and a little finger can crush him.

“Impossible, it shouldn’t be.” The owner of the Abyss Sea was completely blinded.


Don’t talk about them, even the Hunyuan powerhouses watching what happened in the cultivator holy world were a little confused.

In the endless Chaotic Source space.

There is a large spherical boulder floating like a star, and there are several huts on it.

Outside the house, an old man with a red nose was standing there, with a bottle gourd hanging from his waist, but his eyes were looking towards the direction of Cultivation Holy Realm. He is the inspector of this seventh domain – the world-class Chaotic Source powerhouse ‘Chifeng Daoist’. Of course, the Avatar who is responsible for observing many places here is a very ordinary Avatar.

His main battle, Avatar, is responsible for guarding and fighting! impossible is responsible for observation here.

The main battle of Avatar is far from the Cultivation Sanctuary.

“This abyss sea master can’t reach the Perfection even under the predicament of the Cultivation Holy Realm, but deliberately hides his strength, and can break through in one fell swoop, first to the Perfection, and then to the world-level Chaotic Origin Life! Breakthroughs in one fell swoop… His potential is really terrifying, give him enough time, and Peak, who has reached the world-level Chaotic Origin Life, is likely to be hopeful, so he must get rid of it.” Chifeng Taoist watched from a distance.

Nowadays, the great lord has dispatched Avatar, the main battle of the world-class Chaotic Origin powerhouse, to go there.

In the infinite Chaotic Source space, it takes a lot of time to travel.

“I hope I can get there first and get rid of him, otherwise it will be another disaster.” Chifeng Taoist sniffed and secretly sighed.

He watched silently.

Watching the master of the abyss sea go crazy, trampling to death one cultivator.

Daoist Chifeng felt a little distressed, but he could only watch, his main battle against Avatar was farther away. And some weak Avatar used to be meaningless.


Daoist Chifeng suddenly opened his eyes wide.

What did he see?

A white clothed youth eight thousand miles tall? That cultivator named Peyton Monarch?

“This, what’s the matter? He doesn’t have a Chaotic Source bloodline, so he shouldn’t be a Chaotic Source now…but, but he…what? He resisted it head-on?” Chifeng Daoist was even more shocked, looking at the being The sixteen tentacles of the abyss sea master madly attacked, and Peyton, who only stumbled and stumbled a few steps, was even more confused.

Unable to understand.


“This…” In the infinite Chaotic Source space, many Chaotic Source powerhouses are paying attention to the Small World of Cultivation Holy Realm, because they are all worried about the owner of the Abyss Sea. They were finally rescued, but they saw a scene that made them feel unimaginable.

“How could that be? Lord, can a half-chaotic source being be able to exert the strength of a high-level Chaotic Source powerhouse Peak?”


One by one Chaotic Source Powerhouse feels that their endless years of cognition have been subverted, and many can’t help but ask the great lords.

“I can be sure that he hasn’t become a Chaotic Source yet!” A lord called down.

“He is the world power of the world he mobilized. It’s strange that he does not refining the World Source, but he can fully mobilize the World Strength, and even mobilize some of the World Source power.”

Yuan’s eyes with a dive light, smiled slightly: “No need to guess, he was originally our fellow.”

“A fellow?” The lords were curious in their hearts.

Yuan laughed: “Is the Fellow Daoist not coming in yet?”

In an instant, a fiery red daoist robe appeared in the space, the daoist carrying a long sword on his back, it was the cut off Sword reforged after Immortal Beheading Four Swords.

“Poor Daoist has seen you all.”

A kind of lord looks at Wang Meng in front of him and can feel the fiendish qi on this person, I don’t know if it was beheaded how much powerhouse.

A lord asked: “Where did Fellow Daoist come from?”

Wang Meng indifferently said: “Xian Qin Empire, Emperor Wang Meng.”

This As soon as the words came out, several lords who had traveled abroad were suddenly shocked. The immortal Qin Empire is very famous in the Chaos Sea. I don’t know how many realms have been swept…

And this emperor, they are also I have heard that this is the pillar of the early Qin Empire, and there were countless murders under the Immortal Beheading Four Swords, including the Great Firmament Supreme.

As for this person’s name, not many in the audience have the courage to try the sword, not to mention that this person has not been seen for many years, it seems that Cultivation has gone a step further.

In this imposing manner, except for Qi Yuan, the rest are too bad…

“Fellow Daoist Wang has a relationship with that Peyton?”

Wang Meng: “I am him, and he is me.”

“It turned out to be the incarnation of Fellow Daoist.”

Wang Meng shook his head: “I and he are both incarnations.”

Everyone was shocked, even the earliest lord Yuan, who had contacted Wang Meng early, was also shocked that the Emperor Xianqin was actually someone else’s incarnation?

How can people not be so secretive? Moving?

The incarnation is already like this, what is the realm of the deity?

Wang Meng shook his head and looked towards the void. That place is where the deity breaks through. I don’t know if it can be done.

Wang Meng looked towards Peyton in the Holy Realm, nodded, but took a different path from us.

The soul enters the Dao, Heaven and Earth is naturally, but it is similar to the original back soil…


Peyton holds a long spear in one hand, long Spear is also made of the power of World Source, and the surface is covered with World Strength, which is very powerful.

The other hand keeps picking up the cultivators one by one!

While manipulating World Strength, he wrapped tens of thousands of cultivators individually to increase their escape speed, and at the same time he was also working hard to catch each cultivator in his palm! Don’t let the master of the sea of abyss be trampled to death.


The Master of the Abyss is furious.

He was going to kill the cultivator, but this Emperor Peyton was much faster than him and could easily save people away.

Even if he arbitrarily displays many tentacles and wants to kill many other cultivators… This Emperor Peyton can immediately come to save people.


“Have the courage to fight with me.” The owner of Abyss Sea roared angrily, “Don’t just run away, come and fight with me! Yes! Come on!”


With the tentacles waving, the silhouette of the white clothed youth was blurred, and the tentacles couldn’t touch it at all.

Too fast!

“Damn, damn it, this array chain.” All the tentacles of the owner of the sea of abyss were waving, and the straight chains that collapsed completely affected him, causing the master of the sea of the abyss to drop sharply. , the biggest impact is the speed! His speed… I am afraid that a new high-level Chaotic Origin being can easily abuse him.

Sad and angry.

Looking at Peyton’s silhouette is like a ghost, easily saving people, blindly chasing after him, no one can be killed.

“How could this happen?” The owner of the Abyss Sea couldn’t understand.


Because of the cultivators wrapped in World Strength, their escape speed has been greatly increased, and finally some cultivators have begun to escape the abyss sea master’s rule domain. .

Just out of the scope of the rule field.

whiz whiz whiz  …

The cultivators just disappeared without a trace.

Peyton glanced away, smiled slightly, it was him who controlled World Strength to move those cultivators away! Although the Rule suppression of the Cultivation Holy Realm cannot be teleported, it can be suppressed by outsiders. If the world master is naturally unaffected, he is a world messenger who can mobilize some of the original source power, and can easily do this step. .

“en?” The abyss sea master also noticed, and noticed that those cultivators who escaped from the scope of his rules had disappeared out of thin air.

“Escaped?” The owner of the Abyss Sea moved, wanting to cover the cultivators in the rule field.

However, cultivators flee in all directions.

As he approaches in one direction, cultivators in other directions will quickly leave the field of rules.

“whiz whiz whiz…” One after another, the cultivators went out of the rule field and were moved away one by one. There is nothing the abyss sea master can do. His rule field and the rules of this Cultivation holy world collide with each other, so they can only maintain such a wide range.

Payton saves more and more people.

There were nearly 2,000 cultivators he picked up with one hand, and all the other cultivators were carried away by World Strength and fled the field of rules, and then were moved away.

“The last one.” Peyton picked up the last one with one hand and glanced at the abyss sea master who was extremely angry but had stopped chasing.

“I’ll see you later.” Peyton turned into a streamer and flew away quickly.

Flying at full strength, he’s much faster.

At the same time as he flew out of the abyss sea master’s rule domain, Peyton teleported and disappeared.


When he reappeared, he was already in front of an ancient palace. The palace was alone, and the surrounding space was distorted.

This is the ‘Reception Hall’, the most mysterious place in the entire Cultivation Holy Land.

Jieyin Hall, every cultivator is sent here, all arrive at the Receiver Hall, and then the Receiver Hall will send them to the five major gathering places! But after leaving, although they hunted around in the Cultivation Holy Land, they could no longer find this reception hall.

At this moment.

There are many cultivators around the reception hall.

“The Hall of Reception.”

“We actually came to the Hall of Reception.”

The cultivators looked around and were amazed.

“Did Peyton Emperor send us here? Didn’t you say that you can’t teleport in the Cultivation Holy Realm? How did we get moved here?”

“Peton Emperor What kind of strength is it now?”

“It’s so powerful that it can fight head-on with the world-level Chaotic Origin beings? Even if the strength is greatly reduced, this is too strong. The ancestor of the nine-headed snake can’t resist it head-on.”

Discuss spiritedly one by one.

Seeing the birth of the world-class Chaotic Origin beings, being hunted down again, and now escaping from the dead… One by one, their hearts were agitated, and at the same time, the most incredible thing for them was Emperor Peyton! They saw with their own eyes that Emperor Peyton was trampled to death, but later, he lived? And still so strong?

“We can’t understand Emperor Peyton’s strength.”

“He must have improved greatly in strength! If we can achieve Chaotic Source, maybe we can understand a thing or two.” These cultivators are talking.

They don’t know, even if they achieve Chaotic Source, I’m afraid they won’t understand.


A white clothed youth with a height of eight thousand miles appeared next to him, his left hand gently spread out on the ground, and the nearly two thousand cultivators in the palm looked puzzled. towards all around, followed by all of them respectfully saluting Peyton, thanking them one by one.

“Emperor Sheppelton saves my life.”

“Emperor Sheppetton life-saving grace.”

Said one by one.

Even the more than 10,000 cultivators who had not moved in for a long time thanked and saluted one by one, and then the nearly 2,000 cultivators walked out of Peyton’s palm, and Peyton retracted his palm, his body shape also changed. It has shrunk sharply, shrunk to its normal appearance, and is the same size as many surrounding cultivators.


The black robe tall and thin man appeared, eyes gleaming at Peyton.

“Have you become a Chaotic Source?” black robe tall and thin man couldn’t help asking.

“Not yet,” Paton said.

black robe tall and thin man slightly disappointed and more confused.

“I’ll send all of the cultivators here, you can send them away for now,” Peyton said.

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.” The black robe tall and thin man was so confident that he had arrived at the Hall of Reception. He was naturally confident now.

Peyton slightlyp reminded: “I’ll go meet the abyss sea master for a while.”

“Be careful.” black robe tall and thin man, although he does not I understand how Peyton exists at the moment and why his strength is so strong, but I still understand that the strength displayed by this Emperor Peyton is real, and he is destined to be a very strong existence in the infinite Chaotic Origin space, “After all, he is A world-class Chaotic Origin being, the many secret techniques you perform will be even more terrifying, you just beckoned with him, don’t be careless.”

“Don’t worry.” Peyton smiled.

He was never afraid.

The World Source is immortal, and within this world, he is immortal.

Peyton looked towards many other cultivators, his eyes slightly touched some familiar friends such as Fengyun Yiye, nodded signaled, and secretly sighed in his heart, this time the cultivator has a total of nearly 20,000. Count, but thousands died.

“Go.” With a single thought, Peyton teleported away.


(end of this chapter)

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