All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 628


Chapter 628

In the endless wilderness.

The owner of the Abyss Sea was sitting there, chains penetrated into his body, he sat silently, he was waiting, waiting for rescue.

“Even some weak ants have not been killed, but how can this emperor Peyton have such strength?” The owner of the sea of abyss is also thinking, and he can’t understand it now.


A towering white clothed youth silhouette appeared in the distance.

“You’re here.” The owner of Abyss Sea stood up suddenly, his eyes full of killing intent.

“Come on, I’m going to save people just now, so you’re a little disappointed.” Peyton said with a slight smile, “Now, we can fight to the best of our ability!”

“Okay, although you have rescued most of the weak ants, but if you do, save them. If you kill you, it will be worth more than killing more ants.” The cold eyes of the master of the sea of abyss flickered with fierce light. .

“Come on.” Payton held the long spear in one hand.


In the real world of the red moon, Peyton’s Evil God Avatar is in the careful perception, experience the soul of the red moon, to figure out more ways to use it, Vaguely, he has realized that this is his great opportunity.

β€œRed Moon World.”

Peyton stretched out his right hand, and a ball of light was suspended at his fingertips. The world appeared in the light ball, the world evolved, and countless lives were gradually born. , Time Flow Speed is much faster than the outside world.

“How can I use it? How can it help me? How can I fight the enemy? How can it help my fleshy body?”

Peton thought.

A light flashed in my head.

In the silent chaos of destruction, Peyton was delighted that he found too much to comprehend.


Almost instantly, Payton’s attention was devoted to the union of ‘fleshy body and soul’.

Because he had just deduced, in his mind, ‘Destruction Dao’, which had reached the semi-chaotic source level, and the ‘Red Moon Soul Dao’, which studied Extreme Realm, immediately had various ideas of combination.

“The fusion of fleshy body and soul is feasible.”


A little deduction.

Now that Payton is realm, he already has a pre-judgment in his heart.

The Red Moon Soul Dao ‘Extreme Realm’ represents the Great Perfection of the Red Moon Soul Dao!

Destruction Dao’s ‘half-chaotic source level’ is actually based on the original Destruction Dao’s ‘Extreme Realm’ and absorbs many other rules of proven mystery, such as Peyton, Emperor Liexi, Xun Yi waited for some Destruction Dao cultivators, although they were all based on the original Destruction Dao, they chose their own path to reach the semi-chaotic source level. But their paths are different.

Peton’s path is to let Destruction Dao evolve to the level of ‘chaotic source destruction’.

“Before, I felt that Destruction Dao reached the semi-chaotic source level, and can’t advance, and there is no road ahead.”

“Now I feel that the soul path is combined with it. , but it can make Destruction Dao a qualitative change.”

Peton was full of joy.

Like the finishing touch, a dragon that has been drawn to perfection is still a dead thing, but once the finishing touches, the dragon seems to have a soul, naturally breaking the shackles and jumping to a new level. .

As for the ‘Destruction Dao’ at the semi-chaotic source level, this is the ultimate Perfection’s Crimson Moon Soul Dao, which is the finishing touch!

“My fleshy body…” Peyton even felt that he had reached the ultimate fleshy body, and now that the soul has reached the ultimate, the fleshy body and the soul are combined, and along with his own deduction, the fleshy body and Souls begin to complement each other, and they are all undergoing slow transformation.

“Destruction Dao has absorbed a lot of proven mystery before, and has just reached the semi-chaotic source level. As long as the Red Moon Soul Dao of Extreme Realm is absorbed into it! That is to directly grasp the Chaotic Source level. Dao’, use force to break the law.” Payton was full of excitement, the road was clearly visible, and it was even easy to deduce.

The union of fleshy body and soul is the way!

By nature, they complement each other.

It blends so smoothly!

“The Dao at the Chaotic Source level.” Peyton was excited, how many cultivators are eager, like the born Chaotic Source beings, to tap their own bloodline power, and to dig to the extreme is still to exert the bloodline power. The mastery of Dao’ itself is still not enough.

According to what he knew in the Cultivation Sanctuary…

Only the Lord! Mastering the Dao of Chaotic Source level, all means are unimaginable.

“Although it’s very smooth.”

“The union of fleshy body and soul, this is a smooth road, I feel that Cultivation continues, I will not encounter any bottleneck, I believe I can be in one go Practice.” Peyton had a strong hunch, he was making progress all the time at this time, “However, the Dao of the Chaotic Source level is too vast after all, even if I am making rapid progress now, it is estimated that it will take billions of years to finally reach the end. The complete fusion is successful.”

Because it is too smooth, I can predict how long it will take to ‘break the law with force’!

Billions of years.

Let a cultivator who has never jumped out of the cage deduce the Dao of the Chaotic Source level, this cultivation speed is already exaggerated. Billions of years are really short for a powerful cultivator.



The consciousness is roaring, the original huge and vast source world has become a part of himself, and Peyton is now watching the source world , but it feels like an ordinary person watching the lines on the palm.

“It’s so beautiful.”

Peton’s Life Level is rising sharply, his consciousness is constantly rising and rising, and it is above the entire source world.

Because it had the deepest accumulation on ‘Destruction Dao’ and ‘Red Moon Soul Dao’.

So Peyton can quickly comprehend the Chaotic Source level ‘Destruction Dao’ part of the proven mystery contained in the body, and even use it to perform some tricks! At the same time, comprehend’s own soul can also deduce some means.


In Cultivation Sanctuary.

The Master of the Sea of Abyss, with chains all over his body infiltrated, roared, and the chains fell straight, giving the Master of the Sea of Abyss great help in every move. His sixteen tentacles were waving between Heaven and Earth. , with the sound of chains, attacked Peyton.

β€œpeng peng peng ~~~”

The rumbling sound was constant during the fight between the two sides.

Two giants eight thousand miles tall are fighting. The abyss sea master has countless tic-tac-toe lines on his body, and his skin film contains endless mystery. During the battle, the surface of the body flows Some of the secret patterns have revealed the proven mystery of the Chaotic Source level. Compared with him, Peyton is obviously much simpler! The breath that Peyton exudes at this moment is not even Chaotic Origin Life! The combat tactics are also very rough, and it is still only a half-chaotic source level.

Fortunately, Peyton had some World Source Strength to bless him, and the World Strength of the entire Cultivation Holy Realm was manipulated by him. With the advantage of speed, he was able to fight.

Even so… out of ten and eight, Payton will be unable to stop one.


A tentacle stabbed like a phantom.

Peyton’s long spear is about to be blocked with a wave, but when the tentacle stabs, there will be mysterious fluctuations, as if the ripples are rippling, the speed is sometimes fast and sometimes slow, and time and space are affected. A shot actually blocked the air.

“pu .” The tentacle stabbed directly into Peyton’s chest. Fortunately, Peyton’s body was covered with a thick layer of World Strength. After the tentacle barely pierced the World Strength layer, it also pierced. Peyton’s chest, but the wound around the chest was suppressed by all the forces mobilized by World Source, so that the wound did not expand.

Payton backed away and the wound healed.

“My speed is so much faster than him, and his moves are so slow, I can’t stop him?” Peyton felt a sense of suffocation, as if he was a stupid stupid big fellow , The many tricks that I am proud of are like juggling in front of the other party! Fortunately, the speed has an absolute advantage, and it was only then that we were able to fight.

β€œwhiz whiz whiz…”

Peyton also tried his best to avoid weaknesses and take advantage of his speed. and thin man ‘ secretly manipulated those array chains, pulling force sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker, making the master of the sea of abyss very frustrated and angry, and the great disadvantage of speed made him occasionally attack.

“pu.” The long spear stabbed the abyss sea master’s neck.

Every skin on his body has a thick layer of epidermis. When the epidermis is pierced, it immediately shows endless water light, like a grinding disc, which constantly wears away Peyton’s long spear power! A blow containing World Strength…it was completely blocked by the ‘skin layer’ on the surface of the skin, without even breaking the skin.

“Although this banned array has suppressed his strength, his fleshy body is still as strong.” Peyton’s heart was clear comprehension, and the chains of the banned array can’t hurt the abyss sea master. , just suppressing it! Abyss Sea Master’s fleshy body wound has long since healed completely. Standing there and letting Peyton attack, Peyton can’t even break through.

This is the high-level Chaotic Origin Life Level battle strength, and the huge gap between the world-level Chaotic Origin Life.


During the frantic fight, when the eight tentacles were forced to strike hard, there was a sudden “pop” sound, but the long spear in Peyton’s hand suddenly exploded. As a powder, Peyton immediately retreated and distanced himself.

“I don’t even have a good weapon.” The owner of the Abyss Sea sneered.

Payton couldn’t do anything either.

The long spear in your hand is a little World Source Strength condensed in this Cultivation Holy Realm, covered with a layer of World Strength! The degree of firmness is naturally limited, which means that the master of the abyss sea can exert relatively low strength.


Peyton suddenly moved in his heart, showing joy.

At this moment, the Evil God Avatar is using the red moon world to cover the entire holy world, influencing the will of the source World Source with the will of all beings, and starting to refining the World Source.

“It’s about to break through.” Peyton’s mind moved, and he disappeared without a trace. This fleshy body turned into World Strength and returned to Heaven and Earth, while the soul returned to the World Source of this Cultivation Holy Realm.


β€œWhen the weapon broke, you escaped?”

The owner of the sea of the abyss was taken aback, this cultivator named Emperor Peyton disappeared out of thin air already?

“How did he disappear within the shroud of my rules?” The owner of the Abyss Sea still didn’t understand until now, “Judging from the fight just now, his realm is still only at the half-chaotic source level, weak and weak. Very, rough tricks… If it weren’t for the speed being too much faster than me, and the strong World Strength shelter around him, I would have torn him to pieces long ago.”

The owner of Abyss Sea suddenly complexion changed and turned his head. looked towards one direction.


The entire Cultivation Holy World is shaking, Heaven and Earth are slightly twisted, the surging World Strength is converging there, a terrifying aura is in the birth.

“Hunyuan powerhouse?” Abyss Sea Master complexion slightly changed.

“No.” The owner of Abyss Sea widened his eyes in disbelief, “This is a world-class Hunyuan powerhouse!”

Under normal circumstances, a weak Avatar in the Hunyuan powerhouse wants to absorb Hunyuan The power of the source gradually increases, and it will take a long time to become the main battle Avatar.

Only when the Life Level jumps, it will naturally swallow all the power crazy!

Like the Nine-Headed Snake Ancestor, breaking through into a higher Chaotic Source life.

Like an abyss sea master breaking through to a world-level Chaotic Origin life, even if the world is suppressed, he can still take the initiative to absorb all the power.

This Life Level breakthrough…the absorption is exaggerated, and it improves in a very short time!

“There, there is a world-class Chaotic Source powerhouse being born.” The owner of the Abyss Sea is very sure that the turbulent World Strength is being swallowed continuously. The World Source of the world is madly swallowing the power of the Chaotic Source in the infinite Chaotic Source space in all directions of the outside world.


Peyton stood in the middle of nowhere, manipulating World Strength to isolate his surroundings from prying eyes.

“If I have enough time, I can dig out the many mysterious things contained in my body and soul.” Destruction Dao’ and ‘Red Moon Soul Dao’ should be merged as soon as possible, as long as two hours, they can successfully merge and master Dao’ at the Chaotic Source level.”

“The current strength is enough to deal with the Abyss Sea. Master.” Peyton was confident.

No matter what, the owner of the Abyss Sea is only a newly promoted world-class Chaotic Origin being.

Me too!

And his own strength is not bound by any repression.


With a teleport, Peyton went to the owner of Abyss Sea again.


When Peyton reappeared and came to the master of the abyss sea, the master of the abyss sea was also blinded.

Don’t talk about him, even Artifact Spirit ‘black robe tall and thin man’, and some Hunyuan powerhouses peeping here from afar are also surprised.

“World-class Hunyuan powerhouse!”

“He broke through?”

“So fast?”

“Refining World Source, needs to gradually influence the will of all living beings, it takes a long time, how can he be so fast?”

Although in the endless Chaotic Source space, some Chaotic Source powerhouses are scattered in some Mysterious Lands, they see I am very happy to see a new world-class Hunyuan powerhouse born! Just Peyton’s breakthrough, so fast!

“You surprised me too much.” The owner of Abyss Sea stared at Peyton and became really solemn, “Why, are you planning to kill me?”


“Of course I want to kill you.”

Peyton nodded, “If you have any tricks, don’t hide it.”

“It’s up to you. The new world-class Chaotic Origin powerhouse, want to kill me?” The Abyss Sea Master growled, “My bloodline is noble, this ban array affects my strength, but it can’t change the strength of my body, you can’t kill me.”

“Oh, try it.” Payton moved suddenly.


Peyton didn’t bother to borrow World Strength anymore, because the World Source of Cultivation Holy Realm was still weaker, and the World Strength borrowed was barely at the Peak level of high Chaotic Source beings. For today’s Payton, his strength may increase by one or two percent, which is unnecessary.

At this moment, he moved, and saw one after another silhouette appearing everywhere around the abyss sea master.

The owner of Abyss Sea is very solemn. He knows that every silhouette is the real body! This is part of the proven mystery of Chaotic Source Level Destruction Dao. After all, the body has reached such a realm, and naturally there are many strange things. He can come to different spaces at the same time, and every place is him. The power of the master of the Abyss Sea is suppressed. But it couldn’t be stopped at all.

“pu.” A palm stabbed.

The palm of the hand is like a knife, and the tip of the palm is faintly flowing with the edge of the blade of destruction.


Forcibly penetrate the ‘skin layer’ of the chest of the master of the abyss sea. After that, Peyton’s brows were also slightly wrinkled, and the tip of his palm finally pierced the epidermis! He also pierced into the skin of the owner of the Abyss Sea. His skin was extremely tenacious and felt extremely thick. After all the piercings were done, he pierced the inner flesh and blood layer, and the power of Peyton’s palm was exhausted.

“Really strong fleshy body.” Peyton secretly said, “Only speaking of the strength of the fleshy body, he should be about five times stronger than mine.”

Innate Chaotic Origin beings, they Normally, they are born in the Chaotic Origin space, and their bodies are notoriously tyrannical.

A cultivator, if there is no Chaotic Source bloodline in his body, he will become a world-class Chaotic Source powerhouse! Comparing the fleshy body alone, it is still a bit weaker. In addition to the noble bloodline of the abyss sea master, it is considered to be a very strong fleshy body among the new world-class Chaotic Origin beings. Just now is so much stronger than Peyton’s fleshy body!


The cultivators born in the source world, although they don’t have the Chaotic Source bloodline, still have a huge advantage! It is the world-class Hunyuan powerhouse among them, which can own the source world nest! In their own source world, that is enough to rival the lord! The life-saving ability is much higher than those of the world-class natural Chaotic Origin beings.

“Have you hurt me?” The owner of Abyss Sea looked at the blood from the wound on his chest, brows slightly wrinkle.

He immediately responded to his own family through bloodline remote sensing: “Brother! I am imprisoning the world here, and I met a new world-class Hunyuan powerhouse! Although his strength is average, I was met by Suppression, if I am constantly attacked by him, I am afraid I can only support one hour!”

“Chenghao, my brother, don’t worry, after I reported it, the ancestor knew everything you had experienced before, and decided that You have great potential, and I am very optimistic about you! Together with the other ancestors, we will increase our offensive again, and we have also dispatched several world-class Chaotic Origin beings to rescue you. .”

The owner of the sea of abyss breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time sent a spiritual sound transmission: “Brother, the ancestor is so optimistic about me?”

“Haha, when the time comes, I will take you there. See the ancestors.”

(end of this chapter)

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