All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 630


Chapter 630


Cultivation Holy Realm.

Peton’s body shrank back to his normal form, and he waved his hand to put away some of the remaining flesh and blood of the owner of the Abyss Sea, while some chains in midair disappeared quickly.

At this moment, his mind has completely united with the Holy Realm, reflecting thousands of universes, origin worlds, and the world, and his realm has risen rapidly. After killing this fellow, he has reached a perfection state.

Now, it has reached the stage of enlightenment and transformation, and Great Firmament and Lord Chaotic Source are only dazzling.

The hardest step of enlightenment has been crossed, and after a period of accumulation, he is the Great Firmament Supreme.

Peyton secretly said in one’s heart, but this time is very lucky, if it hadn’t cut off the way of a certain person in the future, plus the blessing of his own deity, the Cultivation system does fit, he definitely didn’t. A chance to escape death.

Peyton looked into the void, comprehending the message from the first deity.

“Wang Meng? The original deity?”

Peyton was laughed, but he didn’t expect the deity to seek breakthrough Hunyuan, and was delayed, but the first deity came to help .

“As for staying, the deity’s experiment, the cause and effect of interception… it’s nothing but a delay.”

To stay forever, Peyton is unwilling, but for a while, The experiment of perfecting the deity can also be regarded as perfecting yourself.

As for the cause and effect of that path, Payton doesn’t take it seriously. Time is endless, fighting for the path absolutely, leaping forever, taking one step first, and can’t mention any cause and effect.

Fate is not fixed.

Really want to speak of which, this thing is nothing more than a knot in the heart, see if the state of mind is Perfection…

Payton is walking the path of soul, mind, Evil God, and change , if in Heavenly Demon World, the last sentence of primordial heavenly demon is no longer a problem, and it doesn’t take it to heart at all.

Guide one or two at most, and it can be counted as the whole of this fate.

“Emperor Peyton.” A voice came from a distance.

Peyton sensed it too and turned to look.

A red-nosed old man with a bottle gourd on his waist penetrated from outside Heaven and Earth, flew towards Peyton, and even said with a smile: “I am under the lord’s command. This seventh domain’s patrol ‘Chifeng Daoist’ could see with his own eyes what Emperor Peyton did on his way here, and he just broke through, it was already in the middle stage of World-class Chaotic Origin, and I admire him.”

“He is suppressed and bound by the array chain, and killing him is nothing.” Peyton didn’t take it seriously.

“Lord, did he tell you everything?” Chifeng Taoist said again.

Peyton nodded, the lord did not say, but Wang Meng has already sent the news, I hope he can help this universe defend against Chaotic Origin creatures.

In addition, he became enlightened through this, and also cut off the Dao of a future Chaotic Source lord, speaking of which, indeed owed cause and effect.

In addition, the breakthrough of the deity is just around the corner, and an experiment needs to be done, so I simply pay it back.

“Those ancestors who were born with Chaotic Origin life must really want to save the abyss sea master, and now they fail, they must be furious. It is normal to launch a full-scale offensive.” Chifeng Daoist continued.

“I’m just a weak Avatar who is in charge of patrolling the surrounding area. I’m not one-thousandth of my Peak’s strength. I can’t get involved in this kind of battle at all. I can only rely on you, Emperor Peyton.”

“No problem.” Payton lightly saying.

“Emperor Peyton.” Chifeng Daoist continued, “I have to remind the emperor that the one who dared to kill our place, even the one who was originally sent to rescue the master of the Abyss Sea, must be extremely powerful. World class Hunyuan Perfection is also very likely.” Chifeng Taoist said, “If you can delay, delay, if the enemy is too strong, you can’t delay, it’s nothing, even if they destroy three or five worlds, there is no way to do it. After a while, our powerhouse will arrive.”

After all, the requirements for Payton, a new powerhouse, should not be too high.

Let a world-class Chaotic Source mid-stageโ€ฆ deal with world-class Chaotic Source Perfection? It’s hard for the strong.

Peyton didn’t say much, this time was a coincidence, he cut off the way of a future lord, and with the blessing of this deity, this time took too many steps, except for a very few people who paid attention to him No one really knows the power of , he has already reached the stage of Dao transformation.

No surprise, it only takes some time for him to reach the realm of Great Firmament…



Peyton retorted: “However, there is one more thing to do next.”

Daoist Chifeng wondered: “What is it?”

“I lack weapons.” Pei Dunlian said, “Now I have a breakthrough strength, but I don’t have a suitable long spear.”

A weapon of ordinary strength like him can’t be smashed directly in battle. I can fight with my body.

“Weapons?” Chifeng Taoist also grimaced, “Ashamed and ashamed, I’m just a weak Avatar patrolling outside, where can I carry powerful weapons, and I don’t have a single weapon that is powerful enough.”

Peyton shook his head: “It’s okay, Fellow Daoist just wait for me for a while.”


Peyton waved his hand, and his eyes were suddenly endless. The Chaotic Origin space suddenly oscillated. In this large area, the massive Chaotic Origin Sand was directly moved and collected by Peyton. Now his manipulation of the void has reached a more mysterious realm.

hua hua woo~~~ Chaotic source sand is the most common substance in Chaotic Origin space. In just three breaths, Peyton collected a full 10 trillion kilograms of Chaotic Origin Sand.



Ten trillion kilograms of Chaotic Origin sand are the main components, supplemented by some of the materials donated by Daoist Chifeng just now, plus some auxiliary objects created out of thin air in the inner space of the inner body, and directly began to form Chaotic Origin weapons.

Things like the secret pattern on the weapon, just a thought, and the Chaotic Origin Sand quickly surfaced.

Just five breaths.

“It’s done.”

Peyton smiled, he was in harmony with his heart, Heaven and Earth, the place of refining, but it was not difficult.


A wave of hands.

Suddenly a black long spear appeared in the Chaotic Source space. This long spear was like a pillar with many secret patterns circulating.

“The Chaotic Origin Weapon? So fast?” The Chifeng Daoist on the side was stunned.

Peyton reached out and beckoned, this weapon quickly shrank to just over two meters, held in one hand.

“This weapon is very clumsy. I can only rely on quantity to accumulate it.” It is very tedious, but Peyton can just think about it in his heart. This weapon is of average power, and the advantage is that it is tenacious and strong.

A short time, strong enough, is enough.

“en?” Chifeng Taoist suddenly complexion slightly changed, looked into the distance, and continued, “Emperor Peyton, I can sense that the enemy is about to appear, I will take you there.”

“en?” >

Payton nodded, his mind moved.

A weak Avatar differentiated and flew directly into the Cultivation Holy Realm. Leave a weak Avatar here in case something happens.


Peyton and Chifeng Daoist immediately rushed into the distance.

Daoist Chifeng took Peyton and shuttled through the boundless Chaotic Origin space.

The Hunyuan space is too boundless, even if the Hunyuan powerhouse travels through it, it will take a lot of time.


A blood-colored thread suddenly turned into two figures, it was Daoist Chifeng and Peyton.

“Look, it’s there.” Chifeng Taoist pointed finger towards the front, “The Chaotic Source Void Tunnel has been penetrated, and the enemy is about to appear.”

Peyton even looked at it. , Based on his current sense of Chaotic Origin Void, he also felt that the Chaotic Origin space was very strange, and it seemed that there was a fixed passage inside from far away.

“Appeared.” Peyton also clearly sensed it.

A huge monster drilled out of the passage, and as soon as it came out, his size skyrocketed and returned to normal. His size was about one percent equivalent to the normal source world. Even standing there, it caused the surging of countless Chaotic Origin powers around him, and the rules that his body naturally released impacted the Chaotic Origin Power.

The twelve golden horns on his head, all of them stab upwards, and the eight arms are sturdy and powerful, and there are countless rules of Chaotic Source level on them.

Different parts of his body have different Time Flow Speeds. Some areas have faster Time Flow Speeds, while others have slower Time Flow Speeds. The space is even more folded, but there can be many body parts in the same space. Fold here. His existence… is like an ultra-small source world.

“It’s him? Yan?” Daoist Chifeng looked from a distance, his color changed suddenly, and he even sent a sound transmission to Peyton, “Emperor Peyton, Yan is the late stage of the world-class Chaotic Source, and the accumulation is very strong and very strong. not to be trifled with , you can procrastinate as long as you can, itโ€™s okay if you canโ€™t, remember, donโ€™t fight recklessly. The gap between your strengths is too big, so my weak Avatar will not stay here, so as not to be affected by the two of you.โ€

Speaking, the Chifeng Taoist quickly turned into a blood-colored thread, and immediately fled in the direction of the Cultivation Holy Realm.


In the vast Chaotic Source space, a silver-haired three-eyed man was walking at high speed. He was a world-class Chaotic Source powerhouse on the cultivator side. The Lord’, the undead Lord…is the world-class Chaotic Origin Perfection powerhouse, definitely a member of the extremely renowned General under the command of the eight lords, and is now being ordered to help.

Not only him, but also other powerhouses are on their way to support here.

Because this time the enemy launched a large-scale offensive, the side of the Cultivation Sanctuary is one of the important battlefields.

Among the many powerhouses rescued, the Undead Lord is the fastest, but it still takes about one hour to arrive.

“Rock?” The undead lord was on his way, and at the same time, he was investigating from a distance, and he immediately discovered the appearance of ‘rock’.

If he passes by, one-on-one, it will take some time and even be sure to kill.

โ€œEmperor Peyton.โ€

The undead Lord immediately sent a message, and Peytonโ€™s new message, Treasure, left a mark. His power mark naturally spread quickly, and other Hunyuan powerhouses also I can get in touch with this.

“I, the undead lord, have been ordered to come here, and I will rush to help you as soon as possible. Be careful and keep a sufficient distance from him! If the distance is a little closer, your main battle Avatar will fall. The danger. Remember to remember.” The undead Lord preached.

“I played against Yan, this is his detailed information.”


Peyton was reminded by Chifeng Daoist and Undying Lord successively. , also got information.

Although it was nothing to him, it was the kindness of others that he suffered.

Peyton held a black long spear and walked over with the power of the endless Chaotic Origin. At the same time as he walked over, his size also skyrocketed, soaring… In the end, his size was even bigger than the undead master. To a smaller size, only half the height of the other party.

This is the limit that Peyton can maintain without affecting his strength.

“Your name is Emperor Peyton? Did you kill Chenghao?” Yan stood there, a pair of dark yellow eyes looked towards Peyton, although the distance between the two sides was still quite far away, they could clearly see each other .

“Chenghao? Are you talking about the one who was imprisoned in the Abyss Sea? If it was him, I killed him.” Over long distances, extremely fast.

Two ‘ultra-small source world’ creatures, even if they don’t cast a lot of profound mystery, just take a simple step, and the pace is outrageous.

“The new world-level Chaotic Source has mid-term strength?” Yan walked over and thought to himself, they all died as soon as their life cores were destroyed, so they were more cautious and dig bloodline one by one. The first step is to dig the life-saving power to the extreme. The powerhouses in these natural Chaotic Origin beings, in many normal aspects, are the strongest in terms of life-saving!

“Destroy his main battle Avatar first.” Yan didn’t feel any threat.

The distance between the two sides shrinks dramatically.

“Emperor Peyton, don’t get too close, and use your tricks from a distance.” The undead Lord message eagerly said.

“Emperor Peyton, be careful, don’t get close.” Chifeng Taoist was also shocked, “Keep your distance from him.”

But Peyton didn’t pay attention at all.

The distance between the two sides is still shrinking.

“Hoho~~~” Yan’s dark yellow eyes were full of killing intent.


But Peyton’s mind moved. In Sea of Consciousness, a silhouette that seemed more charming than Chaotic Origin Jade stood there. It was Peyton’s Condensed soul. This is the soul of the world-class Chaotic Origin powerhouse. Although it has the color of Chaotic Origin Crystal Jade, it is more restrained, and there is a faint trace of dark light flowing inside. Endless.

Soul together, extremely mysterious and abstruse.

A common Chaotic source powerhouse is simply difficult to dig out the deep-level means contained in the soul.

Peton is a fusion of Taoism, which can be called the Tao of Evil God in the heart world.

His Cultivation is the ultimate, and as soon as he looks at his soul, he immediately comprehended many tricks he can use.


A misty Illusory World appeared around, covering an endless vast area, the area is so wide, but it is thousands of times larger than the diameter of the source world. Also shrouded the distant ‘rock’ in Illusory World.

This move, the profound mystery it contains, is a trick that Peyton has accumulated and comprehended from his soul today. It is a Chaotic Source level trick! And it is the Soul Power of the world-class Chaotic Source class to display… In terms of formidable power, it is not known how many times stronger than when it is still a semi-chaotic source life form.

“en? What trick is this?” Yan suddenly felt flustered, and the Illusory World that appeared around him was dragging his soul.

The core of the rock is shaking.

To resist.

“Kill.” Peyton shot a long spear, and was already close to killing him.

“What a weird trick, it’s a trick aimed at the soul. I’ve encountered so many world-class Chaotic Source powerhouses, and I have never had such a terrifying soul trick.” Yan was shocked, although he was in the Chaotic Source powerhouse. Among them, there are some who use soul tricks. In terms of formidable power, Peyton was definitely the most terrifying of the world-class Chaotic Sources he encountered.

pฤ“ng pฤ“ng pฤ“ng…

The two sides had already fought each other in an instant.

“Huh? Why did Yan’s tactics become so weak? He didn’t even use half of his strength.” The undead master was also watching the battle on his way, and couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Yan’s strength is much weaker, and it has something to do with the manifested Illusory World? Well, Emperor Peyton’s strength should have reached the middle stage of World Chaotic Source, and now Yan’s strength has dropped significantly, he should be able to. It’s going to be a fight.” Chifeng Taoist watched the battle from a distance and breathed a sigh of relief, but then the complexion changed, “Not good! It’s bad!”


(End of this chapter)

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