All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 632


Chapter 632

Chifeng Daoist was outside the Cultivation Holy Realm, looking from a distance, a little confused.

The ‘Undead Lord’, who was on his way to rescue, had been watching the progress of the battle from a distance, and was also confused.

“This Emperor Peyton, how could this happen?”

“He was killed quickly at the beginning, and his body was in a mess, but then there was another main battle, Avatar. ? First entangled with ‘Yan’, then they were evenly matched, and even more scared that ‘Yan’ began to escape, and even failed to escape, ‘Yan’ was completely entangled, and now it is absolutely at a disadvantage.”


“His strength is almost equal to mine.” The undead Lord was shocked.

He could see it.

Judging from the formidable power attack of Emperor Peyton, he only slightly injured ‘Yan’. In terms of formidable power, it should not be as good as his undead master!

But ‘Yan’ doesn’t know why, but the strength it exerts is very weak, and its strength is greatly reduced.

“en?” The undead lord was suddenly startled, his eyes widened in disbelief.


The rock escaped and couldn’t escape, and could only barely support it.

But suddenly Peyton’s right hand spins and stabs out, the fingertips are like the tip of a gun, the power suddenly soars, tearing~~~ The arm spins and stabs, and a circle of vortex is formed around, the periphery of vortex There are countless distorted amounts of muddy source power.

Yan was affected by the ‘Red Moon World’ ‘Forbidden Realm’, so he couldn’t stop this move at all, so that Peyton’s right hand pierced directly into Yan’s chest.

Pfft, directly piercing the scales, muscles and many other obstacles, the huge body of the ultra-small source world of ‘Yan’ was stabbed in most of it.

Yan’s eyes opened wide: “This, this…”

Although he failed to use protective tricks.

But his body and body protection secret techniques are extremely strong, to cause such an injury, it must be a trick of the world-level Chaotic Source Perfection formidable power! If his six arms can fully use defensive moves, even these formidable power moves will at most cause him minor injuries.

But now, I can’t protect myself, and I have become a target.

“He’s more terrifying, even more terrifying than the world-level Chaotic Source Perfection.” Yan was terrified.

“pu, poof.”

The body is blurred, and the arms are two consecutive thorns, each time trying to lock the life core

Although Yan was trying his best to preserve his life core, he was finally stabbed by Peyton’s fingertip! The life core stabbed in the body, along with the fragmentation of the life core ‘smack’, Yan’s dark yellow eyes stared round, but the breath began to annihilate.

Too fast.

A total of three thorns in a row, fast as lightning, Yan was already dead. At the moment of death, Yan was full of fear, and even understood – the battle strength of the world-class Chaotic Origin Perfection combined with the soul tricks, has surpassed Any World Grade Chaotic Source Perfection he encountered.

Yan, he was already dead before he even had time to call back and report.

Only then did Peyton pull out the arm of the opponent’s abdomen, and all the blood stains on the arm dissipated. Slightly frowned, although the long spear he made was very general, it had little effect on his strength.

But at least, piercing the enemy’s body with his hand made Peyton frown a little. He is also a Cultivation orthodox and a person with good face.

beckoned, and then some of the treasures left by the ‘rock’ were all received.

The rock also has storage treasure, many Rare Items, and also has its own long spear.

“The long spear is in hand.” Peyton picked up the black long spear, and immediately put the body of ‘Rock’ directly into the storage treasure.

Peton stood in this Chaotic Source Void and waited silently.

According to the first deity Wang Meng, there are enemies coming one after another, not just one.

“It’s one hour.” Peyton sighed in his heart. He has had one hour since he became a Chaotic Origin Being, and the combination of Heavenly Dao and the Evil God Dao of the Heart Realm has been very much, and he has accumulated too much, just now The Spear Art that the arm uses is the formidable power of the world-class Chaotic Origin Perfection.

Even when Peyton looked at his body, he naturally realized a new secret technique.

This is the realm leap, and the body naturally improves.

This is a far cry from what he originally thought of attaining enlightenment by virtue of his body.

The newly discovered secret arts are almost all of the world Chaotic Source Perfection level, and his fleshy body is also constantly getting stronger.

Obviously after accumulating this step, comprehending the world-level Chaotic Origin trick is as easy as drinking water.

“There is still one hour, the transformation is over, and you can go to the Great Firmament Supreme.”

Peton is overjoyed, and enlightenment is today.


The Daoist Chifeng turned into a blood-colored thread and escaped, crying out in surprise: “Emperor Peyton, did you kill ‘Yan’?”

Not only him, but now he is about to The undead Lord who arrived was equally shocked.

and the other side.

There are more than one ‘ancestors’ in the born Chaotic Source life, all watching the battle between their powerhouse ‘Yan’ and Peyton, but the result surprised them.

“So soon to die?”

“This one is called Monarch Peyton, and his final burst of strength is a world-class Chaotic Origin Perfection.”

” Is he a new Chaotic Origin being?”

These ancestors communicated one by one.

Yan’s death is nothing to the huge group of innate Chaotic Source beings. In the history, many of their ‘ancestors’ have fallen, and each of them is far more important than these world-level Chaotic Origin beings.

“This Emperor Peyton, a new breakthrough, can now burst into the world-level Chaotic Origin Perfection strength. His previous accumulation was too rich, and he was the original ‘Yuan’ and so on. I have never seen such a solid accumulation. Although the world-level Chaotic Origin Perfection, it is difficult to break through to the ‘Lord’. But I think the probability of Emperor Peyton becoming a lord is still great!”

“Yes, He is likely to become the seventh lord.”

These ancestors all take it seriously.

The ‘Lord’ in the cultivator is very rare, only six! But it is the undisputed strongest being in the boundless Chaotic Origin space! Since fighting with them to this day, the first ancestors of their natural Chaotic Source life have all fallen, but none of the cultivator’s ‘lords’ have fallen.

In the infinite Chaotic Origin space, many terrifying existences are recognizedβ€”the lord is the most powerful individual!

A lord…is as important as ten ancestors.

This is an example of being divine by nature and climbing up full from the bottom.

“You can’t let it grow, you have to look for opportunities! Destroy his source world at any cost and eradicate him.”


“I I also agree.”

“It must be as soon as possible!”

After communicating quickly one by one, I quickly agreed with this decision.

Just making a good enough plan is not easy, such things must not let the cultivator lords find out that once the lords are fully protected, it is too difficult for them to destroy a source world with a master.


In the vast Chaotic Source space.

Daoist Chifeng flew to Peyton’s side and said, “You have now reached the Perfection Level in the world-class Chaotic Origin?”


Peyton could not take care of this person. At this time, new secret techniques appeared in his mind one after another. This can be regarded as a qualified world-level Chaotic Origin Perfection!

Of course, it’s even more powerful when counting soul tricks, which is also his unique trick.

“Emperor Peyton, you just broke through today and became a Chaotic Origin life, to such an extent that you are simply unimaginable.” With your talent, Emperor Peyton, you are also expected to become a lord.”

Peyton smiled, and after one hour, the transformation was completed, and he became a lord.

“Let’s go back to the Holy Land of Cultivation first.”

Peyton said suddenly, because he suddenly drew inspiration from the framework of the genetic system and realized a cultivation body The secret technique is enough to push the body up to the Perfection Level of the world Chaotic Source level. And to elevate? Sufficient energy is required.

“Return to the Cultivation Holy Realm?” Chifeng Taoist was puzzled, but he still followed obediently.

The two returned quickly.

He entered the Cultivation Sacred Realm directly and began to devour World Strength crazily, making his body continue to evolve and improve. In just over ten breaths, his body reached the perfection of the world-level Chaotic Source level.

Want to improve?

That must be a complete transformation to the Great Firmament Supreme level.


Not long after Peyton broke through, a silhouette also got into the holy world of Cultivation, it was the silver-haired three-eyed man ‘the undead lord’.

“I have seen Emperor Peyton, and I saw Emperor Peyton kill ‘Yan’ before, I really admire it.” The undead lord landed and saluted very politely. He carefully observed the white clothed man in front of him. youth, his body aura is no less than his.

“He was the first to kill, and there should be more powerful enemies behind.” Peyton said, he was not in a hurry, because he knew that the deity and the rest of the lords were paying attention at this time. here.

They are making a brilliant move. If they can attract a few Chaotic Source Ancestors, Peyton and this world will also bear a little less cause and effect. When the time comes, it is convenient to completely cut off the connection.

“Are we waiting here?” The Undying Lord smiled at Peyton.

“Just wait here.” Peyton smiled, he knew which ancestors must be planning something, which was what he was looking forward to.

“Okay, listen to Emperor Peyton.”

The three Chaotic source powerhouses, the Undying Lord, Peyton, and Daoist Chifeng, are waiting in the Cultivation Holy Realm. Looking at the direction of the deep void tunnel before, of course, the new batch of enemies may also arrive from other areas.

Time keeps passing.

One hour passed gradually.

The Undying Lord looked at Peyton beside him with some curiosity. Peyton was still observing at first, but at this moment he suddenly sat cross-legged and began to close his eyes.

“In Cultivation?” The Undying Lord was a little puzzled.

“The undead Lord, although Emperor Peyton killed Yan before, it is obvious that Emperor Peyton’s tactics have many flaws.” Chifeng Daoist sound transmission, “He only attacked and killed. The trick has reached the Perfection Level, and the other tricks are still weak, maybe now Emperor Peyton has realized something, and is in Cultivation comprehend, I believe he can realize more tricks.”

The Undying Lord nodded, sound transmission He sighed with emotion: “The newly promoted Chaotic Origin Life immediately climbed to the world-level Chaotic Origin Perfection. It’s really amazing. He is stronger and has more perfection, and he will meet a big enemy later… and he will be more confident.”

“Why haven’t you come yet?” The undead master was a little strange, “The natural Chaotic Origin beings are much more numerous than us, so the second batch of powerhouses shouldn’t be so slow.”



Payton’s mind was roaring at the moment, and the more it got to the end, the constant combination of many rules and found mystery, which made Payton’s understanding of the rules more and more profound.

He suddenly opened his eyes, and countless streamers flickered in them.

“This is the Dao?”

Peyton looked at the endless Chaotic Origin space, the originally surging and endless Chaotic Origin power turned into lines in his eyes ! A line… is the essence of the entire Chaotic Source power, and these lines are the rules! After the rules are condensed, an endless source of Chaotic Origin power will naturally evolve.

Although this endless Chaotic Source space, there are still many things that make him confused.

For example, there are huge source worlds in the distance. The composition of source worlds is equally mysterious. Every source world is the most magical existence in this endless Chaotic Origin space, and they nurture sentient beings.

For example, some born Chaotic Origin lifeforms… They are born like this, and their bodies contain many rules, and some of them are not understood by Peyton.

It is another example of the various strange forces generated by the operation of this endless Chaotic Source space, such as strange time and space, such as some special creations…

It is the achievement of the Great Firmament Supreme, and it is not omnipotent and omnipotent. , the Tao has no end.

This is also the reason why the lords such as Yuan have been staying in the Chaotic Origin space. Although the Chaos Sea is vast, they have not yet reached the end of the road, and they have no intention of saying it.

“so that’s how it is.”

“The enemy is coming.” Payton said suddenly.

“en?” Chifeng Daoist and the undead master were all surprised.

The Daoist Chifeng is the inspector of this area. He has mastered the arrangements and alerts in many places, and can always sense it. In terms of sensing the arrival of the enemy, the Daoist Chifeng should be the most sensitive.

But Peyton got up and walked straight out. The Cultivation Sacred Realm Wall directly separated a road, and Peyton walked out.

The Daoist Chifeng, the Lord of Immortality immediately followed.


“Follow me.” Peyton took the two of them to fly directly, and now the speed is much faster than before. In his view, this turbulent and endless Chaotic Source power has everything. With order, he can easily shuttle through it, so that the hindering influence of the power of Chaotic Origin is drastically reduced.

“What a fast speed.” The Lord of Undying, the Chifeng Taoist secretly stuttered.

Suddenly Payton stopped.

“It’s just ahead.” Peyton pointed to the front, under his observation, there were lines entangled and wrapped around six Chaotic Origin beings quickly moved towards, “There are six enemies in total. .”

“Six? So many?” The Lord of Undying and the Daoist Chifeng were puzzled.

After just a few breaths.

Under the surging power of the dark Chaotic Source in the distance, six lifeforms emerged from it. Two of these six lifeforms were in the form of fog! A cloud of black mist, changing and indistinct, sometimes taking the form of a cultivator, and sometimes all kinds of strange things. Bai Wu is also fickle, but the power essence of the two of them is diametrically opposite.

In addition to the two fogs, there are also three large snakes, but these three large snakes are exactly the same, obviously the same bloodline, and the last is a huge bird, and there are many Evil Gods around the bird.

“Three of the Infinite Snakes came? They are all World-class Chaotic Origin Perfection?” , run away!!!”

The undead lord fled immediately without the slightest hesitation.

Although the death of Avatar in the main battle does not affect life, but the weapons and other items in the main battle of Avatar are also gone. They don’t want to do it.

“Why escape?” Peyton sound transmission, “I don’t think it is necessary to escape.”

“Emperor Peyton, the lords are in charge of the eternal Dao’, naturally strong, and The first ancestors of the born Chaotic Origin beings all have an advantage. But we are different, we only tap the potential of our bodies. Compared with these world-level Chaotic Origin beings, except for the active world nest, which is good at saving lives, there is no advantage in frontal battle strength. .”

“And these six have extraordinary origins. The Infinite Snake… is a very strange bloodline. The same bloodline has the same strength, and can be physically fused, turning into a two-headed snake, or even a three-headed snake. The snake with the head can be merged into a snake with a maximum of nine heads. Fortunately, there are only five people who have reached the world-level Chaotic Origin Perfection in this bloodline. This time, there are as many as three! When the three of them are united, they are much stronger than me, and they are the best at entangling and binding the enemy. I can’t jump off the three of them. That bird called ‘Fujin’ is best at Dao of Spirit, known as Evil God. Black and white, the two of them are even more terrifying. The two of them unite, no less than the three infinite snakes. These six together…you can easily kill me, even if you and I join forces, it won’t last long, so don’t die. “

“Run away.” “

While fleeing, the undead lord also anxiously urged, and even sent the information of these six to Peyton on his own initiative.

Peton carefully checked the information.


Those six world-level Chaotic Origin Perfection beings didn’t hunt down the undead master, and even said that they didn’t care about the undead master!

And they were all watching this. A white clothed youth.

“Your two companions have fled, won’t you? “The giant bird made a sound, and even Evil God began to infiltrate silently.

The six of them were all staring at Peyton.


This bird and the two black and white were the second batch of support, but on the way, I got the news that ‘Yan’ had been killed! And it was this Emperor Peyton who broke out a powerful killing move and killed Yan in three moves. This made the bird ‘Fujin’ and the two companions ‘Black and White’ feel the pressure. They wanted to kill Yan, and it would not be so fast, so they waited again on the way, until the third batch of three infinite snakes. Come, the six will unite and act together.

They believe that the six will unite.

In the world-class Chaotic Source, one should be able to face all dangers.

“en? This is also called Evil God? “

Peyton couldn’t help laughing when he felt the tricks of the huge bird. He didn’t care at all. In terms of Evil God’s methods, he was much stronger than that bird.

As for the three infinite snakes in front of me, compared to the Evil God universe infinite snake killed by the deity, they are far from one Heaven, one Earth.

(End of this chapter)

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