All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 633


Chapter 633

“Do it.”

“Kill him the main battle Avatar.”

“Look at how powerful this new Chaotic Origin being is.”

All six of them moved.

The three infinite snakes directly merged into a ‘three-headed snake’, the black mist and white mist merged with each other, chi chi chi, and turned into a gray misty woman, Only the upper body of this misty woman appeared, and the lower body was still covered in gray mist. At the same time, she had two faces, one at the back of her head! One is in front, one is smiling, the other is cold and fierce.

In an instant, the six of them formed a siege.


Peyton’s mind moved, and the huge red moon world came directly, and even appeared in reality. According to his current realm, it is the illusory heart God. World, a single thought is enough to achieve reality.

For him, the source world may be a little more difficult. What is the basic universe?

Such as the Evil God universe and the wizard universe, there are very few existences of that kind of high energy level.

Because of the bloodline, some of these six world-level Chaotic Origin beings can be merged, but they have to bear it alone under the dragging soul of the Red Moon World! For a time, the six of them were shocked and divided more than half of their hearts to resist, and only about half of their strength was left.

“This is his soul trick? It’s so powerful!”

“Facing his soul trick, wouldn’t his strength be greatly reduced? In the world-class Chaotic Source, One-on-one, who will be his opponent? No, in this infinite Chaotic Source space, how can such a terrifying existence appear.”

“The beings in the infinite Chaotic Source space are in the world-level Chaotic Source space. There is a limit to his strength, everyone is like this, why is he an exception?”

They were all surprised and incomprehensible.

They don’t know…

Peyton has already transformed into Dao Transformation and is destined to be the Great Firmament Supreme. Naturally, they can’t compare.

“Hey.” The gray fog woman and Peyton fought close to each other, and she had a terrifying power of extinction with every move she made!

Black and white.

Both are good at extinction, one is good at ‘erosion and annihilation’, and the other is good at ‘purification’. The opposite means of their two races can be integrated with each other… The power of extinction has reached a new level, and they are definitely the most terrifying fusion in close combat.

“chi chi chi ~~~~” Peyton held a long spear, but there were countless spaces around him that were disillusioned and resisted everything.

The three-headed snake also uses many means of restraining and trapping the enemy. One of the snakes has a big mouth, and countless long tongues fly out and cover it. , Peyton’s eyes can’t see any rays of light…

One by one.

Payton took it easy.

Although the enemies are strong enough, they are all affected by the Evil God of the Heart Realm, and their strength is only half of Peak’s.

Payton’s many tricks are now unimaginable and perfectly defended.

“The six of us can’t get the upper hand when we join forces?” The six of them were shocked.


The undead master and Chifeng Taoist who had fled to the distance also stopped. The undead master watched from a distance and was attacked by six Peyton, who was besieged by the world-class Chaotic Origin Life, was equally on both sides in that battle. Peyton’s protection was perfect and without blemish, and he was not injured at all.

The undead master was shocked and ashamed, and he ran away.

“I’ll help him,” said the undead Lord.

“Don’t go.” Chifeng Daoist even sound transmission shouted, “Emperor Peyton is guarding not one drop of water can leak out, but he can hardly threaten the lives of these six people. You If it is in the past, he will not be able to distract you from helping you, and you will be in danger.”

The undead Lord hesitated.


In the distance, countless Void Chains suddenly appeared. Each of these Void Chains was very thin, like a mortal’s hair. Numerous void chains entangled the surrounding vast area, and also bound the six world-level Chaotic Source beings.

“What a powerful restraint method, this restraint method is definitely a world-level Chaotic Source Perfection Level.” The six startled.

“Let’s go.” Because the gray fog woman was fighting with Peyton, she suddenly found that there were mysterious rules in Peyton’s eyes, and she closed her eyes with Peyton, not caring about the surroundings at all. The six world-level Chaotic Origin beings. Inexplicably, the gray fog woman felt the trembling fear from her soul! She had a hunch…

When the Peyton Monarch opened his eyes, it was probably when they died.

“Quick, go.” The gray fog woman even sounded a transmission, and at the same time she turned around and was about to run away.

“What’s the matter? He has been just resisting the defense, why are we fleeing?”

“Now fleeing, how to explain it to the ancestors?”

“We Let’s work together to get rid of him in the main battle of Avatar.”

The other four were not reconciled.

“Escape, if you don’t escape, you will die.” The gray fog woman tried her best to resist the chains around her, but the chains around them were spinning and became more and more mysterious, and the binding force became stronger and stronger. The woman suddenly became more and more frightened, her flight speed dropped sharply, 50%, 30%, 10%…

Forget about her, even the other four who were still puzzled, felt the shackles of countless void chains around them The strength increased sharply, and the colors changed.

How is that possible?

If it was previously bound, it would still be considered a world-class Chaotic Origin Perfection. Now it’s five times stronger, ten times stronger…

“Kill, kill him.”


The four also panicked Now, like a three-headed snake attacking frantically, although Peyton stood there with his eyes closed, the space protection on the surface of his body was also becoming more and more mysterious, and their attacks could not touch the corner of Peyton’s clothes at all.

The gray fog woman who fled to the distance became more and more terrifying as the Void Chains became more and more terrifying, and finally struggled. The Void Chains completely penetrated every part of her body, and she directly decomposed into black mist and white The mist, the two clusters of mist were penetrated into the body by countless chains of voids as thin as hairs, all of them seemed to be frozen, motionless.

The three-headed snake was also separated and turned into three infinite snakes. The same void chains bound and penetrated. These three infinite snakes were frozen, motionless, as if they were rigid.

So is the bird, motionless.

A huge and countless void chains permeate in all directions, and six world-level Chaotic Origin Perfection-level beings solidify motionless inside.

Only Peyton stood there with his eyes closed.

This scene.

Let the undead master and Chifeng Daoist hold their breath, they dare not speak, they all realize something.


Don’t say it’s them.

The other Hunyuan powerhouses here, and even the lords, are also nervous. The ‘ancestors’ of the Chaotic Origin Life Group were also nervous. As news was passed on one by one, more and more powerhouses turned their attention to this place.

Soon, the six lords looked towards here.

Wang Meng laughed: “Daocheng is also, but… it’s a pity.”

Yuan was curious: “Fellow Daoist, what a pity?”

Wang Meng said with a smile: “Peyton leaps to enlightenment and shows his strength, I am afraid that no other ancestors dare to come here, and it is difficult for this seat to cut off the cause and effect.”

Yuan laughed: “Fellow Daoist received my treasure, or Haosheng has cultivated several lords for my Hunyuan Cultivation, and as for those ancestors, I don’t have to worry about Fellow Daoist.”


“So beautiful.”

Although Peyton closed his eyes, the complete ‘Hunyuan Yantian Mind’s Way’ appeared in his mind. At this moment, he was completely comprehend.

As the saying goes, if you hear the Tao in the morning, you can die in the evening.


First, this is one’s own pursuit, the pursuit of endless years.

Second, it’s really beautiful!

It contains the most essential truth of this infinite Chaotic Source space. Peyton started from the way of spreading the sky and absorbed many profound mysteries, and even absorbed the Great Firmament true spirit after reaching the semi-chaotic source level. Evil God knows, clear comprehension, Spiritual God, the profound mystery of soul… Finally, the essence of ‘chaotic source power’ is now grasped. The operation of the infinite Chaotic Origin Void, at least in terms of Chaotic Origin power, has no secrets to Peyton.

β€œThe power of Chaotic Source, it is the soil of many worlds such as the source world, it contains everything, it is the foundation of everything.”

Peton opened his eyes.

bang! !

His body began to jump, and the level began to rise.

He began to frantically absorb the endless power of Chaotic Source around him, only to see that the power of Chaotic Source in the surrounding vast area gathered turbulently, forming a huge vortex. Entering Peyton’s body caused his body to change. Chaotic source Small Worlds began to appear on the surface of the body’s skin. The body itself was as majestic as Chaotic Source, as if every move had endless might, but it was also like a void. As vast, I am afraid that no matter how many attacks fall on Peyton, it will seem to attack the void and not touch Peyton’s real body.

β€œGreat Firmament Supreme?”

Payton felt powerful.

In this infinite Chaotic Source space, there are many highest-level powers, and the ability to control the highest-level power… is the lord-level and ancestor-level battle strength! The difference between the cultivator’s lord and the first ancestor who was born with Chaotic Origin beings is… although the first ancestors are in charge, they can exert such power. But they rely on digging to the extreme bloodline.

The lords, on the other hand, are Dao’ who have mastered the essence of power. Naturally, it is different.

“In this infinite Chaotic Origin space, the power of Chaotic Origin is just soil. On this soil, there is more power.”

Peyton became more humble, he knew, There are still too many things that I don’t understand, and there is no end to the Tao. It is the Two Great Main Bodies, and I am far inferior.

Not to mention, the deity is at the threshold of Hunyuan, and it may become the end of Hunyuanhai, All Heavens and Myriad Realms.


The depths of the infinite Chaotic Source space.

A peculiar world is hidden, it is hidden, and no living entity in the infinite Chaotic Source space can find it.

It is now watching from a distance with waving waves.

Watching the white clothed youth in the distance.

“The creatures in the source world finally gave birth to a lord? It’s amazing, these originally incomparably weak beings can finally become Chaotic Source beings, and even go to the pinnacle, which makes me feel Pressure.”

A huge eye faintly appeared on the membrane wall of this world, and then the eye lurked and disappeared.


This is a very special place in the infinite Chaotic Source space, where a land was born, the time here, relative to the outside world, is forever static, and it is empty here. The stability is also the strongest. A single grain of soil here… would make high-level Chaotic Origin beings feel unbearable, and if World-level Chaotic Origin beings step into this place, they will be crushed into powder by gravity.

Only the lord level can stand here.

And on this land, there is a round table, and there are thirty-two thrones around the round table. Now, five of the seats are sitting on life. They have different appearances and different life forms.


These five people immediately looked towards one direction.

They sensed that an equally noble and powerful lifeform was born there.

“The creatures in the source world gave birth to another lord? It seems that we have to add another seat to the eternal land.”

A man wearing a white Battle Armor’s creature sat there, and his existence exuded endless destruction.

“Those who come up from the weakest Cultivation and finally reach the lord, all master the essence of strength. I was born with pinnacle battle strength, but I can’t grasp the essence of strength.” A strange cube Also on the throne, he made a sound, and the silhouette echoed around.

“The cultivator has only one ‘yuan’ from the beginning, now there are more and more, and there are more and more seats in our seat. I think they are more and more threatened, and they must be weakened!” A big snake sat In the seat, his sinuous torso wraps around.

“Infinite Orochi, you are born with countless chaotic source beings, and there are more than a hundred ancestors, and there are even new births over the years. Do you still think you need to weaken those cultivators? They are counted. The newly born one is only nine.” The strange cube said.

“We are born with Chaotic Origin beings, and there are only five people who can occupy seats here.” Orochi said dissatisfied.

It is not easy to be recognized by the terrifying existence of the eternal land.

Among the first ancestors of the inborn Chaotic Origin beings, only five have been recognized, and these five… all are considered to be Undying and Inextinguishable. They are all bloodline special and can never be killed.

The cultivator lord, without confirmation, is immediately invited to become a member of the Eternal Land when one is born.


The infinite Chaotic Source space, the first world born.

This is a very special world.

In this world, there are clouds in the sky, and each cloud is actually a source world outside.

And the ground is endless black soil.

In the black soil, a snake-shaped monster slowly drilled out. It wandered in the void, very comfortable.

“en?” Suddenly, snake-shaped monsters appeared in the endless black soil. They all looked up at the sky. The Chaotic Origin Void position corresponding to the sky… It was Peyton’s. location, where a terrifying aura emerges.

“Those weak cultivators have another lord?”

“It’s getting harder and harder to devour the source world. Last time, the Old 13th quietly devoured a lord. In the source world, there was a lord Avatar guarding there. In the end, the three lords were killed, and the power came to us, killing the Old 13th.”

“How nostalgic for the past, when you want to eat it, you can eat it. , there is no lord, and I will never return.”

“Sleep, sleep.”

The snake-shaped monsters retracted into the depths of the soil.

The snake-shaped monster in midair was still wandering leisurely, slowly wandering around.


(end of this chapter)

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