All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 634


Chapter 634

Peyton bowed his hands: “This deity.”

Wang Meng laughed: “Since you have become enlightened, Calling me a Fellow Daoist is, compared to Arthur, you give me face.”

Peyton laughed heartily, Arthur did not give Wang Meng face, he was the first to become enlightened, and after he became enlightened , he called himself the deity, and the real deity Wang Meng became Avatar instead.

β€œHow is this deity going on the Primordial Road?”

Wang Meng shook his head: β€œI don’t know, his background is too deep, the wizard world has pushed countless epochs horizontally, integrating thousands of System, since I dare to go, I think I have some confidence.”

“If it doesn’t work, it’s also an opportunity for you and me, so that he can know that I am the original deity.”

” By the way, speaking of which, your breakthrough, I am also very confused.” Wang Meng thought about it, opened the mouth and said.

“The deity said that you have reached the point of enlightenment through real spiritual enlightenment, and let me come to help you. After I arrive, you are still a long way from enlightenment. I thought you would have to wait at least tens of thousands of times. Years, or even longer, before you can think about it, you will become.”

“I have asked myself a lot of comprehend, but before you became this world Innate Chaotic Source, you can manipulate Then World Strength, being killed, followed by resurrection…is your soul entering the Dao?”

Peyton laughed: “Yes, but, to be honest, I also took advantage of it.”

“If I hadn’t been touched by the spirit of the Great Firmament, I would have been completely sunk.”

“I was also touched at that time, breaking through and entering the spiritual realm of Evil God. Extreme Realm. This breakthrough, when my mind is moved, my soul can easily integrate into World Source. Although it is not the master of the world, it can also mobilize some of the World Source power and all World Strength, so it can be regarded as a world messenger.”

“If you integrate into World Source, then World Source will not die, and your soul will not die.” Wang Meng understood.

Peyton laughed: “I had the experience of Evil God world, and then got the trigger of Yantian system, gradually merged with clear comprehension, and finally my heart was touched, and I got the enlightenment of Great Firmament…”

Wang Meng interrupted: “No, you’re wrong, maybe it should be the Primordial Spirit.”


“I Guess the realm of the deity has arrived, otherwise the Great Firmament real spirit alone can’t do this step…”

Having said that, Wang Meng frowned again: “Perhaps it hasn’t completely reached the Primordial Yuan, and it has not been able to radiate. Hunyuanhai, but half-step Hunyuan is definitely there.”

Peton nodded, and said: “Speaking of which I also cut off the chance of a future Great Firmament in this world, and my mind plays the soul. Dao!”

Wang Meng waved his hand: “It doesn’t count, Dao Zhengfeng, there is no reason to know that you are going to take this road in the future, so I will not go. Of course, if you feel that you owe it, there is cause and effect. , just cut it off yourself.”

“Or to guide, I remember that it was also a seed of Great Firmament”

Peyton nodded: “Okay, I continue to say, mind After entering Dao,”

“I then merged the Evil God Avatar with the mind world, completely affecting all sentient beings in the entire source world, and being able to affect all sentient beings, it would also allow World Source to easily recognize me as your Lord.” Peyton said.

“I became a world-level Chaotic Source being.”

Wang Meng nods: “It is indeed terrifying that the soul’s path enters the Dao, and it can affect all beings, and easily become the master of one’s own source world. However, It’s also because of your cleverness that you have a touch of true spirit of the deity, otherwise no one would dare to say that they can walk this road.”

Peyton nodded: “You should watch the transformation after enlightenment. It’s here.”

“The combination of fleshy body and soul is the Great Way.” Peyton said, “I used to be a half-Innate Chaotic Source of my body, and my soul has reached the realm of entering the Dao, and the combination of the two… fundamentally Without any bottleneck, it is easy to continuously integrate, and cultivation is very smooth! If it is a semi-chaotic source lifeform with a weak soul, it may take billions of years to break the law with force! And I became a world-class chaotic source here. After reaching the stage of transformation, the soul is strong enough, and in just two hours, the deduction was smooth all the way and became a lord.”

Wang Meng nods, fleshy body and soul are one, this is the great road.

“As long as the fleshy body reaches the half-chaotic source of this world, that is, the half-step Innate Great Firmament, and the soul path reaches the ultimate path, the combination of the two will be able to break the law.” Wang Meng noun , “This is a smooth road, but the soul reaches the ultimate… but it is difficult and difficult. There are too many coincidences, and it is to let a Great Firmament Supreme take this step again. Who dares to say that it will be able to pass?”

“You have made a clever move from top to bottom, and you have taken shortcuts. For others, it is even more fortunate to create such a character.”

“The way of the soul and the way of the fleshy body are both The fundamental path, such as the void, such as flame, such as thunder … all are a kind of external force.”

“The soul path involves many aspects such as ideology, and cultivation is also difficult. It’s very big.”

paused, Wang Meng opened the mouth and said; “speaking of which, you enter the Dao with your soul, and it will be much more difficult to go through the Primordial level in the future, after all, it is the fundamental Dao. , radiate thousands, you respect the soul, the rest of the Primordial Yuan, and even the more advanced powerhouse, will not be willing.”

Peyton also thought of this, and suddenly smiled bitterly, and made Innate by trickery. , and then directly stuck.

Wang Meng said it nicely, is it much harder?

How much more difficult it is, there is no possibility at all.

He uses his soul to achieve Hunyuan and radiate the sea of chaotic sources, but everything that is stained with soul is his way, which is equivalent to giving up the soul of everyone.

One side of Small World may be able to make it, but the entire Chaotic Source Sea, the great power of the heavens, who would be willing?

Wang Meng repairs the sword dao, at worst kills a piece of Heaven and Earth, and competes with the rest of the Great Firmament.

However, since he is in the Spiritual God way, how can he be the enemy of all the cultivators in the Hunyuan Sea?

Who doesn’t cultivate the soul?

This is the fundamental, the essence of existence.

The joy in Peyton’s heart suddenly dissipated, and he achieved Hunyuan, the Dao penetrated the sea of chaotic sources, and radiated the heavens.

Shaking his head, Peyton said again, “Even if it’s the worst, it’s easier than ever to fix it again. With my Great Firmament heritage, it’s always easier than before.”

Wang Meng nominates, not to mention it of difficulty.

‘It’s a good thing that you can think so,

Peton laughed: “It should be like this, don’t worry.”

Wang Meng added: “Okay Now, it’s time for me to go too, the deity’s experiment will be handed over to you.”

While speaking, Wang Meng threw away something, which is the world heart continent that Yuan asked for before.

Peyton understood: “I took such a thing, opened the mouth and said many thanks, Daoist brother.”

“Let’s go.”


After the breakthrough, Peyton sensed the same powerful existence of the others.

First of all, he sensed six beings with similar aura types to his own, each of them possessing very different powers, some were like blade light and unstoppable, some were like destruction and slaughter everywhere, and some were The power is restrained to the extreme, but people can’t help but feel jealous…

At the same time, he also perceives the deity standing with the six lords, and the Slaughter Qi that runs through Chaotic Source.

It is the deity Wang Meng who goes to extreme slaughter, and is also the first deity.

“Congratulations, Peyton.”

“I’m waiting for another Fellow Daoist, congratulations, congratulations.”

These six All welcomed.

Peyton followed and observed the other terrifying existences, these were the Great Firmament Supreme of Chaotic Source and Lord Level 1.

I have to say that the Chaotic Source space here is really vast, it can be regarded as a small Chaotic Source Sea, carrying the dozens Great Firmament Supreme, but unfortunately, there is no existence of Hunyuan.

Compared with Myriad Realms Hunyuanhai, Hunyuan aloof and remote, the root also has the powerhouse level, but it is too far behind.

After all, a top battle strength is too much of a difference.

β€œI’ve seen Fellow Daoist Yuan and became enlightened with the help of Fellow Daoist Holy Land, but I’m tired.”

Yuan laughed: β€œDon’t be too polite, Fellow Daoist can become enlightened, I can’t wait. Very happy, of course, it would be better if Fellow Daoist can lead one or two lords.”

Peyton laughed, he knew this was Wang Meng’s previous promise.

“By the way, Fellow Daoist, I think you can easily integrate into the world source without the owner, borrowing World Strength, the previous weak Avatar can quickly recover.”

Yuan stared at Pei. After a while, he asked with anticipation, “Is your Avatar’s strength recovering soon?”

The rest of the lords also had bright eyes, and continued: “Now I am waiting to guard all parties, and I am stretched. Wait until there is only one main battle Avatar. The other one encounters danger before rushing over… The main battle Avatar will take a long time to travel. After all, the Chaotic Source space is too vast! If your weak Avatar can quickly reach the main battle Avatar level, it can help guard Many places.”

“Our overall strength is weak, so we need our lords to shelter many territories.” Yuan said.

“It’s also right to protect many territories.” Since Peyton decided to stay here, he naturally clear comprehension of his responsibility.

“However, from my weak Avatar to the main battle Avatar, there are two points. One is that now I have reached the lord level. The energy required from the weak Avatar of the lord to the main battle Avatar is the previous world level Chaotic Source level. Many times. Another point is that I used the World Source of the unowned world. The stronger the World Source, the faster I can recover. Like the previous Cultivation Holy World, the World Source will restore my lord-level main battle. Avatar, it may take a little one hour.”

The world-level Chaotic Source life, relying on the Cultivation Holy World World Source to recover, is very fast, even at the Perfection Level, it only takes more than ten breaths.

Lord, you need a little one hour.

“It’s okay for a small one hour.” Yuan nodded, with the vastness of the infinite Chaotic Origin space, there were only six of them before. Some places are so far away that it takes a day or two to travel. He came to see Peyton at this moment, and it was only a weak Avatar nearby.

“We can build a more powerful world than the Cultivation holy world.” Yuan Dao, “I and other lords work together to build more powerful worlds in some important places. Once the danger is found, Peyton will The weak and weak Avatar can quickly recover to the level of the main battle Avatar, and can deal with danger. Peyton and other means… He alone, at least in terms of guarding, is comparable to the six of us.”

β€œ Each has their own strengths.” Yuan also smiled.

Peyton’s method really made them happy.

“The path of the soul is indeed magical.”

Yuan also secretly said, but they have also pondered the path of the soul for a long time, but the harvest is very limited.


Hunyuan space, on a strange land, the Time Flow Speed around it stopped completely, and only after Peyton did he see a round table on the land, and three surrounding Twelve seats. Of the thirty-two seats, five seats have powerhouses.

One of the big snakes looked at Peyton in a bad way.

The other four, one was quite happy, another expressed kindness, and the last two were just curious.

“These enlightenment.”

Payton felt it.

In the infinite Chaotic Source space, there are more than 200 enlightened existences that can be sensed by oneself alone!

Of course, more than half of them are the ancestors of the inborn Chaotic Origin beings, and the natural Chaotic Origin beings have a huge advantage in numbers.

“There should be some, I can’t sense it.” Peyton secretly said.

“And in this infinite Chaotic Origin space, I always feel that there are many unknown places.”

However, he only discovered some unknown places faintly, and those places, he could not spy on them from afar. , you have to go there in person before you can check it out.

“There is no omnipotent and omnipotent one, and that existence may still be above the Primordial Yuan.”

Peyton thought in his heart, and also felt that the sky is vast. A joy.

Having become a Dao, he is still a long way from the Chaotic Source Dimension.

“The soul is broken, I will create another one.”

Peyton thought so, and his heart was filled with pride.



“Withdraw for me, withdraw all.”

The offensive of the natural Chaotic Origin life group It also stopped, and the Chaotic Origin beings retreated everywhere.

Those ancestors were very aggrieved.

Originally, they were very optimistic about the abyss sea master ‘Chenghao’, and felt that there might be a glimmer of hope to become the first ancestor. Although it was only a glimmer of hope, they still tried their best to rescue. Unexpectedly, in the end, not only did they fail to rescue, but they watched helplessly as another lord born among the weak creatures in the source world, which made them very aggrieved.

O Lord! Every lord put a lot of pressure on them.

They also felt Peyton’s potential, and they all decided to make plans to destroy Peyton’s source world, and then use soul induction to kill all of Peyton’s Avatars.

How about…

The plan has not yet been decided, let alone implemented, this Peyton will break through!

“This person named Emperor Peyton became a world-class Chaotic Origin being that day, and became a lord that day. How can the breakthrough be so fast?”

“How can you be angry? Facts It’s right in front of you.”


Peyton waved and put away the six world-class Chaotic Origin beings around him, all of them were completely banned by himself, and they exerted their power. No, it is impossible to move even a little bit, and then return.

Not far away, the Daoist Chifeng and the Undying Lord immediately bowed and saluted: “Lord.”

The Undying Lord was even more ashamed… I actually chose to flee before. If you can fight side by side with the lord, even that is the breakthrough battle of the lord! The relationship will be different in the future.

“Why did I just run away, at worst only one main battle Avatar, not weapons.” The undead Lord was secretly annoyed.

“You two go back, there won’t be any danger here,” Peyton said.

“Yes.” The Immortal Lord and Chifeng Daoist all respectfully saluted, and immediately used the escape technique to leave.

Peton returned to Cultivation Sanctuary.

This main battle Avatar is temporarily living in seclusion here, and is also preparing for the little experiment of this deity.

At the same time, he did not forget Wang Meng’s promise to Yuan to guide several lords.

Thinking, Peyton’s eyes stared at Luo Feng through the distance.

Origin Continent.

In a blood-colored pyramid, Luo Feng was holding a black pendant in his hand. The pendant also had a carving of a strange beast he had never seen before. Dark Sovereign.

“The black token corresponds to the black secret room.”

“I don’t know if there is any treasure in the black secret room.”

Luo Feng thought to himself that some expect.

In fact, there are treasures in the black secret room space, it is very possible.

Especially the Divine Kings of the First Era, who are about to face the ultimate fall, they are generally reluctant to give the treasure they desperately got to the Second Era, so they would rather put it in a secret room and other places, and then Hide the token…

It’s up to who gets lucky.

Of course, some powerhouses would rather destroy the treasure.

Different powerhouses have different ideas.

“I hope the five-color Divine King will leave the treasure in the back room.” Luo Feng secretly said.

“But the secret room space itself is a treasure.”

Black token, azure token, silver token, 3rd-layer token represents three kinds of secret room reading space.

The reading power space in the secret room also has many unique features.

Suddenly, Luo Feng felt a familiar look and raised his head abruptly: “teacher!”

Peyton smiled slightly: “long time no see.”

(End of this chapter)

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