All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 635


Chapter 635622

Another infinite depth of time and space, it is the wizard universe.

At this time, Wang Meng, or Arthur Bonaparte, belonged to an extremely important state. He became a Taoist, and his background has reached the limit.

Especially he and Peyton are interdependent. After annexing the Evil God universe and clear comprehension of the soul essence, his true spirit is completely transformed.

(Afterwards, Peyton’s enlightenment, of course, involved his benefits, and also made a huge contribution to his scrutiny of the foundation.)

And, his strong background, With the horizontal push of the wizard universe, the high-energy universe of countless planes, I don’t know how many epochs, I have merged with thousands of cultures, and I have merged countless universes with the advantage of the system. The infinite universe has already evolved to its limit.

It even began to explode exponentially, and a new prototype universe was born every minute and every second, which meant that he was giving birth to a Great Firmament Divine Force every minute and every second, and even perfected it every second. Every second is quite a piece of Great Firmament heritage.

The way of the Great Firmament is far from heaven and earth, even though Peyton and the first deity have become enlightened, but they are far from him.

The first line of Dao Gao is so high that there is no edge, even more how is this more than the first line of Dao Gao?

Going to his step, the way of Primordial Primordial, the foundation and realm are already enough, the true spirit has transformed to the limit, only the last step is needed – a path running through the Chaotic Source Sea.

But before that, Wang Meng has a very important thing to do, and only after doing this can he be completely at ease.

“It’s time to trace back to the source.”

As soon as a thought moves, time and space become chaotic. Way, endless!

Wang Meng sighed leisurely at the mysterious rays of light in the true spirit, his mind completely penetrated, stirring countless established timelines, and it seemed that he was still moving towards a deeper exploration.


ย โ€ฆ

A first-class of light flew by, without cause and effect!

Thus recognized by Chaos, it was also conceived with the Chaos of boundless.

The reason why it is said to be chaos is because the whole chaos is gray.

Time is reversed, space is chaotic, countless Primal Chaos Qi bodies, and the turbulent flow of space and time is raging.

It was all lonely, and there was no life at all.

However, under the Great Dao, there is a cause and effect of good fortune, and the Great Dao is mysterious.

In the chaos at this time, there are three thousand Primal Chaos Demon gods bred.

Three thousand gods and demons, thus, correspond to Three Thousand Great Daos.

They were born and used with a mission, what mission?

Evolution Chaos, Prosperity Avenue!

The birth of these three thousand Demon Gods was personally concerned by Dao Dao. Dao was originally a law, so they were favored by natural laws, destined to be a Demon God, in charge of one Law, and then deduced.

The turbulent currents of Chaos can’t pose any threat to them at all, and they are the children of Chaos.

The Demon God Body of Chaos, Undying and Inextinguishable!

Wang Meng woke up in a daze, with chaos in front of him, and he didn’t know where he was.

It seems that a thousand years have passed, or ten thousand years, or countless years.

In chaos, there is never a concept of time!

The law has not been fulfilled, the time and space have not been determined, where will the time come from?

Maybe it will not have the concept of time until the time Demon God is born.

In a trance, Wang Meng woke up again.

A lot of information suddenly appeared in his mind, and he had some memories belonging to the deity, which were not complete. It seemed to Wang Meng that he was destined to take a different path. It’s its own mission.

Of course, these memories do not account for too much, but the memory of inheritance accounts for the majority.

Three thousand were born in the chaos, but Wang Meng’s arrival replaced one of them.

Naturally it is the memory of inheritance with corresponding laws.

Following the memory, Wang Meng gradually calmed down and began to absorb Chaos Spiritual Qi.

Extremely mysterious and abstruse, Wang Meng fell into an extremely mysterious and abstruse state, or should be in a state of meditation.

He doesn’t have much experience with the deity, but temperament is not bad at all, and he quickly adapts to everything.

A huge group of Primal Chaos Qi lingered around Wang Meng.

The giant egg that gave birth to him is also constantly expanding the size of the hundred zhang, and then to the size of a thousand feet, until it suddenly stops when the size is ten thousand feet.

Wang Meng can clearly perceive that life seems to be constantly sublimating, and the secret technique of Dao Dao keeps appearing in his mind.

According to the relationship in inherited memories, at this time, I have been Cultivation to the level of Golden Immortal!

By Golden Immortal, Immortal!

Of course, this is still far from being fully conceived, because I was born waiting for Demon God to uphold the Dao and did not achieve Great Firmament.

Comprehend the fundamental avenues of dao fruit, clear comprehension of one’s own family, simply cannot be said to have been conceived.

Only after the achievement of the Great Firmament can they, the Primal Chaos Demon, be fully born.

Nowadays, Wang Meng still can’t figure out which Demon God he is and what kind of avenue he corresponds to?

Wang Meng continues to absorb Primal Chaos Qi, and at the same time realizes the mysterious in the chaos, these mysterious will disappear after the evolution of the chaos, he can’t help but seize the opportunity!

And to be able to achieve Great Firmament as soon as possible, get the recognition of Dao, clear comprehension of his own identity, Wang Meng can also have more room for manipulation.

Who doesn’t know that Pangu killed three thousand Demon Gods and opened up chaos?

The way of cultivation, if you don’t advance, you will retreat.

Cause and effect are entangled on the way forward, there are many disasters, external calamities and internal demons, body dies and Dao disappears if you are not careful.

even more how is such an inherently destined opposition, as soon as Cultivation is born, there will be a greater chance of self-protection.

Chaos never counts years!

Wang Meng’s aura became more and more mysterious, leaped from the Golden Immortal dao fruit, and evolved into the number of Great Firmament!

“So I cursed Demon God?”

Its body is also a gradually expanding 129,600 hundred zhang

grow pair of wings, only Four feet, a pair of silver eyes, a vertical eye between the forehead, which contains the cause and effect of the curse!

And in his palm, there is another mysterious catalog

It is the companion Spirit Treasure of the cursed Demon God – the picture of the curse.

Wang Meng’s voice suddenly understood, he had never heard this name in later generations.

I don’t know what the achievements of this Demon God are.

It is a joy to be able to clear comprehension at the same time!

even more how Dao has no superiority, time space is king, but because these two Demon Gods are powerful, they define two laws.

Be aware that there is only the strongest person, not the strongest avenue.

A special wave distorts time, originating from where he is, constantly moving towards the spread of chaos.

This is spreading his curse, as if he has felt that in the chaos at this time, space and Dao of Time have a source.

Wait until these two people evolve their own avenues to succeed, and there will be a concept of time and space in the chaos.

Wang Meng’s leader spreads out, constantly shrouding the concept of curse in the whole chaos, and at the same time growing his own cultivation base.

In the chaos, he should be the first few Demon Gods to wake up, so now, he only feels that a few Demon Gods are spreading and sorting out his own way.

In terms of time, Wang Meng is currently ranked among the top 3,000 Demon Gods, so he should seize this opportunity to improve his cultivation base and leave other Demon Gods far behind.

In the future 3000 Demon God Tribulation, more cultivation base is needed to protect oneself!

As long as Wang Meng thinks of the three thousand chaos gods and demons after the opening of the world, it seems that only Hongjun and Yang Mei will survive.

The other chaos gods and demons all fell into the open sky, and they felt a chill.

Time ticks by.

Wang Meng’s realm is already the Peak of Great Firmament, a half-step blender.

He knows that time, space and the others have already achieved chaos, and gradually began to close his own causal clues and define chaos.

Wang Meng is a little behind them, but he is not in a hurry, everything is where water flows, a canal is formed.

The time in the chaos passes silently, the rhythm of Grand Dao is getting weaker and weaker, and the prime time asked by Chaos Creature cultivation is about to pass.

The opening day is approaching, and doomsday will come one after another, then it is time to seize a chance, Nirvana Rebirth.

It’s still stubborn, turning into ashes, it depends on their respective means.

I don’t know when it started, the rhythm of Grand Dao has completely disappeared into chaos.

In its place was a roar that sounded like a distant Ancient Savage Beast.

At the same time, the Great Dao dropped the news that with the birth of the last Demon God, three thousand Demon Gods were collectively born.

The Demon God born at the beginning seems to be very low-key, but the rest of the Demon God is a bit tyrannical.

Wang Meng knew that this was the result of the evolution of chaos, and even they did not evolve a clear thinking.

In the chaos, since the three thousand Demon God collective chaos gods and demons appeared.

Three thousand gods and demons fully awakened.

The phenomenon of Chaos Spiritual Qi agglomeration began to appear in many places, and some Primal Chaos Qi Balls have the illusory shadow of Spirit Treasure faintly.

From Chaos to later generations, Spirit Treasure is divided into the following grades from general:

Chaos Spirit Treasure – Splitting Heaven Ax, 36 Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, Jade Plate…

Innate Supreme Treasure – Primal Chaos Bell, Tai Chi Chart, Pan ancient banner, Heaven and Earth Cauldron…

Innate Spirit Treasure – Immortal Beheading Sword, Immortal Beheading Array Diagram, River Diagram Luoshu,…

Acquired Supreme Treasureโ€”โ€”Heaven Turning Seal……

Acquired Spirit Treasureโ€”โ€”Zhao Yaofan……

It is not by From top to bottom, many treasures have many wonderful uses.

The picture of Wang Meng’s curse is only Innate Supreme Treasure, so it can be seen that Dao still has a preference for Pangu.

Wang Meng has no idea about these treasures for the time being, these are just foreign objects, only the avenue is eternal.

As Chaos Qi Flow fluttered, a treasure light suddenly appeared beside Wang Meng!

“Is this luck?”

“Sure enough, many things are destined long ago, otherwise people would not be sitting at home, and the treasure would come from the sky. โ€

After a little sacrifice, Wang Meng immediately knew what this treasure was!

“Innate ghost wood is the Top Grade among Innate Spirit Treasure, and it is no wonder that it fits my curse, and it will come to me.”

Get this first Heavenly Spirit Root, Wang Meng’s heart gradually gave birth to an idea.

“Raising your eyebrows, Remnant Soul saves your life, I may be able to study one or two things. Divide the soul into the ghost wood, and even if the body falls, I can save a life!”

Of course, The cause and effect still require careful consideration and careful estimation.

After long deliberation and endless calculations, Wang Meng decided to perform Soul Divide.

“Learn from the method of Severing The Three Corpses, keep my evil in the body, kill and create a path in the chaos, good thoughts and self are in the ghost wood, balance the good and the evil. Cause and effect.”

The soul is the most fundamental source of life, fleshy body is destroyed and can be rebuilt, but once the Soul Source has an accident, it will cut off the chance to win the Peak.

You must know that the Soul Source is innate and difficult to add. It can only be transformed once in the transition of life or the sublimation of the soul. Even so, it only adds a trace to the thickness.

To tell the truth, the reason why Wang Meng chooses two souls is that he can better practice Taoism through Avatar.


Wang Meng clenched the teeth, pinching the handprint, a soul gradually split, and cracks appeared in it.

At this time, Wang Meng was sweating profusely, his blue veins were exposed, and his body was twitching.

When people are in pain, they always feel that time is very long.

Wang Meng felt that the painful days were like an endless dark road, which could never end, and the unbearable torture became eternity.

I don’t know how long it took, and the split of the soul was finally completed, a slightly larger black Primordial Spirit baby, and a slightly smaller white Primordial Spirit baby.

black enters the body of the cursed Demon God, and white enters the ghost wood.

After doing all this, Wang Meng gradually began to fall asleep, warming up the newly split Primordial Spirit.

And the Demon God who inherited all the curses of Evil Thought, is to start his own hunting!

Hunting the rest of the Demon God and gradually perfecting oneself is also a road.

Next, Wang Meng is ready to start a massacre and start a decisive battle with all the cultivators, killing the sky.

One after another in the chaos, the majestic ominous aura spreads out!

Wang Meng is not a loner, there are many Demon Gods who have been trapped on the top of the Great Firmament these years.

At this time, they all remembered to deprive the rest of the weak and just enlightened, even the Demon God who did not endure the fiendish qi.

Over the years, Wang Meng has killed several Demon Gods, and he already feels that his origin has been greatly improved.

At this moment, suddenly, there is a A ferocious and frenzied aura rushed straight towards this battlefield.

A Demon God that looks like python, with the hideousness and madness in his expression, rushes forward, no matter what,

Wang Meng’s eyes shot on the head – curse Light!

This python itself is considered to be on the Great Firmament in front of it, but it is full of fiendish qi, and the essence of the soul has not been completely conceived, but it is eating the dividends of chaos, otherwise it is completely impossible and Wang Meng. Demon God is tied among the three thousand Demon Gods.

In the light of the curse, the python roared and rolled around.

Wang Meng laughed heartily, and the madness in Demon God also rose up, directly grabbing this python in his hand and tearing it apart.

The Primal Chaos Demon seems to be like the fleshy body in the bloodline, and it is only the Divine Ability of Cultivation itself.

Maybe it is called Demon God, who only cultivates Divine Ability and does not know the number of days!

I don’t know that after the era of multi-kill, Wang Meng gradually evolved into the source of the curse in the chaos, and the concept of countless curses gradually moved towards his body.

The cursed Divine Ability in his eyes has also undergone earth-shaking changes. At this moment – he has achieved Primordial Primordial!

Just a hybrid of Cultivation Divine Ability!

The power of a body comes from bloodline, body, and wildness, which is fundamentally different from the Cultivation major of spirituality in later generations.

At the same time, the 3000 Demon God also felt the wind and rain coming!

A Demon God named Pangu killed and destroyed the Demon God, and said that he wanted to open the sky to prove the Way!

(End of this chapter)

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