All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 637


Chapter 637

Sitting in the overseas three immortals, at this time Wang Meng’s slow comprehend wrote the body cultivator after Innate Supreme Treasure Extra creation.

As for the black turtle, it is still slowly swallowing Three Illuminations Divine Water, and then continues Cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, it has been 100,000 years. Wang Meng realized something in his heart, and finally opened his eyes, which were full of the brilliance of wisdom.

“Has the time finally come?”

Although Wang Meng has been working on comprehend over the years, his deduction of the calamity in the land of the Great Desolate has not stopped.

Without his intervention at all, the ominous beast of the Great Desolate will naturally arouse the targeting of others.

Because their essence is the participation of the Primal Chaos Demon gods, they are not at all affected by the luck of Desolate Flood Continent.

It was even rejected, which can be clearly seen from the later strangulation of the ominous beast to obtain the qi luck merit.


In the Great Desolate.

At this time, the various tribes have already started to shoot the ominous beast, along with the rest of the Great Expert.

The more slaughter, the more the calamity in the Great Desolate condenses, and gradually even the Yin-Yang Daoist, Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor and the others are dignified.

They couldn’t help but think of the scene when the sky opened, and it was also full of calamity. It was really uncomfortable.

At this time, the Dragon Phoenix Qilin and other races have already started to fight against the ominous beasts from the sea, land and air.

Ancestral Dragon, Fengzu, and Linzu are all ominous beast kings who lead clansman to clear the Quartet.

Chaos, Qiongqi, Tingtao, and Taotie also began to resist with their ominous beasts led by the Quartet!

At this time on Mount Taihuang, a man in white clothes lightly looked into the distance: “You are here!”

“Poor Daoist Hongjun!”


β€œYin and Yang!”


β€œFive Elements!”

β€œLuo Hu! !”

See six dive lights appear out of thin air!

The six people saw the man in front of him and saw his demeanor. Although he was an enemy, they also admired him in their hearts.

That’s right, this white-robed man is the emperor of the ominous beast – the god of rebellion!

The Primal Chaos Demon from the first under the heavens!

Compared to God’s rebellion, the six of them seem to have betrayed the revolution.

Abandoned the body of the god Primal Chaos Demon and started over in the world opened by Pangu.

Shen Ni smiled slightly at the sight of the six people: “It turns out that they are acquaintances!”

“Abandoning the real body of Chaos is really worth it!”

Luo Huan also sighed leisurely: “Neither would we have imagined that the Demon God of destruction who died first would be able to see it again.”

No one else is nodded, and the gods have always been mysterious. It was the first time everyone met, didn’t expect this meeting, and immediately discovered the details of the other party. It turned out to be the destruction of the axe that was chopped to death by Pan Gu.

Shen Ni heard the words and shook his head slightly: “The axe of Pangu back then made me understand the true meaning of destruction. If I can’t destroy myself, how can I destroy the rest?

Born from destruction, reborn from the undead demon body, I inherit the demon body of destruction, inherit the mind of the three thousand Demon God!”

“I am the emperor of the ominous beast. Shenni! The last Primal Chaos Demon!”

Speaking, Shenni’s imposing manner suddenly changed!

The endless vastness of murderous aura, murderous aura moved towards him converges!

Hongjun faintly sighed: “The Great Desolate is no longer the age of the Primal Chaos Demon.”

Five Elements, Yin Yang and the others are also slightly nodded.

The rebellious and vicious body is full of madness!

“Are you sure, come to fight!”

A strong fighting intent erupted in Luo Hu’s eyes: “Come to fight!”

Hongjun also smiled: ” deference is no substitute for obedience!”

Five Elements took out a mirror, the Taoist Qiankun took out a great cauldron, and then the Taoist Yin-Yang took out a Tai Chi Chart between the black and white generals, and finally good luck took out out a jade.

Shen Ni flew to a height of ten thousand meters, looking at the six people from a distance, standing opposite each other.

Immediately manifested the demon body, and the remaining chaotic and foul air between Heaven and Earth rolled in!

The imposing manner of Shen Ni was shocked, and the eyes of the other six suddenly changed, “Great Firmament Perfection!”

Shen Ni laughed: “This Great Desolate restriction is for me to wait. The chaotic relics are not counted!”

The six looked at each other and quickly moved towards the gods and surrounded them together.

At that time, Heaven and Earth had just released the restrictions, and the tallest of the six people, Rahu, became the peak of the middle stage of Great Firmament, and the remaining five people were also the middle stage of Great Firmament, Ancestral Dragon and the Others have just achieved Great Firmament.

“Death!” Shen Ni gave a wicked smile, and a black rays of light suddenly hit when he raised his hand!

“Divine spear!”

Hongjun immediately cry out in surprise!

This treasure is the Innate Supreme Treasure, but it is the most ferocious. In fiendish qi again, even the Chaos Spirit Treasure may not be comparable.

And now the six people have abandoned the demon body, and they are even more afraid of the attack on the soul!

Then Heaven and Earth Cauldron and the Five Elements treasure mirror immediately shot two golden lights, blocking an attack.

At this moment, Shenni clenched his left hand and clenched his right hand, attacking Rahu one after another.

Shenni grabbed Rahu Tianling with one claw, Rahu roared, the sound wave expanded, and a Spirit Treasure appeared in his hand, which was the Top Grade Innate Spirit Treasure Heavenly Demon Tower!

God against the Heavenly Demon Tower, the killing intent spreads, and blood-reeking qi infects the Heavenly Demon Tower.

Heavenly Demon Tower The demon light flashed, a heavy sense of heaviness appeared, and the claw shadow swayed away.

God rebellious laughed: “Come again!”

Immediately, he grabbed it again. This move is extraordinary. The Slaughter Law is used in the left hand, and the Devouring Law is used in the right hand. .

Luo Hu saw countless fists, and every one of them was real!

Shen Ni unexpectedly punched countless punches in an instant, each of which locked on Rahu, there was no way to hide!

Rahu had no choice but to use the mana in his body, and a wall of black light enveloped his body, resisting these countless attacks.

The shadow of the fist collided with the wall of light, the waves spread in all directions, and the energy flew out. At the same time, Luo Hu suddenly flew out several dozen li, spit a mouthful of blood!

The gods laughed heartily: “This is just an appetizer, the big meal is still to come!”

I want to move towards Luo Hu again.

Hong Jun and Yin Yang looked at each other.

“Luohu, besiege him!”


The chaotic flag in Hongjun’s hand immediately shot out Primal Chaos Sword Qi.

At the same time, the Tai Chi Chart in the hands of the Yin-Yang Taoist is also extremely mysterious and abstruse!

Invisible imposing manner!

Shen Ni punched again, still moving towards Luo Hu, it would be better to cut off one of his fingers than to hurt his ten fingers.

naked eye Visible fist shadows fill the space around Rahu.

Black was directly smashed, Rahu beckoned, Heavenly Demon Tower became bigger in the wind, and they were all blocked.

At the same time, the Divine Spear returned to the god’s hand, and with a slight stroke, he broke the Primal Chaos Sword, and

immediately moved towards Tai Chi Chart and left

After two waves of attacks, Rahu saw sweat on his forehead and his breath fluctuated after going through the two waves of divine reverence.

Shen Ni gave a grim smile: “Rahu, are you alright?”

Rahu vomited blood, and immediately shouted: “Good luck, Five Elements, come and help me!”

Fortune and Five Elements quickly said yes!


At this time, the battlefield is already in the white-hot stage, and the divine rebellious one kills the divine spear in hand, making it invincible.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Hongjun and the other six really had some means, and they used more to bully less, they would have been killed one by one!

At this time, the Five Elements Taoist vomited blood. At this time, his state was the worst. Luohu and him were the most targeted, but the deeper the Rahu cultivation base, the better.

Seeing the slaughter of a dive spear coming, the Five Elements Taoist’s eyes flashed a ruthless look and he turned into a tall tree.

It is the Five Elements Spirit Wood, one of the top ten spirit roots!

Five Elements trees are rooted in the earth, as if there is some subtle connection with the Great Desolate earth, and the imposing manner is inexplicably heavy!

Earthquake, ground fissure, ground subsidence, ground collapse, earthquake.

I saw several earth-yellow rays of light wrapped around Shen Ni.

Shen Ni felt that every part of his body became extremely heavy. He tried to run the mana, and found that the mana was actually sealed.

Shen Rei said with a sneer: “This is Xiao Daoer!”

Five Elements Taoist right hand put two fingers together, moved towards Shen Rei a little bit in the air, “Five Elements imprisoned !”

A streak of five-color rays of light immediately enveloped the gods.

Nishen smiled slightly, and shouted: “I am the Beast King, Above the Heavens and Under the Earth, Only I Am Supreme!”

Hongjun was surprised: “Sovereign Dao’s Law!”

No one would have thought that the emperor of divine rebellion, the ominous beast, actually cultivated the Sovereign Dao’s law in addition to devouring and Slaughter Law.

Along with the sound of thunder, I drank violently.

The power of hard to describe broke out, and the imposing manner that was extremely domineering continued to rise.

The space was oscillating, and there were ripples like water waves.

Immediately imprisoned, with a single finger, let the Five Elements Daoist do it.

I couldn’t drop an inch any longer, and with one finger, the earth let out a wailing sound of wu wu, and gradually returned to peace.

At the same time, Shen Ni laughed: “But you’re going to die!”

After speaking, Shen Yan suddenly became incomparably huge, and his body was full of violent energy.

It is the ontology that has all the fiendish qi of the ominous beast and Demon God!

As soon as it was captured, the space was shattered!

The surrounding Hongjun suddenly complexion changed, and the others joined forces to form a huge barrier!


One claw out, the situation changes, one claw out, Heaven and Earth are shocked!

The claw wind carried the aura of slaughtering everything, berserk and domineering, and Sovereign everything, directly piercing the barrier, and Luo Huan and the others all retreated.

This move continues to move towards the ancestor of Five Elements!

I want to blast one of my claws on the spot!

This claw, the wind becomes larger, and a giant hand that is partially ominous beast appears!

With the appearance of the giant hand, all the creatures in the middle of the Great Desolate froze.

Whether it is Ancestral Dragon, Feng Zu and the others who are still besieging the ominous beasts in the southeast, northwest and northwest, they are all face changed!

Scalp tingling, feeling a big crisis, big terror may come at any time!

This move has condensed too much fiendish qi, and of course it is the greatest terror in the world!

Five Elements Taoist was horrified to find that he was caught, the claw traveled through endless space, and the distance of the world was so close!

Five Elements Taoist’s proud and hard body is like thin paper under the huge claws of the gods, and it will be torn apart without any hindrance.

“peng!” Shenni squeezed hard, and the bright blood light fireworks burst into the sky, attracting worldwide attention!

Five Elements is dead!

At the same time, Luo Huan and the others, who were knocked into the air at the same time, all had ugly expressions on their faces.

Before the six of them practiced, they originally wanted to slowly grind Death God’s reversal, but didn’t expect God’s reversal to break through the situation violently.

Luo Hu said, “Fellow Daoists can’t stay behind, otherwise we will all die here.”

Luo Hu suddenly silently threw a cold sword – Zhu Xian!

Feel the edge of the sword, the blood, and even the endless fiendish qi.

Shen Ni was instantly furious, “Death!”

He couldn’t feel that the souls on these swords belonged to his ominous beast clan, and this sword did not know how to kill How much ominous beast.

The rest of the four looked at Luo Huan with courageous eyes.

Luo Hu saw it in his eyes and knew that he had set up a slaying target for God’s Rebellion, but apart from his fearlessness, he had three swords like this!

God moved against his footsteps and pulled a spear.

Writing the word “kill” in the Daoist language with the tip of the gun, looking at Luo Hu, the killing intent in his eyes is awe-inspiring, and the gun seems to have tens of millions of power with a strong killing intent.

Looking at the other four again, shouted: “Whoever stands in my way, die!”

Luo Hu is also cry out in surprise: “Fellow Daoists, let’s shoot together!”


Hongjun immediately nodded, gushing out a mouthful of blood essence, and immediately imposing a high manner, the wonton banner in his hand is the sword qi that shoots out an extremely sharp edge.

The Tai Chi Chart in the air is also running to the extreme, and the endless Yin-Yang Energy moved towards God’s rebellion.

Fortune and Qiankun suddenly counted Spirit Art, swaying in the air, the whole space overturned.

Between the words, the six people in the air immediately fought each other!

A Primal Chaos Sword qi suddenly moved towards God’s body to kill!

The god rebellious who was hit by sword qi did not fall down, but resisted sword qi and let out a beast roar, with an irreconcilable appearance, his right hand clenched the divide spear and swept across the Rahu in front of him!


Immortal Beheading Sword and Divine Spear’s Power of Slaughter slammed into each other, and at the moment of the collision, Luo Huan slashed out an endless sword glow, penetrating the space , across time.

“Cang~” The crisp sound of the sword resounded through the Great Desolate, and Luo Huan’s face was full of suffocation, waving the sword glow!

The shadow of the slaughtering gun swept away the gun fiercely and violently

“Death! You will all die!” Shen Ni suddenly angered Hah!

“The Eight Wastelands of Emperor Town, Only I Am Supreme!”

The gods roared suddenly, the endless Sovereign Dao laws condensed, and a powerful and domineering terrifying imposing manner emerged, smashing everyone around.

Immediately, the right hand Slaughter Law condensed, and there was a little blood red in the darkness.

Shenni had a strong killing intent in his eyes, had a feeling in the heart, and Slaughter Law condensed into a black long spear.

“I am the Demon God, killing all the people!”

The black long spear one into ten is black long spear one into ten.

The gun shadow seems true seems false , forming an airtight storm, hidden in different spaces, and the spear tip shone with a dim cold light.

Qiankun immediately drank: “Not good!”

“Heaven and Earth Cauldron!”

The cauldron suddenly swung into the wind and gradually wrapped everyone around!

Heaven and Earth Cauldron Although it is Innate Supreme Treasure, the power of killing divide spear is really powerful!

Every shot collided, causing Heaven and Earth Cauldron to shake slightly.

Daoist Qiankun said urgently in his eyes: “Fellow Daoists, at most half an hour.”

Everyone was in deep thought.

Only Rahu was laughed, and immediately released three cold swords from his sleeves.

The sword picture in his hand changed: “Everyone, please enter my Immortal Beheading Sword Formation!”

Everyone was instantly delighted, only Hongjun had a deep meaning!

Shen Rebellion is another move, and the mighty Immortal Beheading Sword Formation immediately surrounds him.

Shen Ni smiled indifferently: “The trifling formation, break it at will!”

Luo Hu suddenly smiled: “I preside over the center, Fellow Daoists guard the Quartet!”


At the same time, Wang Meng in the south was walking on the edge of the battlefield, and the breath on his body was stronger every time.

The infinite soul, whether it is the three clans or the ominous beast, is bound by him.

Wang Meng immediately shook his head when he felt the vast sword intent in the middle of the battlefield.

Continue the sweep, killing the rest of the ominous beast.

(End of this chapter)

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