All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 640


Chapter 640


The most important thing in a sequence is its origin, and the existence of origin makes the sequence From nothingness to reality.

Those who are lost, dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety, rip off a trace of the origin that belongs to the end, creating an opportunity – an opportunity to go to the end.

“The next thing I need to do is create a sequence, but it’s not an easy thing to do.” Peyton muttered.

The creation of each sequence is a process of continuous creation and improvement in accordance with the guidance of the “great source”. During this process, batches of pioneers fell into chaos… …

The extraordinary road is never an easy one.

The great beings in the void are like the sun radiating brilliance. These brilliance contain extraordinary mysteries, but those who want to peek into the mysteries are destined to face the scorching sun.

“It’s so difficult to have directions, even more how?”

It’s a good thing that there is no end at the end, which means that this road can come to an end.

But this is also a bad thing. Without guidance, creating a sequence out of thin air is difficult!

“Actually, the luckiest one should be the one who falls at the end, leaving us a chance.”

“However, if it is the one at the end who falls, I’m afraid it’s too early. Just being eaten by the rest of the great beings, there will be opportunities for us, just like the snake of time and space…”

Peyton thought to himself, with complex rays of light flashing in his eyes.

From the extraordinary information he has collected these days, the extraordinary sequence has changed more than once for thousands of years, and the reason for the change is naturally the change in the source.

Three thousand years ago in the time of Steno Kingdom, fate, time and space, life, ocean, storm, sun…every path corresponded to a great source.

And now, some paths have completely fallen because their source has fallen.

Those sources seem to be devouring each other all the time, the snake of time and space at the end of fate, the Lord of the storm at the end of the ocean…

“It is very difficult to create a path out of thin air, and I have to prevent the existence of those sources.”

Time passed slowly, and in the blink of an eye, it was another month.

In a remote high-rise building in the northwest of the city, dozens of people in black robes gathered together, men and women, all with serious expressions, and the field was silent.

On closer inspection, the black robes of these people are also different, which seem to be embroidered with flame-like patterns.

One, two…

The more flames there are, the more noble the status seems.

The blond old man standing at the front is even more different. The pattern on his body is no longer a flame, but the sun, the golden sun.


Everyone raised their hands and shouted.

The Pope pressed his palm.


The invisible pressure fell, and the field suddenly became absolute silence.

The Pope smiled with satisfaction and said loudly: “Praise the Lord!”

“Praise the Lord!”

A large number of believers responded with a pious and fanatic expression.

“Praise my Lord!”

“Kow to my Lord!”


After three rounds of cheers and responses, the teacher Zong’s expression became solemn: “My Lord is the radiance of the falling sun, the eternal sun, and the only salvation in the world!”

“He was born from the sun and is the Sovereign who controls the blazing sun.”

“Only by igniting ourselves and burning the world can we follow the trail of the Lord.”


In the words of the Pope, it seems that There is a certain kind of fanaticism, and the eyes of the believers in the audience are all fiery.

If the dead Link is here, he will surely find two familiar silhouettes among the congregation in the field.

Victor, Windsor!

Let’s talk, the Pope smiled and raised his hand, and soon, the believers present dispersed, revealing a complex hexagonal array underground.

Immediately afterwards, among the surrounding Sects, a girl with a big belly shrouded in a black robe looked pale, walked slowly to the center of the array, and sat down on her knees.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on the girl, as if they had seen the ultimate belief.


The Pope ordered, six black robe believers with four flames embroidered on their bodies walked to the hexagon of the array, among which is included Victor.

The other six looked at each other with a hint of hope in their eyes.

The six people each took out a dagger with black hair and red all over the body, with a very strange shape and a serrated blade.

With a stinging pain, several people pulled their wrists away.

The blood began to flow, and the black flame burned on everyone’s blood, burning continuously.

In a short while, the array bloomed with a bright radiance, and everyone’s blood and black flames followed the array to start the gathering of the girls in the heart of the Imperial court.

Soon, horrible to see blood flowed on the girl’s fair skin, like a blooming flower, and there was an incomprehensible purity in her coquettishness.

At the same time, with the gathering of black flames, the girl also began to be enveloped in flames, as if she was an elf in the fire.

The girl was slightly frowned, then quickly stretched, and then began singing a fantasy song.

The singing seems to have a special charm. There are no specific lyrics. It is more like a pronunciation, a strange pronunciation, which seems to cause confusion!

Hearing this song, everyone present, including the Pope, lowered their foreheads and their expressions were incomparable.

[When the hymn sounds, He will come to the world. ]

Suddenly, ah!

In the crowd, a black robed man screamed in agony, and then his body quickly distorted, his flesh and blood bulged, and two huge sarcomas appeared in his throat, and soon his body began to appear. The lines of red, in the lines, wisps of red flames began to burn his body.

The rest of the people turned a blind eye, only the Pope stared at him coldly, waved his robe, in an instant, this person was completely incinerated, and there was no trace of it.

A cold voice sounded.

“hmph, your mind is not strong!”

The strangeness with a hint of desolate and ancient charm gradually began to permeate, the girl kept humming, and the blood became more and more bright red.

The black flame is getting brighter and brighter, staying on the girl’s belly, spinning constantly.

Including the dried blood stains on her body, she also began to crawl downwards continuously, and finally all the red blood on her body gathered in her lower abdomen, spinning and flowing.

As she hummed higher and higher, the blood that was flowing also made waves.

Suddenly, a painful look appeared on the girl’s face, and her rosy face lost its blood. The chant in her mouth still didn’t stop, but her voice became more and more low.

A long time passed, the faces of the six people in the hexagon were extremely pale, and the voice of the girl in the center finally stopped, and with it, stopped, and her life.



A rhythmic sound resounded from the girl’s abdomen.

Everyone’s faces were maddened.

“Praise the Lord!”



A crisp tearing sound rang out, the girl’s belly was torn apart, and a fiery-red baby crawled out of it.

It’s hard to describe this baby, the human infant’s body is bulging with fleshy balls, chaotic eyes all over the body, and strange black lines completely cover the body.

Did not dare to take a second glance, the Pope hurriedly fell to his knees: “Welcome to my lord!”

The rest of the people also knelt down and bowed: “Welcome to my lord!”


In the middle of the city, an old man in a suit and leather shoes, leaning on crutches, was talking to Ford with golden eyes.

At this time, Ford’s expression was restrained, docile, and very respectful: “Mr. Grant, many thanks for your help.”

The old man waved his hand slightly: “Ai, I can’t help either. Busy.”

“No, you can’t say that.”

“Within a month since you got here, the arsonists have disappeared, no doubt about it. It’s your credit. Your shock…” Ford complimented with a smile.

It’s just that he didn’t notice that Grant’s smiling eyes became more serious at this time.

A fiery crisis gradually shrouded Grant’s mind.

Grant did not dare to be careless. As a high-level existence in the divination sequence, he still trusted his own spirituality judgment.

Soon, the old man took out a bright crystal.

“This is you?”

“Don’t talk yet, I have a bad premonition.” The old man said seriously.

Hearing this, Ford hurriedly shut up, watching the old man manipulate the crystal ball, and murmured incantation from time to time.


The old man had a mouthful of blood spurted, his face became extremely pale, and an extremely hot breath flashed across his body, making him want to burn himself in the flames.

I resisted the urge in my heart, and in an instant, several cracks appeared in the crystal ball in the old man’s hand.

Ford turned pale in fright, the old man is a high-level existence of divination Sequence Six, and the crystal is another Sealed Artifact of Sequence Level 5 Fate Crystal.

“Mr. Grant, what happened?”

“Come on, we’re being targeted, it’s Evil God!”

Recalling that he was The crystal ball sensed the chaotic, fiery presence, and Grant’s heart palpitated.

Glancing at the crystal in his hand, one after another crack in it, made him feel distressed for a while.

But at this time, it is too much to take care of, it is important to escape!

Ford heard the words, and his heart was a little confused: “Evil God? Where is Evil God? Are you wrong?”

“Yes, hurry up and tell people to retreat, It is the incarnation of Evil God, the incarnation that has already descended, and this city cannot be preserved.”

Speaking, Grant grabbed Ford directly and quickly evacuated from here.

I just watched Evil God myself, and this is the center of extraordinary governance, Evil God may come back soon.

“What the hell is going on!” Ford was still a little confused.

While mentioning Ford, Grant opened the mouth and said: “We were deceived. The purpose of the arsonists was never any sacrifice, they wanted to lead Evil God to come, and they were all over the city before. The vertical Fire Element in this is a part of the ceremony.”

“They blinded our vision with the ceremony of the Qiqi sacrifice, making us mistakenly think that this is a promotion ceremony … appear here It’s not a bishop, it’s the Pope who set fire to the secret society.” Grant said quickly.

Ford suddenly realized when he heard the words, no wonder he was able to successfully find the place of sacrifice.

It is clear that the enemy deliberately guides him.

“It is very difficult for Evil God to come to Divine Transformation, and it takes countless sacrifices to achieve Evil God’s green tire, special array, and ceremony…”

“Before in the north, arson secret society People sacrificed to a city, you know!”

“en!” Ford nodded, it was this time of sacrifice that made arson secret society a famous cult in the kingdom of France.

Otherwise there will be so many Evil God Cults, who knows who?

The disaster of hundreds of thousands of people in a city, which indirectly led to chaos in the north, made the Kingdom of Farran completely remember this cult organization.

“We originally thought that that sacrifice was the ceremony of the arsonist who wanted to become a demigod, but now it seems to be the ceremony of the Evil God embryo.”

“After these people got the Evil God green tires, they made suspicions in the north, and even went to the south to pick up Evil God. We were all deceived!”

Ford was dumbfounded.

He really didn’t expect that a small city super-governor of his own would be involved in such a major event.

Evil God green tire, Evil God incarnation.

As soon as you hear it, you will know that it is not easy to provoke.

“Evil God is coming, and this city will become his sacrifice. We must leave quickly, or it will be too late.”

Ford heard the words, and dared not Hesitating, he took out a metal box from his arms, entered the password, opened it, and a red button appeared.

For a button press – red alert!

This is the highest alarm, an out-of-control disaster, specially installed after the last city in the north was sacrificed.

Once the button is pressed, the entire city is on alert, and personnel are quickly evacuated.

“Sir, what is the strength of the incarnation of Evil God?”

Grant shook his head: “Even if he is a general just now, he has the strength of a demigod of Sequence Four, and he is also fast. With the recovery of this city, with the sacrifice of this city, it may be able to reach the level of a saint of Sequence Three, which is not something we can deal with.”


At this time, In Peyton’s bedroom, Peyton held the esoteric cane in his hand.

[Original evolution void, start! ]

In an instant, Peyton’s source power was quickly consumed.

A gray fog began to be born, endless, like a dream.

In the middle of the fog, Peyton’s figure appeared extremely mysterious, holding a cane of origin, Peyton began to arrange the surrounding environment according to his own ideas.

The walking stick is slightly, the gray fog keeps rolling, and gradually a scarlet moon emerges, hanging high in the sky, mysterious and bright.

Under the red moon, a chaotic River of Destiny runs through countless gray fog, boundless, as if there is no source and no end.

“Go on!”

Soon, right in the middle of the long river, a solid piece of land began to condense.

Peyton stepped on the land, with a cane, in a flash, surrounded by towering stone pillars, and the top was shrouded by a broad dome.

The whole building is spectacular, majestic and majestic, like a temple.

Peyton smiled slightly, directly under the dome, surrounded by gray fog, there was a bronze seat, on the back of the chair, a scarlet moon was carved on it. A chaotic trajectory of fate.

Sitting in a chair, Peyton said with a smile: “This is my world, Spirit World!”

(End of this chapter)

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