All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 641


Chapter 641

Rahu turned into a Supreme heavenly demon, at the same time, countless Golden Lotus descended from Nine Heavens.

Among them, about 20% of Mo went to Yangmei and the other three, 40% of them went to Hongjun’s head, and the fourth went to Wang Meng’s head.

It is thanks to Wang Meng for saving the entire Western spiritual land

At the same time, everyone looked towards the Supreme Treasure left by the underground Rahu, Heavenly Demon Tower, Black Lotus , Divine Spear, Immortal Beheading Sword, Immortal Beheading Array Diagram…

At the same time, it is most likely that the spoils cannot be divided, and the demerit is the act of fighting.

Although Hongjun consumes the most, he has Supreme Treasure in hand, and the body of the three corpses is still there, so he thinks he is not weaker than others.

Immediately walked up to the crowd and made a bow: “Okay, everyone, don’t hurt the peace.”

The Yin-Yang Taoist squinted his eyes slightly: “Hongjun Fellow Daoist , I don’t know if you have a way to distribute.”

Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor is also nodded, looking at Hongjun.

Only raised his eyebrows and smiled slightly: “Poor Daoist is going, but a little foreign object, don’t hurt yourself.”

Wang Meng saw the free and easy raising of eyebrows, secretly said in One’s heart is the space Demon God after all.

Suddenly thought of something, looking at everyone, Wang Meng smiled slightly: “I’m waiting for the four, the Three Fellow Daoists must all like Immortal Beheading Sword Formation the most, right?”

All three are nodded, Wang Meng continued to open the mouth and said: “But the Executing Immortal Array has one and such a fierce Formation, in whose hands the three will not be relieved, of course?”

Hearing this, Hong Jun gave Wang Meng a deep look: “In this case, can I wait for the four of us to share a handle?”

Although Yin Yang and Qiankun are somewhat different I was willing, but for a while I felt that this was the best way, so they opened the mouth and said: “Good.”

Wang Meng smiled slightly: “Now the remaining items, Divine Spear is the best, it is worth two Top Grade Spirit Treasure, Black Lotus is one, Heavenly Demon Tower and formation diagram are added together How about a Top Grade Spirit Treasure?”

Everyone heard the words nodded: “Good!”

Hongjun opened the mouth and said: “I don’t need this murder. divine spear, how about the three of you?”

Everyone knows that he has an ancient banner, but they understand it,

Wang Meng shook his head: “I don’t need it either, the other two Do Fellow Daoist want it?”

The three of them glanced at Wang Meng in surprise, but after hearing the words, Qiankun and Yin-Yang Daoist suddenly nodded.

The Heaven and Earth Cauldron and Tai Chi Chart on their hands are more defensive Supreme Treasures.

Tai Chi Chart is better, but Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor is really longing for this Divine Spear, when the time comes there are Heaven and Earth Cauldron and Divine Spear Supreme Treasure, what a huge Great Desolate Not letting him go.

Wang Meng opened the mouth and said: “In this case, please each take out an Innate Top Grade Spirit Treasure, and let me and Hongjun Fellow Daoist choose.”

Not long after, Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor showed a heartache and took out an object. In an instant, the strange images were entangled, Heaven and Earth were all clear, all evils evaded, and all laws were invincible.

“Plain cloud flag!” Hong Jun was a little surprised, he also had a Five Elements flag.

Wang Meng looked towards the Yin-Yang Daoist, only to see that the Yin-Yang Daoist immediately took out a copper mirror and introduced: “This copper mirror is a Top Grade Yin-Yang Spirit Treasure, which can connect Yin-Yang Five Elements.”

It’s a pity that both Wang Meng and Hongjun are people with excellent eyesight, so they naturally won’t listen to the yin-yang Taoist boast.

Suddenly said, “Murdering the divide spear belongs to the Fellow Daoist of Qiankun.”

Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor suddenly showed a surprised look, and reached out to take out the divide spear, the Yin-Yang Taoist looked a little bit ugly.

Hongjun then opened the mouth and said: “How to distribute next?”

“Black Lotus, plain cloud flag, Heavenly Demon Tower and formation diagram.”

Wang Meng opened the mouth and said: “I don’t know what Yin Yang Fellow Daoist wants.” The other three have Tai Chi Chart in hand, and he doesn’t like it at all.

Wang Meng smiled slightly: “Luo Hu can refine Immortal Beheading Four Swords, with Formation and unbreakable combination, if Fellow Daoist lacks attacking means, he might as well choose Heavenly Demon Tower and formation diagram, maybe he can recreate it. Refining Immortal Beheading Sword!”

Hearing this, the Yin-Yang Taoist still looked ugly, but his heart was touched.

Wang Meng then opened the mouth and said: “When the time comes, if Fellow Daoist wants to imitate my Extinguishing Immortal Sword, he can come to Eastern Sea to find me.”

The Yin-Yang Taoist was even more tempted, moved towards Wang Meng and said, “many thanks Fellow Daoist, and then reached out and took away the Heavenly Demon Tower and the formation diagram.”

In the end, only Hongjun and Wang Meng The two, Wang Meng opened the mouth and said: “I want Black Lotus.”

Hongjun suddenly nodded: “Good!”


Eastern Sea shore, Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor carefully set up a large array and then sacrificed the Divine Spear in it.

At the same time, Wang Meng, who had left his mark at the time of the treasure, suddenly felt a sense of heart, and a smile suddenly appeared on the corner of his mouth: “So it’s here!”

Bao, Wang Meng didn’t have any good intentions. In his opinion, Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor are average, even two Supreme Treasures can’t be kept, and now they just put a whole piece in his place.

Secretly use the ghost wood body to differentiate countless souls and walk around all around.

Three months later, a light appeared in Wang Meng’s eyes: “Great formation!”

In an instant, endless brilliance moved towards all around expansion.

Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor was a little surprised!

β€œWho is it?”

Wang Meng didn’t say anything, just started! As soon as the billion Ghost God devoured the soul, blood energy began to permeate the Formation.

In addition to the big formation, the evil spirits of millions of li in a radius are sucked into the formation by the big formation to enhance the Formation formidable power.

Hundreds of millions of low-level Ghost Generals, several millions of Ghost Gods of Golden Immortal Peak move together, and thousands of Ghost Kings of Great Firmament realm, what a magnificent sight.

And they gradually began to burn ghost bodies recklessly. Anyway, for Wang Meng, this is the cultivation of Gu Insect

The five Ghost Emperors are the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak, just one step away from Quasi-Saint.

At this time, they are all guarding one side, trapping Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor in the one billion Ghost God Soul Eater Great Array,

Those who are in the Great Array Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor naturally noticed this, and his teeth were itchy.

“It’s you, that mysterious Taoist! You want to kill the ancestor!”

“The ancestor wants to kill you!”

Wang Meng is just coldly snorted, dozens of absolutely Golden Immortal Peak’s Ghost God urge the Formation together, and Wang Meng, as the main formation, controls the fiendish qi in the big formation, turns into thousands of sword qi, and goes straight to Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor goes.

It’s like a flood burst, as if everything is just mantis trying to stop a chariot.

Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor did not dare to be careless, and the Heaven and Earth Cauldron once again lowered the air of countless heaven and earth, making the defensive curtain guarding him seem to be solid again.

The attack formed by Ghost God’s fiendish qi couldn’t break through Heaven and Earth’s defenses, at most it could only leave ripples on the clear air curtain.

Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor blocked the attack with Heaven and Earth Cauldron, and quickly brushed out the Divine Spear in his hand, and immediately laughed heartily: “You can’t break the old ancestor’s treasure defense, now it’s the old ancestor’s turn

With Heaven and Earth Cauldron guarding, for a while, Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor recklessly used the Divine Spear to attack in the great formation

Sure enough, Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor under a few hits, the one billion Ghost God Soul Eater formation began to turmoil, and the fiendish qi in the formation also dissipated a lot. Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor laughed when he saw this.

“Haha Β·Β·It seems that you have nothing to do with this big formation. It’s not enough after receiving a few attacks from the ancestors.”

There is a lot of sarcasm in the words.

Wang Meng was not angry when he saw Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor’s arrogant appearance. The most taboo thing in battle is to be influenced by emotions. Looking at Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor, he said lightly: “Yes. Well, but with your mana, how long can you use two Supreme Treasures to last?”

“even more how my formation is not so simple.”

“Yin God is a sacrifice, linking with the source, a billion Ghost God soul-devouring formation, kill!”

In the formation, an Intermediate Thousand Worlds suddenly appeared, which is Wang Meng’s ghost world.

“Hundreds of thousands of Ghost God borrowed! Kill!”

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of Ghost Gods in the Golden Immortal Realm world exploded and turned into sacrifices!

An endless evil spirit was set off again, and the Ghost King of thousands of Great Firmament Golden Immortal in the ghost world immediately spit out countless evil spirits.

The fiendish qi, which had already been somewhat dissipated in the one billion Ghost God Soul Eater Array, immediately became more intense.

The attacks made by the fiendish evil also became sharper, wave after wave, without a single pause.

Wang Meng sacrificed hundreds of thousands of Golden Immortal Ghost God to connect with the origin of the ghost world, thereby greatly enhancing the formidable power of the formation.

Billion Ghost God Soul Eater Array Formidable power Array, the attack has also become stronger, and it is continuous.

Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor naturally increases the pressure and mana consumption becomes faster. Although Heaven and Earth Cauldron is his companion Spirit Treasure, it is Innate Supreme Treasure after all. It is completely lotus, so it has not been completely refined yet, and now it is necessary to activate the dividing spear and defend against the attack of the fiendish qi.

Wang Meng is not at all afraid that he will use his Divine Spear. The longer he uses it, the faster he will die. It is not that there is an endless supply of evil spirits, and the Divine Spear consumes a lot.

And these Ghost Gods can be regarded as consumables in Wang Meng’s eyes.

However, Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor suddenly thought of a way, and with the formed hand seals in his hand, Heaven and Earth Cauldron immediately became a little bigger.

“Dry Kun Wuji, the cauldron will make the world, fiendish qi, give it to me.”

Heaven and Earth Cauldron immediately turned into a bottomless black hole, and the surrounding fiendish qi were all destroyed. sucked in.

And the infinite black flame ignited in the tripod, and the fiendish qi that was inhaled was calcined by the flame and dissipated, and finally turned into Immortal Spirit Energy to feed back, for Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor to absorb and restore mana.

With Spiritual Qi supplies, Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor attacked again, and countless heaven and earth, wrapped in strength of Heaven and Earth, crashed into the one billion Ghost God Soul Eater formation.

Wang Meng’s face immediately turned ugly, and he almost forgot to return to Return to Origin.

Heaven and Earth Cauldron can turn the day after tomorrow into Innate, and naturally it can turn fiendish qi back to Origin, turn it into Innate Spiritual Qi and feed Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor.

It has a dividing spear, and the attack of Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor is too strong. The original formidable power of the one billion Ghost God Soul Eater Formation was turbulently beaten by his dividing spear. .

As if a small boat in the swaying wind and rain may capsize at any time.

Wang Meng faintly sighed: “It seems that I still have to go off in person!”

“Since you are here, you still want to leave, you are too underestimated by the Soul Eater in this seat. Let’s form it!”

“Heaven and Earth have reincarnation, Ghost God is endless, and the formation locks the void.”

In an instant, a huge black hole appeared in the void. It is gloomy, this is a Divine Ability that Wang Meng has temporarily formed by combining the laws of death and ghosts, and it is specially aimed at Ghost God.

Wang Meng held a Magistrate pen in his hand and picked up the ghost book.

“Listen to my orders, ten thousand ghosts are born!”

The House of Moments, the Ghost God who has just sacrificed endlessly came out of the black hole

Great formation In the middle, the endless fiendish qi formation suddenly appeared, and the Force of Great Formation suddenly erupted.

The entire Great Array was blocked, and Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor were blocked.

Looking at the blocked formation, Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor complexion ashen, looking at Wang Meng, gritted his teeth and said: “Don’t bully intolerably, make me anxious, at worst with you. perish together.”

Wang Meng didn’t bother to talk nonsense with him, holding the Extinguishing Immortal Sword in his hand, he immediately started: “Endless fiendish qi formation, bless me, Extinguishing Immortal Sword, slaughter the immortals God.”

After comprehending Death Law, sword moves have no effect, Grand Dao Reaches The Simple, only death.

Blessed by the endless fiendish qi Force of Great Formation, Wang Meng Death Law’s formidable power was brought to the extreme, and the sword qi cut out by the Extinguishing Immortal Sword was full of infinite murderous intention.

At the same time, Primal Chaos Abyss, a huge Demon God’s mouth moved slightly: “Curse to kill the universe!”

Across Chaos and Great Desolate, this Divine Ability Only a little factor, a little fur left.

But the curse of the deity, that is the real Divine Ability, even the fur is not something Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor can bear.

This sword, combined with the curse, made Heaven and Earth pale and tumultuous, which was far beyond what he could bear.

Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor saw the infinite sword of murderous intention, and quickly propped up Heaven and Earth Cauldron, wanting to defend.

It’s just that he underestimated the formidable power of this sword. With one blow, Heaven and Earth Cauldron were knocked into the air, and the Primordial Spirit brand in the tripod was damaged.

Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor even vomited blood, and while most of the attacks were taken by Heaven and Earth Cauldron, the rest left him badly wounded.

The Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor was seriously wounded in one blow, and the Heaven and Earth Cauldron was knocked into the air.

Wang Meng will not miss the chance, Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor just wanted to recall Heaven and Earth Cauldron, but it was too late.

“Kill!” Wang Meng’s killing intent was full, and suddenly shouted out loudly, the condensed killing intent spewed out, and the amazing killing intent actually condensed and formed into entities, and turned into pieces of snowflakes.

Wang Meng’s second sword directly cut Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor in half, turning it into blood energy, directly destroying both body and soul.

As soon as Heaven and Earth Old Ancestor died, Heaven and Earth Cauldron and Divine spear immediately became the Spirit Treasure without masters, and they all showed their power and wanted to break away.

But now that the big formation has been sealed, where can they fly to, and in a short while, they are all in the bag of Wang Meng.

Looking at the two Spirit Treasures that he just bought, Wang Meng had a smile in his eyes.

These are two Innate Supreme Treasures. Even if they are not closed, they each have Divine Ability.

Especially Heaven and Earth Cauldron’s reversal of the acquired divide might can be described as infinite. If it can be deduced to the Divine Ability secret technique…

I don’t think much about it, Wang Meng directly packed up the rest of the residue, turned around and retreated to Penglai Island.

The next step is to think about breakthrough chaos.

Of course, it’s just a jerk of this world.

Compared to the real Hunyuan power that runs through the Chaotic Source Sea, the Hunyuan of this world is nothing but a name.

It may be compared to the sky of the frog in the well and the sky in the eyes of man.

The names are the same, but too far apart.

(End of this chapter)

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