All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 642


Chapter 642

The Great Desolate doesn’t remember the year, in an instant just doesn’t know how many years have passed

distance After the Great Tribulation of the Dragon and Han Dynasty, the Great Desolate at this time slowly took on a new look. After the old group of Great Experts with the shadow of the Primal Chaos Demon completely withdrew from the Great Desolate stage.

The Innate Fiendgod evolved from a new batch of Pangu continues to enter the stage of history.

Above the Kunlun Mountains, Pangu Three Purities’ authentic reputation spread throughout the Great Desolate.

Under the Buzhou Mountain, twelve fleshy bodies are extremely powerful. The twelve people join forces with the ancestors who have never met an opponent. They are known as the bloodline of Pangu.

Two young men in robes and golden crowns and hair were walking on the Desolate Flood Continent and began to make friends with one Great Expert after another, telling them about their ideas and the others, it was about a Great Expert Desolate a dream, the idea that thousands of races are one family.

In the land of the North, a lonely scribe sits on an iceberg, watching Heaven and Earth from time to time, muttered in his mouth: “Innate Fiendgod has both memory inheritance and bloodline Divine Ability, although the Great Desolate World has Innate divine divine ability. A symbol, but it is not owned by all living beings.”

In a valley, two gorgeously dressed Great Experts, a man and a woman, played the qin and the flute, one was very uncomfortable.

Not long after, the two golden-crowned youths seemed to have inquired about the existence of the two and hurriedly came to visit.

On the Longevity Mountain, a Taoist temple rises from afar, a red robed old man and a Taoist in yellow robes, each of which is black and white, showing laughed heartily from time to time.

The Great Desolate at this time, the Netherworld Blood Sea.

The general looked at the blood cocoon in front of him and couldn’t help laughed heartily.

He found this hundreds of thousands of years ago, but at that time, consciousness was already born in this blood cocoon.

After a little thought, the generals realized that this was the ancestor of the Netherworld River.

So he spent the countless years to wipe out this consciousness.

And then integrate into the various blood essences that I have been collecting over the years, continue to grow its heritage, and even penetrate into my own consciousness.

Innumerable years have passed, and this blood cocoon has not yet been born, but its imposing manner is no less than that of the Great Firmament realm.

Although he is the ancestor of zombies, the generals also have their own pursuits.

After a long time, Corpse Qi loomed over it.

The imposing manner of the blood cocoon is getting more and more violent, and there are all kinds of evil spirits on it.



The blood cocoon continued to expand, and a crack gradually appeared, followed by a blood-colored daoist robe.

“I am the ancestor of the Netherworld River!”

The general was laughed, and then threw four things.

It is the ancestor of Netherworld River who was born with two swords, Yuantu and Abi, together with the unique thing in the sea of blood, Ten Grade 2 Karma Fire Red Lotus, together with the last thing, Profound Abyss Water Control Flag.

Netherworld River took over the three things: “many thanks deity!”

The general smiled slightly: “I will cultivate the way of abandonment, you cultivate Heavenly Dao, and I will be able to take charge when we join forces. Great Desolate the sea of blood.”

Netherworld River smiled slightly: “So, great goodness!”

“In my memory of inheritance, there is the inheritance of blood, and there are 400 million in Hedanglian. Tens of millions of Blood God Child Avatar, to achieve the prestige of the blood sea ancestor.”

The general smiled slightly: “I have a zombie clan, your Asura clan can already be cultivated.”

… …

The Land of the West.

A tall Taoist sat cross-legged on Mount Meru, two Taoists in apricot yellow robes, one of them looked sad, the other had a three-point fate, with a smile from time to time.

After a round of narration of the scriptures, the two young Taoists immediately bowed and said, “many thanks teacher!”

This tall Taoist is Wang Meng, Heavenly Dao in the east Prosperous Xuanmen, Hongjun is the master of Xuanmen.

Wang Meng naturally wants to plot the rest, such as this western land, the magic land.

Looking at the two people under the seat, they are the two experts of later generations, who will lead and quasi-raise.

Wang Meng just nodded slightly: “My western land has always been barren, far inferior to that of the east, and then there are evil ancestors. Although a teacher can protect the spirit vein of the west, it cannot be revitalized.

The genius of the West.”

The introduction took a while: “Disciple sleeps in the heavens, countless Hengsha worlds, preaching with them, will definitely prosper my West.”

Zhun mentionopened the mouth and said: “What is not in the West, what is in the East, Disciple goes eastward, and comes with thousands of talents.”

Wang Meng couldn’t help but sigh when he heard the thoughts of the two: “Good! Good!”

“The two of you are a collection of Western talents, and they rely on Western luck in one body, as they should be.”

These years , Jie Yin and Zhun Ti, along with his combing of the spirit vein of the West, and the influence of their identities, have long been recognized by the Western fortune.

The three master and disciple were talking, only to see the Great Desolate, and suddenly there was a pressure from Thirty Three Heavens on this day.

Under this pressure, all the creatures of Great Desolate had a feeling of fighting against Heavenly Might, and all the creatures knelt on the ground, silhouette struggling.

The Great Expert was even more oppressed, because they could feel that the oppression itself was not an interweaving of mana, but an imposing manner.

More precisely, it is a realm gap, as if the realm of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal is used to coerce a small Heavenly Immortal.

Three breaths have passed, and there are very few people in the Great Desolate who have not yet kneeled down. These people are all characters who will show their colors in the Great Desolate in the future.

Three Purities, Nuwa Fuxi, Hongyun Zhen Yuanzi, Zhunti, Dijun Taiyi, Netherworld River Kunpeng…

On Kunlun Mountains, Three Purities throws a tower, It was a mysterious yellow Exquisite Pagoda, with a mysterious aura shrouded in it, and the faces of the three of them were full of unwillingness.

On the Supreme Sun Star, the Primal Chaos Bell kept chirping, Taiyi and Dijun persisted…

In the sea of blood, the general looked at the painful appearance of the Netherworld River , could not help laughed heartily: “I jumped out of Heavenly Dao, trifling Heavenly Dao majesty over me like a floating cloud.”

Wang Meng was lightly sighed, and with a wave of his hand, “Go away!”

Mount Meru, his majesty dissipated immediately.

Zhunti quickly opened the mouth and said: “teacher is this?”

Wang Meng slightly nodded and said: “Hongjun become a saint?”

I was a little confused when receiving and quoting: “teacher only talks about Hunyuan, what is holy?”

Wang Meng opened the mouth and said: “Under Heavenly Dao, when there is a Saint, the Saint will rule the universe for thousands of years. Not grinding, sticking to cause and effect but not tainted, always with the sky, coexisting with the Dao, a thought, Heavenly Dao changes, infinite and boundless, No Life No Extinction, return to the void, can be gathered or scattered, neither born nor dying , never wears out, transcends time and space, does not stick to its body due to cause and effect, swims outside of things, does not take the reincarnation of time and space as its foundation, and lasts forever.” “

On the contrary, the sadness on Ying Yin’s face was even worse: “Dare to ask what kind of realm a teacher is?”

Wang Meng smiled slightly: “Being a teacher is Hunyuan Great Firmament Golden Immortal!”

Innumerable epochs passed, Wang Meng did not fall into the horns, thinking about deriving Reincarnation Dao.

And Primal Chaos Abyss, under the protection of the deity, based on the way of ghosts and death, proving the way of chaos.

Zhun mentioned: “Saint and Hunyuan, who is higher and who is lower?”

Wang Meng’s eyes showed a deep meaning: “Hunyuan can be Saint, Saint is not Hunyuan, In the Great Desolate, Saint entrusted the soul and Heavenly Dao, with the help of Heavenly Dao Power, the battle strength of the Primordial Person is much inferior, and in the chaos, Saint lost to the Primordial Prison.”

Continued Yin Yin pondered for a while, and immediately opened the mouth and said: “What the teacher said, Saint is under the Great Desolate Heavenly Dao, wouldn’t there be a day of transcendence?”

“Although there is a powerful force, But it’s just a caged tiger, no freedom.”

Wang Meng immediately laughed heartily when he heard the words: “If Saint is a caged tiger, it would be a good metaphor!”

Nine breaths one However, Purple Qi reverberated above Nine Heavens.

The east rises ninety thousand miles, the sky falls and the flowers fly, the ground rushes into the Golden Lotus, an image of an auspicious sign descended from the heaven.

At the same time, a mighty voice came from above Nine Heavens.

“High lying on the 9th layer cloud, the futon is true. Apart from Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow, I shall be the head teacher. Pangu produces Taiji, and the two ceremonies and four images follow. The mysterious gates are all leading show, one gasification.


“I am daofather Hongjun, I have preached the sermon, and in a hundred years, I will preach in the Purple Heaven Palace outside Thirty Three Heavens, and anyone who is predestined can come and listen to the sermon!”

The Land of the West.

Wang Meng looked at the two of them, and smiled slightly: “Of course, Hongjun is extraordinary, he killed three corpses to become the Dao, and he also has the realm of the Great Firmament of Hunyuan. Yu is a teacher.”

The quotation was a little puzzled: “If that’s the case, why is this senior willing to lose his freedom under Heavenly Dao?”

Wang Meng smiled slightly: ” What it pursues is not Saint, it is the first Saint under Heavenly Dao, and it should be the teacher of Saint later, what it pursues is to gather the luck of the Great Desolate, attribute it to Heavenly Dao, and achieve the realm of Heavenly Dao. “

The two were shocked, and they didn’t expect Hongjun to have such a mind.

Wang Meng slightly> has two nominees: “Okay, wait for the two of you to listen, but if you encounter six futons, you should make a decision in your heart, this is the manifestation of the Holy Desolate. .”

“You must know that under Heavenly Dao, there should be a Saint in the West.”

The two had a clear comprehension in their hearts, and immediately moved towards Thirty Three Heavens.

Three Purities looked at each other, the silhouette moved, and entered the chaos from the top of Buzhou Mountain to find the Purple Heaven Palace.

The three really belong to the Great Destiny, Taiqing, Yuqing, and Shangqing Xianguang.

It actually blocked the chaotic flow, and silhouettes continued to emerge in the chaos.

East Prince and West Queen were also in ecstasy. After the two explained it well, they went to Thirty Three Heavens to find an opportunity.

Nuwa and Fuxi walked together, supported each other, and moved towards the direction of Purple Heaven Palace in their hearts in the chaos.

Kunpeng walked out from the land of Beiming, his eyes flashed, and he set up a lot of restrictions at his residence, and moved towards Thirty Three Heavens.

In the chaos outside the sky, Kunpeng’s whole body is surrounded by blue light, and the whole silhouette is very scary.

One step into the chaos, maybe Divine Ability is amazing, maybe the secret is unpredictable.

In the chaos, Hong Yun and Zhen Yuanzi are constantly searching in the chaos.

The clouds floated above their heads, and they held a big bottle gourd and an earth-yellow book page, and they were safe in the chaos.

On Supreme Sun Star, Taiyi Jun went outside Thirty Three Heavens without saying a word.

When we got there, Taiyi had Primal Chaos Bell on his head, and Emperor Jun Yunguang’s Hetu Luoshu was faintly discernible.

The two have great opportunity and Innate Supreme Treasure body protection.

In the sea of blood, a Taoist man wearing a scarlet daoist robe rushed out. It was the ancestor of the Netherworld River.

Under the ridicule of the generals, he finally knelt down, but thinking of the holy seat in the Zixia Palace, his heart couldn’t help but get hot.

Netherworld River arrived outside Thirty Three Heavens, with a flag hanging above its head, one after another blood light rushed into the small flag, replenishing mana, but it was safe.

Netherworld River sensed and found where the Purple Heaven Palace was. A bloody shadow drifted towards Purple Heaven Palace.

Under the Buzhou Mountain, twelve ancestral witches, under the protection of the ancient palace, barely knelt down.

But after realizing Hongjun’s not simple, the twelve brothers also moved towards Chaos.

Two silhouettes floated out of the lunar star,

apart from this Β·Β·Β·Β·Β·There were also many unknown Great Experts who also went to Purple Heaven Palace to hear the sermon.

Of course, if they can reach Purple Heaven Palace alive like Taiyi, then I don’t know.

In the chaos, a quaint palace is constantly ups and downs in the chaos, and the surrounding chaos flows all around this palace like a docile child who dares not make mistakes at all. The plaque hangs on it, and the three characters ‘Purple Heaven Palace’ are written, which is the Purple Heaven Palace of daofather Hongjun in the chaos.

At this time, Hongjun didn’t say a word, he became the first saint of Innate, and the existence of the Great Desolate could not be concealed from him.

Looking at the Western Land, together with the two figures of the Eastern Sea, there is a complex and incomprehensible color in his eyes.

He preached for the first time, with Heavenly Dao adding to his imposing manner.

But on an inexplicable island in the Western Land and the Eastern Sea, his coercion has not diminished in the slightest, and Hongjun is naturally well aware of it.

“Raising eyebrows and that mysterious Taoist.”

“That Taoist also has the aura of Demon God, and he has also achieved Primordial Yuan.”

One In an unknown place, the black air circulates, constantly blending into the new black air.

In just a few breaths, the black air rolled, revealing a pair of blood-red eyes.

This pair of eyes looked at the place where Hongjun was, and coldly snorted came out from the black air: “The road is one foot high, the devil is ten feet high, and I, Luohu, will return one day sooner or later.”

Hongjun seemed to be touched by something, Faintly sighed: “Da Zizai heavenly demon, Luo Hu?”

Yet and Zhunti went all the way, and saw a lot of silhouettes in the chaos.

Obviously they all heard the words of Hongjun daofather, came to look for Purple Heaven Palace, heard the avenue.

However, the reception and judging mention are just a quick glance, and I don’t take a closer look.

While receiving and walking, Zhun Ti heard a scream in front of him.

I saw a silhouette whose body was mostly destroyed by the turbulence, and the Primordial Spirit collapsed.

The receptionist and Zhunti took a step forward and looked at him in front of this man, who was an old man.

The old man was about to call for help when he opened his mouth to see the reception and lead.

There was another turbulent flow, and this person dissipated into the chaos without even a chance to scream, becoming a part of the endless chaos.

Yeyue and Zhunti looked at it, unemotional in their hearts, only Yingyue muttered: “The great way is hard to find!”

“Senior Brother, do you want the Holy Throne?”

Acceptance shook his head: “If you can become a teacher-like Primordial Primordial, why be a tiger in a cage?”

Zhunti sighed when he heard the words.

The two of them didn’t encounter a lot of turmoil along the way.

Because of Wang Meng’s sake, Hongjun did not arrange the slightest disturbance for them.

After all, the general trend remains unchanged under Heavenly Dao, and there should be a Saint in the West.

So it was very smooth to see a quaint palace standing in Primal Chaos Abyss.

There are already three Taoists outside the palace at this time. These three Taoists are connected with each other, and they are infinitely powerful.

It is Pangu Three Purities.

“The West’s acquaintance and quasi-mentioned have met Three Fellow Daoists!”

Three Purities saw that the breaths of the two people who came here were as tightly connected as the three of them. And it was only slightly different than the two of them, and I was also interested in the two of them immediately in my heart.

He hurriedly returned his salute and said, “Pangu Three Purities has met two Fellow Daoists, Zaiyin and Zhunti.”

Zhunti smiled slightly: “It turned out to be the authentic Pangu, It’s better to be famous than to meet, it’s really good.”

The three of them were overjoyed and responded: “Overpraised, the two Fellow Daoists are also very nice!”

( End of this chapter)

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