All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 643


Chapter 643

As March passed, outside the Zixia Palace, Great Experts guarded the outside.

Zhunti moved towards glanced around and found that these people are the famous characters of Great Desolate.

The two domineering men with golden robes are the famous Supreme Sun Star holy emperor Jun Taiyi, I heard the teacher say that these two people are big destiny bearers, that Taiyi was born holding Primal Chaos Bell, the emperor Jun is a born emperor, in charge of Heshu Luotu.

At this time Laozi opened the mouth and said: “Poor Daoist Laozi, these are my two younger brothers, Yuanshi and Tongtian, my three brothers have met Fellow Daoists.”

Others returned their salutes one after another, all of them talking about the famous Three Purities name that had been long admired by Pangu.

The two of them also opened the mouth and said: “Xiyin Zhun mentioned in the West has met fellow Daoists.”

Fuxi said in his mouth: “Fellow Daoist is very polite. , Poor Daoist Fuxi, this is Poor Daoist’s younger sister Nuwa, my two siblings have met Fellow Daoists.”

Netherworld River smiled slightly: “Netherworld Blood Sea Netherworld River has seen Fellow Daoists.”

Everyone was a little curious for a while, after all, when it comes to blood sea, everyone has the biggest influence Or the old ancestor who did not know when a Netherworld River Taoist came out?

Not long after, the palace gate opened completely, and two golden boys and jade maidens walked out.

The golden boy said: “Teacher decree, the time has come, the Purple Heaven Palace gate should be opened, and the Senior Brothers are also invited to enter and find opportunities.”

The Purple Heaven Palace doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s the art of Suna Meson.

It seems to be the size of a piece of sand, but in fact there is something else in it.

The crowd walked ahead and saw another six futons lined up under the jade platform, spread on the ground.

Netherworld River knew the peculiarities in this location, and with his generals taking a path other than Heavenly Dao, he simply asked for a holy place.

Immediately released the light of body protection, moved towards the last position and rushed to sit down.

Three Purities looked at each other, released their body-protecting fairy lights, pushed everyone else aside, moved towards the first three seats.

Fuxi flashed through a bright light in his eyes, directly protected Nuwa, moved towards the fourth position.

Yeyue and Zhunti looked at each other, and immediately realized that this was the holy seat that the teacher said, and couldn’t help but hesitate in their hearts. , but some despise this holy position.

In an instant, only one of the six positions remains.

Kunpeng in white clothes lightly took a surprising step and sat down in front of everyone.

Underworld Emperor Juntai was annoyed one after another, but the palace didn’t dare to do anything and had to give up.

The two of them looked at each other, thinking of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal of Hunyuan mentioned by the teacher, and their hearts secretly firmed up.

Inside the Purple Heaven Palace, invisible to outsiders, an Old Daoist Priest sits on a futon.

It’s just that this Taoist brows tightly knit, it is Hongjun Taoist.

Everyone was waiting for Hongjun Hongjun to come out to preach, but they didn’t know that Hongjun was very troubled at this time.

Muttered in his mouth: “The West should have a holy seat, but how can the two of them be granted it if they don’t sit down?”

Hongjun moved his right hand, and a jade plate flew to Hongjun Jun’s head.

A cloud light appeared on the top of his head, the jade plate kept floating in the cloud light, and Hongjun’s right hand kept counting.


“High lying on the 9th layer of clouds, the futon is true. Apart from Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow, I shall be the head teacher. , Xuanmen is leading the show, and it turns into Hongjun.”

A song came, and a white-haired Taoist man appeared on the top futon.

Hongjun looked towards the people in the underground. Everyone just felt that their whole body was seen clearly, and they couldn’t help but sigh Saint’s possessed great magical power.

Hongjun looked at the two of them, and there was a deep meaning in his eyes.

“From now on, you can listen to the sermons according to your seat today.”

“I preached the sermon three times in total, each time for nine thousand years. For the first three thousand years, I preached the truth. , for another three thousand years, I will teach the magic method, and in the next three thousand years, you will ask questions and I will answer.”

“The Tao can be called, and it is very Tao. The name can be named, and it is very famous. Therefore, there is always no desire, to see the wonder; there is always desire, to see it.”

“The two have the same origin and different names, and they are also called mysterious, extremely mysterious and abstruse, Gate of Many. Wonders, Dao rushes to use it or not, Yuanxi is like the sect of all things; it is sharp, it resolves its disputes, and its light, with its dust, it seems to exist in Zhanxi. I don’t know whose son is like the first of the emperor. ”

As Hongjun gave a speech, in an instant, the sky was chaotic, the ground swarmed with Golden Lotus, and everyone sank into the mystery.

Hongjun’s sermon this time is to collect the luck of the Great Desolate. Naturally, the Jade Butterfly and Heavenly Dao Power help him.

The mysterious principles are clearer and clearer, and even the two of them, who are used to listening to Wang Meng’s sermons, feel that they have gained a lot.

Netherworld River Listen, there are countless more insights into the way of blood in the Great Desolate World.

“Heaviness is light root, quietness is impetuous ruler. It is the gentleman who walks all day long and does not leave his baggage…” ‘s technique.

After a long time, everyone gradually came to their senses, Hongjun opened the mouth and said: “Do you have any doubts?”

Lao Tzu opened the mouth and said: “Dare to ask the teacher. Why wait for the realm?

Hong Jun said with a unemotional expression on his face, “I am Saint”

Lao Tzu asked again, “What is Saint? “

Hongjun said indifferently: “Saint, in one thought, Heavenly Dao changes, infinite and boundless, No Life No Extinction, returning to the void, gathering and dispersing, neither born nor dying, eternal Not grinding, transcending time and space, not sticking to the body due to cause and effect, swimming outside of things, not based on the reincarnation of time and space, eternal and eternal, so Saint can be immortal under Heavenly Dao. “

Hongjun’s words are plain, but everyone is discuss spiritedly.

Especially neither born nor dying, eternal, transcending time and space, cause and effect are not attached to their body, these Words are really desirable.

That is to say, Yingyin Zhunti and Netherworld River have long understood the mystery in it, and they are very indifferent.

Di Jun quickly opened the mouth and said: “Excuse me, teacher, how can I be sanctified? “

Hong Jun said: “Three Thousand Great Daos, all of them can be proved to be Primordial, but to sum up, there are no more than three ways: one is to cultivate the Great Divine Ability and break it with its own Supreme mana. Heavenly Dao, the Hunyuan of Zheng. This method is the most difficult, and it is also the strongest after being sanctified.

The second is to cut off the three corpses of one’s own goodness, evil, and persistence, relying on Innate Spirit Treasure or Golden Body Dharma Idol to prove the Saint of the three corpses, followed by strength.

The third is to create Supreme merits and virtues to achieve Hunyuan. The merits have reached the cultivation of countless years, thousands of years of cultivation, accumulated merits, karma does not stick to the body, the great calamity is coming, it has nothing to do with oneself, but also can cultivate mana by oneself. This law proves that the strength is the weakest. “

Through Heavenly Dao: “What method does the teacher teach? “

Hongjun Hongjun said: “I cut off three corpses to become Tao. “

Taiyi opened the mouth and said and asked: “teacher, can someone use strength to prove the Dao?” “

Hongjun lightly saying: “The Great God Pangu desires Primal-Chaos Splitting Heaven, it is precisely the desire to break the shackles of the Great Dao and achieve the Way of Everlasting Primordial, but unfortunately he died.” “

During the speech, Hongjun couldn’t help looking at the two, and both of them thought of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal of Hunyuan mentioned by his teacher, which is using strength to prove the Dao.

He opened up Heaven and Earth again in the chaos, and achieved the immortality of Primordial Yuan.

Zhen Yuanzi opened the mouth and said: “teacher, what are the three corpses? “

“Three corpses are poisonous. There are three corpses in the human body, called three poisons. The name of the corpse is Peng Ju…”

“Teacher, how can I cut off the three corpses? ”

β€œInnate Spirit Treasure is sacrificed, and as soon as the opportunity arrives, you can cut off three corpses!” “

“Teacher, can the acquired things be used to cut down the three corpses?” “

“If you don’t enter Innate, you can’t kill three corpses!” “

Hou Tu opened the mouth and said: “Dare to ask the teacher, how do I wait for the Wu tribe to prove the Tao?” “

Hongjun opened the mouth lightly and said: “The witch people inherit the bloodline Divine Ability of the Great God Pangu, and they have their own fate, and they can follow the laws of bloodline to find the way.” “

After hearing the words from Houtu, I immediately understood.

Warning, the rest of the people started to ask questions one after another, and Hongjun also answered one after another.

After Hongjun has answered everyone’s questions, he will let everyone go back to Haosheng comprehend avenue.

After three yuan meetings, Purple Heaven Palace will start the lecture again.

After speaking, the figure disappeared from the seat, and everyone left the Zixiao Palace in small groups.

After Hongjun preached, everyone with the Great Divine Ability was refreshed, Primordial Spirit is empty for a while.

It seems that the avenue is beckoning to him, and the culture that has not been improved for a long time is also showing signs of breaking through.

Naturally, everyone is eager to go back to comprehend Avenue.

Of course, everyone is also anxious to go to the Great Desolate land and plan the Innate Spirit Treasure, which is their future road.


But he said that when Hongjun was preaching, a white-haired Taoist appeared out of thin air on Mount Meru in the west.

Seeing the person coming, Wang Meng laughed: “Hongjun Fellow Daoist, But it’s been a long time! “

Hong Jun also smiled slightly: “It is, it is. “

“Poor Daoist came to ask for something!” “

Wang Meng did not expect Hongjun to be so direct this time, and immediately smiled: “But Immortal Beheading Sword? “

Hong Jun shook his head: “This is just one of them. “

Wang Meng glanced at him in surprise, only to hear Hongjun opened the mouth and said: “It’s mainly about the Western Holy Throne.” “

Between the speeches, Hongjun described the cause and effect.

Wang Meng then realized that neither of his two Disciples meant to accept the Holy Throne, and it seemed that he was describing it himself. The location of the Hunyuan Great Firmament Golden Immortal is too tempting.

Although some lament that his two Disciples have pursuits, Wang Meng also understands the rarity of Hunyuan Avenue.

If it wasn’t for the legacy of the Primal Chaos Demon, it would be difficult for Wang Meng to preach.

“Okay, I will advise my two Disciples. “

Daoist Hongjun nodded: “many thanks Fellow Daoist, for the Immortal Beheading Sword, the two swords in the hands of Fellow Daoist, Poor Daoist is willing to take the Wuji Xinghuang flag, the plain cloud world The flags come to exchange. “

Wang Meng heard the words and nodded slightly: “Good! “

Both of them are smart people, Wang Meng didn’t ask how did you know I had two handles?

Just like Wang Meng didn’t care about the traces of the Yin-Yang Daoist .

Yin-Yang Taoist has Immortal Beheading Sword, formation diagram, Tai Chi Chart, it is virtue that does not match!

Even if Hongjun doesn’t kill him, Wang Meng will kill him .

Not long after, the two completed the transaction.


In the vast sea of blood, Netherworld River held Yuantu and Abi, under the support of the generals Below, loudly shouted: “Cut! “

Suddenly, a vicious Taoist in a blood-colored robe jumped out of the cloud of celebration.

The general laughed: “Kong joyfully said friend, since Fellow Daoist has achieved Quasi-Saint, this Asura also It’s time to create. “

Netherworld River put away the corpse, nodded: “That’s a good word!” “

In the Kunlun Mountains, suddenly there was a surging cloud of light above Lao Tzu’s head, revealing three faintly discernible lotus flowers in the cloud light.

Suddenly Lao Tzu jumped out of a silhouette, this The Taoist is eight-point similar to Lao Tzu.

It’s just that his eyes are a lot colder, but it is Lao Tzu who killed Evil Thought, and has already walked out of the first step to prove the Tao.

This Taoist After making a bow, he said to Lao Tzu, “Gong joyfully said friend. “

Lao Tzu also said with a smile: “You and I are one body, why congratulations. ”

On Mount Meru, there was also a clear light rushing out, and it was the sad expression on the face that instantly cut out the good corpse and placed it on the ten Grade 2 Golden Lotus.

Immediately afterwards, Zhun Ti’s heart moved, and his breath changed, and he wanted to cut out a corpse.

On the Supreme Sun Star, bathing in blazing fire, the two men shouted loudly: “Come out! ”

The Eastern Emperor Bell rang for a while, flashing with Shuluotu

A wicked Taoist jumped out of Taiyi.

Then came one after another. The grand Taoist jumped out of Di Jun, and

the ancient palace shook for a while, and twelve roars came from it.

Soon, twelve silhouettes emerged from it, It is the Twelve Ancestors.

At this time, everyone has also soared to the quasi-Saint Realm world. Although it is only Quasi-Saint Early-Stage, it is not easy to compete with Lao Tzu.

Di Jiang smiled slightly: “Mining Bloodline Power, what daofather said is true! “

Then, Yuanshi, Tongtian, Nuwa, Fuxi, Zhunti, Kunpeng, Zhen Yuanzi, Hongyun, the King of the East and the Queen of the West followed the breakthrough and became Quasi-Saint who cut a corpse.

At the same time, on Mount Meru.

Wang Meng looked at the two Disciples that had just broken through and nodded slightly.

opened the mouth and said: “The first One day, Hongjun came to find him as a teacher. “

Zhunti opened the mouth and said: “I don’t know what to do with the teacher? “

Wang Meng glanced at the two of them lightly: “It is the matter of the Western Holy Throne, what exactly do you and the other two think?” “

The two of them were silent for a while after hearing the words. After a long time, Yingyin and Zhunti opened the mouth and said: “Disciple both want to prove the Great Firmament Golden Immortal. “

Wang Meng nods, and is faintly sighed again: “It’s hard, hard, hard! “

“The way of Hunyuan is easier said than done. The teacher was born in chaos. Three thousand Demon Gods have achieved Hunyuan, but only a few hundred. Now the Dao is hidden, and enlightenment is even more difficult.” “

“The Great Firmament Golden Immortal, who is a teacher, is only three people. “

Zhun mentioned: “The three? “

“Number One Person raised eyebrows from Demon God, the space of the past, and the second is Hongjun, the Heavenly Dao spokesperson who is in charge of Jade Butterfly, and finally the teacher, who inherited the curse of Demon God Yu Ze. “

The quote whispered: “It is difficult to seek the Tao, and Disciple is sincere. “

Zhunti also opened the mouth and said: “So does Disciple. “

Wang Meng laughed loudly when he heard the language of the two: “Okay! “

“In this way, the teacher can teach you the art of transforming the air into shape, and you can cut out the air of the west and become the saint of the west, and use Avatar to prove the Tao. “

master and disciple are talking!

There is another wave in the sea of blood!

Only heard the Netherworld River loudly shouted: ‘Heavenly Dao is above, today’s Netherworld River, today’s ‘good fortune’ family, this family Fight Heaven and Earth, good bloodthirsty, soul cultivation, refining bloodline, Casting flesh, its name is the Asura family…’

“Free Tianbo Xian, Brahma, Desire, Shiva are Asura Demon King, Indra, Vishnu, Rutoro, ghost The mother-four Great Demon will…”

“Roar, Asura, Asura…” Countless Asuras roared.

In the calm contemplation of the Netherworld River, where the sea of blood tumbles.

A group of Asura stared at the blood-red eyes, roaring in the sky, the fighting intent was endless!

in an instant, it’s a riot!

With countless merits and virtues, the Netherworld River imposing manner skyrocketed, “Cut!”

Suddenly a benevolent Taoist sat on the red lotus of Karma!

For a while, the Great Desolate shook for one!

Netherworld River actually became the first Great Expert to behead two corpses.

(End of this chapter)

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