All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 644


Chapter 644

Three Yuan Meetings are neither long nor short.

But the Great Desolate is unexpectedly calm. Great Experts or comprehend daofather avenues, or discuss Taoism with each other, there is no time to fight.

In the sea of blood, the Netherworld River is comprehend the avenue of blood,

Suddenly Hongjun’s everlasting voice appeared beside his ears.

“The second lecture will start a hundred years later, don’t miss it”

Netherworld River came to Purple Heaven Palace and saw a few people sitting in the palace .

After a while, all six seats were filled. Tai Jun, Taiyi, and Fuxi stood there, looking at the Netherworld River and saying hello.

Pangu Three Purities also bowed slightly to Netherworld River, which Netherworld River knew.

This is because he is the first existence in the Great Desolate to successfully behead two corpses, and he has been staying in the sea of blood, and there is no dispute with everyone.

Netherworld River stepped forward, and after paying respect to all of you, went directly to his own seat, where he was waiting for daofather to speak.

As the hour came, golden bell remembered that Hongjun’s figure appeared on the jade platform.

Everyone was shocked again. The last time the Great Firmament Golden Immortal was in the realm was too far away from Hongjun, and it was impossible to see how Hongjun appeared.

However, this time of cultivation is still in a daze.

Netherworld River moved in his heart and looked at Hongjun, only to feel that the breath on his body became more and more ethereal, obviously it was getting closer and closer to Heavenly Dao.

During Hongjun’s sermon, his eyelids jumped and he paused for a moment.

After a little insight, I immediately reached out my hand, opened the mouth and said: The law is not taught to six ears.

Great Desolate A monkey on the ground who seemed to listen to the sound of the avenues screamed.

The monkey has six ears, three on each side, which is the six-eared macaque.

With Divine Ability, he can hear the voices of the world, even Hong Junzhi’s preaching is no exception.

But under Saint, there are all ants, he is so not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, listen to Saint preach!

So I came across a sentence: “The law is not taught to six ears”, it can be said that the road in the future will be difficult to walk.

Hongjun’s sermon is naturally the same as the first time.

However, those who heard the sermon below have nothing common with each other. Netherworld River smiled slightly, obviously intoxicated.

Lao Tzu is also gradually quiet in it.

On the contrary, Kunpeng dressed as a scribe sat on the futon, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he had a lot of insight.

The face of the bitter gourd received became more and more bitter, and he was even more aware of the Dao.

Yuanshi Tongtian is almost the same, with a confused look on his face from time to time, but he can generally understand it.

Nuwa is more than Level 1 worse, frowning, but it’s still better.

The people in the audience are even more unbearable, Di Jun sometimes frowns, sometimes shakes his head and doesn’t know what to say.

Taiyi is more unusual, his eyes are closed, and he can’t hear I don’t understand it, but the clouds above my head keep rolling.

Zhen Yuanzi didn’t stretch his brows, he was confused.

The Dao becomes more and more esoteric, and the syllables spit out from Hongjun’s mouth become more and more dry and incomprehensible.

It was like a lullaby to the red dust guests below, and they all fell asleep.

And the first few rows certainly wouldn’t be so bad, to their ears.

The syllables of daofather are like the sound of sawing wood, leaving their spiritual roots unable to focus.

One by one woke up in the avenue, and moved towards looking around.

Red Cloud opened his eyes, blinked, and looked around.

I saw the Duke of the East behind, and the Queen Mother of the West was comprehending the Dao by herself, obviously she couldn’t hold it any longer.

Looking to the right, I saw that Zhen Yuanzi opened his eyes, but he couldn’t understand the Dao, and then Di Jun Taiyi and Fuxi woke up one after another.

How many years have passed, Nuwa waking up from the avenue with a sigh.

Seeing the people beside them, other people who are holding on to themselves are either happy or sad, quiet or angry, and they can’t help sighing in their hearts.

Not long after, Yuanshi and Tongtian woke up together and looked at each other, then looked towards the rest of the people beside them, with regret in their eyes.

The people above the futon don’t talk about it, they just surpassed Nuwa, the people below the futon, and the two others.

A few years later, Zhunti gradually came to his senses. After a while, the bitter melon face reappeared, and Lao Tzu also woke up.

The Dao Mantra, if you know it, you will understand it, if you don’t understand it, you will not understand it.

This is great, everyone in the audience is looking at Netherworld River and Kunpeng dressed as a scribe in the front.

Netherworld River They all know that the first person to cut off the two corpses is who is the white clothed scribe, who is even more powerful than Pangu Three Purities?

Not long after, Netherworld River also opened his eyes and looked at Kunpeng beside him, he couldn’t help being horrified.

The Kunpeng in later generations is not so powerful, is it?

Everyone was even more shocked. This scribe actually surpassed the Netherworld River?

On the jade platform, Hongjun also opened his eyes and looked at the person who was still insisting on the jade platform – Kunpeng.

Hong Jun’s eyes flashed for a while, and these eyes seemed to see through the falsehood.

Penetrating the rolling cloud light above Kunpeng’s head, I saw a strange rune in the depths of the cloud light.

This strange rune keeps spinning, and there is a faint power that is enclosed in the cloud light, preventing it from revealing.

As long as every word of the mantra of Hongjun Avenue is spoken, a rune will appear in the cloud light and float into the strange rune, with almost no deviation.

The jade butterfly on his head spun continuously, Hongjun seemed to understand something, and suddenly the corner of his mouth smiled faintly.

At this time, the end of the sermon is very close, and Kunpeng’s persistence has become the focus of everyone.

Finally, the nine-thousand-year period has come.

daofather spit out the last byte, sitting on the futon without saying a word.

At this time, everyone looked at Kunpeng standing under the stage.

The clouds above Kunpeng’s head were surging more violently, and there was a faint trend that he couldn’t control.

But I heard daofather whisper: Wake up!

The clouds above the Netherworld River are calmed down by this sound, like the calm and tranquil sea.

Netherworld River then opened his eyes, his eyes full of intoxication.

moved towards Hong Jun respectfully: “many thanks daofather!”

Hong Jun also smiled slightly: “The world has Kunpeng, the luck of life, if it can be done, it will be forever Teacher.”

When everyone heard the words, they all looked at Kunpeng in surprise, wondering how this person deserved this evaluation.

But Netherworld River has looked thoughtful in mind, and some clear comprehension.

Hongjun indifferently said: Get up, today Poor Daoist wants to accept a few Disciples.

As soon as this statement came out, the whole audience was shocked, and all the people worshipped: please daofather, please drop the curtain and take pity, and put it under the door.

Hongjun was still indifferent to being respected by so many people, opened the mouth and said lightly: “Three Purities, you are the authentic Pangu, you can be my Disciple, are you willing?”

Three Purities was overjoyed and immediately said loudly: “pay respects to Teacher!”

Hongjun un’ed lightly, facing Kunpeng and Netherworld River: “Kunpeng Netherworld River , you have great opportunity and perseverance, you can be my Disciple, would you like it?”

Netherworld River immediately took care of the body, but thought that he was nourished by his general Corpse Qi, It is too far away from the main body, and as the main body proves the Tao, most of the connections are cut off.

Immediately bowed down with Kunpeng: “pay respects to Teacher.”

Hongjun said to Nuwa again: Nuwa, you have a great opportunity, you can be my honorary disciple, Would you like to?

Nuwa was not a Disciple when I heard it, but it was an honorary disciple anyway, so I felt a little regretful.

Suddenly I thought about the performance of myself and the other six people on the futon just now, and even the following two people can’t compare.

I suddenly felt a little bit of joy in my heart. Fortunately, I had a futon, otherwise I would definitely not be able to turn myself.

He also said happily: “pay respects to Teacher.”

Accepting the Disciple, Hongjun said: “After the three yuan meeting, I will start the lecture again, and then you will come again. Let’s go!”

At this time, all the Great Experts of Great Desolate saw some clues, and all the people who were accepted as Disciples by daofather were all people with seats, and it was a pity.

Hongjun was about to disappear on the jade platform, when he heard a loud cry from below: “Daofather hold on!”

Hongjun glanced at Duke Dong and said indifferently: ” What’s the matter with you?”

Only Netherworld River looked thoughtful.

East Prince said: “reporting to daofather, the situation in the Great Desolate is uneasy now, which is not conducive to the development of the Great Desolate, so I think two people should be elected to manage the Great Desolate to calm the turmoil in the Great Desolate. , An Great Desolate the hearts of billions of souls.”

Netherworld River secretly, but a strange color flashed in the eyes of the two of them, and the others had more or less a trace of murderous intention .

Hongjun nodded indifferently said: “Dongwanggong, you have the Great Destiny in your body, you can be the head of the male fairy in the world, rule the Great Desolate male fairy, bestow the dragon head staff, the Queen Mother of the West, you also have the Great Destiny with you You can be the head of the goddess in the world, the goddess who rules the Great Desolate, and the phoenix hairpin, you two must take the responsibility of stabilizing the Great Desolate, not slack!”

The king of the east and the queen of the west took over the magic weapon After that, his face couldn’t help showing joy, and he thanked him.

Hongjun opened the mouth and said: “This matter is over, next time I start a lecture, please come back later.”

As soon as it came out, countless Great Experts were all face Somewhat gloomy.

The male fairy and female fairy in charge of the Great Desolate, doesn’t that mean that all the Great Experts must obey their control?

Buzhou Mountain, Di Jun, Taiyi, Fuxi and Nuwa, together with the ten Great Demon saints gathered together.

These are the supporters that Dijun and Taiyi have propaganda about a Great Desolate and a dream.

It wasn’t long before I wanted to set up the Demon Court, but I didn’t want to meet the Duke of the East and the Queen of the West.

Taiyi asked, “Brother, what does it mean that Hongjun daofather appoints the East Prince and the West Queen as the heads of the Great Desolate male fairies and fairies? Do you really want to command the Great Desolate’s many Great Experts?”

After Di Jun listened, Faintly smiled: “This is just clown, nothing to be concerned about.”

Nuwa brows slightly wrinkle, and said with a trace of concern: “Di Jun Fellow Daoist, After I heard that the sermon was over, the Prince of the East and the Queen of the West had already begun to recruit those who listened to the sermon, and many of the experts who were quasi-Saint Realm who had broken through were attracted by them, which may pose a great threat to my Demon Court.”

Di Jun shook his head and said, “It’s okay, it’s actually just right, their goal is bigger, and they have long been dissatisfied with the Great Desolate Great Expert. We can withdraw from the Demon Court at this time and get the support of the Great Expert. ”

Speaking of above Beiming, Kunpeng in white clothes lightly looked up at the sky, could not help but feel a burst of emptiness, and then felt something in his heart.

Gradually the clouds rolled, Kunpeng stood up in the sky, and when he deduced the deduction of the text, Heavenly Dao came down directly to the robbery.

This is Heavenly Dao’s test for Kunpeng, the crossing tribulation number is the real deduction of the words belonging to the Great Desolate sentient beings.

Kunpeng made such a big move, naturally attracted the attention of countless people.

Especially the last time, after the sermon, Hongjun spoke highly of him, which made everyone even more curious.

Kunlun Mountains, Mount Meru and the great powers began to investigate.

A group of people on Buzhou Mountain also cast spells and started to explore. Looking at the scene of the Beiming Land, everyone was greatly shocked.

And those hidden powers in the Great Desolate are also paying attention.

Kunpeng ignored everyone’s gaze, looked up at the sky, and shouted loudly: “Heavenly Dao is the proof, I Kunpeng sees the lack of Great Desolate inheritance, and today I created my own Great Desolate article, with full inheritance, Heavenly Dao Learn from it!”

Kunpeng stretched out his hand, used his finger as a pen and Heaven and Earth as paper, and wrote a strange character out of thin air.

This is a unique character belonging to Great Desolate. Heaven, Earth, Xuan, Huang… One Great Desolate character is flying between Heaven and Earth.

Surrounded by Kunpeng all around, emitting a dazzling golden light, in the Great Desolate, all living beings can see it.

At the top of the North Underworld, Kunpeng wrote these Great Desolate articles out of thin air.

But as the Great Desolate gets more and more creative, the Heavenly Tribulation becomes more and more terrifying.

In the cloud of calamity, the thunder flickered like a thunder dragon-like.

Every time he creates a Great Desolate text, Heavenly Tribulation will grow a bit,

Now there are three thousand Taoist texts in the Great Desolate, these are just the words of Great Expert, rather than the text of the rest of the creatures.

Kunpeng replaces it with the Great Desolate Wensanqian, so that the inheritance of living creatures can be perfectly transitioned.

Great Desolate between Heaven and Earth, no matter where it is, there is a trace of Heavenly Tribulation.

The breath of Heavenly Tribulation is so amazing that even the Great Desolate of the quasi-Saint Realm is very afraid, and they don’t even think they can survive under such a Heavenly Rank.

While watching Kunpeng write in the Earth Book under Heavenly Tribulation, I feel a little complicated, either admiring, or taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune!

And Kunpeng doesn’t care, the creation of Great Desolate is for the inheritance of life.

Although Heavenly Tribulation is terrifying, it doesn’t actually pose a big threat. With the help of Spiritual Qi, it is not difficult to get through Heavenly Tribulation.

On the Kunlun Mountains, Three Purities looked at the robbery cloud on the Beiming, and his expression changed.

Lao Tzu looked at Kunpeng under Heavenly Tribulation calmly, with an expressionless face.

Daoist Heavenspan looked at Kunpeng who regarded Heavenly Tribulation as nothing, and couldn’t help shouting: “What a Kunpeng, he has such courage, as expected of me waiting for Junior Brother.”

Heavenly After hearing this, the Lord of Primordial Beginning also looked proud: “This is the blessing of my Xuanmen!”

On Mount Meru, the two of them sat and watched Beiming’s movements, and couldn’t help but take a moment. Bai: “The blessing of this Great Desolate is also.”

Wang Meng smiled slightly when he saw the appearance of the two of them: “A few days ago, you and I talked about the reincarnation, do you have any ideas? ”

Both of them smiled, “many thanks teacher, I and the other two have clear comprehension in their hearts.”

On the top of the North Underworld, Kunpeng wrote the 3000th Great Desolate article. At that time, he opened his mouth and said, “The Great Desolate has written three thousand words, and now it’s over. Heavenly Dao learns from it!”

I saw three thousand Great Desolate texts flying into the air, distributed between Heaven and Earth in a very mysterious state.

It seems that Thunder Tribulation has fallen on these words, not even shaking them in the slightest, but making their brilliance shine even more.

When the last Thunder Tribulation passes, Great Desolate text, stand!

At the same time, all kinds of Golden Lotus moved towards Kunpeng fell.

Kunpeng in white clothes lightly smiled slightly: “Chop!”

Suddenly a white silhouette jumped out, it was Kunpeng’s good corpse.


On Buzhou Mountain, everyone was very moved.

Taiyi, who has always been arrogant, is also muttered: “This person is really good-looking and courageous, no wonder he was ranked first last time.”

Nuwa is also nodded: “I Senior Brother, they are not simple roles.”

But Di Jun laughed: “I am the Demon Court, which is originally the Great Desolate family, and the Great Desolate text is the text of my Monster Race, the name of Monster Race. There is a teacher!”

Fuxi heard the words, and suddenly a light flashed in his eyes: “Demon Master!”

Di Jun nodded: “Invite Kunpeng, we can also get more With the support of the Great Expert, Nuwa and Kunpeng’s dive wind, we can also indirectly get the approval of daofather.”


Di Jun opened the mouth and said quickly. : “Everyone, come with me to invite the demon masters.”

The Land of Beiming.

On this day, Kunpeng was in Cultivation when he suddenly opened his eyes.

Above the original sky, dozens of clouds suddenly floated, it was Di Jun and the others.

The white clothed Kunpeng had doubts in his eyes.

But seeing Di Jun laughed, he opened the mouth and said with everyone: “Follow me to meet the demon master.”

Everyone called in unison: “Meet the demon master.”

Next, Di Jun smiled and followed Kunpeng to tell about a dream of a Great Desolate, all races in the world are demons.

I saw Di Jun’s loud voice: “The world is full of Monster Race, there is no killing, no hatred… The path of cultivation is Dasheng!”

Kunpeng Eyes Getting brighter and brighter: “Di Jun Fellow Daoist, from now on I’m Kunpeng of Monster Race, but don’t mention the name of the demon master.”

Di Jun smiled slightly: “It’s worth it, it’s worth it Affordable, demon masters create demons, the world is prosperous, and you should be the master of Monster Race and the master of all souls.”

In this way, Kunpeng’s unfathomable mystery is on the thief ship, of course, in this literature and art From the young man’s point of view, this is a big avenue.


Great Desolate, ever since daofather appointed the King of the East and the Queen of the West to lead the Great Desolate male and female fairy respectively.

The two made great efforts to manage, and in just three thousand years, they attracted a lot of Great Experts and achieved a Great Influence Wanxian League.

With two people set on the surface, Di Jun’s Demon Court project – a Great Desolate and a dream, is progressing fast.

Countless Great Experts are all very fond of this force that is similar to the role of rebels, not to mention the Disciple of Nuwa and Kunpeng, two daofathers.

On this day, Dijun gathered all Monster Race members, opened the altar and officially established the status of Monster Race.

What is Monster Race? Wet-born eggs, plants and trees can be called monsters. Great Desolate responded.

And like some other small forces, such as the secluded Dragon Clan, they were all forced to connect with Monster Race.

If one prospers, all prospers, if one suffers, all suffers, the Monster Race force has entered a stage of rapid development for a while.

“Heavenly Dao is above, today I, Emperor Jun and my younger brother Taiyi, have officially established the Monster Race. I am the Monster Emperor, Taiyi is the East Emperor, Kunpeng is the Demon Master, Nuwa is the Wa Huang, and Fuxi is the Xi. Emperor, suppress Monster Race luck with Innate Supreme Treasure Primal Chaos Bell, manage Great Desolate together, and seek a glimmer of survival for Monster Race.”

Di Jun prayed and took Primal from Taiyi’s hand. Chaos Bell, thrown into the air.

I saw a sudden surge of luck, which gradually gathered and enveloped all the members of the Monster Race.

Then a bottle gourd automatically flew out of Di Jun’s head, but it was picked at Buzhou Mountain.

The bottle gourd flew in the air, spinning slowly, and all the members of the Monster Race shot out an energy.

A small flag of the city is condensed on the bottle gourd, and the word “Zhao Yao” is written on the small flag, but it is Monster Race’s racial luck, Supreme Treasure, which is born.

As soon as this remark was over, an astonishing thunder swept past Thirty Three Heavens, which was Heavenly Dao’s approval of the Celestial Court.

As soon as this thunder passed, a huge golden light of merit fell, 40% fell on Di Jun and Taiyi, 30% fell on Kunpeng Nuwa Fuxi, and finally 30% fell on the demons.

It was everyone who set up the Demon Court to bless the Monster Race in the world. At this time, the Monster Race had a lot of luck, Heavenly Dao felt the behavior of the two, and lowered the merits as a reward.

At the moment when the golden light of merit and virtue entered the body, Tai Jun Taiyi felt that the Dao seemed to have only a layer of separation from himself.

With a swipe, a golden light swept across the two of them. It was with the help of this merit that the two cut out the corpse and made great progress in their cultivation.

As for Kunpeng’s white robe, the golden light of merit was incorporated into Kunpeng’s own words, which will have its own magical effect in the future.

Nuwa Fuxi, with the help of the golden light of merit, made great progress in cultivation, and cut out one corpse again, reaching the realm of cutting two corpses.

But they don’t know that although the Wu people have reckless men, they also have wise men.

Whether it is Dijiang or Candle Dragon, they are watching Monster Race secretly.

And with the help of the Pangu Heart left in the ancient palace, he started to create the Wu clan, which has been successful.

The base of the Wu ethnic group is not large, and after three thousand years of development, it has only reached hundreds of thousands.

But the twelve ancestor witches are all powerful, and the fleshy body has broken through to the quasi-Saint Realm world.

And among them, there are Dijiang, Houtu, and Candle Dragon, which gradually sublimate the bloodline, reaching the level of two corpses.

With the expertise of hundreds of realm witches, hundreds of thousands of small witches are enough to make a family.

“Heavenly Dao is above, my Wuzu is the legacy of Pangu, the contemporary Pangu father Divine Palm manages the earth, suppresses the luck of the Wuzu with the Supreme Treasure Pan ancient palace, and manages the Great Desolate land, thinking that the creatures of the Wuzu Find a place to live.”

After Di Jiang finished his prayers, he also threw the ancient palace into the air, covering all the members of the witch tribe.

Absorbing the Power of Faith of the Wuzu, it automatically evolved into the Supreme Treasure of the Wuzu race, and then fell back to Buzhou Mountain.

Thirty Three Heavens left a group of merits, 70% of which fell on the body of the twelve ancestors, and the strength of everyone was greatly increased.

Thirty percent fell on their hundreds of millions of witches Second Child, and countless witches let out a low roar: Witch! witch! witch!

The official establishment of Witch and Demon Races, the powerful strength of which, some other forces are terrified when they see it.

At this time, the most surprised were the Duke of the East and the Queen of the West.

These two people worked hard for 3,000 years to pull up this huge power. Now that Lich has established a clan, most of his luck has been lost.

It’s just that I don’t give myself the slightest face of the head of the two Great Desolate men and women.

In the Netherworld Blood Sea, Netherworld River smiled slightly when he saw this scene: “The Great Battle of Witch and Demon is not far away.”

The general smiled slightly: “The Great Battle of Witch and Demon is not far away.” What is so strange about the Witch and Demon, it’s not that I haven’t seen the battle of the three clans, but the Pangu heart of the ancient palace makes the ancestors very envious.”

Netherworld River also smiled when he heard the words: “There will be a chance.”

“The third sermon is coming soon, and Hongjun should also join the sermon. When will your Asura sect be established?”

“No. Don’t be in a hurry, I’m waiting, waiting for the reincarnation to stand, and I can be holy in one fell swoop.”


On Mount Meru, Wang Meng looked at his two Disciples.

“What do you think?”

Zhunti shook his head: “In this way, the three forces are standing together, similar to the Dragon Phoenix three clans back then. Sooner or later, they will withdraw from the stage of history.”

Nodded: “However, it’s not that the three parties stand together. There are many wise people in the Lich clan, and they will definitely eliminate the East Prince. After all, they have orders from Hongjun daofather, and they are feared by others.”

Zhun mentions nodded: “And that Dong Wanggong has no brains, offends most of the Great Desolate Great Expert, and has already committed public anger.”

Wang Meng laughed: “Great kindness!”

(End of this chapter)

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