All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 646


Chapter 646

Yang God world, one after another stalwart existence meditates and comprehends the trajectory of the world.

“Does this trajectory point to the other side?” A person muttered, this person is not someone else, but the person who created Dao Transformation.

“Breaking the trajectory of the years is definitely the power of the other side!” This excitement bloomed in the eyes of the empty-minded old man.

Hong Yi, who had just become Yang God, murmured, “The other shore!” He shook his head, thinking that maybe it wasn’t that simple.

Hong Yi looked towards Hong Xuanji in front of him, and a fighting intent gradually rose up: “Come on, today the two of us fully understand the cause and effect!”

Hong Xuanji’s eyes were calm, and he was shocked. There was no sign of holding back. He wanted to take advantage of the fact that Hong Yi had just become Yang God and his foundation was not stable.

Innate Great Hand Seal!

As soon as Hong Xuanji made a move, the volley was a palm, and raging flames rose out of the five fingers. This color is extremely pure, burning Heaven and Earth. Any True Qi that touches this flame will be like oil. Usually ignited.

This is not the martial arts created by Dao Transformation, nor is it too wise, nor is it any Divine Ability created by Hong Xuanji.

This is the Divine Ability “Hong Lie Yan” of the ancient Saint Sovereign “Hong”. According to rumors, this True Fire was derived from the last era, when the World Extinguishes died. Fire, when encountering stone, burning stone, when encountering gas, and when encountering water, burning water, whether it is Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, or the dark void of lightning, it can burn.

In the age of the universe’s final death and explosion, the flames produced are such flames, which can be said to be beyond the existence of flames.

In those days, “Hong” used this Divine Ability to overwhelm Heaven and Earth and sit on the Nine Nine Supreme throne that rules the universe.

Hong Xuanji got the skeleton of “Hong”, integrated into himself, and naturally cultivated this Divine Ability.

Hong Longtong, the flames that hiding the sky and covering the earth, finally turned into three “Flame Mountains”, moved towards Hong Yi and pressed down, actually separated from Five Elements and killed the source.

Hong Xuanji has the “Mother of Five Elements” and “Source of All Sources” in his body, which can generate almost unlimited True Qi and can fight forever.

In this brief moment, Hong Xuanji became the eternal War God, War Demon, War Mad.

“Hong Xuanji, you are courting death. After today’s war, if I still let you exist in the world, I will abolish the Divine Ability! Eternally fall into the endless hell, never to be born!” Hong Easy big shouted.



The trance was just for a moment, and the changes of Heaven and Earth turning upside down suddenly appeared in the underworld.

One Great World is fully integrated into it, and the Source Power in it is blessed on the underworld, which enhances the breeding of Yin Sector.

At this time, the old monster of Montenegro felt that the power drawn by the jade seal in his hand was rapidly rising, and he couldn’t help laughing: “heaven helps me, heaven helps me!”

“This power is the most powerful blessing. Within a year, this seat will be able to completely refinish the Netherworld and become the Undying Nether Emperor!”

“Really? I’m afraid you can’t wait!” A cold voice sounded.

The old monster of Montenegro was startled in his heart, and when he looked into the distance, he suddenly found a silhouette with a deep breath.

“Wang Chao? How did you find this seat?” Montenegro old monster shouted.

The old monster of Montenegro was also thinking about a way out.

For now, there is only a temporary strategic shift. After refining the ghost, we will fight again.

Wang Chao just glanced at the old monster lightly: “Why do people who are dying know so much?”

“Wang Chao, you destroyed my body and tried to seize it. I have a chance, even if I die, this seat will not let you have a good time!” The old monster gnashing teeth of Montenegro said, the next moment, the old monster of Montenegro was sublimated to the extreme, and its strength was refined to the extreme. Super fight you to death.

Wang Chao just watched this scene lightly, his face showed the same coldness and indifference: “I’ll give you a ride!”

Between the words, Wang Chao The whole body is filled with breath, the dive light is soaring into the sky, the laws are flying, the surrounding Netherland is constantly shaking, and the mighty fairy sounds are endless.

With Wang Chao’s sudden long moan, Divine Force skyrocketed punched out, broke through the sky, and landed down.

The old monster of Montenegro also sacrificed most of the jade seal in its hand. This jade seal is the core of the ghost, and the power that draws this ghost can be regarded as the last heritage of the old monster of Montenegro.

Heaven and Earth lingering, a purple light began to boil from the jade seal, and gradually evolved a Purple Qi dragon hovering above the head of the old monster in Montenegro.


At this time, with the blessing of the jade seal, the old monster of Montenegro has drawn a part of the power of the underworld. It is really as majestic and powerful as the Lord of the Underworld. Yellow Purple Qi Mi Gai Heaven and Earth, he shouted loudly, the air roared with a loud noise, and a violent force like splitting heaven and earth apart erupted, stepping out of the sky in one step, and banging against Wang Chao.

Wang Chao just said with a sneer: “The power that doesn’t belong to you, it doesn’t belong to you after all!”

“primordial Heaven Opening Seal!”

He shot, the yellow golden light shines, everywhere all is the seal, there are secret treasures everywhere, the yellow golden tower, Divine Sword, Dao bell, yellow golden Cauldron and other Treasure Items fly, next moment, all treasures are completely classified as the seal Among them, become a primordial Heaven Opening Seal that is enough to split heaven and earth apart.

What Wang Chao uses is a forbidden Divine Ability secret technique that he has evolved over the years. This seal condenses all the Divine Ability of the dynasty, which can be said to be above every inheritance of Tang Sect. You can see the shadow of this Divine Ability.

The real founder uses this method, which is incomparable, far surpassing the descendants, and reflects the due Profound Truth and power.

At this moment, the surroundings seemed to be filled with the seal of the law. The scene was so vast and heart-pounding that countless underworld lands were swept by the divine glow of the seal, and instantly turned into dust.

“Wang Chao, if you want to kill me, this seat will not give up with you!” The old monster of Montenegro roared, and Power of Netherworld took advantage of it to the extreme, showing the might of hiding the sky and covering the earth, angrily moved towards Wang Chao to kill the past.

Faced with the last fight of these old monsters in Montenegro, Wang Chao stood still, with the Heaven Opening Seal emerging, a Chaos World stretched out outside him, rolling Chaos Energy surging and boiling, one seal and one seal.

Kaitian is the Dao Rhyme of the Chaos Evolution World.

The old monster from Montenegro rushed into Chaos World with countless Power of Netherworld, and was quickly swallowed up by the rolling Chaos Energy, and then became more and more bleak.

In the end, Wang Chao waved his hand again, completely smashing the body of the old monster in Montenegro.

“en? It’s really not what I expected!” A smile flashed across Wang Chao’s face, and then he looked north.

“How can it be so easy to escape?”

Wang Chao said, and suddenly struck a violent blow. The endless violent power suddenly burst out, and the Great Hand Seal swept across the board. Several dozen li, directly captured the old monster of Montenegro who wanted to take off the Golden Cicada again.

“Let me go, I’m willing to be a bull and a horse for you, as you drive.” Seeing that he couldn’t escape, the old monster of Montenegro quickly begged for mercy, and I have to say, this old monster of Montenegro is still People who can bend and stretch, no wonder they can become the Ghost King in the world.

Wang Chao said with a smile: “I hate trouble, so please die!”

“Bang!” With a handprint, the old monster in Montenegro was completely smashed , Looking at the remaining jade seal, Wang Chao held it in his hand, feeling the power of traction with the underworld, he was satisfied, and then took out a compass and continued to calculate.

Speaking of which, it must not be easy to find an old monster in Montenegro. Wang Chao has inherited the Innate calculus, and he has the cooperation of mind and heart. It can be said that there is nothing to calculate, but the old monster of Montenegro holds the core of Yin Sector , obscured by the secret, but it is difficult to calculate. If it wasn’t for this time when the underworld was integrated into the world, the secret changed slightly, and the old monster of Montenegro leaked the secret, Wang Chao would never be able to trace this person.

So, it is still a lost horse. The old monster of Montenegro felt that the integration of this world allowed him to quickly control the ghost, but he did not expect that it was precisely this that caused his killing disaster.

“It’s dead, it seems that this old monster has no back.” Looking at the result of the compass calculation, Wang Chao nodded, and then left gracefully.


On the other side, Wang Meng and Teng Qingshan felt the battle in the underworld. He wanted to see it, but the end of the war was too fast. It’s too late to die.

He could only shake his head and continue to observe the integration of New World.

In the New World, he also felt a fierce war, which was not weaker than the previous battle in the underworld.

With the integration of the world, and across the faraway land, Wang Meng could see the battle more clearly.

“Unfilial son! Die!”

Accompanied by Hong Xuanji’s roar,

Hong Xuanji’s eyes were cold, and his body slammed into the air. In a short time, he broke out of the siege of Hong Yi’s hands, and his whole body changed into an extremely sharp sword, which slashed towards Hong Yi’s head.

“I use my body, the Sword of Good Fortune, to open up the universe and divide the great thousand… unfilial son, this sword is called the great thousand, it is my body, and it will kill your soul!”


Between Hong Xuanji’s beheading, a long spell spread out.


The long sword slashed down and cut Hong Yi into two halves, but then Hong Yi’s illusory shadow dissipated.

Hong Xuanji slashed and killed, and unexpectedly got the incarnation of Hong Yi.


Hong Xuanji missed a hit, his mind was shocked, his body suddenly moved, and he fled outward.

But Hong Yi had already stopped him in the place where he escaped, his eyes showed indifference, and the flesh and blood in his body was moving everywhere.

“Flesh and blood fusion!”

Hong Yi displayed the epoch-making Divine Ability, playing hundreds of millions of Divine Ability, completely submerging Hong Xuanji.

“Light and Dark Mandala”, “Infinite Frontier”, “Perfect Vacuum”, “Heaven and Earth Great Millstone”, “Great Desolate Three Forms”, “Desolate God King Three Forms”, “Tathagata”, “Break Kill” Zen Boxing, Yin-Yang Mixed Hole Hammer, Giant Spirit Heaven Breaking Hammer, Moral True Qi, Xiaoyao True Qi, Doomsday Rising Dragon, Eternal Rays of Light, Taishang Three Forms, Heaven and Earth Intersecting “Peace”, “extreme sorrow turns to joy”, “Primal Chaos Eight Trigrams group thunder” and so on, etc., the law of the gods, the three thousand kinds of avenues, were instantly displayed in Hong Yi’s hands, fiercely pressed against Hong Xuanji.

Hong Yi’s murderous aura boils, rolling like the sea, like the sky in the universe, destroying the era.

The Red Mystery of Shattering Void.

Seeing this scene, Wang Meng moved in his heart, as if he already knew which world this world was.

“Yang God?” Wang Meng pondered in his heart and continued to observe the battle situation.

If he expected it well, now is the late stage of Yang God, and it is time for Hong Yi to achieve Yang God and kill Hong Xuanji.

In the middle of the battle, Hong Xuanji shouted: “Saint Sovereign skeleton, fiery red company, Innate Great Emperor, eternal, immortal, the gods of all things, don’t add me……, unfilial son , you thought you could kill me, although you have the upper hand, but today you are impossible to kill me, I can come and go freely, you just wait to abolish the Divine Ability!”

In Myriad Dao Laws Under the blow, Hong Xuanji stood still, and behind his head, a majestic figure of Saint Sovereign with endless Sovereign breath appeared.

The shadow of this Saint Sovereign, all over his body, is blazing with billowing flames, like the saint who controls the flame, like the origin of fire, and at the same time his body shrouded in the royal robe of flame, muscles bulge, burning Like gold fine jade, the more refined it is in the fire, the more real it becomes, it can be said to be true gold fears no fire.

When the shadow of Saint Sovereign rose up from behind Hong Xuanji, he held up his hands and released a mask. Any strikes, under this mask, were actually bounced back. , it won’t hurt Hong Xuanji in the slightest.

This is not Hong Xuanji’s own strength, but the power of Shattering Void Saint Sovereign “Hong” bones. Hong Xuanji actually refined the bones of Honghuang into a Supreme External Body Incarnation, Second Primordial Spirit .

The body of the Shattering Void Sovereign’s skeleton can simply blast through the Great Thousand Worlds and destroy the Hongmeng universe, far surpassing the “Desolate God King”, “Yuanshi Daojun” and even “Future”. Lord” on.

This is what Hong Xuanji relies on.

“Unfilial son, can you kill me? I Shattering Void, immortal, immortal, eternal forever! Hongmeng creation, greater teleportation!”

“unfilial son , this is the highest Divine Ability of the Immemorial of the Honghuang Emperor! It can reflect all Divine Ability, all Martial Arts, all fists, all tangible and intangible attacks, you have any Divine Ability to strike me, it is futile… It will only slowly wear down your strength.”

Hong Xuanji held up this mask, gloomily said, his arrogance became more and more fiery, brewing a counterattack.

Hong Yi didn’t care about Hong Xuanji’s stern tone.

“Hong is in front of me and will also be destroyed, how can the Shattering Void approach compare to the Yang God avenue, Hong Xuanji, I will let you know what is the real Yang God, The bridge, the unity of all the sons, destroys Saint Sovereign, nine nine nine five—”

Hong Yi’s body swelled to a great height, higher than any mountain, deeper than any water, His feet seemed to have stepped into the eternal unknown. Facing the oppression of the five flaming mountains, he opened his mouth and spit out a long river.

This long river is exactly what the river of time looks like.

It is the True Qi that Hong Yi absorbed the sand of light in the long river of time and refined it. At the same time, it also contains his own Yang God Divine Ability.


This long river turned slightly together and poured onto the five mountains of flames. Immediately, thousands of feet of steam were transpired, and all the flames were extinguished.

“Even if the “Hong” emperor is reborn, I can still kill him, Hong Xuanji, you think you have Hong’s remains, and you will be able to compete with Rong by practicing the Divine Ability of Shattering Void. It’s just wishful thinking…”

Hong Yi opened his mouth and spit out a long river. After destroying Flame Mountain, his hands swelled again, Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation, covering Hong Xuanji, Hong Yi’s hands, there are countless days, Wind, geography, cloud and thunder Dragon-Tiger, giant tree water and soil, and countless immortals, black holes, wormholes, large arrays… Senluo myriad forms, all appear in the hands.


(end of this chapter)

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