All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 648


Chapter 648


The third Heaven and Earth catastrophe has completely erupted, Witch and Demon There should also be a final settlement between the Races.

This battle will not only determine the future of the Witch and Demon Races, but also the future of the Great Desolate.

In the ancient palace, the ancestors stood in front of the palace, all looking up at the sky.

On the Nine Heavens, the Monster Race army like a black cloud appeared, sweeping the demon wind and heading towards the Great Desolate land.

Di Jiang and other ancestor Wu condensed the Monster Race army with a solemn expression.

This battle is related to the future of the Wu clan, and the pressure they bear can be imagined. No one can afford to lose this battle.

In front of the ancient palace, there are twelve ancestral witches standing, except for the old ancestral witches such as Dijiang and Candle Dragon.

There is also a new ancestral witch, Hou Yi, the original great witch of the Houtu tribe.

After swallowing a drop of the blood essence of the rest of the ancestors, he broke the limit and is now an ancestor.


Di Jiang was soaring into the sky with a fighting intent, only to hear his cry resounding through the sky.

For a while, the entire Wu clan shouted in unison, and a strong fighting intent shot into the sky.

In Wa Imperial Palace, Nuwa watched the Monster Race army go out, and his eyes were full of concern.

Suddenly, a Taoist was walking on the clouds. Wherever he passed, the sky was full of auspiciousness, Purple Qi Rising From The East.

This is the natural phenomenon of Saint’s travel, and this person is the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning.

Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning looked at Nuwa, opened the mouth and said: “Junior Sister, please hold your steps.”

Nuwa coldly snorted: “Who went to Kunpeng? ?”

Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning lightly opened the mouth and said: “Pass Junior Brother Tian.”

In the original location of Buzhou Mountain, Di Jiang and other ancestor witches led the witches The main force of the clan gathered here.

Among the main force of this witch clan, apart from Di Jiang and other twelve ancestor witches.

There are also many top-level witches, such as Xingtian, Kuafu, Fengbo, Yushi, etc. The witches have already done their best.

The Monster Race army came by the clouds, including Di Jun and Taiyi, Xihe, Fuxi and the others, Bai Ze, Ji Meng, Yingzhao and other Monster Race demon saints and Monster Gods all appeared here.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!…”

“Fight! Fight! Fight! … Β·Β·Β·Β·Β·”

The amount of catastrophe erupted, between Heaven and Earth a piece of solemn killing aura.

Witch and Demon Races slammed into the sky and the ground, the sound of shouting shook the sky, and the cold Slaughter Qi quickly swept the entire Great Desolate.

Between Heaven and Earth, can be seen everywhere Blood Fiendish Qi fills the air, there are countless corpses piled up on the earth, really blood flowing into a river.

These bloody suffocation finally converged to the boundless sea of blood, Netherworld River and the two officers and ministers were laughed heartily.

He even sent a sound transmission to the minister: “I want the heart of Pangu.”

Netherworld River nods: “Don’t worry, there is peace on the side, it’s booked now. ”

At the same time as the battle, Lich’s main force launched a mortal duel at the original location of Buzhou Mountain.

Fighting at first, neither side apparently left.

As the Emperor River shouted out loudly, the twelve ancestors and witches each led the army of the witches to kill Buzhou Mountain.

At this time, hundreds of millions of Demon Soldiers appeared on Buzhou Mountain.

Taiyi took out Primal Chaos Bell, the bells were bursting, and it was extremely melodious.


Di Jun watched the Wu clan army come and shouted coldly: “Monster Race obeys the order, Heavenly Stars Revolution Great Formation, kill!”

Fuxi then waved his sleeves, and countless stars flew out of his sleeves.

Within a while, a huge Formation was put out.

Billions of Demon Soldiers soar, covering the heavens, shielding the sun.

The Monster Race army flew up one after another, and each returned to its place. In an instant, Monster Race’s Heavenly Stars Revolution Great Formation has been laid out.

one after another The origins of the stars fell one after another, blessing on the Heavenly Stars Revolution Great Formation.

With the Heavenly Stars Revolution flags appearing between Heaven and Earth, the power of the Heavenly Stars Revolution was brought in together, and the Heavenly Cycle Star battle array was far away.

The Heavenly Cycle Star made a move, and immediately countless Starfall mortal worlds moved towards the Wu tribe army.

These fallen stars are all condensed by the purest Heavenly Stars Revolution power. They seem beautiful, but they contain infinite murderous intentions.

When this infinite starlight fell into the Wu clan camp, the youth of that moment bloomed, and countless people of the Wu clan all died.

Taiyi and Fuxi entered the main formation one after another.

The expression of the Twelve Ancestral Witch did not change, and was not at all deterred by the might of the Heavenly Cycle Star fighting formation.

On the contrary, a strong fighting intent radiated from the whole body, filled with evil spirits, and had the meaning of fighting Heavenly Cycle Star.

In an instant, all the twelve ancestral witches showed their true bodies, and the endless evil spirit suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Di Jiang shouted loudly: “12 Heaven Divinity Fiend Great Array!”

As Di Jiang shouted out loudly, the other ancestors and witches responded in unison, and twelve banners of white bones Born out of nowhere.

Countless evil spirits connected everyone together, and the witches were all roaring in the sky, fighting intent straight into the sky.

The true body of the ancestors of the Twelve Ancestors is revealed.

The endless evil spirits swarmed and poured into the body of the Twelve Ancestors, causing the imposing manner of the Twelve Ancestors to rise again and again.

The evil spirits of the Great Desolate between Heaven and Earth also gathered together.

For a while, Di Jiang said in the hearts of the ancestral witches: “We will gather later, Father Summon.”

I saw Di Jiang roared: “Get up !”

In an instant, twelve evil spirits rose into the sky and gathered together, and an illusory shadow appeared faintly.


Only listening to the real body of Pangu groaning, countless evil spirits gathered together to condense Pangu Axe for him .

The ancient banners of Primal Chaos Bell of Taiyi, Tai Chi Chart of Lao Tzu and Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning have changed.

But then they were suppressed by their own, and while Pangu’s real body continued to increase his power.

The illusory shadow of Pangu Axe is gradually revealed.

Splitting heaven and earth apart!

Axe cut through the starry sky, leaving the final swan song between Heaven and Earth.

A loud bang spread throughout the Great Desolate, I saw between Heaven and Earth, mountains burst and ground split, overturned the river and the sea, and the huge impact created the fall of countless creatures.

Pangu’s real body collapsed in an instant, and Di Jiang and other ancestral witches appeared pale in the Wu tribe camp.

With one blow, nearly five of the Monster Race elites who arranged the Heavenly Cycle Star battle formation almost fell.

And that set of Heavenly Stars Revolution flags disappeared completely with Formation’s final blow.

Next comes the real melee phase.

The twelve ancestor witches found their opponents one by one.

Di Jiang and Candle Dragon shot together.

The two heaven-defying laws of Space Law and Time Law combine the power of their ancestors.

Dijun and Taiyi were found.

Tai Yi’s bell shook, and although the four ancestor witches joined forces to block it, Tai Yi was not disappointed.

His Eastern Emperor Bell, even if it can be blocked, will be severely damaged.

Fuxi waved his hand, and there was a Mountains and Rivers State Chart between his fingers, immediately trapping the two ancestral witches.

Saint can’t shoot, but Saint’s Spirit Treasure can be used.

Profound Abyss suddenly had a decisive look in his eyes, Fuxi died!


Candle Dragon saw Profound Abyss self-destruct, and saw Taiyi trapped four ancestor witches.

A look of determination flashed across his face, and I saw that his body moved suddenly moved towards Tai one after another hug.

Taiyi, who controls the Eastern Emperor Bell and thinks highly of himself, die!

Of course, self-destruct has never been the power of the witch clan. Monster Race also has demon saints, Monster God loudly shouted, with a certain great witch, or some ancestor witch self-destruct.


Di Jiang’s fist directly seriously injured Di Jun, and seeing his imposing manner getting smaller and smaller, he came to an end.

Seeing Di Jun, Di Jiang’s eyes flashed with determination.

The previous brother sisters have already set an example for him, and he is the last of the twelve ancestors.

Di Jun seems to be feeling something, but isn’t he alone?


With a loud bang, Zu Wu’s self-destruct can be described as heaven shaking, earth shattering, and Di Jun was also taken away by Di Jiang at this time.

After more than ten thousand years, the witch Monster Art battle finally came to an end, and the Heaven and Earth calamity also passed.

The ancestors all fell, and the Monster Race high-level loss nine out of ten, the real both sides suffer.

In Purple Heaven Palace, Heavenly Dao Hongjun at this time saw the seven people under him, and now the Great Desolate Seven Great Saint, opened the mouth and said: “Can’t Celestial Court be without a master? “

“Wait, who can be Heavenly Emperor?”

In the past, he was the emperor of Monster Race, but now the Lich clan has withdrawn from the stage of Great Desolate, this Celestial Court The land is the center of the Great Desolate, hosting the Three Realms’ air transport hub, and is extremely important.

Sure enough, as soon as Hongjun’s words fell, the rest of the crowd all showed interest.

Nuwa first opened the mouth and said: “teacher, although Emperor Jun is dead, there are still ten Crown Princes, Lu Ye, who can be Heavenly Emperor.”

Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning Hearing this, he opened the mouth and said with disdain: “This Monster Race Ten Crown Prince was the bane of the two Lich clans last time, the last time they came out on the same day, it made the entire Desolate Flood Continent loss. How can someone with poor fortune be a Heavenly Emperor?”

β€œBut I, Direct Disciple Antarctic Daoist, have a high moral character, and my cultivation base has reached the Great Firmament realm, and my birth is extraordinary. It is transformed by a red light between Heaven and Earth, and it should be the Heavenly Emperor.”

Kunpeng opened the mouth and said: “The position of the Heavenly Emperor is related to the responsibility of the Great Desolate, and I listen to the Taoist Antarctic. From his name, it is not appropriate to know that he is a hermit.”

“On the contrary, Lu Ya is rooted in Hongmiaozheng, and he has the guidance of many civil and military ministers under Emperor Jun back then, so he can stabilize the Great Desolate. .”

Tongtian heard the words and couldn’t help being sneered: “Let me not talk about Lu Ya’s age, cultivation base, or Dexin, if Lu Ya was Heavenly Emperor, what would be the difference between the Monster Race back then? There is no second witch clan under the Great Desolate, and you and I have waited for Saint to know each other for a few days. You should know that Lich’s destiny is not in Lich, but the two are withdrawing from the stage of the Great Desolate.”

When Nuwa and Kunpeng heard the words, a burst of resentment flashed in their eyes.

They naturally know the number of days, but in their current position, many things do not only consider the number of days.

After all, they are not Hongjun, and they were all supporters of Dijun, a Great Desolate and a dream.

In the eyes of the two of them, if there was no stumbling block of the Wu clan, they should have achieved their ideals long ago.

It’s not easy for the witch clan to fall now, everything is moving towards the original plan, but Tongtian’s destiny is not in Lich, and suddenly the two Monster Race Saints give up their last fantasies , how can I not be angry?

And what is called Monster Race exit the stage of Great Desolate, their two Monster Race Saints are still impossible to exit the stage of Great Desolate forever.

The Netherworld River on the side is very interesting to value the disputes of the people. It is obvious that the two of Three Purities and Monster Race are very different now.

When I think of the previous Great Battle of Witch and Demon, Three Purities blocked the door of the two of them, and even let Nuwa’s big brother Fuxi fall directly into the catastrophe, Nuwa probably hates it deeply. .

Kunpeng, the master of Monster Race, has more affection for Monster Race than Nuwa, and it is normal to have such a performance.

However, a matter of no concern to oneself hangs high, oneself and the generals have already monopolized the reincarnation, the affairs of the underworld, and interfering in the Celestial Court will definitely cause public anger, and it is not worth it.

And there is no suitable candidate for his own.

Tongtian continued to speak, opened the mouth and said: “I recommend my elder disciple Daoist Abundant Treasures, who has always been decisive in temperament and determined in action, and I have been in the door of Section Cult over the years. All of them are left to him, which is also very appropriate, and now they have reached the peak of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal, and can be the Heavenly Emperor.”

Nuwa shook his head immediately after hearing this: “No, Daoist Abundant Treasures The face is too thick, and without the deterrence of the emperor, it is not enough to be Heavenly Emperor.”

Netherworld River suddenly wanted to laugh when he heard it, it seems that Tongtian really offended Nuwa badly, and he can even say such words have to export.

To deny you directly from your face means that you are stepping on your right foot first, no!

entrapment wouldn’t dare to do that, as expected of Nuwa.

Tongtian was furious when he heard the words, and just about to say something, he heard Lao Tzu shake his head: “Well, let me say a few words, the position of Heavenly Emperor is very important, but I don’t know that Netherworld River Fellow Daoist and Xumi Fellow Daoist, what do you think?”

Netherworld River smiled slightly when he saw Lao Tzu bring the conflicting topic to him: “Or else choose Lu Ya, after all, it is the inheritance of the father’s business. .”

Netherworld River was a little dumbfounded when Three Purities said this, and he didn’t play cards according to the routine.

Shouldn’t it be time to introduce someone you think is suitable?

Then transfer the contradiction?

Everyone unanimously agreed that the Netherworld River, who jointly controlled the underworld, was definitely not a good person.

On the contrary, Kunpeng and Nuwa at this time saw Netherworld River’s eyes a little kinder.

Netherworld River smiled in his heart: “I don’t have a suitable candidate, why should I offend Nuwa?”

He is not worried that Lu Ya will really take the position, after all, Heavenly Dao does not allow it, and Three Purities does not allow it.

Battle of Witches and Demons are behind their push, and Lich will never be allowed to come back.

I opened the mouth and said: “My Direct Disciple Xuandu is pretty good.”

As soon as these words came out, Nuwa and Kunpeng hurriedly started Negative, and Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning and Tongtian Patriarch are also not quite above Laozi’s point of view, after all, they and Disciple need to be recommended.

Lao Tzu’s mouth moved, but he didn’t say any more.

On the contrary, Xumi smiled slightly at this time: “How about listening to the last sentence of Poor Daoist?”

Everyone looked towards Xumi, and their eyes were very Attention, this attention is in exchange for strength.

At this time, Xumi has the merits and virtues of two people, and his strength is the first of all Saints, and he himself is the result of Western luck. He has been staying in the West, and there are few of each other There is a conflict of interest, so naturally, one is willing to listen to a word.

Xumi smiled slightly, opened the mouth and said: “I can’t argue for a reason, why not let Daofather make the choice?”

Three Purities Suddenly nodded, this is in their best interests, after all, it won’t be Lu Ya.

Kunpeng and Nuwa are a little unwilling in their eyes. They understand the number of days and know that if daofather chooses, there is really no certain hope.

The Heavenly Emperor must not be a member of the Lich clan. After all, these two races were the protagonists of the previous era.

If Lu Ya becomes Heavenly Emperor, it will be the reverse of history.

And if there is a landing pressure to be Heavenly Emperor, a kind of Monster Race old courtier who is in charge of Celestial Court, Monster Race will have this essence even if it does not have the name of the protagonist of luck.

After all, there are still two Saints behind it.

Sure enough, after hearing what Xumi said, Hongjun glanced at everyone, nodded, and directly pulled out the virgin beside him.

“Haotian, Yaochi, from now on, you are the masters of Celestial Court.”

Haotian and Yaochi hurriedly knelt on the ground and said excitedly.

For Haotian and Yaochi, this is a great opportunity, an opportunity to turn over and become landlords.

β€œEdict: Haotian is Haotian Golden Tower Highest Paragon Natural Wonderful Miluo is the true Jade Emperor God, Yaochi is Taizhen Wuji Holy Mother Yaochi Great Saint King Empress, in charge of Celestial Court.”

β€œEdict: Haotian is Haotian Golden Tower Highest Paragon. p>

“Abide by the teacher’s decree!” Heaven and Earth were impressed when the edict came out.

All Saints, Haotian and Yaochi quickly moved towards Hongjun.

“Haotian, these are Hao Heavenly Sword and Hao Heavenly Sword, I give you today to help you take charge of Celestial Court.”

Speaking, Hong Jun took a long sword and An ancient mirror was taken out and handed to Haotian.

This Heavenly Sword and Clear Sky Mirror are both Top Grade Spirit Treasures, and the formidable power is also extraordinary among many Top Grade Spirit Treasures.

“Thank you, Master for the treasure!” Haotian took it cautiously, and then bowed deeply to Hongjun.

“Yaochi, this is Xiwangchi and the Heavenly Spirit Root Pantao, I give it to you today to help Haotian in charge of Celestial Court.”

According to history, it should be given a Five Elements flag Yes, but this flag is now in Wang Meng’s hands.

“Thank you, Master for the treasure!” Yaochi took two treasures cautiously, and then bowed deeply to Hongjun.

“In addition to the Heavenly Emperor and the Queen of Heaven, the Celestial Court should set up the Five Great Emperors to help the Jade Emperor govern the heavens.”

Just when the saints thought that today’s agenda was over , Hong Jun’s voice sounded again.

“The Great Emperor Tianhuang of Gouchen Shanggong, who rules all thunders, the Great Emperor of Zhongtian Ziwei North Pole, who rules all stars, the Great Emperor Azure Flower, who rules all kinds of things The Nanfang Nanji Great Emperor Changsheng of Ling, the Chengtian who ruled the earth, followed the example of the emperor of the land, and these five emperors and the Jade Emperor of the Haotian Jinque, who ruled the heavens, are collectively called the six emperors.” Hongjun continued.

“For the Four Great Emperors, are you waiting for someone to choose?” Hong Jun looked towards the six Saints present.

The reason why Hongjun said the Four Imperials is because Chengtian, who controls all the lands, has followed the example of the Earth Emperor’s Land.

That is the back soil of incarnation, or the Empress of Peace of Mind.

“Reporting to teacher, Disciple’s honorary disciple, Nanfang Xianweng, can be Nanfang Nanji Great Emperor Changsheng.” Yuan Shi felt a little bit after Hongjun reported the setting of Wuyu, and said.

“Yes, the Antarctic Immortal Weng is ordered to be the Antarctic Great Emperor Changsheng!” Hongjun nodded, and then said coercively.

“Thank you, teacher!” Yuan Shi moved towards Hong Jun and worshipped.

“Are you waiting for someone else?” Hongjun asked again.

Netherworld River bowed a little, opened the mouth and said: “Teacher, Disciple thinks that my subordinate Shi Tian can be the Great Emperor Tianhuang of Gouchen Shanggong, to rule Wan Lei, to be the lord of Heaven and Earth. .”

“Yes, the Emperor Shi Tian is ordered to be the Great Emperor Tianhuang of the Shang Palace, to rule all thunders, and to lead Heaven and Earth soldiers.”

“Thanks, teacher Hongen !”

Haven the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning and the Netherworld River, and soon the other three Great Emperors were reserved by the other Saint’s Disciples.

After a while, several important figures of Great Desolate have temporarily discussed the ownership of this Three Realms center.

Then the rest of the crowd slowly began to retreat.

When they got outside, Haotian and Yaochi saluted everyone respectfully: “In the future, please help the Senior Brothers a lot.”

Three Purities just glanced at the two of them lightly. leave.

Kunpeng also had a calm expression, waved his sleeves lightly, and left instantly.

Nuwa even moved towards the two of them, coldly snorted, maybe in her opinion it was the two who scrambled for Lu Ya’s position.

For Haotian and the two, it was a little helpless and a disaster.

Netherworld River and Xumi both showed kind smiles to Haotian.

As the saying goes, look at the comparison in everything, for a while, Haotian has a lot of goodwill towards the two.

For Three Purities and the others a thorn in the heart.

(End of this chapter)

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