All-Heavens Dream Plunderer Chapter 649


Chapter 649


Time passed slowly, and Peyton constantly tempered his skills, Including the movement method and other combat details.

Months later, Payton was caught in a bottleneck!

His skill has basically reached the average line of the same order. At least the world lords that appear in these simulations cannot suppress Peyton by simple skills.

Of course, the killing space conditions of Black Dragon Mountain island are limited and cannot simulate the battle strength under immortality.

And these simulated world masters are also all pipeline works, which are considered the worst among the world masters, and the default level that every world master can achieve.

Outside the real world masters who have grown up fighting each other, each one is far superior to these world masters. Under the same conditions, even one enemy ten is nothing difficult.

So Peyton is still a long way off!

“Then try to simulate one yourself!”

In addition to the Lunar Realm, Payton quickly began to add various information about himself.

This is also the biggest role of the killing field. Fight against yourself, find your own flaws and loopholes…

In fact, this move has no effect on most domain owners. Their Information, including laws, killing fields has been difficult to simulate.

But, as it happens, Payton is an exception.

He, the world master, is powerful and terrifying, but also “weak” terrifying!

His foundation is so poor that it desperately needs to be filled.

Peyton doesn’t care about the law either, he won’t use it later, he just perfects his memory and combat details such as movement method.

It simply simulates a self who does not have the Red Moon Domain, has the strength of the World Lord, and does not have the blessings of the Red Moon Domain and other laws.

Soon, Payton was killed by “himself” instead.

The opponent set by Peyton is exactly the same as himself in terms of physical fitness, laws, consciousness, skills, weapons, etc.

The only difference is that the opponent is extremely experienced and extremely good at fighting.

Payton’s ability to think he’s keeping up with the average is more than a little bit worse than the product of this simulation.

As well, he quickly found his own flaws and weaknesses.

“Through this method, you can quickly absorb experience.” Peyton slightly nodded.

Next, Peyton still designed it like this…

A total of 1109 battles lasted, and Peyton felt extremely tired and at the same time extremely happy.

At the same time, Payton has absorbed a lot of experience, and even after hundreds of times, Payton set himself to be unable to beat Payton.

His skill improvement is very obvious, although there is still no trick, but the foundation has caught up at a very fast speed.


In his spare time, Peyton also looks like a decisive battle space, a duel of some people.

The duels here are divided into one star to nine stars, and the nine stars are all geniuses of the same level.

This kind of duel is far inferior to the giant axe duel in terms of level and authenticity.

Most of the battles are also below the universe level.

But it’s nice to see a fresh one!

Even seeing that his skill details are still far behind some of the Stellar Rank geniuses, Payton is even more striving to become stronger.

Time passed slowly, and Peyton filled his foundation at a very fast speed, making himself, the world master, more perfect.

Originally, Payton wasn’t going to go out unless the auction started.

But a visit from an uninvited guest disrupts Peyton’s plans.


“Anyone from the Virtual Universe company came to visit me?”

Listening to the news reported by the general manager of the company I had invited, Peyton slightly frowned.

“Yes, boss, is said to be very interested in our new product.”

“New product, genetic evolution potion?”

“Yes Yes, boss!”

“Let’s meet then!”

Peyton didn’t take it seriously either.

After all, the gene evolution potion can’t be considered an item that is too rare, a Babata alone can release a virus that transforms the global gene, even more how is a huge monster like a virtual universe company.

And if Peyton remembers it well, in the original book, there is a powerful item such as bloodline medicine, which can improve the bloodline of people’s genes to the world master. Compared with their current single piece, they can only To upgrade to ordinary Planetary Grade, and it takes more than ten years of genetic evolution time, there are too many medicines.


“introduce myself.”

The green-skinned old man said with a slight smile: “I am a virtual universe company based in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire. ‘Black Dragon Mountain Division’ Minister of Commerce ‘Manlo’, you can call me Mr. Manlo.”

“Mr. Manlo, my name is Peyton Adolf.”

Payton saluted, he was a little surprised, didn’t expect an immortal to come forward in person.

It seems that I underestimated the power of genetic evolution potion.

“Adolph World Lord, the purpose of my visit is to represent the virtual universe company to acquire the formula materials related to the genetic evolution potion under your name…”

“You can rest assured that we I will give you a satisfactory price!” Man Luo said very kindly.

Gene evolution potion, although it is only comparable to the very low-level bloodline medicine, but Man Luo is very optimistic.

First of all, the cost of this genetic medicine is very low. Now the price that Peyton Company sells to the outside world is far lower than their lowest bloodline medicine, and the difference between them is a hundred times thousand times!

bloodline potion requires some precious materials, and the gene evolution potion that can achieve the same effect does not need these materials at all, so the price is not high, as long as some Planetary Grade with some savings are available. , in this way, you can ensure that the starting point world of your juniors reaches Planetary Grade.

At the same time, although there is only the most basic gene evolution potion that can only reach the Planetary Grade, but this is in the hands of Peyton, the world master, if it is in the hands of their virtual universe company, it may not be impossible to go further. development.

If it can reach the stars, this is a huge improvement for the strength of the entire human race!

“How about 10,000 yuan?” Man Luo asked.

To tell the truth, this is a very fair price, and the general immortality is also worth this price.

Gene medicine, if you want to sell so much profit, you don’t know how many years it will take!

Peyton thought for a moment, opened the mouth and said: “Mr. Manluo, I can accept this price or even a lower price. At the same time, I want a chance.”

“Opportunity?” Man Luo was slightly frowned, he really hoped that the other party would give a price, even if it was a lion’s big mouth, as long as there was a clear price, they would be able to give it satisfaction.

After all, money is such a precious resource that it can’t be considered.

On the contrary, this kind of unclear price may not be acceptable to him.

“An opportunity to join the Virtual Universe Company!”

When Man Luo heard the words, he immediately smiled: “Of course, Mr. I have always held a tolerant attitude towards such powerhouses, I can represent the virtual universe company at any time, and welcome the participation of Adolf World Lord.”

Hearing this, Peyton shook his head slightly: “Sorry, Mr. Man Luo , you probably misunderstood me.”

“Actually, what I want to join is the core of the Virtual Universe Corporation.”

“Core? Secret Realm?”

The smile on Man Luo’s face slowly converged, and it really was lion’s big mouth.

The core Secret Realm is divided into four types, even the lowest end-of-the-world Secret Realm is not easy to join.

Think about the genius battle in the previous world.

The 101st place — 1000th place, can get 10 mixed units of bonus, can enter the initial universe comprehend, can join the core ‘Secret Realm’ of the virtual universe company.

The 11th place — the 100th place, can get a bonus of 100 mixed units, can enter the initial universe comprehend, and can join the core ‘Heaven and Earth Secret Realm’ of the virtual universe company.

The 2nd place – the 10th place will get a bonus of 1,000 yuan units, can enter the initial universe comprehend, and can join the core of the virtual universe company ‘Taichu Secret Realm’.

The first place will get a bonus of 10,000 yuan units, can enter the initial universe comprehend, and can join the core ‘primordial Secret Realm’ of the virtual universe company.

Only 1,000 places are opened every 5,000 years. On average, there is only one for each Universe Country.

Of course, this is for geniuses.

For powerhouses that have become world masters, the requirements will be lowered, but they are still extremely high.

At least those who can join are the Peak World Lords who are expected to become immortal.

To be a core, even the outermost core of the apocalyptic Secret Realm, requires immortal-level potential.

Glancing at Peyton in front of him, Manluo shook his head inwardly. A loose cultivator who is not even famous in the Black Dragon Mountain Universe Country, even if he can become a realm master, he does not have the ability to join the core Secret at all. Eligibility for Realm.

“Mr. Adolf, you must understand that it is very difficult to join the Secret Realm in the core area. Only the top 1,000 people in the previous world can participate in the Secret Realm. Even if I can recommend you, but you We also have to pass a series of assessments.”

“To be honest, it was a very difficult assessment!”

Man Luo said directly, his meaning was very clear.

I don’t have the ability to send you in directly. At most, I will give you a recommendation qualification. Whether you can pass the test is up to you.

When Peyton heard the words, a gleam suddenly appeared in his eyes.

“The assessment is the assessment, even if it fails, it has nothing to do with Mr. Man Luo!”

“I just need a chance!”

Man Luo heard the words , pondered for a while, nodded: “Okay, five years later, it will be the next recommended assessment, I will recommend you to take the assessment of Secret Realm in the end of the world.”

“At the same time, even if Mr. Adolf fails Now, our Black Dragon Mountain branch also welcomes Mr. Adolf.”

Not long after Manluo left, a surprise appeared in Peyton’s eyes. .

He has been thinking about an opportunity to find a backer.

“I didn’t realize it, it was the genetic evolution potion that gave me a big surprise!”

“The opportunity to participate in the core, even if it is a chance, I can show the best Myself!”

“As for the Secret Realm in the last days, as long as I can show my innate talent, it’s easy to climb up.”

“There are still five years, and I want to improve myself as soon as possible. Try to directly attract the attention of some big guys!”

In the blink of an eye, it was another few months, and Payton was constantly tempering himself.

The inner world, on a sandy beach in the endless sea.

The half-naked Peyton is sitting cross-legged on the beach, with a faint ray of light all over his body, and his natural aura has become unusual, like golden horn giant beast, destroying giant beast. Powerful beings such as beast, even if they are asleep, will still make other life feel a kind of pressure, which is the pressure brought by the evolution of life.

These days, he once again bought a lot of cherished resources to fill the world in his body, the world has been further improved, and the heritage has been added.


“Master, the auction is about to start!”

Peton nodded: “Got it!”

Virtual Universe , Black Dragon Mountain Island, “Teleportation Point”, with Payton holding an invitation: “Teleportation.”


Peton instantly disappeared on the island of Black Dragon Mountain and was teleported to a Floating City above the “Dry Witch Continent”. The invitation sent out rays of light, causing the Floating City defense to automatically open the channel and release Peyton. get inside.

This is an incomparably elegant land suspended in clouds and mist. The most dazzling thing in the entire Floating City is the incomparably huge building – the auction hall.

The dry witch auction is held every three years.

The minimum threshold to participate in the auction is 3-Star level customers of Universe First Bank and Universe Galaxy Bank!

And 3-Star level customers are almost all the world masters! Very few are big businessmen or youngsters with super backgrounds.

In the universe, many precious items belong to the restricted level, and there are many items that are difficult to buy even with money.

The “auction” held in the virtual universe provides the opportunity for them to buy many precious items.

Of course, the 3-Star level can only participate in the “primary level auction”, while the higher “intermediate level auction” and “high level auction” minimum thresholds are 4-Star level, 5-Star level Customers, it is generally an auction that can only be participated in by immortal existence. The treasure of each auction is calculated in mixed units.

Two long dragons line up at the entrance of the auction hall, a dressed or gorgeous, or simple, some people have the body of a snake, and some are like burning flames, it is a vast crowd.

And this auction hall has a total of 16 entrances, and the number of world masters participating in the auction can be imagined.

During the queue, Peyton often heard discussions from some of the world leaders around, and the content of the discussions was quite interesting.

“Tahan, you should have already accumulated enough military credits on the Foreign Domain battlefield, are you planning to retire?”

A burly and tall world master is low and heavy sounded.

The black robe world master who was standing with him said calmly: “Well, the military merit has almost reached 50 million, but I am going to continue to fight in the Foreign Domain battlefield, the calmness of the universe country is not suitable. Me.”

“What’s the finale of this auction?” someone asked.

“It’s a Spiritual God’s Weapon, and it’s a Spiritual God weapon that only the Spiritual God can get!”

“Wow, wouldn’t there be a lot of immortality? Powerhouse came over to buy this weapon?”


Peton shook his head slightly.

Dicano said before that this time auction will prepare a big surprise. He thought it was a place in the initial universe, but he didn’t expect it to be a feudal soldier.

“Looks like Dicano is going to be disappointed!”

After a long queue.

“Hello sir, welcome to this year’s witch auction, this is your seat number.”

Payton took a token, black token There is a translucent screen on it, which shows the seat number – KEY23131.

Walking into the auction hall, the overall structure is like a “football field”, with the auction stand in the middle and the densely packed stands all around.

Peyton saw the engraving of the number of the seat in front of him and sat up. Each seat here is six meters wide and ten meters high, with a total of three million seats, and there is no end in sight.

The entire auction hall reverberated with the sound of discussions, as if countless Heavenly Gods were talking.

“I’m afraid there are hundreds of Myriad Realms masters,” Peyton thought.

The great character in Black Dragon Mountain Star Domain aloof and remote is like crossing river carp here, it is hard to count.

After all, Ganwu Universe Country is an advanced civilization in the universe.

(End of this chapter)

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