Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1085

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I don’t know if it was a coincidence or what happened. Old Pursley just stepped on the elevator and saw that the elevator didn’t wait for him at all and went down on his own…

And the elevator fell faster than he did!

Old Pursley felt like a free fall, and pia slammed to the bottom.

It’s painless or not, Undead’s ability to feel pain is very slow, but Old Pursley clearly feels that his legs with only a skeleton have a crisp “click” sound, which was broken at that time, and the whole person was lying on the ground. On the ground, the blood strips emptied instantly.

Then his vision turned gray, and a dialog box appeared: Free the soul.

He could still feel his body continually up and down the elevator that followed the dark city…

“What’s so…absolutely didn’t expect my blood was here…”

Old Pursley is speechless. He also encountered some very powerful monsters when he was leveling in Brill, such as the haunted mill and the Agamand family, who had encountered some very strong monsters, but Old Pursley relied on With his excellent skills, he passed away, and there was no danger.

It turned out that he had overturned the gutter in the main city he thought was the safest. What a reason…

Old Pursley became a soul state, and came to the elder sister of the soul healer.

In the state of death, the entire vision has become ash-gray, and his own body has become transparent, no longer has entities, and can pass through many small obstacles.

It also has the advantage of running faster…

Old Pursley, like a ghost, fluttered to find his body ready for resurrection.

Enter the elevator again.

Because Old Pursley’s body is at the bottom of the elevator, his soul must first ride down the elevator and enter a certain range before resurrection.

When the elevator descended halfway, a dialog box popped up in Old Pursley’s field of vision to remind him that he could be resurrected, so he directly resurrected.

Then he was resurrected in midair.

“What am I special…”

Old Pursley didn’t have time to vomit, so he fell on the elevator again and the dog took it.

In fact, this height was originally unbreakable, but Old Pursley was just resurrected, only half blood…

“I’m really convinced of this murderous elevator…”

Old Pursley had no choice but to run again. This time he learned well, and was resurrected when the elevator fell to the bottom, successfully escaped from the elevator’s death trap and entered the interior of the dark city.

“This place is probably easy to defend and difficult to attack…the elevator alone is worth dozens of guards…”

After entering the Undercity, Old Pursley discovered that this place is so big!

Old Pursley has been to Orgrimmar in “Oasis”, strictly speaking, the area of ​​the Undercity is smaller than Orgrimmar, but Old Pursley is lost when he turns around…

Although there is a map, it is totally useless, and turning around makes me feel awkward, and I can’t find a way out.

Because the entire structure of the Undercity is a three-dimensional structure, it is divided into at least 3 floors. The military zone, magic zone, rogue zone, and alchemy room are all on the lowermost floor, and the elevator that comes in is on the uppermost floor.

Players like Old Pursley are actually not a special road fanatic, but they can’t stand a place like Undercity. If they change to a Legend of Zelda stereo map, it’s clear that Chen Mo simply didn’t do that.

In fact, strictly speaking does make sense. After all, this World does not have high-tech things such as slate. The maps are all hand-painted. How can you make a cool thing like a three-dimensional map.

However, Old Pursley is more inclined to Chen Mo deliberately not give the three-dimensional map, he just wants the players to get lost in the Undercity…

Fortunately, there are 10000 capable guards. Old Pursley held an Undead guard and asked for a long time before finally figuring out the general structure of the Undercity. Before going out, I had to climb from the central bank to the upper level, and then look for it. elevator……

Old Pursley didn’t have to worry about leaving now. He first handed over 2 tasks, and then he wanted to see Sylvanas, the king of legendary Banshee.

Dark Ranger in “Warcraft” is one of the popular heroes, and the popularity is very high, but I don’t know if it is now more realistic after being made into a VR HD remastered version.

Old Pursley asked all the way, finally found the entrance to the Imperial Family area near the alchemy room.

The Imperial Family is like a Skarner tail, located in the most remote and safe place in the entire Undercity. Old Pursley looked at the Level 2 elite NPCImperial Family horror guard while walking inside, deeply feeling that he is now a scum.

Yes, like this NPC, Old Pursley can go up with just a knife… and be directly hacked to death.

Sylvanas was standing on a high platform in the middle of the Imperial Family area. Banshee, Undead guards, and Ambassador Orc surrounded her, and from time to time, Undead guards came to return the fighting situation in Tirisfal Glades and the Eastern Plaguelands. .

Old Pursley didn’t dare to sway up and glance up close. It would be even less daring to use manual feet. It is estimated that on the spot, three legs would have to be discounted and expelled from Horde. After all, “World of Warcraft” uses the most advanced artificial intelligence, the kind that NPC can talk to players freely.

If you dare to disrespect the king of Banshee, you should not delete the number, but you must be beaten up by the Imperial Family terrorist guard with a machete beside him.

Old Pursley looked at Sylvanas from afar.

It is indeed much clearer than the image in Warcraft. I have to say that Elven Race is just beautiful. Even if she has become Undead with azure light all over her body, this pair of skins is still better than Old Pursley’s “True Undead” “Too much to look at.”

No wonder Queen Sylvanas is so popular in the hearts of Undead players, it can only be said that this is a face-seeking world…

You see that Thrall, the green skin Orc, is properly treated as a true protagonist, is also serving as the spiritual leader of Orc, and is the one who saves the world. It is also unclear with Jaina, a beautiful woman. Green Arthas also makes Kael’thas angry Itchy teeth. Just like this Awesome coaxing person, the popularity is really higher than Sylvanas.

As for Vol’jin and Cairn Bloodhoof… emmmm, the sense of existence is even thinner.

In short, it is still a matter of face value.

Take a look at Sylvanas, the little eyes that exude red light, the pointed ears of Elven Race, the flat and tight little belly, this cool Undead equipment, broken cloak and handsome bow…

Taking into account the overall face value of Horde women, Sylvanas’ face value is already Peak, and it is the kind of getting rid of other people’s elders.

After enough addiction, Old Pursley didn’t plan to continue shopping in the Undercity. However, the Undercity is too big, and Old Pursley is too lazy to return to the original way, directly rubbing the hearthstone back to Brill’s hotel, and then going south to the airship, you can go directly to Orgrimmar.

“Ai, you are finally leaving this place…it’s all black, no daylight. Zou Zhuo, how are you there? Ready to prepare, can we try a copy?”

Zou Zhuo asked: “Is the Wailing Cave? Yeah, why? We are still shopping in Thunderbluff, ready to go to the Barrens.”

Old Pursley: “How do I know, ask for directions! SILENT Bai has made you such an Awesome artificial intelligence NPC!”

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