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Coming to Orgrimmar by airship, Old Pursley asked the NPC on the roadside for directions while looking at the map.

"What a special... so far away."

To get off the airship, you must first pass Durotar, and then go west into the barren land, and the crossroad is said to be in the upper part of the barren land, where the two roads meet.

Having said that, the map is white and there is no accurate coordinate position, so you have to find it yourself.

Fortunately, although World of Warcraft runs on two legs, it doesn't feel tired, it's a bit boring.

"Shente what a long-distance running simulator. Fatty, how about you two? I'll be at the crossroads immediately." Old Pursley asked.

Little Fatty hurriedly answered: "We are also in the barren land, right away! Hey Fuck, how come there are so many Level 19 strangers, it almost attracted more."

Old Pursley saw Little Fatty's bloodline rise and fall, and finally stabilized.

Obviously, the two people's dull running led to a lot of senior monsters, and they almost took the dog.

"Fortunately, Lin Xue has enough milk." Zou Zhuo said with emotion.

Lin Xue raised his chest proudly: "Of course! You don't look at my race!"

Speaking of road fanatics, in fact, players are more or less touched, especially when the novice is just playing, the map needs to be opened by itself, and it is easy to get lost. Fortunately, if you get lost, you can grab an NPC and ask for directions. You can also see the position of your teammates on the map, so these 3 people met at the crossroads without too much difficulty.

Five minutes later, Old Pursley arrived first, and Lin Xue and Zou Zhuo arrived a few minutes later.

Zou Zhuo unable to bear stretched out his ox's hoof and touched Old Pursley's head: "hahaha, Old Pursley, you are really short."

Isn't it? Undead's height is only 1.8 meters straight, and the back is more than 1.7 meters, Tauren is 2 meters 3, and Necromancer, Old Pursley, has just reached Zou Zhuo's chest.

Old Pursley fanned Zou Zhuo's cattle hoof with a black face: "There is an ability to duel!"

Zou Zhuo was happy: "The duel is duel, just your little body, don't say when the time comes I bully you."

Old Pursley sent a duel application to Zou Zhuo, and the battle flag was inserted on the ground.

There were a lot of players doing tasks or shopping around, and when they saw the lively look here, they all came around.

"Wow, there is a duel to watch!"

"Place your bets and hands off the table, I think this cow is so strong and powerful, you see he still holds a two-handed axe in his hand, and cutting this Undead may be only 3 knives?"

"This is really a warrior playing a mage, you think about it."

The crowd of melon-eating people didn't understand anything, so they came around and looked at it blindly.

A countdown appeared in the field of vision. At the moment of the duel, Zou Zhuo charged directly and rushed to the face of Old Pursley.

The onlookers immediately applauded: "Wow, look, this warrior is fierce!"

As a result, Zou Zhuo had just cut two knives, and found that Old Pursley was not bleeding. He had a light blue mana shield on his body. Zou Zhuo's two-handed axe was softly cut, and all the injuries were absorbed.

Old Pursley woke up quickly, with Arcane rays of light rising in his hand, and he began chanting incantation.

Zou Zhuo is still chopping up, seeing that he can hack Old Pursley's mana shield, and he hears a "boom".


Zou Zhuo's face was dumbfounded. Why did it seem that this "bleep" came from him?

Yes, Zou Zhuo found that his vision was obviously wrong. The previous vision was very high. After all, Tauren was more than 2 meters in length. How did it turn into Xiaoming's perspective now?

I can only see Old Pursley remain calm and composed while handling pressing affairs, running slowly to the distance, and my own perspective has just reached Necromancer's waist.

Looking down again, Zou Zhuo was startled.

What about turning into a sheep!

Zou Zhuo suddenly reacted, as if seen in "I'm MT", the mage can indeed turn humanoids into sheep...

Zou Zhuo wanted to fight hard, he tried hard to rush forward and used the horns to top Old Pursley, but as soon as he was a sheep, he moved slowly and the wool was thick, 2 he also did not at all get this body The right to control can only wander unconsciously.

Old Pursley reached the limit of Frostbolt, and it was almost time for the sheep to change. He reapplied a mana shield and started rubbing Frostbolt.

(The system setting is not the version of Infinite Sheep.)

Zou Zhuo was anxious, but there was no way but to watch the Frostbolt hit him, and then walk forward slowly.

Old Pursley rubbed another Fireball Technique and called directly on Zou Zhuo's face.

Zou Zhuo finally got close to Old Pursley. He saw a frost star in Old Pursley freezing him in place, then walked slowly to the side, another ice arrow.

Until the end, Zou Zhuo didn't touch Old Pursley a few times, even the mana shield was not cut.

Zou Zhuo The whole person is in a state of coercion, who am I? where am I? What am i doing

This is not to blame Zou Zhuo too bad, the warrior is originally a profession restrained by the mage, when the level is not full, less skills, even worse.

Zou Zhuo felt that after being hit by a cold arrow, his whole body was trembling, and he was struggling to move, and there was such a big axe that he couldn't even touch Old Pursley.

Lin Xue saw Zou Zhuo being abused, and be eager to have a try: "Come on, we will also duel!"

Zou Zhuo was fascinated at the time: "What do you guys think I am bullying, right? I want to change my career! Wait for me to eat something."

Zou Zhuo turned over his backpack and found a piece of cheese to sit down and nibble.

Old Pursley handed him a few pieces of magic bread very intimately, and Zou Zhuo happily put it in his pocket.

"This is what you do? The mage can still cook? What's so special...it's just a pro-son treatment..."

Soon, Zou Zhuo's blood was full, and Lin Xue's shaman sent him a duel request.

Ten years later, Lin Xue died.

Lin Xue felt crazy for a while: "Ahhh, why did you cut me so painfully! And my lightning bolt was evaded by you?!"

Zou Zhuo hehe smiled: "It turns out that it's not my food, it's just a matter of profession."

Lin Xue scratched his head straightly: "Why do I feel so weak? I strongly demand the establishment of Shaman Protection Association!"

Old Pursley first went to the hotel to tie up the hearthstone, then came back and said to Zou Zhuo and Lin Xue: "Okay, it's been two long hours since the long night, and go and see the copy."

According to the normal upgrade speed, 2 hours to Level 20 is the normal speed, even if the time of sightseeing and running is added, it is only more than 2 hours.

According to the sleep mode time, players can play at least 10 hours a night, for them, there is still a lot of time.

"But we are not enough." Zou Zhuo said.

Old Pursley was speechless: "Shout people! We have T, milk, and mage, just 2 more should be enough."

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