Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1087

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The team was much faster than Zou Zhuo had imagined, and it soon filled up.

Then the team configuration became warriors, shamans, wizards, hunters, and thieves.

After a new Troll hunter and an Undead thief, the team configuration is the same. At first glance, Zou Zhuo looks like everyone is Level 19 and Level 20. Going to a wailing cave should be just right.

“OK, everyone is ready to go!”

Five people were near the crossroads, so they decided to gather at the gate of the Wailing Cave.

After the assembly, the buffs were shot one by one. Old Pursley also added a lot of intelligence to Zou Zhuo very intimately. The main reason was that it was embarrassing to be an MT if the intelligence was not enough.

After all, Little Fatty’s IQ often drops, and it’s okay to be safe.

Then everyone looked at each other’s equipment.

Uh, what a miserable…

Although theoretically speaking, the task of upgrading to Level 20 should be a whole body green dress, but other than Old Pursley, other people are also mixed in green dress and white clothes. The most excessive thing is that this hunter did not wear pants. I don’t even have white clothes, and I don’t know where he threw it off…

Look at the thieves again. This one is wearing a full green dress, which is pretty good, but if you look closely, the trousers and shoes are all cloth and armor is what the hell, and they are all added intelligence and spirit.

Old Pursley’s inner mixed feelings, hesitant to stop, hesitant to stop, and hesitate to stop desire, forget what to say.

It stands to reason that among these three anchors, Old Pursley was the latest to contact Azeroth, but instead he played the best…

The main reason is that Old Pursley did his homework deliberately before “World of Warcraft” opened its service, read “I’m MT” carefully, and then studied the battles, various skills, etc., I was afraid of when the time comes to understand.

As a result, Old Pursley’s game talent is relatively high, playing games likes to delve into it more quickly.

On the contrary, Lin Xue and Zou Zhuo have made many common sense mistakes.

After all, “I’m MT” was something that was several years ago. Even if I watched it at that time, I have forgotten thoroughly though.

The equipment of the other 2 teammates is also quite shabby, but Old Pursley thought about it. Now what is the use, everyone’s equipment is very miserable. Anyway, the level is up to the standard. Go check it out first.

5 people go round and round and finally find the entrance to the Wailing Cave.

“It’s a high degree of restoration of “I’m MT”! Look at the layout of the crossroads, and then look at the hole of howling!”

“Even the monsters are highly restored. At this time It shouldn’t be a Tyran with an unable to make head or tail of it suddenly drilled out?”

“How is it possible for hahaha, even if it is also a group-fighting life, just after serving for more than 2 hours, Night Elves is at most our level.”

“There really is a collection stone that can pull teammates.”

“I knew I would do the task for a while and wait for you to pull me.”

“Okay, go into this book, but it will fall blue!”

“So… are we already in the copy?”

5 people found a hole according to the location marked on the map, and then drilled directly into it.

After entering, I was a little puzzled, why didn’t the strange feeling here feel bad? 5 people are completely traversing.

That is, there are a few wind snakes, velociraptors and the like, but they are all monsters around Level 16. If 5 people are together, no one will do it at all, and the blame will fall.

Then everyone turned around and found an exit in front. Come out and see, is this not the sweet water Oasis?

I don’t know what happened, and I turned it out…

There is no way. There are 4 roads and 8 roads in this hole. There are a lot of forks. Everyone is bored and do not pay attention to looking at the small map.

The second time I entered the cave, it took quite some time to find the real entrance to the Wailing Cave.

During this period, Zou Zhuo also tried to turn the slime monster over to see if there was any pink on the bottom of the skirt. As a result, he got his own green mud and washed it in the water for a long time before washing it…

Everyone was shocked after entering the copy. This really underestimated the difficulty of the copy before…

Before entering, they are ordinary monsters, but after entering, they are elite monsters…

Compared with ordinary monsters, the basic values ​​of elite monsters such as attack power and blood volume have been significantly improved. Zou Zhuo rushed directly without looking at them at first. After all, the monsters played before entering the copy are too weak. Everyone swarmed directly It was all gone, which gave him the illusion of “we are strong”.

This time, when you rushed inwards, everyone immediately wiped out when they swarmed up, and the players on Zou Zhuo’s side all wiped out…

3 4 elite monsters chewed around Zou Zhuo, Lin Xue hadn’t responded, Zou Zhuo’s soldiers had already laid down, and the others didn’t insist for long, only the old Pursley chicken thieves directly after an ice ring prolonged the time I ran away, and finally survived the copy.

The souls of the other 4 people appeared in the graveyard.

Zou Zhuo: “This visual sense is really strong… It seems like “I’m MT” is the same…”

Lin Xue laughed angrily: “There are a few blames that people play in Level 15 into the copy. The first wave of mobs in our Level 20 into the copy will be extinguished. Your IQ is not as good as the MT stupid cow!”

“It’s okay, let’s run the corpse.” Old Pursley said on the team channel in the copy.

Run away, eat, and buff.

Everyone learns how to destroy the dead body before clearing the copy, no problem.

This time, everyone played a lot more carefully, one by one to blame the monsters, and one to attract the old Pursley and one sheep, playing very smoothly.

“It doesn’t seem to be difficult,” Zou Zhuo said with emotion.

Lin Xue’s face was black: “Wait a minute, don’t charge! For the sake of milking you, I’m blue with milk, Old Pursley quickly gave me 2 bottles of magic water.”

Zou Zhuo said that this pot will never go back: “Obviously your milk is not enough!”

Lin Xue was furious: “Obviously you are too fragile! Monster hits you like a roller coaster!”

Zou Zhuo: “You can carry it!”

Lin Xue’s face was black: “Why am I a shaman! You are a warrior! With your blood and defensive power, is it as good as a hunter’s baby! Hey, hunter, your baby?”

Lin Xue doesn’t say that everyone hasn’t paid attention yet, doesn’t it mean that the hunter can catch the baby? Why didn’t this hunter bring a baby?

The hunter also looked dumbfounded: “Baby? What baby?”

Everyone: “…”

Old Pursley said: “Little Fatty I just wanted to say, can you carry a monster with a two-handed axe, can it be brittle? It’s totally a fleshy body attack by a hard monster… or you can be more flexible, and you can evade diligently. what.”

Zou Zhuo was very helpless: “I want to flash too, but you see me as big as a cow…”

Old Pursley: “…Okay, then where do you go to get a shield first…”

At this time, Lin Xue suddenly saw the big tortoise crawling under the river channel: “Is this…Isn’t it going to drop the shield?”

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