Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1088

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If this big turtle can understand people’s words, it is estimated that his back is cold.

What a special design, I know that the warriors who come to the Wailing Cave do not have any decent shields, so I arranged this boss in a place where I can see it at the door. Don’t complain about the lack of shields.

5 people went up for a cut and directly cut down the big turtle.

Zou Zhuo touched the body: “Wow! Sure enough there is a blue shield! Hey, how can I not get it?”

Others found a dialog box in their vision: “What does this mean? Need? Greed?”

Old Pursley suddenly realized: “Oh, it seems that this is a team assignment mode. Not everyone can pick up equipment casually and have to assign a team. Hey, how did Fuck get the shaman!”

Old Pursley and the other two are mages, thieves, and hunters, and they can’t get a shield at all, so it’s impossible to order that option at all. Naturally, there is no way to grab with Zou Zhuo, but Lin Xue, the shaman priest, can take it. Shield’s…

You will see 2 striking messages in the message.

(Requirement) 1 point: [Kresh’s back] (play the piano to me)

(Demand) 98 points: [Kresh’s back] (with capacity is big)

Yourong Naida won [Kresh’s Back].

Yourong Naida won the item [Kresh’s Back].

Zou Zhuo: “?????”

Lin Xue was also a little ignorant: “Hey? How did I get in this package? Wrong, you have to give me the lead, this is the first hand to equip yourself…”

Old Pursley was ecstatic: “What’s so special… your own demand!”

Lin Xue explained dumbly: “I can really demand this… that, Little Fatty, don’t cry, I will give it to you.”

I saw that Lin Xue’s cow pulled out a huge shield from his package and handed it to Little Fatty.

In the previous version of Chen Mo, 60 copies of equipment cannot be traded. Later, it was changed to that the equipment in the copy can be traded between teammates within a certain period of time. This is a very good change, so Chen Mo directly made this version.

Zou Zhuo took the shield from Lin Xue, and it was the first blue outfit he got.

Then Zou Zhuo was embarrassed after taking the shield, the main hand was without weapons…

Everyone: “…”

Seeing Tauren tall and mighty of Zou Zhuo, the body of the mail armor is very reliable, holding a huge turtle-shaped shield in his left hand, right hand… empty hand.

Lin Xue was speechless: “What are you special… You have thrown so many one-handed weapons to the mission?”

Zou Zhuo scratched Alisar very sorry: “Sorry, the weapons are very valuable, I left a two-handed axe, and the others are sold in stores. Otherwise, the skills are so expensive, where can I learn.”

At this time the hunter spoke: “This game… can you learn skills?”

Everyone: “…”

Old Pursley felt helpless for a while: “Forget it, let’s continue. Hey? What are you doing, thieves, thieves?”

As soon as everyone turned around, they saw a faint green light rising from the hands of the thieves, and then the sound of “qiu” disappeared…

Old Pursley: “?????”

Zou Zhuo hurriedly asked on the team channel: “What about you thieves?”

Thief: “Isn’t all the copies finished? I have hearthstone.”

Lin Xue was shocked: “It’s all over the fart! This is just an entry boss, come back!”

Thief: “Oh, you wait.”

No way, what to do if you are missing, wait.

4 people is very suitable for a table Mahjong, but there is no mahjong. Old Pursley silently made more food and water, and then divided it for everyone.

4 people sitting on the ground, idle pain in the balls.

Zou Zhuo drew a magic dice from the suitcase: “Shall we throw the dice to play?”

The other three people did not want to ignore him.

Zou Zhuo each minding their own business.

This magic dice is different from ordinary dice. Although this dice has only 6 sides, after throwing it out, any number from 1-100 will be randomly displayed on each side. The last side will face up and it will be in the information bar. Shows how many points this player threw.

Of course, the system only recognizes the number that has just stopped. If the player secretly dials this dice, it will not count.

Play the piano with 1 (1-100)

Play the piano with 12 (1-100)

Play the piano with 9 (1-100)

“His… what’s so special…”

Zou Zhuo was shocked. He found it when he grabbed the shield just now. It seems that his character in the game “World of Warcraft” is not very reliable…

So far Zou Zhuo has found that the game “World of Warcraft” is a very fair, but also very unfair game.

Say it’s fair, this game is just a time charge, apart from this there are no other chaotic charging points, local tyrants here can’t find the entrance if they want to charge money.

It’s not that the local tyrants here can only work silently like other people. They can hire people to play the group; but compared to games that cost money to fight battle strength, or games that can’t be played without money, The local tyrants in “World of Warcraft” basically have no privileges.

Say it’s not fair, it seems that this game is really not very friendly to non-chief…

Ordinary copies take equipment to compare points, and boss drop equipment also depends on character. If it is a real non-chief, it is estimated that it will live quite miserably in Azeroth world…

4 people chatted awkwardly, and Old Pursley suddenly felt a little wrong.

Why hasn’t this thief been back for so long?

It stands to reason that the hotel at the crossroads is at the gate of the Wailing Cave, and a thief doesn’t have to kill monsters. Stealth can just touch it in. Why hasn’t it been a long time?

As a result, Old Pursley opened the map and saw that the thief had just got off the airship from the door of Orgrimmar, and apparently ran all the way from Brill…

Everyone: “…”

Old Pursley was shocked: “Shente came from Brillson, don’t you know to tie a hearthstone to the hotel at the crossroads!”

“What should I do?” Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

Lin Xue was very speechless: “What else can I do? Pull him at the door, there is a collection stone.”

4 people did not play mahjong, they had to kill the same way again, ready to pull the thieves to the door of the copy.

Zou Zhuo did not forget to tell the thieves: “Don’t run away, thieves, wait for us to pull you. Now you can go directly to Orgrimmar, or a nearby village, just find a weapons dealer and buy me a one-handed weapon! Yes, One-handed swords are enough.”


And at this time, in the western wilderness.

Chen Mo’s mage and Li Jingsi’s hunter have also come to the ground of the dead mine, ready to call people to open up wasteland.

As a result, two people were waiting here, and they saw two smurf running desperately into the dead mine.

In the front is a 1 Level 0 mage, and in the back is a Level 8 Paladin.

It stands to reason that these 2 people saw the little monsters around them are all famous, but they were not afraid, and ran directly into the entrance, and then pulled a lot of monsters, glorious dog belts.

Chen Mo and Li Jingsi watched silently.

What about these two guys?

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