Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1089

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Two people, Chen Mo and Li Jingsi, watched the two smurf rush into the dead mine, and then quickly became two corpses.

It didn’t take long for the two ghosts to float over, and then find a place to resurrect and take out the dry food and start eating.

Chen Mo was sitting not far away, preparing to shout someone to refresh the copy. He heard the two smurfs pondering how to enter this place while eating.

The mage handed Paladin some pieces of magic bread: “I saw it online, there is a copy here, right in that little house.”

Paladin worries while eating: “But, brother, this is too much, why?”

The mage pondered: “Shall we rush in directly? If we go to the copy, these strange monsters should not follow us?”

Paladin shook his head vigorously: “No, didn’t you see that just now, these strange beatings are fierce, killing me a few times.”

The Master carefully observed the surrounding monsters, as if thinking about the route: “I feel that the main posture we used to run was wrong. You see, if we were resurrected directly in this hole, would we be able to go forward by little by little?” Pushed forward?”

Paladin was shocked: “Brother you are really a genius! But our equipment is durable…”

The mage patted Paladin on the shoulder: “Brother, don’t be afraid, at worst we will come out and fix it again, it won’t be bad.”

Paladin firmly nodded: “Yes, brother and I listen to you, let’s try!”

So these two people filled their blood with food, and rushed into the same path of the dead mine without looking back.

Like the Wailing Cave, the Death Mine has a lot of injustices to go before entering the copy, and it is easy to get lost because it is 4 to 8 inside.

Chen Mo and Li Jingsi looked at each other in blank dismay, mourning for these 2 buddies for 3 seconds.

Li Jingsi touched his newly caught leopard: “Otherwise, save these two brothers?”

Chen Mo was very painfully nodded: “Well…”

It can be expected that the next encounter of these two buddies, it is impossible to run to the entrance of the copy, and it is impossible to run in this life. There are so many stranges in front of the entrance. These two goods are 2 Level 2 and Level 1 and can only be inside. Unlimited dragging the body…

And if these two goods really arrive at the door of the copy, they will find a very painful fact.

This mage can enter the book, but Paladin is only Level 8 and can’t even enter the copy…

And even if you go in the copy, this mage must not be able to beat even the first mob, because the mobs in the copy are elites.

In order to avoid Warcraft player-2, Chen Mo and Li Jingsi decided not to rush to form a team first, to rescue these two classmates first.

Killed all the way from the door of the dead mine, looking for the bodies of these two buddies while clearing the blame.

Chen Mo is a mage and Li Jingsi is a hunter, both of which are very easy to fight monsters, and the skills of these two people are all plug-in levels, so there is no difficulty at all, and I quickly found the bodies of these 2 brothers.

Really don’t say, the bodies of these 2 buddies are really quite inside, give them another ten minutes, maybe this feat can really be accomplished.

“Wow, here is the savior! Are the two willing to team up together? Let’s brush up the copy.” The mage said very happily.

Chen Mo pondered for a moment: “Well, can you first interview why you want to enter the copy.”

Master: “Upgrade!”

What are you talking about makes sense, isn’t it just to upgrade!

Chen Mo explained: “The best way to upgrade now is to do tasks.”

The mage shook his head violently: “I hate doing missions, the NPC is verbose, and both of us are upgraded by spawning.”

Chen Mo was speechless for a while: “But 1Level 0 can only enter the copy.”

Paladin thought for a while and whispered to the mage: “Then, brother, we are here to blame to 1Level 0?”

Chen Mo was happy: “You can’t beat this copy if you go to 1 Level 0. This copy can only be played at Level 20, and you have to group 5 people.”

The mage slapped his chest: “It’s okay, I’m doing very well. Look, I just avoided the monster attack from the monster. It’s handsome!”

Li Jingsi said silently, “Well… you were really handsome when you were hacked to death by monster.”

Chen Mo said: “You go to upgrade first, and when you reach Level 20, we will take you to the death mine.”

The two buddies left reluctantly.

Chen Mo is also didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “World of Warcraft” was on the line at the beginning. It is true that most players are small white players. It is not that everyone is too stupid. The main reason is the learning cost of “World of Warcraft”. It’s still relatively high.

Especially many design elements are relatively “hard core”.

Of course there are MMORPG games in parallel world, but the difference between them and “World of Warcraft” is mainly in the details.

In fact, any MMORPG game will do such things as upgrading, doing tasks, and swiping copies. It is too unreasonable to say there are any defects in the gameplay.

There are so many ways to play, but how to make this game really into a world is the most difficult place.

This involves too many details, such as career settings, professional skills, professional skills, economic system, world architecture, scene design, copy design, story background…

Many MMORPGs have no soul, and the soul of “World of Warcraft” is that it is really a unique world.

Therefore, it is normal for novice players to make jokes. For example, why forget to tie the hearthstone, use two-handed weapons to become a tank, hunter wears cloth armor, shaman uses enhanced innate talent milk copy, 1Level 0 wants to brush death Mine…

In the eyes of the veteran, these all are some unimaginable mistakes, which are obviously common sense!

But for novice players, they really don’t know.

But after all, it is precisely this stage of “World of Warcraft” that is the most fun.

Because every element in this World is new to players, they stray into a High Rank area when doing tasks, and they will be abused by powerful monsters. Hovered between life and death will not complain; it is easy to understand If you play a game or mechanism, you will have a lot of fun; new locations, new missions, new copies, new equipment, new friends… everything is new, and players have the most fun of.

Chen Mo called out three people to form a team to brush the death mine. Under his command, the entire copy was not difficult, basically it was a trip all the way.

Although the equipment of the other three teammates is not good, after all, there are two bugs, Chen Mo and Li Jingsi.

BOSS screamed and fell, and the Goblin soldier eagerly ran over to touch the equipment.

“Wow! blue ring!!!”

What was dropped was a blue-quality [luxury jewelry ring]. Except for Li Jingsi who ordered to give up, everyone else went to the location.

As a result, Chen Mo lost to the soldiers by 2 points.

Li Jingsi was a bit stunned: “That…”

Chen Mo smiled and shook his head: “It’s fine.”

The soldier put the ring on his hand elated, and the other 2 people congratulated: “Wow, your good luck warrior, congratulations!”

The warrior was also very happy. Obviously he didn’t know that as a warrior, he did not need to add intelligence.

Chen Mo also smiled. He didn’t explain to the soldiers that this ring is for the legal system.

Because he also recalled that ignorant self many years ago.

That is the most beautiful memory about the game, right?

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