Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1090

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Next Day, Tarren Mill.

After the fierce battle on the first day, many players have come to the 25-30 level.

Of course, this group of mission madmen who are already the most extraordinary natural talent can reach this level. Although the upgrade of “World of Warcraft” is very fast in the early stage, the upgrade speed has obviously slowed down from the middle to the late stage. Even if everyone’s game time is about the same, the level gap will still widen quickly.

Because for most players, “World of Warcraft” is like the gate of New World. Everything is very strange. Many players don’t even have the desire to rush to level. They all look at the scenery, do tasks, fight monsters, and follow the destiny. upgrade.

Moreover, how to upgrade is also a technical task. If you do not have a deep understanding of the game, it is actually difficult to plan a very reasonable upgrade route. A lot of time is spent on the road.

Seeing a hole here, go in and see.

Seeing there is a mountain there, climb up and take a look.

After a few hits, a few blames were full, and they were reluctant to throw them away. They ran back to the store.

Seeing a weapon in the hands of an NPC, he took a group photo.

There is a sea of ​​flowers here, there is a mine, there is a lake and a bunch of fishmen…

Sometimes I stumbled into the High Rank area when I ran and was chopped into dogs by the roadside High Rank mob, and then dragged the body all the way and ran back…

Some players are dizzy when they are doing quests in the Barrens, and instead desperately brush the Wailing Caves. This upgrade efficiency can be imagined; while another group of players quickly completed the tasks in the Barrens and turned to Tarren Mill. 1. Arathi Highland upgrades, brushing the blood color several times, the speed of the upgrade will be pulled away at once.

Even more how players who are really painful in the balls, after playing in sleep mode for ten hours at night, continue to play in normal mode during the day, the upgrade speed of such people is more completely crazy and ridiculous.

Moreover, the next day, 3rd day, and 4th day of “World of Warcraft” service will actually be continuously joined by new players in the future, and soon the first batch of full-level accounts will appear on the entire server, players of different levels Will constitute a more complete server ecosystem.

However, after the first day of the game, the enthusiasm of the players for “World of Warcraft” not only did not decay, but increased.

If you want to evaluate this game, it is: it is a game that has been waiting for 7 years, it is worth it!

Many players will subconsciously compare “World of Warcraft” with the 3A masterpieces that Chen Mo previously produced. After all, Chen Mo relied on many 3A masterpieces to conquer the game industry.

But after comparing it, you will find that these two game types feel completely different.

“World of Warcraft” produced by the next generation of VR is different from the biggest feature of the 3A stand-alone game. It is grand, mysterious, and rich in player ecology.

The core advantage of the 3A masterpiece is still storytelling. In most of these games, the player plays the protagonist. Even if it is a game such as “Iron Man” that widely uses the highest level of artificial intelligence, players can still experience it in the game. To all the stars cup themselves around the moon.

But “World of Warcraft” feels completely different.

This is an extremely huge world, and players can clearly feel that they are just an ordinary person in this great world.

Just like Old Pursley, although he thinks he has played well, he is also very clear that there are many players who are better than him, and of course there are many players who are better than his food, but in any case, the gap between everyone is not big. None of the individuals are the protagonists of this World, and certainly not the supporting characters, but part of this World.

It is to play an ordinary adventurer, come to a village, complete a certain task, and explore the mysterious veil of this World as much as possible.

MMORPG, a seemingly old subject matter, has revived in Chen Mo’s hands.


At this time, Old Pursley, Lin Xue and Zou Zhuo 3 people have come to Hillsbrad Foothills to do their mission in Tarren Mill.

The Wailing Cave is a bit difficult to paint. After all, the other 5 teammates are not very reliable, except for the old Pursley mage.

A warrior without a primary weapon, a shaman with enhanced innate talent and blood, a hunter without a baby or a skill, wearing several pieces of cloth armor and only knowing a thief who is facing the monster…

But fortunately, everyone was persistent and no one complained even if the regiment was destroyed. After nearly three hours of hard work, the Wailing Cave was completely brushed through.

After that, the three people cleared the task near the crossroads, and then went to the Silver Pine Forest to brush Shadowfang Castle, and finally ran to Hillsbrad Foothills, and met off the assembly line.

In the evening of Next Day, three people went online on time and continued to upgrade.

Since these three are very influential anchors, there are always players who come to admire on the way to the task. Later, these three people will pull friends in the game to form a five-person team, which is considered to be a group. Fixed group, play together to upgrade.

At this time the importance of sleep mode is revealed.

If you don’t have a sleep mode, everyone’s game time is at most concentrated on normal evenings and weekends, but these times are often very easy to be occupied. Occasionally work overtime, or go out for a meal, 5 people team Without one or two people, this event can’t be organized. It can only find savages, which is very inconvenient.

But with the sleep mode, you can directly set the meeting time at 0pm, and then go offline after 10 hours of play. Generally speaking, even if it is overtime, many people have already slept at 12 o’clock in the evening, so basically no one will be absent, the game time is ample, and the activity time is fixed.

In fact, after 12 o’clock, the number of players in “World of Warcraft” will indeed skyrocket. It is very lively to go to the main cities to see.

There are so many tasks in Tarren Mill, and Zou Zhuo took the task with a smile.

Not that he likes to do tasks, but that more tasks means faster upgrades. After yesterday’s game, everyone already knows that “World of Warcraft” is completely different from many other MMORPGs. The experience gained by Daguai upgrade alone is minimal, and even brushing the copy does not necessarily upgrade quickly and clear the task efficiently. Is the best choice.

Zou Zhuo’s cattle are now fully armed. After all, they have gone through 2 copies of baptism. There are several blue outfits on the body, and the other are green dress mail. Self-confidence is very bursting.

As a result, he was blaming him, and he felt a cold back, and a cold arrow fell directly on his waist.

Zou Zhuo was shocked, what happened? !

I saw that there were two red “blades” behind him, who were attacking him, a human mage and an elf hunter.

The name of the mage is: father said that the short name hidden in the grass is not easy to be discovered by Horde.

The name of the hunter is: mother said that the name is hidden in the grass and it is easy for Horde to find it too dangerous.

Zou Zhuo was dumbfounded at the time. What’s so strange about these two? !

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