Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1091

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Zou Zhuo saw that these two “blame” are Level 2, which is much higher than Level 35 by himself, and it is not easy to deal with at a glance.

And the strange name is too strange, right? Why is there such a long name?

In a flash in Zou Zhuo’s mind, it suddenly reacted, right, these 2 are players? !

Have you met a legendary Alliance player yourself? !

But… can the player’s name be so long? ! I am afraid it is not open!

Really don’t say, it can really play so long.

Many players subconsciously think that the player’s name will definitely limit characters, which may be at most 6 7 words, so everyone did not go too long to try. However, in the design of Chen Mo, the player name of “World of Warcraft” can be up to 22 words.

Yes, these two names are the standard 2 characters, do not believe in counting.

As for whether the name is really hidden in the grass, it was also found… that’s really it.

Because in the VR version of “World of Warcraft”, players can hide the names of other players or NPCs, Guild and other information at will. This is mainly to enhance the sense of substitution of the game. Of course, you can choose not to hide.

If the opponent does not hide the name of the player he sees, squatting in the grass with this long name will indeed be found, because such a long name will emerge from the grass.

And even if you don’t hide in the grass, these two names are too special. It’s really the hate maker that fights properly.

Dare to take this name, I don’t know if I am too confident in myself, or act recklessly…

Zou Zhuo didn’t have time to stare at the number of words on the top of the two heads. The hunter and the mage across from him didn’t listen to the concussive shooting and the ice arrows, even the cow in the mail could not bear it, even more how The level was still 2-5 lower, and it quickly flew into the street.

Zou Zhuo doesn’t want to resist, but in front of these 2 remotes, a soldier who is less than Level 30 simply has no power to fight back.

The hunter looked at the opinion master: “Little Fatty won’t avenge it.”

Master Hehe smiled: “He doesn’t know who we are. Go away, continue to work.”

Back to the Soul Doctor, Zou Zhuo quickly said on the team channel: “I rely on! I even met the legendary Alliance! I was also killed! Come and help me!”

Both Lin Xue and Old Pursley were startled: “Isn’t this Horde territory? How can there be Alliance?”

Zou Zhuo: “Shente Horde territory does not mean that there is a Horde camp that is Horde territory! Obviously it is the territory in contention!”

5 people gathered quickly, and they all put down the tasks in their hands. As a result, when Zou Zhuo was resurrected, the people were gone…

“What’s special… It’s really a dog to run when you’re done. Forget it, it’s important to upgrade the task first.”

Now Zou Zhuo feels the helplessness of MT being killed by Tyran in the anime, this is not his own counsel, it is really unbeatable!

However, Zou Zhuo is not bad, he still has 4 teammates! When the time comes those 2 alliances come again, definitely look good to them.

Several people continued to do the task, and as a result, just a few minutes later, they saw someone sending a message on the integrated channel in Hillsbrad Foothills: “Help! Someone killed me!”

A series of messages immediately popped up on the local channel.

“Who killed you? Alliance?”

“Where? Let’s save you!”

“Is it strange or the player, see clearly? How many levels?”

Zou Zhuo hadn’t taken too seriously at first. When he saw that there were so many enthusiastic players on the integrated channel, he was still afraid of what he was doing.

As a result, after waiting for 5 minutes, the integrated channel not only did not subside, but became more lively.

“Fuck! Horde has no more living people? Hurry up to Hillsbrad Farm! Alliance has rebelled!”

“The battle strength is so strong across the board. Don’t be busy with tasks, hurry and support!”

“Don’t fight there, Alliance has too much blame. I suggest going directly to the gate of Nanhai Town!”

The entire integrated channel became lively in an instant. Horde players were all in a rage and formed teams in preparation for rushing to Nanhai Town to fight against Alliance.

As a result, after 5 minutes, someone saw someone say: “Day, Betty rushed into Nanhai Town, all of them are skeleton-level guards. Do you think you died fast enough?”

Zou Zhuo also turned the local channel for a long time before finally figuring out the whole sequence of events.

Most of the players here are like Zou Zhuo. They only arrived at Hillsbrad Foothills today. How have they seen so many Alliance before?

Alliance players were almost extinct at the crossroads and the Silver Pine Forest, so Horde’s integrated channel was very harmonious at that time, it was nothing more than shouting “AH4=1 to a T” or “YY to set up a milk” and the like .

But at Hillsbrad Hill, Alliance & Horde players also found out how so many hostile players are here!

Horde’s task is to go to Hillsbrad Hill Farm to kill things, to kill farmers to grab things, and finally to kill the mayor. A lot of Horde players see that the rewards are so generous, then they go without hesitation. Anyway, after the previous game, they are already accustomed to accomplishing tasks by fair means or foul.

At first, everything went well, and as a result, a human mage and an elf hunter suddenly came to play, and began to madly kill things.

And the most annoying thing is that there are at least 7 or 8 Horde players in the hilly farm, and they can’t beat these 2 goods…

High level is one aspect, but the level has not reached the point of crushing. The VR version of “World of Warcraft” puts more emphasis on the player’s operation. Unlike Chen Mo’s previous world of “World of Warcraft”, it is not skewed and resisted. As long as the smurf is faced with a large size, it can also cause considerable damage if it is operated properly.

Even more how the level difference is only 4 Fifth Level, far from being crushed.

However, the operation of these 2 Alliances is really good. It is commonplace to hide the arrows and hide the spells, but their attack accuracy is particularly high, and the cooperation is very tacit, so 7 8 Horde players are being hanged by 2 players. status……

And the most annoying thing is that this place has a natural advantage for Alliance, that is, the mobs don’t beat them…

Because the hill farms are all humans, they are all friendly to Alliance, so these 2 Alliances are free to shuttle back and forth in the strange heap. In contrast, these Horde, if you want to fight these 2 Alliances, often cited After a lot of blame followed by the butt, accidentally the dog took it.

Horde hits and reacts. What is the reason to fight here, go directly to the road to block other Alliance!

The door of Nanhai Town is the only way for Alliance to come out to do the task. Several teams came directly to the door to squat here, ready to irreconcilable with Alliance.

A few 2 5 Aberdeen walked forward a bit accidentally, the result attracted a skeleton-level NPC, and the blood of PVP was handed over to the NPC…

The guards here are all Level 45, not high, but for these generally 30-level players, the average person really can’t afford to offend.

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