Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1092

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Horde players block the door, Alliance players also not to be outdone.

Alliance players’ local integrated channels are all shouting people. Compared to Horde, they are more direct shouting: “Horde is blocking the door, speed to support!!!”

In fact, quite a lot of Alliance is still very awkward. Why did you suddenly meet so many Horde players?

Horde wondered, where did those two troublesome goods go? !

Many people were disgusted by the two particularly long-named Alliances at Hillsbrad Hill Farm. They blocked the door of Nanhai Town and wanted to wait for these two people to come out. As a result, they fought Alliance players. For several rounds, I just didn’t see these two people.

Suddenly someone on the integrated channel wailed: “Help! There is Alliance outside of Tarren Mill! 2 High Rank!”

Horde players were surprised at that time, what happened, the two of them detoured behind us?

Horde players can’t take care of that much. The hatred value of these 2 Alliances is too high, and they go back and forth.

As a result, Alliance, who confronted them, thought Horde was too intimidating, and the morale was suddenly uplifted. Ao wu followed Horde with a cry, preparing to fight Tarren Mill.

Horde players hurried back to Tarren Mill to have a look, it is these two goods!

The names are all longer than that, and the Guild name is very spoof, called “Thunderbolt Studio World of Warcraft R&D Team.”

There are people who install Designer? Fuck them!

Horde swarmed up, and as a result these two saw that Horde rushed over and ran away.

The mage flashes, the hunter has the cheetah guard, the general occupation is really so special…

Several Horde players who were blocked and killed at the entrance of Tarren Mill did not perform any tasks after running dead and resurrected. After all, they were all young and young. How could they endure this grievance?

Of course, the so-called “little young” does not mean that they are young, but in the game of “World of Warcraft” they are considered young.

After these rounds of trouble, the entire Tarenmere players have been instigated, and there are even many people shouting at Guild, all of them team up to drill in Tarenmere.

“Come to Tarren Mill! The people of our Guild are bullied by Alliance! Hurry up and join my team! Come level 20 and above!”

“Pay special attention to the two Alliances with particularly long names. I saw the coordinates and sent me to the death!”

“Nanhai Town is blocked by Horde. Can you bear it? Hey, come and fight! What, don’t know where is Nanhai Town?! You take a boat to meet Menethil Harbor, we will find someone to pick you up! What, too Far away? Far fart, this long night will be played for a long time, you will not be late!”

“There are many tasks here. After finishing Horde, we will continue to do task upgrades.”

“Don’t worry, the Stranglethorn Vale also fought! Hurry up and come to Stranglethorn Vale!”

At this time, another advantage of sleep mode is reflected. If it is during the day, everyone’s time is relatively tight. In this case, it may silently pretend to disappear. A total of 2 3 hours. Seize the time to do some tasks to upgrade.

But everyone suddenly discovered that there are 7 or 8 hours tonight.

The players on the Alliance side are unknown, so I thought it was Horde players who had bully intolerably hit the door of Nanhai Town, and they definitely wanted to fight back. Although Nanhai Town is particularly far away from the main city, there are not many players found, but as soon as each Guild is mobilized, a large number of players will immediately run to this side.

Horde are all looking for the two Alliances with particularly long names. These two goods are considered Myriad Evil Origin. It is too unwilling to kill them once.

So the battle in the Hillsbrad fell like this…

In fact, the first batch of Alliance & Horde players were very cautious when they met. Many players were particularly cautiously when they saw the hostile camp for the first time. They were both wait-and-see and tentative. I know if there is a group of robust men behind this product.

But once the fight is over, it can’t be stopped anymore, and everyone is unpretentious. You all have to do it first. Can we still do nothing?

Alliance & Horde feels that they are the victims, so they play hard and look back, shouting on local channels as if they are the victims.

Well…it may be true, but everyone’s misunderstanding is unlikely to be lifted.

Because Alliance & Horde doesn’t speak the language…

Alliance: “【Universal】veryMean”

Horde: “[Orc language] awrWippd”

Not only the channel information on the channel is not understandable, but even the player’s voice is randomly translated into a bunch of unable to make head or tail of it by the artificial intelligence system.

Even if there are individual Alliance players and Horde players who are friends online, but they are still very few in the end, and the probability of trying to solve this misunderstanding is infinitely close to zero.

And it’s not just Hillsbrad Foothills, the Stranglethorn Vale also fought…

There is no one there to fan the flames, but there will always be 2 5 Aberdeen shot the first shot, so Stranglethorn Vale is shot later than this side, but the intensity is equally tragic.

In order to prevent the wild pvp into pvpppppp, these players can only desperately shout people.

And now everyone is still in the stage of full of vigor. If you don’t agree, you can do it. There are even a lot of players who are too busy to go to low-level areas to kill the enemy camp.

Yesterday, there was a lot of gentleness, players who were all doing their tasks, upgrading, and brushing up copies. Today, it seems like they are collectively awakened, and they are crying into a ball.


The team of Zou Zhuo and Lin Xue also temporarily put down their upgrade tasks and joined forces with Alliance players with Horde.

Watching the glorious killing of each and everyone floating on the screen, Zou Zhuo’s heart gained great satisfaction.

“It turns out that killing an enemy player can give you honor! You can get honors and you can be promoted to military rank! It’s almost that, let’s stop doing tasks today, let’s kill people crazy here!”

Old Pursley was speechless: “Little Fatty, why did you send more honorable kills than you got? Don’t understand why a weak chicken warrior is so keen on pvp activities…”

Zou Zhuo killed quite happily, in fact he died the most in the team. Like this group of pvp events, low-level fighters should be one of the most stingy professions, because remote players can throw skills directly and far, even if the head is poor, there are so many enemy hits on the opposite side. Huge improvements.

However, Zou Zhuo is more painful. Even if a warrior flickers around in front of Alliance, it is estimated that he was killed by a direct round of fire.

But everyone didn’t care about this. What if they died, the resurrection came and continued to work! Anyway, as long as you touch it, you can mix and kill with honor.

In fact, if they have been to the battlefield, they will find that this honor kill is negligible…

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