Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1093

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The players who first experienced the pvp fun were all happy, and Alliance & Horde launched a protracted tug of war.

Horde players struggled to push the front to the door of Nanhai Town, Alliance players tried hard to push the front back to Tarren Mill.

At the beginning, because there were more Horde players, Alliance was at a comprehensive disadvantage, but there were 2 particularly long-name Alliances behind it, so it barely kept the balance of the battle. Later, when Alliance’s reinforcements came from the wetland, the battle between the two sides gradually became equal.

Moreover, the frontline is not only maintained between Nanhai Town and Tarummere. Alliance & Horde are all like this. Can players who do missions in the wild be spared?

If you kill someone, there will be an honorable kill, and Alliance & Horde has hatred, so why don’t you see the hostile players?

As a result, it turned into a vicious circle. The players who did the tasks could not do the tasks and joined the pvp camp, and the players of the pvp were getting more and more mad, and they were all crazy and calling…

The battle line was pushed to Nanhai Town again, and Zou Zhuo suddenly got a chance. How could I seem to have a task to hand in near Nanhai Town?

“Come and cover me, I will hand in a task.” Zou Zhuo said as he touched the cemetery of Nanhai Town.

Both Old Pursley and Lin Xue were startled: “What’s the funny thing about chubby smashing us? We are playing so badly, why are you going to hand in the task?!”

Zou Zhuo: “The main thing is that this task must be paid in Nanhai Town! If I don’t pay now, how can I come to hand in the future, so many High Rank guards. Now while Alliance is attracted, you hurry to help me .”

Old Pursley and Lin Xue were also helpless, but after thinking about what Zou Zhuo said really made sense, the 4 people of the team ran over to help Zou Zhuo lead the High Rank Alliance NPC from the cemetery.

“Hurry up…I feel like I will be hacked to death…”

Old Pursley urged while running, and their current level is not high. It is just a few things to be chased to death by these High Rank NPCs.

Zou Zhuo came to the tombstone of the mission and pointed the energy-filled Hercula wand at the graveyard.

A powerful energy spewed out of the wand, and at the same time, Zou Zhuo felt a loud rumbling sound on the ground under his feet and began to vibrate at the same time!


Shouted a strange voice.

Zou Zhuo was taken aback. He watched as the graveyard in front of him was pushed open. The tombstone fell to the side. A Necromancer wearing a black robe drilled out of the graveyard and made a savage roar.

Level 44 Undead Elite!

At the same time, in the surrounding cemetery, continuously skeletons began to appear, and the number was continuously increasing!

Zou Zhuo was scared himself. The scene of this scene is really weird. Fortunately, these skeletons are all green friendly monsters in Zou Zhuo’s eyes, otherwise Little Fatty is really going to be scared.

Alliance & Horde players who are playing outside Nanhai Town are also dumbfounded. What the hell? !

Alliance players are playing very well, and see if their home is gone!

Although the guard ranks of Nanhai Town are very high, they can’t withstand so many skeleton monsters, and this Hercula summon skeleton is obviously continuously, and the situation will get out of control no matter what.

Horde players were overjoyed: “That cow, doing a beautiful job! How did you do it?”

Zou Zhuo hurriedly explained on the integrated channel: “This is a mission. Hercula’s revenge, you can all do it!”

Horde players were just like the atomic bomb developed during the World War, and they instantly discovered that this is a Awesome ultimate weapon!

Soon, Horde players decided to do this task in installments! Select one person from each team to complete the task, and then the others continue to cooperate with Hercula’s attack and block Alliance at home!

Alliance players quickly returned to Nanhai Town and followed the guards of Nanhai Town to block the continuously skeleton.

In fact, in the initial version of “World of Warcraft” in Chen Mo’s previous life, Hercula was a very perverted monster, obviously a Level 30 mission, but summon came out with an elite NPC of Level 44, and it can also continuously summon a small skull. Often a NPC can kill Nanhai Town.

Later, the design team should also consider that this task is too perverted. Horde will do it if he has nothing to do. Then don’t play Alliance. So later this task of Hercula no longer summon the skeleton, and no longer attack the South China Sea town.

Chen Mo felt that it was a pity that this mission was abandoned, because this is a mission that can affect the dynamics of the world, so the settings of Hermon Undead and offensive Nanhai Town were retained, but it only weakened Hercula and It summons Undead’s attributes and adds a public CD to the task.

But Alliance players don’t know this, they are all a bit desperate.

“What the hell, why can Horde summon this kind of thing?!”

“Return to Nanhai Town first, find a way to withstand the attack of the skeleton first!”

“No, don’t kill the elite blame, this skeleton is endless!”

“Hey Fuck, there is Alliance rushing past!”

I saw two Alliance players rushing out of Nanhai Town, one mage and one hunter, rushing directly at Hercula.

The hunter dragged all the small skeletons around Hercula with one arrow and one arrow, and then the mage directly cleared these low-level small skeletons by directly freezing the ring + blizzard + magic explosion.

Without the interference of these small skulls, the hunter shot arrows directly at Hercula’s head.

Alliance players who are playing Horde while playing skulls are shocked, these two people are not afraid of death! Want the elite monster Hard Steel? !

The problem is that no one added blood to her, how to fight this!

Then everyone saw a very fascinating scene. Hercula ran forward two steps just to release the spell. This elf hunter ran forward gorgeously, so Hercula’s spell range was not enough; Hercula La was shot in the head with an arrow, and he ran 2 more steps, and the elf hunter also ran forward…

The hunter’s range is farther than the legal profession, and this elf hunter has always maintained this range and is still attacking.

Speaking of which is quite simple, but it is actually very difficult to do. The elf hunter ran back to Hercula, then turned and shot 180 degrees at the moment he jumped, hitting Hercula, then turned 180 degrees again in the air and landed, continued to run forward, and then pulled out from behind An arrow, continue this cycle.

Alliance & Horde players who watched this scene from afar were all startled. Can Hunters still play like this? !

Night Elves has a very flexible skill, and he will also make forward flips when jumping, which is simply picturesque.

Moreover, if you want to complete two 2-degree arches in the air and maintain the accuracy of the archery at the limit distance, is this still human? !

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