Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1094

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The Alliance & Horde players who are playing fiercely are dumbfounded, and the rackets are no longer fighting, just look at these two guys.

A lot of Horde players reacted suddenly. Isn’t this the two Alliances with particularly long names? !

A human male mage, a Night Elves female hunter, the names are all 22 words long, Guild is “Thunderbolt Studio World of Warcraft R&D team”!

The enemy was very jealous when they met, and several Horde squads were ready to rush over to stop the elf hunter.

Will Alliance players get this at first glance? Hurry up and hold Horde.

The elf hunter kept kiting Hercula, and looked at Hercula’s blood volume, and the continuous small skeletons were all taken away by the mage and quickly cleared.

Many people have noticed that this mage’s body style is also very sharp!

Although the level of these small skulls is low, there are a lot of them. Not to mention the small crispy skin of the mage, even if the soldiers are surrounded by so many skeletons, it is also the life of being beaten to death.

However, the operation of this mage is as sharp as that of the hunter, not only the conventional operations such as extreme ice rings, wind blowing, and snowstorms, he can also keep the distance from the small skeletons exactly as the hunter, and then continue to use magic explosions. This group attack spell clears strange!

Occasionally, several small skulls touched his side, and the attack was avoided by his flexible body, causing no harm at all.

The morale of Alliance is rising instantly. Who can think of Awesome’s elite monsters and a large number of small skulls, which were solved by two great gods without any trouble?

Although it seems that Hercula is going to be killed, Horde players are not in a hurry.

Because this task is available to everyone!

The group of people who had been dispatched to the mission of Tarren Mill was already drilling the snowman cave, and soon they could get Hercula’s rechargeable wand, when the time comes to line up with summon Hercula, What if this Hercula is solved?

As Hercula fell with a wailing cry, the Nether Fire in the eyes of the remaining skeletons all extinguished, and the “ka-cha ka-cha” fell to the ground, turning into a pile of bones.

Alliance players are all cheering excitedly!

Horde players are also not discouraged: “Hurry, with the Hurcura wand hurried over, we will cover you and continue summon!”

Alliance players must not let them pass by just like this, desperately defending the cemetery.

2 While playing murky heavens dark earth, Horde gritted his teeth and forcibly advanced. Finally, there was a lucky breakthrough Alliance’s defense line that ran to Hercula’s cemetery.

However, when he tried to resurrect Hercula with a wand, he found that there was nothing quiet in the graveyard.

“Fuck! There is a CD for this task!”

This Horde player is also speechless, this can’t be summon infinitely……

It’s reasonable to think about it, you can’t be unlimited summon, otherwise Alliance can’t play it…

As a result, he hadn’t had time to try again. The resurrected Alliance player had arrived quickly and swarmed him back to the graveyard.

Although Alliance players don’t know what happened, they are also very happy. Fortunately, Hercula has not been summoned out, otherwise it is really difficult to handle.

The two sides started a tug of war again. At this time, Horde players suddenly found: “The 2 Alliance players who are very difficult to deal with… How about people?”

At first glance, it is true that the mage and the hunter are gone? !

After these two goods picked up the hatred of Alliance & Horde, he singled out Hercula and installed a big B in front of several hundred players, and then slipped away?

What is this special…

Horde really wanted to stop chasing these two players now, but Alliance did not agree at all!

Now if it pulls, then this group of Alliance will definitely have to hunt down Horde smurf and single players everywhere on the face of the nose. That must be unbearable!

No way, Horde players can only grind their teeth and continue to fight Alliance in the door of Nanhai Town in a frenzy, but they certainly can’t swallow this breath.

Many people said in Guild: “Everyone pays attention to the Guild of’Thunderbolt Studio World of Warcraft R&D Team’. When I meet this Guild’s Alliance, I kill it directly! There are also 2 particularly long names, one mage and one hunter, operating It’s all very good. Don’t go to meet these 2 people, report the coordinates, let’s do them together!”

After playing for more than ten minutes, a Horde player suddenly said in Guild: “I found a Alliance member of the’R&D team’ Guild, and the name is still’Thunderbolt Studio Chairman’, or this Guild Leader Guild!”

The other players in Guild were instantly happy: “Guild Leader?! Quickly report the coordinates and do him! Hurry up and say where!”

The Horde player said: “It’s in the Silver Pine Forest now, but this level is quite high, smurf may not be able to beat.”

Horde players came to the spirit at that time: “Hurry, all run to the Undercity, go to bet him! Horde in the Silver Pine Forest is all assembled, everyone promptly notify other Guild Leaders of Guild to let them cooperate!”

Guild Leaders of several big Guilds negotiated and soon reached an agreement.

Guard the corpse!

No way, who let that mage and hunter fill up the hatred, now everyone sees the “Thunderbolt Studio World of Warcraft R&D team” Guild’s Alliance, just say 2 words and kill directly, even more how is this Guild encountered Guild Leader, that must be taken care of!

Several High Rank players in the Undercity quickly assembled, and directly formed 3 4 teams, rushed over and surrounded this poor Paladin.

Moreover, the three teams also cooperated with each other. There are corpses and cemeteries. Everyone’s positions are particularly scattered. No matter where the Paladin is raised from, he will be chased by Horde immediately.

Horde proudly laughed heartily: “Let you be guilty! Keep you!”


Guild channel of “Thunderbolt Studio World of Warcraft R&D Team”.

Qian Kun asked very coercively: “Store Manager, when you asked me to name this and then promoted me as Guild Leader, I vaguely felt a conspiracy. Now I don’t do anything and I was given a corpse by Horde of 3 teams. , What kind of situation do you explain to me?”

Chen Mo hehe smiled: “It’s okay, you are wasting the time of the three teams Horde alone, and you have made a prominent contribution to the game’s time charging career. It’s okay, you continue to hold them back, and I will report back to you for card money. .”

Qian Kun: “Store Manager, although I don’t read much, but I still know the difference between the point card and the monthly card… I bought the monthly card for this number!”

Chen Mo hehe smiled: “It’s not important.”

Qian Kun protested: “Why doesn’t it matter! Let’s say that we have to paint the blood together, now you are all at the door of the copy, why are we still being guarded by Horde in the Silver Pine Forest! You are sure not to organize a manpower to rescue me?”

Chen Mo: “It’s okay, we are all together, and we are advanced.”

Qian Kun: “???

He opened the Guild member list, and it was true that Chen Mo’s mage had already assembled a team of 5 people, and they had all entered the bloody copy.

Qian Kun instantly came to a very reasonable inference: “Now, Store Manager, you have a plot! Have you already known that I must be able to be surrounded by Horde if I can’t reach the scarlet door, so I specifically found it in advance Anyone else?!”

Chen Mo immediately denied the 3 company: “No, it doesn’t exist, don’t talk nonsense. In short, we brush the copy first, you continue to hold Horde, we support you mentally!”

Qian Kun: “…MMP.”

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