Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1095

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“Hmph, Little Alliance dares to fight Horde, it’s really overestimate one’s capabilities!”

Although he has arrived at the gate of Dao Academy of Scarlet Cultivation, Zou Zhuo can’t help but recall the battle between Hillsbrad Foothills and Alliance.

After yesterday’s fighting ignited, in the contested territories such as Hillsbrad Foothills, Arathi Highlands, and Stranglethorn Vale, Alliance & Horde were almost together at the same time. Zou Zhuo and Old Pursley were in Hillsbrad The German hills killed murky heavens dark earth, and it was not until the end of the line that they were tired. They went to the task and upgraded a few levels.

Almost in the early 30s of Level 1, you can finally go to Dao Academy to paint a bloody color.

Zou Zhuo They have taken several tasks for Dao Academy of Scarlet Repair. Originally, they could directly enter the Arathi Highlands to continue the task upgrade, but since they are so close to Dao Academy for Scarlet Repair, there is no reason not to brush.

As a result, this team of them just came to the door of Dao Academy, and saw 2 familiar silhouettes.

Looking at Guild’s name again, isn’t this the old 2 old enemies? !

In addition to these 2 people, there are 3 other players, this is an Alliance team!

At that time, Zou Zhuo almost couldn’t hold back to go directly to the throne. As a result, he saw that he was far away from the elders. The Alliance team pulled out a magical reins and ran away.

Watching this Alliance team go away, Zou Zhuo decisively suppressed his idea of ​​wanting to charge.

It was only then that he discovered that everyone was all Level 40…

Looking at myself, I was only in my early 30s. If it really rushed up, it would be directly beaten into a dead body halfway…

“I have a question, are we… got pitted by those 2 Alliances?”

Zou Zhuo scratched his head in doubt.

What’s the situation, why didn’t you open the level again in one day?

Not only that, why did this team buy the horse for what the hell?

Lin Xue also deeply reflected on this: “If I remember correctly, these two goods are doing crazy things in the Hillsbrad hills, right? Then… Alliance & Horde is fiery, and they are directly I slipped and ran over to brush Dao Academy of Scarlet Repair? Was it also raised to Level 2?”

“What’s so… all the routines!” Zou Zhuo was shocked. “But I have a question. How could they buy a horse while brushing a copy?!”

It’s no wonder that Zou Zhuo can’t figure it out. The main Alliance came to Dao Academy, which is not as convenient as Horde, just 2 steps out of the Undercity.

Like humans and Night Elves, if you want to come to brush the blood, you have to run to the wetland and then go back to the main city separately. This trip is long and lasting.

Old Pursley thought for a while: “Little Fatty, you use your brains, they just take turns to go back…and then use the collection stone to pull people back.”

Zou Zhuo’s face was dumbfounded: “Then I have to run one way!”

Old Pursley was speechless: “They must have bound Hearthstone to their respective main cities before they came to Scarlet, so that when the level reached the direct Hearthstone, they went back and bought a horse and then pulled back the copy to change the others to continue the Hearthstone. Although I heard that riding is quite expensive, it costs dozens of gold, but the speed of their punching level is obviously that an entire Guild is supporting them. The money can be saved by the others in Guild first, and then slowly returned .”

Zou Zhuo was shocked: “What’s so special… The routine is deep in the city! That is to say, all these Alliance bloods have graduated?!”

Old Pursley nodded very painfully: “I think this is very likely.”

Zou Zhuo: “…After finishing the bloody color and going out, we came across and we pretended to be a force. This is really unbearable… Wait, how can I feel weird.”

Little Fatty suddenly felt something was wrong.

These 2 Alliances seem to be a little too fun…

The first is the operation. The operation of this mage and this hunter is not good, especially the hunter’s “Kite” elite’s body style, which has been hotly debated after being transmitted to major video websites. Found the same as the new continent, did not do the task, are learning this skill desperately.

is it hard? Of course it is difficult! You try to run forward while turning 360 degrees and shooting an arrow and then hit the target accurately? !

Of course, “World of Warcraft” has made adjustments to the players’ real abilities and the physical rules of the entire world. Any player can complete the 360-degree turn in the air after practice. This is allowed by the Games Console system itself. of.

However, to shoot an arrow and hit the target during the turn, it takes a certain amount of talent and a lot of practice…

Moreover, these 2 Alliances are not only good in operation, they also have a very good grasp of the Games Console system…

Now I want to think that the entire Hillsbrad hills, and even the Alliance & Horde battles in Stranglethorn Vale, Arathi Highlands and other places are the first to be picked up by these two goods. They frantically stirred up the hatred of Alliance & Horde, and then they just started off!

While everyone was playing with each other, they seized the precious time and happily brushed the entire Dao Academy of Scarlet Cultivation, and from this efficiency point of view, they upgraded quickly. 40…

To say that these people do not understand the Games Console system in advance, Zou Zhuo will not believe it.

Zou Zhuo opened the friends list very suspiciously, and the friends bars of Chen Mo and Li Jingsi were grayed out.

But Zou Zhuo keenly felt something was wrong, “World of Warcraft” was online, there is no reason for the two to not play!

Since they are not online, it can only explain… they secretly played smurf.

Although Thunderbolt Game Pass is bound with an ID card, but an ID card can be tied to many accounts, there is no limit to the establishment of smurf.

“Advanced copy. I have to ask Store Manager if they are the two Alliances!”

As Zou Zhuo entered the copy, he found the chat software in the game cabin and sent a message to Chen Mo: “Store Manager! To be honest, I just met the very long-named Alliance at the door of Dao Academy in Scarlet Repair. Is that you?”

Chen Mo seconds back: “No!”

Zou Zhuo was determined at the time: “Don’t quibble, it must be you! Otherwise, your first reaction must be to ask who the Alliance is, not to deny it immediately!”

Chen Mo: “hehe.”

Zou Zhuo was shocked. What a special hehe, is this admitted in disguise? !

Chen Mo: “Leveling in “World of Warcraft” is quite slow.”

Zou Zhuo: “?????”

Nonsense, who doesn’t know that “World of Warcraft” is slow to level up, this is more than 20 hours, and the other 3A masterpieces are very quick to get through the plot, and the result is that “World of Warcraft” is only about Level 30…

Zou Zhuo: “Store Manager, why am I upgrading slowly, don’t you have any points in your heart…”

Chen Mo: “No, I mean, the upgrade is so slow, it would be bad if the account is blocked and you have to start from scratch.”

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