Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1096

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Zou Zhuo: “?????”

Threats, the threat of Hongguo Guo!

See what Chen Mo means, if Zou Zhuo dares to poke this matter out, it will be directly titled?

Fuck, cannot afford to offend cannot afford to offend.

Zou Zhuo was silent for 2 seconds: “Okay, Store Manager, you’re resting, I’m going to go for it.”

No way, I can only bow my head to the evil forces…

Although this is a shocking surprise, Zou Zhuo did not dare to explode.


Not because he was afraid of being banned. In fact, he certainly knew that Chen Mo was just nothing serious. How could he really be banned?

The point is, if this news breaks out, will it have any adverse effect on this server…

Zou Zhuo can now feel that the Alliance & Horde of this server is basically in a balance of power, as can be seen from the battle of the Hillsbrad hills, and Horde may have a slight advantage.

If he poked out Chen Mo’s identity, he would be happy, but what about the consequences?

There are so many fans of Chen Mo. Players must be crazy to squeeze into Alliance and their Guild after they know this news. So what else does Horde play?

There were 2 big bugs over there, and then a lot of players flooded in. Zou Zhuo Are they Horde still mixed?

Therefore, Zou Zhuo decided to keep this secret.

“Little Fatty, come on, waiting for you to blame.” Old Pursley was already rushing over there.

Zou Zhuo came to the entrance of the copy and thought for a long time: “Everyone, or… shall we transfer to Alliance?”



Little Fatty’s proposal ultimately failed.

In fact, Zou Zhuo himself said that, he didn’t really want to go to Alliance to hug his thighs.

On the one hand, it is a sense of belonging to the faction. Although speaking of which is quite false, many players are really very firm. If you decide Horde, you will be Horde all your life, and you will never play Alliance.

On the other hand, it might be Zou Zhuo. They played very well in Horde. It’s the happiest to play games with a few little whites. I really want to have a special one together, but I don’t feel the fun of this game. .

So Zou Zhuo and Old Pursley not only did not have any ideas of holding their thighs, but they felt that if there was Chen Mo in Alliance there, it would be more interesting to fight, definitely not boring.

The difficulty of Dao Academy in Scarlet Climbing has reached a new level for players.

At the beginning of Zou Zhuo, they already felt that the copies of Howling Cave and Shadowfang Castle were already very difficult, and they only passed out several times. Later, everyone’s equipment became better and better, and they also took a lot of blue outfits to do copies.

Dao Academy’s monsters are extremely dense and have a wide variety of types. Some monsters will cry out for help, and they will run away in horror after the residual blood. There are also many monsters on patrol. One accidentally stabs the horse honeycomb and destroys it instantly.

Of course, compared with the original version of “World of Warcraft”, the VR version of “World of Warcraft” still made a lot of improvements.

For example, adjustments have been made in the structure of the entire copy. The structure of the entire copy is more complex, the footprint is greatly expanded, and the distribution density of the monster is relatively reduced. There will also be Scarlet Crusades patrolling dogs, and their vision is much wider than the average monster.

Because the monsters in these copies basically give them the corresponding intelligence according to the setting of the plot, they are no longer standing in the same place as the original and waiting for the players to play.

According to the plot, the Scarlet Crusaders were bewitched by Banazal. Most of the members were mad and blindly obedient, and committed many evil acts in the name of justice. Therefore, the AI ​​of these Scarlet Crusades does not need to be very high.

Soldiers stand guard and patrol in the Scarlet Dao Academy, while Scarlet monks and priests study classics and so on. When they see the invaders, the enthusiasm for faith will make them rush in fearless, but they will also try to escape to move the reinforcements when the blood is left. At this time, players need to pay close attention to the ventilation. The Crusaders will deal with it, otherwise it will really face a group of monsters.

In fact, at the current level of artificial intelligence, the AI ​​of these monsters can also be made very high, but that is too difficult. Let 5 players play a lot of monsters, and the IQ of the monster is still almost as high as that of the player. Also play a yarn.

Therefore, this change is equivalent to making a compromise. On the one hand, the AI ​​of the Scarlet Crusade is improved to make them look more like living people with IQ. On the other hand, the layout and structure of the copy are adjusted accordingly. Let the improvement of AI not affect the difficulty of the copy.

Although this copy of Dao Academy is not complicated, it is basically a book, but its popularity has always been very high, on the one hand because the bosses inside are very distinctive, on the other hand because of its fall The drop is very good.

The interrogator Weshas in the interrogation room was in such a forgotten person, Voriel, and also robbed Voriel’s ring to his wife. Horde players can take the task to kill his wife and take the ring back to return to the original owner.

The most ironic thing is that this interrogator Weshas has been bragging about how charming his wife is. As a result, players really find his wife and they will find that it is ugly to break through the sky…

The classic line of dog trainer Roxy: “Close the door, let the dogs go!” And it also dropped a blue quality dog ​​whistle, which was a rare toy in the early stage.

The Arcanist Duan is one of the few mage bosses in the early period. This kind of goods will change various pro-son skills such as sheep, Austrian explosion, silence, Self-destruction, etc., so that many unprepared players will be destroyed. death.

Not to mention the “Bright Blade” of the Armory and the classic lines of the eating couple, many players can even recall the classic tones of these lines…

But now for Zou Zhuo, they can’t get there because they haven’t got the key.


Finally, the Arcanist Duan was turned over, Lin Xue was saving people, and the others were excitedly touching the body and holding the key.

Zou Zhuo’s focus is rather strange, he is reading a book on the table…

The Scarlet Library is a public library in the Kingdom of Lordaeron, and its book collection is comparable to Stormwind City and Karazhan.

After entering the Scarlet Library, Zou Zhuo had long noticed that the bookshelves on the two walls were filled with various books, and the collection of books in Oman Duan’s room was more, almost occupying the entire room.

The overwhelming majority of these collections can’t be read, you can take them down and you can turn the pages, but they are written with symbols of unknown significance.

However, there are several books in key positions that can be read. There is a lot of history about Azeroth.

In fact, there are many books like this, and all of them are hidden as eggs in various main cities, copies and NPC residences.

“3 Battle of the Hammer, Origin of Undead, World Tree and Emerald Dream, Arathor’s Ogre War, Ice Crown and The Frozen Throne, Orc War, War of the Ancients…I’m going, there are so many books!”

“Well… complete an achievement, see the history of World of Warcraft in “World of Warcraft”…”

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