Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1097

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At the entrance of the Crusaders’ chapel, Zou Zhuo looked at the vast mobs and had a headache.

Painted Dao Academy for several hours, and these people almost vomited. From the beginning of Level 30 to the level 38, it can be said that it is very hard.

Zou Zhuo realized why Chen Mo came to brush this copy after finishing things, because this copy is really fast.

The mobs here are relatively dense and do not need to run back and forth, as long as the hard power passes, it is actually very convenient to brush up. Moreover, there are many strange experiences here, and there is also a lot of money lost, and all kinds of fabrics are also lost. These all are available for Auction House to sell money.

Now as long as you clear the Cathedral, the Scarlet Dao Academy will be completely cleared here.

Of course, it’s still far from graduation, because here will drop the Renowned Scarlet suit.

After this period of games, players also share their experiences and experiences in forums and games, and in this level, the content of Dao Academy of Scarlet Cult is naturally hotly discussed.

The most fascinating thing is the good equipment dropped by Scarlet Cathedral and the Armory, Herod of the Armory drops a handsome shoulder and Awesome coaxing axe, and Cathedral’s bosses will drop. Very beautiful bishop’s crown, holy amulet, hand of justice (milk hammer), power of Mograine, shield of the Scarlet Commander.

apart from this There is also a whole set of Scarlet Crusade suits that make Zou Zhuo greedy.

Of course, the Scarlet Crusade set is not the first set available to players, there are also the Dark Defias set, the Fang suit and the Aruga suit. Other suits like Traveler, Giant Whale, Night Owl, etc. have no suit effect.

The Dark Defias suit and the Fang suit are both leather armor suits, and the most important thing is that the level is too low. Early players upgraded so fast, Level 20 to Level 30 was a blink of an eye, these suits were soon replaced because the attribute could not keep up.

But the Scarlet Crusade suit is different. It is a Level 40 lock suit that adds a lot of power, sensitivity, and resistance to the attribute. The suit effect will also increase armor, defense level, and hit level. Helmets, shoulder armor, and whirlwind axe have a great advantage in attribute. Even with the body enchantment, the blood volume can reach more than 2200, even before Level 50 is better than the attribute of mixing plate armor.

In other words, wearing this set at Level 40, the warrior can be transformed into a father level from a career that doesn’t hurt his mother. The mage, thieves, and hunters with the same equipment and tricks can just go directly with their eyes closed.

Moreover, this suit is handsome!

This suit has always been a regular visitor to Auction House, and is often used to transmogrify various clothes. For many players, especially warrior players, the Scarlet Crusade suit is a very good memory.


Lin Xue flipped through the attribute maps circulated on the Internet again and again: “Do you think… can you drop the amulet this time? Or drop the milk hammer.”

Old Pursley said: “I want Little Red Riding Hood! I also want the amulet!”

Lin Xue “hmph” said: “Then we will fight for character! Who is afraid of who!”

It’s not before the boss, everyone is already falling.

No way, these equipments are too scarce, especially the amulet and bishop’s crown. Most cloth armor occupations have no hats or necklaces when they reach this level. Even if there are, they are all attributes. The green dress shows how much they desire these equipments.

Zou Zhuo looked at the Crusaders’ chapel in front of him.

“Hurry up, don’t drop anything from YY. Let’s think about how to fix it first. This is too much.” Zou Zhuo said.

The other people looked at it, right? The whole chapel is full of bloody crusaders who are dedicated to worship. There are at least dozens of strangers. If you go directly into it, you will not have enough lives.

After all, they have already learned the strength of these monsters. The Scarlet Monk can add blood, and the Scarlet Magician will also release the ice arrows. Considering that there are some strange residual blood, he will try to escape and call people. The end.

“Otherwise… We stand outside the gate, and each and everyone pulls out?” Old Pursley suggested.

Lin Xue looked at the many strange things inside: “Then the efficiency is too low? So many strange little by little clear, when must be clear…”

Zou Zhuo slapped his head: “So! Let’s walk close to the left, so it’s enough to just brush the monster on the left?”

Everyone thought about it, well, it makes sense!

If you walk from the middle, the two sides of the monster will definitely lead you, so long as you stick to the side and walk? You can reduce your workload by half in one go!

Although there are quite a lot of strange experiences here, it is very strenuous to fight! Besides, everyone’s hunger for equipment has long overwhelmed everything.

To do it, Zou Zhuo took 4 teammates cautiously to the left and touched it steadily. When he wanted to escape, he quickly set off the fire and destroyed it. The boss’s strength finally came to the boss.

At this time, boss Renault Mograine was praying in front of the altar filled with candles, not paying attention to the intruder who sneaked in.

“Um… how to fight? Directly use the remote skills to lead to the corner to fight?” Zou Zhuo suggested.

The boss is in the center of the deepest part of the chapel. If you play in the boss, it will definitely lead to the mobs that are not cleared on the right.

Zou Zhuo was not stupid. He pulled out his bow and arrow and hit Mograine’s head with one arrow.

“Pagan? Purify them!”

Mograine angry roar rushed directly at Zou Zhuo.

When Zou Zhuo was about to boast his plans, he saw half of the Cathedral’s mobs all running in a swarm…


Five minutes later, five people came to the entrance of the chapel again.

Old Pursley’s face was black: “Who just proposed to spend half the time to save time…”

Zou Zhuo Wang Tian: “Oh, yeah, who is it…Is it Lin Xue?”

Lin Xue squinted: “Little Fatty, I will give you another chance to think about your wording…”

Zou Zhuo coughed twice: “It’s okay, this time we cleared the mobs.”

Several people did not dare to wave again this time, obediently and honestly cleared all the mobs around, leaving Mograine alone.

“Isn’t it alright this time? I’m on!”

Really don’t say, these people’s tricks are really OK, although there were several accidents in the middle, but somehow there was no danger, the empty blood and empty blue finally killed Mograine.

“En? Why can’t you touch the body? Nothing fell off?” Zou Zhuo’s face was dumbfounded.

“Mograine is dead? You have to pay for it!”

Zou Zhuo was still squatting on the ground, ready to touch the corpse. The door behind him opened. White Prosecutor Whiteman rushed out, and the long staff sticked directly on Zou Zhuo’s head.


Zou Zhuo was knocked at the time, what’s so special… 2 bosses together? ?


Once again came to the door of the chapel.

5 people discussed while eating and drinking back to the blood.

“It feels… these two bosses should be played together. How do you do it?”

“Well, I feel that Mograine can play a little more carefully, try to save as little blood as possible, and save the blue.”

“Well, I think this woman’s is quite good. We used to be mostly blue. Be careful this time, it should be fine.”

5 people filled the buff and greeted it again.

This time I played more cautiously, and with my previous experience, Whiteman’s blood volume soon dropped to half.

“Come on, go on!

Seeing those cool blue outfits in front of everyone, everyone was very excited. Lin Xue took a look at his blue volume, there was still about 30%, this time it can be said to be very smooth.

As a result, everyone suddenly felt that their bodies were out of control and fell into a lethargic state.

Everyone: “???”

I saw Whitemane running next to Mograine’s body: “Resurrection, my warrior!”

Mograine actually resurrected with blood: “Fight for you, my lady!”

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