Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1098

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Zou Zhuo was in a state of coercion throughout the journey, so that Mograine’s hammer hadn’t tasted when he hit it on his head…

After 5 minutes, the crowd returned to the entrance of the chapel and looked at Mograine deep in the chapel.

Falling into embarrassing silence…

This boss hit, just like a roller coaster, the ups and downs are too exciting…

Zou Zhuo took a very unwilling bite of the magic loaf: “So, why can they be resurrected in battle, and can’t interrupt…”

Lin Xue added: “Moreover, it is still full of resurrection.”

Zou Zhuo: “Reminds me of the rebirth of the cross in the Kingdom of Heaven. When I first started, I always thought that this thing was an effect with Brother Xinchun…”

Lin Xue: “However, these two bosses do not need any materials for resurrection, and there is no CD…”

Old Pursley was silent for a while: “Maybe… this is the dog…”

Lin Xue: “(˶‾᷄⁻̫‾᷅˵)”



On the fourth day of service, the first batch of players have basically reached Level 4 or above, and at the same time, new players are continuously joining.

Like Zou Zhuo, their server “Deathwing the Destroyer” is so glazed by the name that it is obviously more lively than other servers.

After more than 30 hours of gameplay, the first players have already learned the basic mechanics of “World of Warcraft”, and there will be no more jokes about thieves wearing cloth and hunters not catching babies.

With the explosion of the first batch of players’ reputation, more and more people were attracted to “World of Warcraft”, and those players who were watching were also determined.

“World of Warcraft” has its own official forum, but everyone still prefers to discuss on the official website of Azeroth universe, especially National Geography of Azeroth.

Because the NGA in this World was also made by Chen Mo a long time ago, it can also be regarded as the gathering place for the first batch of gods who love Azeroth. There are fan fiction, paintings, official historical research, peripheral game discussions and so on.

Since NGA has started researching the Azeroth universe since the age of “I’m MT”, the heritage here is the best and the overall atmosphere is relatively harmonious, so a large number of “World of Warcraft” came into the market at the beginning Players, think of this as an official forum.

Players are posting various posts discussing what they encountered in the past few days of the game.

“The past few days, the blood color brush is addictive! However, my low hand, the blood crusader suit is short of pants, and I can’t survive! I really want to vomit blood…”

“What copy do you brush? Level 40’s blue outfits will be thrown in the store sooner or later! Now it is not full, so it’s king to do the task upgrade for the dull head!”

“Hehe, when you are chased by a warrior wearing a blood-colored suit holding a cyclone axe while you are doing a mission, you will regret why you didn’t brush the copy.”

“Don’t say that, there are so many copies and so many missions. It feels difficult to plan a reasonable upgrade route.”

“Yeah, I’m a little bit confused when Level 40 is finished, and where can I upgrade? Which big brother told me?”

“Arathi Highlands, Tanaris, there are quite a few options.”

“Is there any place where Horde is less? I’ll fight now when I meet, and I’m so annoyed…”

“After all, it’s a PVP game, it’s normal. If there are a lot of suspects, go to a remote place, such as Desolate Place, Feralas, Hinterland, Swamp of Sorrows, there may be relatively few hostile players, but also few Not going there.”

“Have you learned all your riding skills? Have you bought any horses? I have been spitting out recently, and I feel like it’s painful to save the 100 gold…”

“If you don’t, just borrow it first. By the way, learning professional skills can make money.”

“Recently addicted to the battlefield, unable to extricate themselves, dreaming are running home holding the flag of Warsong…”

Most players feel the same way. Although they feel that they have upgraded quickly and basically understand the mechanics of the game, they still miss a lot of content and can go back and taste it.

Compared to other MMORPGs, “World of Warcraft” has two very obvious advantages. Even the design in this area can be said to be more than ten years ahead of the times.

First, “World of Warcraft” is generous and spares no effort in creating the world view and mission line.

To put it simply, in “World of Warcraft”, you upgrade from Level 40 to Level 50, there are at least 3 or more upgrade maps to choose from, Level 50 to Level 60 is even more so. In other words, the number of tasks you need to upgrade is much smaller than the actual number of tasks in the game at that level.

In other words, if you do vomiting tasks, you may not be able to complete all tasks in this level.

speaking of which is light, but actually in Chen Mo’s previous life, many MMORPGs over a year later did not do this.

Instead, these MMORPGs prefer to use the main-branch-other filling game structure. For example, when the player reaches Level 20, system hint you Level 30 to open the next main line, at this stage of 20-30, you can only do branch tasks and other activities that give more experience.

Of course, this approach generally counts your experience very accurately. For example, after Level 20 completes the main line, you can do 3 spurs + 3 activities to get you to Level 32. In fact, Level 30 can do main line tasks. By the way, as long as players obediently and honestly follow this route, they will never let you get stuck.

Is this good? Yes, it’s easy. It is because the main storyline can’t support the player’s game experience, so it needs to be used as this split-type main storyline, forcibly prolonging the player’s upgrade storyline, and at the same time plugging in some less nutritious branches and completely non-nutritive experience activities, put this The ball was stuffed hard, allowing players to see a lot of content at a glance.

But actually? This is laziness.

What is the practice of “World of Warcraft”? In order to create a huge world, it deliberately made far more maps, missions and copies than players really need.

If you follow the practice of other games, then 40-60 I just finished with 3 maps, Tanaris-Angolo Crater-Silisus, these 3 maps are enough for players to upgrade from Level 40 to Level 60 .

What to do if the intermediate process is not long enough, then add daily activities, add some non-nutrition spurs, let the player go to the crater to dig the dung, move the sand in Silithus, and then repeatedly brush Zul Farak, this process Isn’t that enough?

But how does “World of Warcraft” do it? There are not only these three on the 40-60 map, but also the Eastern and Western Plaguelands, Felwood Forest, Winter Springs, Cursed Land, Burning Plains…

And each map has done a lot of tasks, and many copies.

Several times the workload, just to make this World more colorful.

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