Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1099

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It is not to say that conscience is bad, and the practice of “World of Warcraft” is more of a self-confidence.

Is it difficult to do more maps and more tasks?

Of course, it is not easy, but it may seem to many people that this is a problem of heap capacity. It takes ten to five days to make a map, and 5 days to make ten maps.

The key problem is that other games don’t do this, precisely because they are not confident in their designs.

Why do split-line main storylines? Isn’t it because the players don’t like to watch, just want to upgrade monsters?

Why don’t players like to watch? Because you are not doing well.

For many other MMORPGs, it is precisely because they feel that they can’t do a good plot or a world architecture, so they choose this split-type main storyline to ensure the player’s mainline process experience in the most secure way.

So, this highlights how well the World of Warcraft mission system is doing.

This feeling is not to say how amazing you are when you see the mission system of “World of Warcraft” at first glance, but that you have played “World of Warcraft” and then played other MMORPG missions, you will obviously feel 2 gap.

The second point is the very perfect commercial system of “World of Warcraft”.

In this business system, players can choose certain professions as their business skills, such as skinning, medicine picking, mining, or other mining skills, or manufacturing skills such as forging, leather making, sewing, and engineering.

These business skills form a complete closed loop, which must be supported by a large number of players to ensure the integrity and balance of the entire business system.

The entire commercial system is in a state of dynamic balance. For example, there are too few players learning mining, and the high price of ore will affect the upstream forging and engineering finished product prices. At this time, a group of players will turn to learn Mining gradually let the price of the whole server’s ore fall back to normal levels.

In the process of this dynamic cycle, some specialized “Goblins” can get rich through hoarding and reselling, and get a lot of gold coins. Of course, it is also possible to lose everything in the trade war. The backlog was lost and the blood lost.

It can be said that the business system of World of Warcraft is a part of the whole world view. Many players go to Auction House and clean cheap goods when they are free. It has become a habit when they go online and offline, and things are sold. At that time, the moment I received the email was equally exciting.

The reason why “World of Warcraft” can make such a perfect commercial system is not only the improvement of the system architecture, but also that “World of Warcraft” is “very willing”.

It is willing to cram motorcycles, backpacks most needed by players, High Rank equipment, special damage props, etc. into various business skills, and this has little improvement in the profitability of the game itself.

Simply put, how would these things be sold in other games?

Very simple.

The space of the bag is never enough. Want to open up new space? Pay for it.

How could a good-looking mount like a motorcycle make you buy it with gaming currency? Throw it directly in the mall and pay for it.

Many games will choose to cut off these complex business skills, and then take these precious things out and sell them directly.

Of course, this has the advantage of being simple, rude, and brainless. Players use less brains. Developers make more money. Even if they are scolded by players, there will be no less meat, right.

But think about it carefully, the game map has shrunk, the mission has been split, and the commercial system built by players and players has become a strong buy and sell between players and developers. Then your game is known as MMORPG, in fact there is still left How much MMO is placed?

The meaning of MMORPG is a large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game, which emphasizes the interaction between players.

If everything has shrunk, is it true that multiple people have swiped online to complete the interaction?

Therefore, although there have been a variety of MMORPG games in parallel world, “World of Warcraft” still triggered a craze.

Various sections of the National Geography of Azeroth are discussing all aspects of this game, and more and more players are beginning to issue various strategy posts, including mission upgrades, copy strategy, battlefield strategy, business skills explanation, and so on.

The highlight of “World of Warcraft” is not only the plot, but many aspects of it are worth learning from later MMORPG, but most of the games want to rub the heat of “World of Warcraft”, but they can’t learn a little bit of the essence. To.


Zou Zhuo tremblingly extended the hand and handed over 100 gold to the hands of the riding trainer.

Meat hurts!

This is not just all the savings that chubby smashed. There is still some money borrowed from Guild.

I have to say that they are all playing games. Some people are making money, and they are practicing medicine and mining very early. Zou Zhuo had patronized the upgrade before, and although there was a lot of money in brushing the copy, but without the support of commercial skills, he was still poor after all.

The riding trainer took the money from Zou Zhuo with a smile, then raised his hand and a golden light flashed on Zou Zhuo.

“Congratulations, young Kodo Beast rider, next you can go to the side and pick a Kodo Beast you like. Do you like this white one? Or this gray one? No no no, this kind of armor needs advanced You can learn riding, and you are too young to control them.”

Zou Zhuo resisted the pain and observed the Kodo Beast behind the mount merchant.

There are 3 colors of Kodo Beast, Zou Zhuo prefers white ones relatively. He also wanted to touch the man in armor, but the businessman told him that it was faster to wear armor, but it required advanced riding.

Zou Zhuo picked an ordinary white Kodo Beast and bought it.

In this way, there is not much left for the original 100 gold. Fortunately, he did a lot of tasks, Thunderbluff’s reputation is respected, so there is a certain discount for learning riding.

Chen Mo’s previous world of “World of Warcraft”, the money to learn riding has always been a threshold. In the first 60 stages, the primary riding + horse is 100G, and the advanced riding + horse is 1000 gold, so there is the saying “1000 gold horse”.

However, with the change of version, the appearance of various flying mounts has increased the movement speed to 280%. The 100 golden horse with a 1000% speed is very cost-effective and low, so the price of subsequent riding has dropped again and again , The required level has also been reduced from 40-60 to 20-40.

Zou Zhuo came to an empty place and used the magic reins in his hands.

With a low roar, the strong Kodo Beast appeared directly under Zou Zhuo and pushed him up.


Zou Zhuo was startled and quickly grasped the magic reins in his hands.

By gently waving the reins, Kodo Beast started running forward.

Pulling the reins gently to the left, Kodo Beast turns left.

With a light pull, Kodo Beast stopped.

“Heavens! I… I became a cavalry!!!” Zou Zhuo said happily.

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