Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1100

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Zou Zhuo rode Kodo Beast and ran on the prairie without hesitation, and he jumped twice from time to time.

At first, the feeling of needing to control the Kodo Beast by the reins is quite strange, but after adjusting to it, there is no problem. There is really a feeling of fast as lightning.

In fact, strictly speaking, players have been racing in the GTA for so long. What sensory stimulation can the trifling mounts increase the speed of the players by 60%?

Not to mention, it really works.

Mainly because the players have been depressed for a long time in “World of Warcraft”, from Level 1 to Level 40, for the entire thirty-forty hours of running on two legs, and finally they can ride horses, it is simply Will be moved to cry.

Moreover, this horse is still frugal and saves one copper plate by one copper plate, condensing the indiscriminate amount of effort and labor.

People are like this. In many cases, the more time and energy are spent, the more they cherish.

On the contrary, if you put Ma Qiang to the player as soon as you come up, they are likely to get used to it after riding for 5 minutes, and they won’t feel how great this experience is.

Zou Zhuo was riding Kodo Beast on the prairie to let himself go, and I heard several teammates on the team channel urging him.

“The chubby smashed you quickly! Can you do it, how can you buy a horse for so long!”

“Hurry up and discuss where to go next to upgrade. Some liver emperors have already risen to Level 50. How can this be tolerated?”

Zou Zhuo disagreed: “What’s the use of leveling up so fast, is it not 60 at full level? Let’s enjoy the game slowly, and don’t lower oneself to somebody’s level with them.”

“Well… shall we go to Tanaris, or to Feralas, or to Desolate Land?”



After struggling for a long time, I decided to go to Tanaris, mainly because the tasks in this place are relatively concentrated, and there is also a copy of Zul Farak, which can be brushed several times.

Practicing slowly has the advantage of practicing slowly. Although the leveling lunatics have not been able to plan a particularly perfect leveling route, at least they can share which map is more valuable.

Obviously, they are all upgraded maps, and their efficiency is also different. Some concentrated maps with missions, copies, and convenient transportation have become the first choice for players.

Of course, this kind of place is also a high incidence area of ​​PVP activities.

“Ah, another potential customer!”

“Time is money, my friend!”

“Well, it’s fun!”

“Hey, how are you? Good luck.”

“I’m genuine, Tongsuo has no bullying.”

Zou Zhuo wandered around Gadgetzan on a Kodo Beast, his sharp and hoarse voice echoed in his ears.

“It’s the first time I have seen so many goblins…” Zou Zhuo said in a broken voice.

Lin Xue said while taking the task: “How is it possible that you have not been to Ratchet City and Stranglethorn Valley before?”

Zou Zhuo shook his head: “Don’t go, aren’t we Level 30 going directly to Hillsbrad Foothills…and then Arathi Highlands…”

Lin Xue thought about it for a while: “Oh… it seems that I was free to travel to Stranglethorn Vale during my leisure time. Looking back now… the tasks over there are still unclear.”

Old Pursley: “It is said that the task over there is quite troublesome, and Alliance also has many thieves.”

Lin Xue nodded: “Yes, I heard that there is a pit father mission called “Aoshan in the Valley of Stranglethorns”, which is simply a special backpack killer…”

Zou Zhuo almost took the tasks in the city, and when he went out to look, he shrank back.

“It’s so desolate outside, and… why are there so many Alliances?!”

Old Pursley looked at it: “Isn’t this normal, we think this place is suitable for leveling, and Alliance certainly thinks so.”

Zou Zhuo thought about it for a while: “…you said it was impeccable. The question is coming, how do we get out? And… how can these Alliances be so peaceful that they don’t fight us?

Zou Zhuo tone barely fell, an arrow instantly inserted into his head.

“Worri!” Zou Zhuo looked in the direction of archery and found a Dwarf hunter standing on the hillside outside the fence, arranging his bow with a malicious intention.

This terrain is quite interesting. The entire Gadgetzan circle is surrounded by the city wall, but there is a hill on the west side. Standing on the hill, you can cross the wall and hit it.

Zou Zhuo was dumbfounded at first glance. He couldn’t charge through a fence.

Shoot with the hunter? Isn’t that funny?

As a result, Zou Zhuo just wanted Old Pursley to fight back, and they saw several goblin guards running out of the city.

After 5 seconds, several guards had climbed to the top of the mountain, and the Dwarf hunter was knocked to death by a hammer.

Old Pursley: “…being smart.”

Zou Zhuo took a look at the entire structure of Gadgetzan, he probably understood why the guards here are all Level 57…

“Okay, don’t think about it so much, let’s hurry up and do the task. Anyway, 5 people hold a group and don’t fear Alliance in the wild.”

Zou Zhuo A few people walked outside Gadgetzan, but at this time they saw someone on the integrated channel sending messages.

“Zul Farak opened a group! Drop the purple two-handed sword! purple two-handed sword! purple two-handed sword! he said the important thing three times!”

Zou Zhuo didn’t move at the time: “purple two-handed sword?! You, let’s change the itinerary, how about brushing Zur Farak to Level 50!”

Old Pursley’s face was black: “When you think about it, it’s you! You hear the purple two-handed sword and you can’t move. Can you think about your character?”

Zou Zhuo checked the information on the Internet: “It is said that this copy also returns Sumazan’s handguards, energy staff, bastard mask… well, all you can use.”

Old Pursley: “Zul Farak… how to get there?”

Lin Xue looked at these two people with a slack eye: “Old p, can you still pursue it a little bit? Really plan to brush Zul Farak to Level 2?”

Zou Zhuo took a chest shot: “You can rest assured that I just checked the strategy and the route is planned. We brush Zul Farak while doing the task. After finishing the brush, we basically go to Level 50 and go directly to Maraton. I heard that Maraton The last boss is a Princess, which is said to be Celestial Immortal.”

Old Pursley: “True and false, Meiruo Celestial Immortal? Where do you see the information, do you have a picture?”

Zou Zhuo laughed: “Look from Chen Mo Weibo! He said that Maraton’s Princess is beautiful, Celestial Immortal, and his chest is very big. It is absolutely impressive to see it.”


As soon as Zou Zhuo heard about Zi Zhuang, he immediately decided to upgrade, and then devoted himself to the business of Zutfalak.

Later players can hardly understand the obsession of low-level purple costumes or even some special blue costumes in the 60s, because the later “World of Warcraft” is becoming more and more fast-food, and the equipment is directly watched, etc., and no one cares about this What is the specific name of the equipment.

But in the 60s, every purple outfit was impressive for players.

such as:

Jordan Staff, Blazing Tomahawk, Glare, Broken Heart, Night Blade, Decapitator Korn, Warden’s Staff, Crowe Blade, Hurricane, Icescale Armor, Jail Shoulderguards, Robe of Insight…

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