Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1101

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The value of these low-grade purple outfits is not only attribute, but also its rarity.

In the 60s, many warrior players even sold point cards to buy the Blaze Tomahawk, a large card for 300 gold, and 100 gold to buy the Blaze Tomahawk.

If you look at it from the future, it is unreasonable, because according to the gameplay of “World of Warcraft” later, any low-level purple dress is at most valuable in appearance, like the sand sand robe, it is used to transform use. No matter how good the attribute of low-grade purple is, can it be compared with the full-grade blue?

This phenomenon is mainly derived from the later version of the fast food attribute. With the continuous adjustment of the version, the brush has basically become a one-stop service. As long as it rises to Level 11 or so, you can directly die the Shadow Shadow Castle-Scarlet-Zu Alfalak-Stratholme-Hellfire Citadel-Panya Reservoir, etc. all the way up to the full level, it may be just a few days before and after.

For these fast-food parties, a low-grade purple outfit really doesn’t make any sense.

But in the 60s, it took a very long time for players to upgrade from Level 20 to Level 60, and in the process, a good purple outfit can make you very comfortable in the next few dozen hours. The experience of upgrading monsters is completely true when encountering hostile camps in the wild.

Moreover, the equipment attributes of the 60s were not as homogenous as they were later. Taking weapons as an example, upper limit damage, speed, attribute, and special effects all directly affect the quality of a weapon.

One of the Divine Item is the blade of the main hand, Crowe, which can be purchased like Thief Level 51. It has a speed of 2.8 and an upper limit of 149 attacks. The only attribute is “to increase your chance of a fatal blow by 1%.” The attribute is +7 strength +5 stamina. It can be said that all aspects fit perfectly. Of course, if you want to buy it, you have to grab it with other thieves, warriors, and Knight.

If enchanted by the Crusader or 15 Min, this weapon is enough for the thieves from Level 51 to bring into the heart of the molten fire.

What is this concept? The upgrade in the 60s was very slow, especially the upgrade after Level 50 is slower and slower. Getting this weapon at least represents the basic walk unhindered when you do the mission before the full level. Brush casually, the enemy camp kills casually, and even meet the full size but poorly equipped large size, you also have a chance to struggle.

Therefore, many people say that “World of Warcraft” is the beginning of the full level, this sentence has a specific context, it means that “World of Warcraft” after the full level of the player will really touch its PVE And the core gameplay of PVP, will really face those epic team copies.

Many people understand it as “World of Warcraft” before the full level of content is boring, upgrade all by brush, this is an absolute misunderstanding.

In fact, “World of Warcraft” has also done a lot of work on low-level tasks and copies. Although these low-level copies are not so difficult due to difficulty considerations, their plot structure and gameplay will not be higher than High. Rank copy is weak.

For example, Zou Zhuo, Zul Farak, who is about to open up wasteland, its origins even trace back to Ancient Era of Azeroth.

In that era, Troll was the absolute ruler on this continent, but some Troll sacrifices always used Spirit Communication Technique summon with the idea of ​​making a big news, they repeatedly played with fire, and finally awakened their sleep in Silithu Kisix, the leader of the insect race in Slovakia, directly led to the formation of the Axera’s cancer race, the sub race of the Aki Empire, and began a war that lasted for 1000 years.

In the end, Kisix killed himself, and Gulabashi built a city of their own, Zul Farak, in the desert of Tanaris in order to continue to monitor the insect race of Silithus. Sand Nu tribe guardian. However, under a long history, more and more races have emerged, and these races have occupied Troll’s land.

Sandfury Troll can only retreat to Zul’Farak, they hope to create an army of Undead here, and even create various evil creatures to conquer their territory.

In the duplicate boss battle, players also began to encounter more and more difficult challenges. Like the Dao Academy in Scarlet, the reviving couple makes many players vomit blood on the spot and gives them the title of cheating couple, while Zul Farak’s boss is more powerful and the play style is more diverse.

For example, Witch Doctor Zumran, who has a large number of graves outside his altar, all of which are all mummy of Troll. When players first arrive here, they may go to the boss directly for unknown reasons. At this time, the mummy in the graveyard will directly run out and send the player back to the graveyard.

If you want to kill this boss, you must first patiently open all the graves outside the altar, and all the mummies should be dried.

In front of the huge altar of Zul’Farrak, players will encounter a rare “guardian” boss gameplay. Here, after the players kill the executioners, they will find an expeditionary squad that is kept in a cage, and their sergeant, Sergeant Blay, asks the player to rescue them.

At this point, Troll Troll had surrounded the altar and launched an attack. Out of frustration, players can only fight against the sieged Troll army with Sergeant Bligh.

The reason why it is called a 100-person cut is because there are nearly as many Trolls below. It’s just that these monsters are all elite + ordinary strange configurations, and many mages play AOE with magic explosions here.

This battle is not just as simple as brushing monsters. There are 5 different NPCs, each with different skills. For example, the Orc Warlock will cast spells, and the Goblin Engineer will bury bombs on the ground. At this time, players need to mark the NPC head, always pay attention to the safety of key NPCs.

Among them, the goblin engineer is absolutely not dead, because it will help the players to blast the door to the final boss. As for the others…they will fight back after the boss battle is over. Players can decide whether to let them live to the end according to their needs.

Moreover, the most praised by Tsk Tsk is probably the two-handed sword dropped by Zul Farak: Divine Sword Susas. This two-handed sword is not directly dropped, but needs to be synthesized with two blue one-handed swords dropped by two bosses, and these two swords are all picked up and bound. The combination of the swords in the suit is combined into a sword, which seems to be the only one in “World of Warcraft”.

Of course, the reason why this two-handed sword is rare is that its drop is very cloudy. In the initial version, its components, the drop rate of the two blue swords are only about 2/1000, it is conceivable to brush both Swords What kind of character is needed to synthesize and synthesize.

However, the plot of this sword precisely reflects the importance of “World of Warcraft” for the low-level copy and the creation of the world view. It can be said that the joy of the players who got the purple two-handed sword at that time is far more than the overwhelming majority graduation. Purple outfit.

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