Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1102

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Zou Zhuo sighed while eating and drinking: “This copy of High Rank is really harder than one, and it takes a lot of effort, and finally it is almost the last boss.”

Old Pursley nodded: “Yeah, brushing Marlaton by the way was also popularized by the history of Centaur, and he was also drunk.”

Zou Zhuo sighed while flipping through the task list: “What on earth does this Princess of Princess look like? It is really exciting to look forward to.”

Lin Xue: “How do you know she must look good?”

Zou Zhuo hung the adventure manual back on his waist and said with confidence: “When you look at it, you can’t watch the plot well. This story is very clear.”

“First of all, the history of the Centaur race can be traced back to the last Titan in Azeroth Pantheon, one of Supreme God, The Moon Goddess Elune. Elune’s face value, then need to say?”

“Elune got married with the great Demi-God White Deer Malorne and gave birth to Demi-God Cenarius.”

Lin Xue raised his hand: “Wait, you stop first, the problem is that Cenarius is not very good-looking.”

“Hey, you compare male creatures with female creatures. Isn’t that a hooligan.” Zou Zhuo said dismissively, “You see that Cenarius gave birth to the tree demon and the jungle Guardian. This tree demon is also a deer, this Don’t need to say more about Yan value?”

Old Pursley looked puzzled: “But… what does this have to do with Maraton and the Centaur?”

Zou Zhuo said: “Don’t worry, that’s it. This jungle Guardian Zalta is the soul of the Centaur we met outside. He is the son of Demi-God Cenarius, and this Maraton is The temple that Cenarion Circle built for him, this properly noble bloodline.”

“After the War of the Ancients, Zalta and the Druids repaired the forest of Desolate Land. At this time, a beautiful face attracted him deeply. daughter, Theles Princess. That is the boss we are about to fight.”

Lin Xue’s face was dumbfounded: “Ah? Then why did this Princess go into the book again?”

Zou Zhuo explained: “According to history, Zalta and Celedez Princess fell into love after meeting each other. Their heirs are the centaurs. The centaur maintains Zalta’s appearance, but it flows inside. It was the mother’s violent blood. So after that, a series of tragedies happened and Maraton was corrupted by various evil creatures.”

“Hey, it’s far away. My point is, you think, Zalta is half God’s Son, strictly speaking, there is 1/4 of the moon god Elune Bloodline, so his genes and face value can be poor Is it? The Princess he likes, is that fair?

Lin Xue seemed to understand the location of the nodded: “Well… as if what you said makes sense…”

Old Pursley scratched his head: “Wait, chubby smashing, I have a question. According to you, the moon god Elune bloodline is on Zalta. It has nothing to do with this Princess of Princess.” Okay… The only thing that mentions the origin of this Princess is that she is the daughter of the stone mother, this stone mother…it doesn’t look good when you hear it…”

Zou Zhuo asked rhetorically: “Can’t the stone mother be a beauty made of stone? This’mother’ represents her rank and status, and does not necessarily represent her appearance.”

Old Pursley: “But ah, you think about the Centaur, are you sure this Princess inherited some beautiful genes from them?”

Zou Zhuo said: “You have never seen a female centaur in a desolate place? Although these female centaurs are covered with white gauze, but the upper body, the chest is still pretty good. You think, it can be with deer It would be beautiful to see the descendants of this kind of beauty.”

Lin Xue stood up: “It’s done, don’t quote the classics. What does this Princess look like? Let’s go in and see if it’s understood?”

On the way to Princess are all giant stone giants guarding the gates. These giants are very tall, blocking the island behind them so that they can’t see anything.

And these giants are very annoying to fight, and all of them are directly stepping on people. Zou Zhuo must have to cautiously raise his shield while hiding. 10000 is very painful when stepped on.

Finally, the stone giant was cleared, and everyone happily crossed the stone bridge and came to where the Princess of Princess was.

As soon as the result came, Zou Zhuo was dumbfounded.

It’s not just him, the entire team was petrified on the spot.

“What’s so… this is Princess?!”

“Am I right? The name written on its head is indeed Thered Princess?!”

“Wait a minute, Little Fatty, you said Princess, it looks like this? Are you still fancy blowing its face value?”

Zou Zhuo is also completely dumbfounded. What’s wrong? !

Say good, if the Celestial Immortal? !

This Princess of Princess is not much different from hatred in appearance. The fat on the belly is like a thick oil flowing down, and it has 4 hands and 2 legs, which are all better than Zou Zhuo’s Tauren’s waist is still thicker by several turns.

As for this face, it is even more difficult to say. The Princess of Princess has 3 faces with green light in his eyes, ferocious-looking, and a vicious face. This face is almost the same as the short winter melon in “Plant Vs. Zombies” the same.

When this huge body walked by, Zou Zhuo could even feel the earth shaking slightly…

The Princess Princess rushed over when she saw Zou Zhuo, so scared that Zou Zhuo wanted to say “Disturb, say goodbye” and then turned and ran…

This is even more terrifying than the stone giant!

“Little Fatty, what are you waiting for, hurry up!” Everyone was watching the excitement and shouting.

Zou Zhuo clenched the teeth: “Chen Mo, I and you are absolutely irreconcilable!!!”

“Day!!! This product will even fart!!! Go to hell you ugly 8 blame!!!”



Alterac within the valley.

Chen Mo said bitterly: “How does it feel like someone is saying bad things behind my back.”

Li Jingsi looked at the map: “Let’s take a look at the battle first, Alliance is almost pushed to his hometown what the hell…”

Chen Mo and Li Jingsi were a bit annoyed in leveling, so they wanted to fight on the battlefield and change their mood. The result was a row in the endgame of the Okuyama battlefield. At first glance, Chen Mo wasn’t that right. This Alliance was too miserable. They were all pushed to the bridge by Horde.

Obviously, the Alliance’s 40 people are still scattered around Okuyama, most of them are still guarding the bridge, but at least a dozen people are still running around in the wild, either chasing sheep and killing wolves, or drilling Lost in the mine…

The leader of the battlefield in the team is still brushing the screen and shouting: “Go back to the bridge! Go back to the bridge! Come back outside and order quickly!”

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