Almighty Game Designer Chapter 1103

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In the original version of Alterac Valley, there was no such thing as reinforcements.

In that version, it was usually not tactics but the number of people who decided to win or lose, because without the concept of reinforcements, the entire Aoshan battlefield is likely to fight from day to night, and at that time there was no concept of cross-service battlefields. For a balanced server, the number of players hitting the middle of the night is not enough, so the winners and losers are divided.

Later versions of Alterac Valley carried out a series of reforms, mainly in 2 aspects:

The first is that various complex mechanisms have been comprehensively weakened, including the removal of most of the neutral NPCs, weakened guard attributes, and many powerful summon NPCs no longer appear.

The second is the addition of the concept of reinforcements, so that the length of each round of Okuyama battle is controlled.

Overall, this kind of change tends to accelerate the rhythm of the battlefield. After all, a battlefield can’t produce a result from day to night. This game experience is difficult to say how good.

And the honorary rewards on the battlefield mainly come from occupying strongholds and winning key nodes. Alliance & Horde is infinitely deadlocked in the battle plain. Both sides can not get too many honor points, which is a serious waste of time.

In the initial design, Okuyama’s design idea was a large-scale interactive PVE game, in which the PVP content only occupies a part. Players have to complete various tasks and have a key impact on the battlefield through many key NPCs.

For example, after the rescue of the air force commander, the player handed over various items, and after delivering a sufficient number, he would hear the air force angry roar and fly to the opponent’s airspace to start the bombing.

Or the player can capture his own animal and kill the enemy animal in the stall manager (Alliance is a sheep, Horde is a wolf), and then he can summon his own cavalry unit to charge.

In addition, you can summon special forces support, upgrade army defense, and even summon the ultimate unit to dominate the battlefield.

After turning in enough Alliance soldiers’ blood or Storm Nexus, the Druids will come to the Battle Plains, and players will assist them in the summon ceremony, summon the forest king Ivers or the ice king Lockhola.

In other words, that version of the Orsan battlefield is not a simple battle between Alliance & Horde players, but it must rely on many means to improve the battle strength of the friendly forces to win the normal war.

Of course, it sounds good, but in fact, as the version changes, some problems occur.

Because it takes a lot of time to complete these tasks, with the summon cavalry mechanism, players need to spread out to catch wolves and kill sheep, collect various items and then run back to hand over, so there is a contradiction:

If the strength of the NPC is relatively weak, the players on the opposite side directly gather to pull out your sentry tower, and then you are still collecting things, and then they are pierced by a wave; if the NPC is strong, both parties are desperate to collect resources , The battlefield becomes a battle between NPCs, and the time of this battlefield is multiplied, which is contrary to the goal of accelerating the rhythm of the battlefield.

So in the future, these complicated mechanisms have basically become uninterested. Alliance & Horde are inclined to fast-paced offensive and defensive warfare. Every player is particularly important. Collecting these things with other people is like slowing down the rhythm. Too.

Therefore, this version of Alterac Valley produced by Chen Mo still retains the NPC mechanism, but the concept of reinforcements has been added. After all, if it is really a night of fighting, it will be meaningless. For example, Alliance is obviously at a disadvantage, and then it stubbornly defends the bridge. As a result, neither side can win, it sounds very passionate, but it is not so serious when fighting.

At first glance, Chen Mo, the Alliance’s reinforcements are about 100, and Horde has more than 400 left, which is too bad.

It’s not that Alliance is weak, and Horde’s predominance on the battlefield in the early days was due to many reasons. Because of Horde’s face value, most players who first chose Horde are pure guys who like to kill and kill. What appearance party and scenery party generally do not choose Horde. So at the beginning Horde’s cohesion is higher.

Of course, the later version Alliance dominates, so that the island of conquest has become the island of Alliance, which is another story.

Obviously, this battle belongs to a battle of great disparity between the two sides. At the beginning, Alliance lost so many towers that it could only retreat to the bridge. The commander obviously didn’t understand this battlefield, but fortunately he was more conscientious and dutiful. He kept brushing the screen and hoped everyone would hurry back to the bridge to defend.

The bridge is well guarded, because the terrain of Alliance is loose outside and tight inside, the defense line of one tower and two towers can be said to be 2 sores and 1000 holes, but the bridge here is absolutely easy to defend and difficult to attack. Anyway, all kinds of blizzards, fire and rain and long-range skills throw crazy on the bridge, not to mention Horde, it is difficult to fly even a fly.

The two sides were stalemate, but Alliance kept the bridge, because of the existence of the reinforcement mechanism, Horde replaced the Alliance head with 3 heads, and Horde won.

Chen Mo sent a message on the battlefield channel: “Give me the leader of the battlefield.”

He was afraid that the current battlefield leader had not seen it, and brushed twice.

As a result, the title was changed to his head in the next second. Obviously, the previous leader of the battlefield could not help rushing out of his own way.

Chen Mo quickly divided the current team. The thieves and the druids were all thrown into the 7th and 8th teams. The previous team also basically focused on professional matching, ensuring that each team has a remote occupation and a therapeutic occupation.

“Everyone listens to my command, team 1234 continues to guard the bridge, team 56 rushes towards the bridge with me, and covers team 78. Team 78, you stealth touched Horde’s defense line for me, don’t fight if you meet anyone, keep giving me stealth to the middle of the battle plain, keep the stealth state and wait for my next command.”

“Outside, if you are a stealth profession, go directly to the plains, if not, you will die back quickly. Hurry, move.”

As Chen Mo said, he put the tactical arrangement on the battlefield channel in text.

I have to say that the title of battlefield leader still works. Most Alliance had already been waiting for the loss stage, because they felt that they could not win this fight, and they could not retreat (the debuff with deserters would be retired). Now I see such a tough command. Started spontaneously.

Although many people are lazy and don’t know what they are doing, at least those Alliance players who are dead on the edge of the bridge are all assembled according to Chen Mo’s requirements.

Now Horde has occupied the Thunderspoon cemetery opposite the bridge. The resurrection points on both sides are very close, and there is a bridge. Therefore, Chen Mo could not venture out of the nest, 10000 did not rush down the first wave, and was waved by Horde, then Chen Mo would be a dead man again.

The stealth career of the 78th squad is mostly at home, and a few have sneaked out and are scattered around. Others were waiting for Chen Mo’s order behind the bridge, waiting for the 56th squad to rush forward, and they sneaked in while the Horde line was pulled.

Although I don’t know if it’s useless to resist now, but since this is already the case, just try it.

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